Kinda disappointed already

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Posted: 1 years ago

Yes I know the shows just started but I'm already seeing so many clichés. 3 timid one fiesty & one innocent little girl. Honestly why can't we just have 3 balanced girls? It's so predictable & 1 dimensional. Boy's chasing them and taunting the girls...come on..let's see something different? 

I bet the ML will be a decent guy but somehow manipulated & the other woman a vamp. I'll watch for a week but if I see same old shit, I'll stop watching. 

Would prefer to see complexities of blended families with shades of grey / humanness. Would prefer to see society blaming the man and not the woman...why not use the show to change the narrative a bit

Alas it's itv show so I have zero to low expectations.

Also why is Apu still wearing sindoor and manglasutra? Like come's giving Anupamaa vibes 

I hope to see a strong woman not Anupamaa 2.0


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No remake of Telugu serial Radhamma Kuruthu