Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

New Fan here.. Lovely Story and Beautiful Show

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Posted: 1 years ago

just found this show day before yesterday and binged 20 episodes already.. and am so in love with this show..

simple show with no big tha tha tha music with all the closeups...

story is so natural and believable..

laslty how progressive the story for a father like Vidhis dad.. i dont cry watching ITV shows cause i feel like watching a circus when i get to like a show but the episodes whe Vidhi convinced her dad abt her job, and her mom supported thruout.. i cried cause it was absolutely mind blowing writing and direction... 

the age difference being the main plot point is USP of this show.. and I really appreciate how star bharat allowed such a progressive show as compared to Star Plus with all typical cliched dramas....

hope to see same trend in other mainstream channels too.

missed Iqbal so bad and seeing him in this role i am so happy to watch him on screen again after so long...

hope to have some great discussion and make new friends here.

PS.. to add i found main plot of age difference between leads similar to a recently kdrama Ahjussi and Young Lady.. which I loved n adored.  Hope this one remain same simple yet impressive it is so far in future too.

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