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ADEK Episode Discussion Thread #1

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Posted: 4 months ago

this week...

Ali and his friends plans to find princess and get the prize f 1000 dinar

Princess is hiding under a bench where ali n khusroo siting and discussing their plans..... 

some fun moments.... magic happening as 2 talismaan near....

then princess getting idea f changing her looks... but she nt hvng dinar for buying clothes

to find princess Ali comes with an idea.... and announces prayer for ex Sultan...

princess comes thr... Ali feels she to be princess then brushes f...

he make a wish nobody except ali can only see the princess...

again some fun moments....


one of the thieve realises the girl having talisman in mosque... he tries to find by burning the place

Ali jump to rescue her and seeing the sign realises she s princess

Posted: 4 months ago

this week was fun epsd...

in the mosque when prayer happens... Ali n princess hva face to face meeting... but Ali wont realise she s princess... but finds princess while tying thread... then while rescuing princess in the fire

princess escape... and changes her look to boy.... Ali n Khusroo find Ali nafis kameez is stolen and tey chases princess who s wearing that dress.... and all ths fun moment.. Ali n Khusroo realizes she s princess... after some goon kidnaps her

Kabul some shopping fest is declared... and saddam spreads messages 40 thieves comes only at night

the goons who caught princess goin to held servant selling (girls) along with princess.... saddam need to recognise her.

Saddam plan to identify princess n gift to simsim... sim sim sends her theives to find the gal havng nayab zevar...

in short all to be in one place againsmiley37

Posted: 4 months ago

yesterday epsd...

princess try to gv the nayab zevar n get her free... the lady in that place where princess is tied up, tricks and steal the zevar...

princess taken to juma bazaar.... inorder to slow down the rival team... khusroo manipulate horses feed and allow them to run away....

Ali n team in search f princess....

Simsim ask the 40 thieves to bring the nayab zevar and kill the ones coming against them....

Posted: 4 months ago

i guess thieves will get the talisman 2 from that lady.... iblis may wake up from the curse.... but hw tey goin to get talisman frm Ali.... confused

Alibaba Daastan E Kabul 

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