Review on ADEK Epsd 14 to 16

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Posted: 1 years ago

Review on ADEK Eps 14 to 16

Little disappointed that Ali n Mariyam didnt met yet 🤪May be team having grand moment for their first face to face meet

Parvez all back to their home... as 40 thieves went back..... Ali gets some puzzle type riddles from his granny.... and goes to look out for that after solving the riddle meaning with the help of his friends...

Fathima joins the search for rainbow with Ali... (im irked with their romance, wen Mariyam thr... who ths Fathima 😆)

Qasim gets manipulated by Nazia n throws kids on street

Ali comes back wo finding his answers for his Bachas...

Mariyam enters Parvez and almost gets trapped

Mariyam n Ali crosses each time... talismann both work together and magic happens...

magic... at the moment wat both f them wishes happen...

in short another beautiful epsds...


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Posted: 1 years ago

Best scenes of the epsds

1. the boat getting crack... and stops talismaan milan... Ali Mariyam separated

2. Mariyam seeing Parvez village from mountains

3. rainbow forming in cave and is caught by Ali... thru Fathima eyes... while doing his romantic banter