Naagin 7 Plot: Clans War, First Naagraj And A Mysterious Naagin

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Posted: 1 years ago

Naagrani Shravani of Sheshnaag clan has been separated from her husband Mihir and her son in a fight against the enemy clans. Mihir has been killed while protecting their only child. Before dying, Mihir has given their child for his human friends family.

Shravani accidentally being imprisoned in a magic box she uses to catch the enemies. Only the one who is blood related to Shravani can remove the seal to open that box and release her. The enemy clans will fight each other to get hold of the box that contain Naagrani Shravani inside along with the naagmani, they also have to find Shravani and Mihir's son to remove the seal, free Shravani in order to get the naagmani from her.

Shravani and Mihir's son is living with his adopted family. However, because his father Mihir is a human, only time will tell if he will become a naag or not when he turns 25 years old. Shravani doesn't have any daughter to pass on the Naagrani title. If Shravani and Mihir's son is a naag, he will become the first Naagraj of Sheshnaag clan.

Shravani and Mihir's son will fall in love with a girl who turns out to be a naagin daughter of a family from one of the enemy clans, this naagin has a mysterious background and personal motives.

How will the enemy clans executes their strategies to fight against each other for the naagmani?

Will the only child of Naagrani Shravani and Mihir become the first Naagraj of Sheshnaag clan? How will he save Shravani and take revenge for his family?

About the naagin, does she love him or only use him to help her clan get the naagmani? Who she really is? What are her motives?

A new supernatural saga of love and vengeance will begin.

Posted: 1 years ago

This topic doesn't seem relevant for Naagin 6. Kindly pm me link of article to verify.

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