Suits 🤵 😍- OS August 18

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Posted: 7 months ago

Author's Note - It is hard to connect with the story now, so this may be last write-up for while. Hence thought to post here. Thanks everyone, it was fun getting to interact with you all.


Anu kind of hated Anuj's suits.

All things considered, Anuj still made them work, but it was a point of annoyance to Anu. Maybe even more than it should, she thought.

Honestly, the suit was so form-fitting that it made his backside look smaller than it was. Anu knew that for a fact because when Anuj was in his kurtas or out of them. The sight was out of this world!

You could bounce a quarter off of that thing, and Anu had to stop herself from trying it out. She simply drank her fill of that impressive, round, sculpted gorgeous posterior.

Anuj was either oblivious or too polite to comment on the looks he would get. Anu sometimes worried about her propriety, but could not ask him to change.

But to be fair, every inch of him was eye candy, from the top of his head to his toes, and Anu? She had a sweet tooth.

Hence, she kept staring at Anuj's behind in the suit that did it no justice.

Ha, her man was all about getting justice for her, she mused.

Of course, she admired Anuj, in all aspects. But...But she really could not help but fixate on his backside, on the gorgeous swell of his butt (pun intended, she smirked) that was sticking up in the air, as Anuj tied his shoes.

"Are you okay?" She asked, though she was pretty sure it was hard to tell, who she was asking as she looked at the latter. The delicious stretch of the fabric, made her lean a little bit too much in that direction.

"I am fine," Anuj assured her. He brought his hands slowly, up to press down on the suit and his behind. Maybe he caught her, staring, she wondered?


Her hand near Anuj's ass slid immediately back up towards his shoulders to pat down.

Anu circled around him, taking in the view, trying to fix any last minute adjustments. Anuj had lost a lot of weight during his injury. With this being his first day back in the office, she wanted him to feel comfortable in the clothes.

She had personally seen to the tailoring of his favourite blue suit. Anu stopped behind him in front of the mirror, "Well, I think you are ready to be back, she grinned. How do you feel?"

"I am starting to feel more me again," Anuj replied sincerely.

"Thank you, he whispered.

Anu's eyes grew fond, and felt her heart jump. "Well we cannot have you not feeling anything other than your best."

"No, you are the best", he declared, walking slowly towards her due to the weakness.

"I really appreciate it Anu," and placed a small peck on her cheek before leaving their room.

Anu let out a real, heavy sigh, and looked around. Feeling alone, she tried to decide what to to do next. Her world had been whirlwind, for past few weeks. Now, with things getting back on track, she felt unsure.

Truth be told, it had been all but five minutes, and she already missed him.

"Are you not coming?" she heard from doorway.

Confused, Anu spun around, as Anuj stuck his head back into the room, and his body followed.

"Me-uh, what?" she questioned puzzled.

Anuj took her hand and grasped it firmly in his own.

"You have become such an integral part, handling everything by yourself. Can you come with me to the meeting today? I know you need a break, but it would boost my morale," Anuj asked.

"You are an idiot?" Anu said out loud.

"What, why?, Anuj questioned.

"Obviously, I will be there if you need me."

"Maybe a little," he replied, smiling.

"We have a  few hours before you first meeting. "Do you wanna go on a breakfast date?" Her heart fluttered at the mere thought, of going out with her husband in a long time.

"You are buying," he replied after all the business is still in you name, he teased as they left together hand in hand. 

The End

Edited by DJ_3 - 7 months ago


Posted: 7 months ago

Such a cute OS.

I have stopped watching the show since couple of weeks.

Got your notification of the tag so popped in.

It was nice to interact with you all. To the show Anupamaa - cheers ! It was good while the high experience of the show lasted.

Posted: 7 months ago

it was cutesmiley27

and anu here looks like inspired from tharki gang here, claiming each body part of anujsmiley37 i liked this butt obsessed anusmiley43smiley36

perfect i would like to see something like this once anuj recoverssmiley42

Posted: 7 months ago
Originally posted by Bechain_Bulbul

it was cutesmiley27

and anu here looks like inspired from tharki gang here, claiming each body part of anujsmiley37 i liked this butt obsessed anusmiley43smiley36

perfect i would like to see something like this once anuj recoverssmiley42

Thank you, yes it was inspired smiley36

I hope so too, but who knows where it leads. I am not following on the show much. 

Posted: 7 months ago

Feels good to read that Anuj is back to normal atleast in ur OS. This one was simple n cute. Thanks DJ

Posted: 7 months ago

Delightful blend of heart warming and heart melting, DJ smiley27


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