Banni's one liners are great and don't exude hollowness

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Posted: 2 years ago

I feel the dialogues that Banni state have improved a lot so far to describe her life, experience & her perseverance/zest for her business. Lol, her scenes with Viraj are funny to watch when they are at loggerheads & somehow it feels as if the show has started to gel on one as a viewer. Lol, I also like the the pudina scene when she rebuked the guy who was willing to take the easy way to marry her and the mirchi scene. So funny. Also, her Achilles' heel is shown when the mother is bought up. I feel like she doesn't mind talking about her mother but the past regarding as how it is described by the folks who taunt her does seem to impact her in some form or the other but she doesn't show much of trauma in contrast to Yuvan. So, she is a bindaas one but her 'bindaas" behavior also tends to juggle in showcasing her vulnerability at times. 

Also, it's a nice contrast to see this nuance in comparison to Yuvan, whose rather shown as meek, who doesn't mind to bond but becomes meek and skittish once thrashed brutality by those who do so or humiliated in front of the public to the point that he urinates in fear. (I have seen this, speaking from personal level as witnessing someone who's urinated in fear or being scared so it does hit home a bit). I think Pravisht is improving decently in this role so far now. As per his step-mother, she seems to call the shots over the family house, business, and behavior (again, criticizing behavior that's beyond the pale) but I feel like mehh at times when I watch their scenes. The grandfather seems to have some power but sometimes fall back so I feel mehh when observing their scenes/dialogues --- feels bit redundant. 

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