Anupamaa Live Update and Daily Discussion Thread 11 May 2022

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Posted: 1 months ago

Anupama and Anuj performs a play acting .. they enact college days … they as college students seek blessings from their mother Kanta . For their wedding … Kavya acts the role of Kanta , she disapproves of MaAn wedding . Kavya as Kanta speaks against the wedding of MaAn . Anuj pleads for his marriage to Anupama. Kavya pleads Kanta not tk arrange her marriage elsewhere , he loved her n wanted to marry her .

Ma An get emotional about their relationship.Devika asks them tk snap out of the past mode n proceed with sangeet . 

MaAn give stunning performance onstage …on the song …” first time dekha tumhe ….. …” 

They are then about to marry eachother with the help of family members when Babuji faints because of chest pain. 
MaAn stop the wedding act and rush to Babuji’s side , Anupama asks doctor to be summoned . 
Anuj notices GK looking very scared , he realises GK knew something about Babuji .

Kavya discovers reports of Babuji . Toshu googles the medical report n tries tk find out what was ailing Babuji . Vanraj is very scared for Babuji .

GK then reveals Babuji had given him promise not to reveal about his ailment ..

Van gets enraged and lashes out at GK for being the reason for Babuji’s condition, he accuses MaAn for their wedding being the reason behind the Babuji’s condition. 

Baa curses MaAn that they will face dire consequences of anything happened to Babuji . After expressing his hatred for MaAn , their love story n their marriage , he orders them to carry on with band baaja n Nach gaana .. but not in this house . He orders Anu Anuj to leave this house . Baa accuses Anu for being the cause of Babuji’s condition . She asks them tk leave , she refuses to allow Hansmukh to participate in MaAn wedding . 
Babuji regains consciousness n mutters that if he did nit take part in wedding he will die l all get worried for Babuji .

Doc arrives n med reports ante shown to him, he declares Babuji would get relief with the injection, but he needed urgent surgery . 
anupama weeps n comp,Adi s why he hid such a bog ailment from them ? Babuji declares nothing was more important to him than Anupama’s wedding . 

Anuj puts everything on hold until Babuji’s surgery was over , he declared surgery will happen right away . Vanraj leaves for meeting the cardiologist. 
Babuji wants to see Anupama’s marriage . Anupama warns until he recovers no wedding will happen 


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Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by DJ_3

Thanks Pooja, or Pooji Babe...smiley31

Shru hogya inka as Kitty predicted

But kitty predicted as dream na.. 

But here v blames maan for bapuji health.. 

So ab blame game suru not interested to watch tmr epi.. Subh subh dimag ka dahi nhi krna h... 

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Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by DJ_3

Thanks Pooja, or Pooji Babe...smiley31

Shru hogya inka as Kitty predicted

Looks like a frustrating episode today ....

Anu and Anu 2.0 bearing the burden of taunts.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Its getting on my nerves now. So much drama.


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