Jealousy out of love SiRav TS

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Jealousy out of love Part 1

I dedicate this to monnashakir20 who wants me to write a SiRav story with the jealous Simar.

 A college....

A boy stood in front of the girl and said:I am telling you frankly.I can't lie that you are just a classmate for me.Because I love you.

The girl was shocked.

They were Aarav and Simar.

Aarav blushed:I am waiting for your reply Simar.

Simar:Aarav,I thought you were different from others who fall in love with a girl after becoming friendly with her.But you turned out to be one among them.I never expected this from you Aarav.

Aarav became dull.

Aarav:I did'nt fall in love with every girl I am friendly with.I have fallen in love only with you.

Simar:But I consider you only as a friend.So I expected that from you also.

Aarav:But I thought that you also loved me Simar.

Simar:You mistook my friendly behaviour for love.What can i do?

Aarav became sad.

Aarav:I am sorry Simar.

Simar:It's ok Aarav.If it was some other guy,I would have ended my friendship with him.But since I felt that you were a nice boy,I did not do that.But please don't see me as your lover.Please consider me only as your friend.

Aarav replied painfully:Sure Simar.I will not behave like a Romeo to you.I will try to move on.

Simar:Good.Hope you will get a nice girl friend.So that you will forget your feelings for me completely.

Aarav gave her an artificial smile.

Aarav:But till I fall in love with another girl,it will be hard for me to forget my love for you.So I will talk to you only after I fall in love with someone else.

Simar was stunned.

Aarav walked away.

After 2 weeks...

Aarav avoided Simar completely for 2 weeks.Simar started missing him.

Simar:I feel so bored and bad when Aarav does'nt talk to me.He is just one of my friends.The others are talking to me.Then why Aarav's silence is affecting me?I can't tolerate this anymore.I will break the silence between us.We can continue as friends while talking also.I should make Aarav understand it.

Simar went to the ground in search of Aarav.She saw a crowd of boys there.

She asked a boy:Why all boys are standing here as if a film star has come here?

Boy:A new admission has come.A hot girl.We are looking at her.She looks so hot that we can't take our eyes off her.

Simar felt weird.She looked that side and saw that girl.Without minding her,she went near Aarav.


Aarav was surprised that Simar approached him.


Before Simar could speak,that girl called him:Aarav!

They both looked at her coming towards them.

She smiled at Aarav:Aarav!

She hugged Aarav.Aarav smiled and embraced her.

Simar was shocked.She could not tolerate it.

She thought:How dare she hug Aarav?How could Aarav let her hug her when he loves me?How could he hug her?Or did his love for me melt when he saw a stylish girl like her?

Simar stared at them and thought:Why I feel jealous of this girl seeing her hug Aarav?I don't love Aarav.So if Aarav lets her hug him or not,why does it make difference for me?

Seeing their hug,Simar burnt with anger and she separated her from Aarav.They were shocked.

Simar came back to senses and smiled embarrassingly.

Simar:This is a college.If others see your hug,they will inform the Principal and he will take action against you both.As a friend,I have to stop that from happening.That's why I hindered the hug,not because of anything else.

Aarav and that girl smiled.

Aarav:Simar,meet her.She is my family friend Dhami.She returned from US.

Simar was surprised.

Simar:You both already know each other?

Dhami:Yes.We are close friends since childhood.

Hearing the word 'close',Simar became dull.

Aarav:Dhami..this is Simar.

Dhami held her hand and said:Nice to meet you Simar.Aarav had told me about you.

Simar thought:Did Aarav tell Dhami about his love for me?

Dhami:Aarav,please show me this college properly.I want to see the whole college.


Aarav looked at Simar:Please excuse us Simar.

They both walked away.Simar burnt with jealousy seeing Aarav going away with Dhami.

Simar noticed that Aarav is spending most of the time with Dhami.This irritated Simar.

Simar:Why Aarav is always walking around Dhami like a puppy?After Dhami came,Aarav is not even looking at me.I have to separate Aarav from Dhami atleast for sometime.I will call Aarav to accompany me for a movie.But will Aarav think that I am after him?That should not happen.

Simar went near Aarav.Surprisingly Dhami was not there with him.

Simar:Where is Dhami?

Aarav:She has gone to meet the Music Sir.She knows them as in US he was her neighbour.

Simar was surprised:Oh really?Well Aarav..I feel lonely.Shall we go for a movie?

Before Aarav could reply,Dhami reached there.

Dhami:Movie?Wow!It's been a long time since I watched a hindi movie.Let me also join you both to the theatre.


Simar got irritated.She thought:Dhami won't leave us alone even for a movie.

Aarav sat inside the car.Simar sat in front near Aarav.Aaravwas surprised.Dhami sat behind.


Aarav looked at her.

Simar wanted to chat with Aarav.But Dhami kept on chatting leaving Simar dull without letting Simar speak.

In the movie theatre...

When Simar tried to sit near Aarav,Dhami sat near Aarav.Simar got really angry.

She thought:I feel like pushing away Dhami and sit near Aarav.But if I do that people including Aarav will think that I am a psycho.So I have to control myself.

Simar noticed that during some comedy scenes Dhami was laughing and holding Aarav's hand.Simar became restless and could'nt focus on the movie.

After the movie before Simar could sit in the front seat,Dhami sat there.Simar became upset as she had to sit back.Dhami was talking continuously about the movie.

Simar said in her mind:This chatter box is talking without a break.So I am not able to talk to Aarav.

Another day...

During the break hour, Aarav was not seen.

Simar:Where is Aarav?Did he leave the college already?Must be with that over smart Dhami.

Simar was searching for Aarav.Suddenly she heard Dhami's voice from a vacant room.

She peeped into the room.She was shocked.

Dhami was hugging Aarav from his back emotionally.

Dhami:Please don't leave me.I love you very much.

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Wonderful start dear

Loved it 

Thanks for the PM

Continue soon 🤗😌🙏

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thanks for the pm

lovely update

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Jealousy out of love Part2

 Simar was searching for Aarav.Suddenly she heard Dhami's voice from a vacant room.

She peeped into the room.She was shocked.

Dhami was hugging Aarav from back emotionally.

Dhami:Please don't leave me.I love you very much.

Aarav:But I love someone else.

Dhami:You love me.You are only mine.

Simar shouted:What the hell is this?

Aarav and Dhami looked at Simar in shock.

Simar:When Aarav says that he does'nt love you,why are you forcing him?

Suddenly Aarav and Dhami started laughing.

Dhami:Simar,we were practicing for our play.

Simar was stunned and confused.


Aarav:Yes Simar.We are selected as the leads for the college play.

Simar was shocked.

Simar was embarrassed also.

Simar:I am sorry.I did'nt know that.

Dhami:It's ok Simar.

The others from the play reached there and joined the rehearsal.

Simar was burning with jealousy seeing the love scenes of Aarav Dhami in the play.

Aarav and Dhami were performing the wedding ritual in the climax sequence of the play.Simar was shattered as if Aarav and Dhami were really getting married.

Unknowingly Aarav's eyes fell on Simar who was looking at him emotionally.

Aarav thought:What happened to Simar?

Aftrer the play got over Aarav went near Simar and asked her:What happened Simar?Why do you look upset?Are you alright?

Simar:I am alright Aarav.The play was so emotional that I got moved by it.You and Dhami were excellent in emotional scenes.

Aarav smiled.

Aarav:Thank you Simar.

Simar smiled.

She thought:Why I felt the fear of losing Aarav when I saw the fake wedding scene?Why I could'nt tolerate the fake wedding?Am I falling in love with Aarav?Hey Matarani!

After some days...

Aarav's shirt button got removed.Dhami put the button for him.Simar got angry unknowingly.

Simar:Dhami!Why are you always getting close to Aarav and behaving like his wife?

Aarav and Simar were shocked.

Dhami:I just put buttons for Aarav.

Simar:Why?Is he a small kid?Can't he do it by himself?

Dhami:What difference does it make to you if I make him wear buttons or not?

Simar did know what to say.She realized how she behaved forgetting herself.

Simar thought:How could I over react for such a silly thing? 

Simar:I am sorry.

Simar ran away.

Aarav:What happened to Simar?

Dhami:You fool!This is Simar's jealousy.She can't tolerate you with me.

Aarav  was stunned.

Aarav:Jealousy?But Simar does'nt love me.Then why should she be jealous?

Dhami:Simar loves you.

Aarav:What nonsense!She herself told me that she does'nt love me.

Dhami:She did not realize her love that time.But now she knows that she loves you.It's clearly seen.

Aarav felt an unknown happiness.

Aarav:Simar loves me?


Aarav smiled happily.

Simar was sitting in the garden.

Simar:Aarav said that until she finds a lover for himself,he won't talk to me.But he talks to me.That means he loves Dhami.I lost Aarav.I was a fool to reject his proposal.

Simar was in tears.

Suddenly she heard Aarav's voice from behind.

Aarav:You have not lost me.I still love you Simar.

Simar turned back and looked at him in disbelief.


Aarav:I talk to you as I can't live without talking to you.I love you Simar.

Simar smiled emotionally.

Simar:I am sorry for rejecting you Aarav.I did'nt realize how much I loved you.But now I know that it's hard for me to stay without you.I love you Aarav.

He smiled.

They embraced each other.

Dhami came with garlands.

Dhami:Both of you exchange these garlands with each other.

Aarav and Simar were stunned.

Aarav:What are you saying Dhami?

Dhami looked at Simar with smile:When Aarav and I were doing the wedding scene in the play,I know why you were upset Simar.You wished to be in my place.Right?

Simar was embarrassed while Aarav looked at her in disbelief.

Aarav:This is why you were upset that time?

Simar:Yes.Even in a play,I can't tolerate you marrying someone else.

Aarav smiled.

Dhami:We will remove your unnecessary pain.For that you both do this mini marriage.

Aarav and Aarav smiled.

Simar put the garland around Aarav's neck.

Dhami:Simar's swayamvar is done.Now it's your turn Aarav.

He smiled and put the garland around Simar's neck.

Dhami:Finally the trial wedding took place between the real couple.

They smiled.

Dhami:Simar,you don't need to be jealous at all.Aarav is completely yours.

Simar smiled.

Dhami:I love someone.But that's ...

A man came from behind.

Simar was surprised to see him.

Dhami:Music Sir...Samar Sir!

Samar was shy.

Dhami:Yes.We were neighbours as well as lovers in America.I joined this college to be with him.But since he is a teacher here,we kept our relationship a secret.Only Aarav knew about it.He is our cupid.

Simar was surprised.

Samar:After Dhami completes her education,we are planing to reveal our relationship to others.

Simar thought:What a stupidity I did by doubting Aarav and Dhami!

After some years ....

Simar and Aarav were married.

Simar:Like a clown I was jealous of your friendship with Dhami.Now when I think of it,I feel like laughing.

He smiled.

Aarav:But the jealous Simar was cute.

They laughed.

The End

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Loved it dear

Beautiful and amazing update

Thanks for the PM

Continue soon 🤗😌🙏

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thanks for the pm

Part 2

Fabulous update 

Posted: 1 years ago

Part 2 

Fabulous and Amazing Update

Posted: 1 years ago

Read both chapters. In chapter one, it seemed that Aarav was making Simar jealous. Nice to see Samms scene with it. Glad that Simar confessed her love to Aarav. The; marriage scenes cute.

Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks a lot.

Samms scene with it means?


Read both chapters. In chapter one, it seemed that Aarav was making Simar jealous. Nice to see Samms scene with it. Glad that Simar confessed her love to Aarav. The; marriage scenes cute.

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