In love with my tourist guide SiRav OS

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Posted: 1 years ago

I dedicate this to monnashakir20 who wants a SiRav story from me.

In love with my tourist guide

Aarav Oswal reached Agra as a tourist.

He started staying in a resort.

He told the hotel owner:I need a guide to show me Agra.

Hotel owner:Sure Sir.I have already called the guide.The guide will reach here soon.



The guide came.

The guide called Aarav:Sir!

Aarav looked at her.He was lost in her sweet innocent smile.

Mahiya Mere Mahiya|Sasural Simarka Season 2| Aarav & Simar New Background Music|Colors TV Show| – YouTube

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).

The hotel owner:Sir,this is Simar;the tourist guide for you.

Simar:Hello Sir.

Aarav smiled:Hello!

Simar took Aarav to Taj Mahal.

Simar:This is Taj Mahal.It’s one of the seven wonders of the world.It was built by Shah Jahan in the  memory of his late wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Sasural Simar Ka 2: THESE BTS pictures of the cast at the Taj Mahal will  pique your interest in the show

Simar narrated the whole story behind Taj Mahal to Aarav.

Aarav:I can’t believe that such love existed.After his wife’s death also his love for her continued,infact it increased.

Simar:Yes,Taj Mahal is the symbol of their love.

He smiled.

After seeing Taj Mahal,Aarav and Simar went boating in the river Jamuna.

The next day…

Simar showed a sweet shop.

Simar:Aarav Sir,that is the best sweet shop here.You will enjoy Agra’s best sweets.

Aarav:Ok,then I will try it.

They went to the sweet shop and bought sweets.

Aarav started eating sweets.


Suddenly Aarav noticed Simar staring at his sweets.

Aarav:Simar,why don’t you also buy sweets?

Simar:Now I can’t spent money on sweets.

Aarav:Don’t worry.I will pay for you.

Simar was stunned.

Simar:No thanks Sir.

Aarav:Simar…no…I will decide.

Aarav ordered for one plate of sweets and gave it to Simar.

Simar smiled.

Simar:You are sweet like these sweets Sir.

He smiled.

Aarav:You are also sweet Simar.That’s why I bought sweets for you.

She smiled.

She ate the sweets like crazy while chatting with Aarav.

Aarav too fed her sweet unknowingly while chatting.

They both came back to senses and blushed.

Slowly she fell sleepy and fell on Aarav’s lap.Aarav smiled.

He caressed her head.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).

He called her:Simar!

Slowly Simar opened her eyes and realized that she was on Aarav’s lap.She got up from his lap quickly.

She was scared to face Aarav.

Simar:I am sorry Sir.I could’nt sleep at night as I study during night.Because I work during day time.Unknowingly I slept on your lap.I did’nt sleep on your lap purposefully.

Aarav:Chill Simar..I have no problem with you sleeping on my lap.So you don’t need to give me any explanation.I woke you up as we are in a shop.

Simar was embarrassed.

Aarav:Otherwise I would not have woken you up.Because you looked very cute while sleeping on my lap.

Simar turned off her face and smiled shyly.He smiled.

Aarav:Shall we leave?

Simar nodded.



The next day…

Aarav and Simar were enjoying the scenic beauty of the place.

Aarav:Simar,you are studying also.Right?You told me about studying at night.

Simar:Yes,I study in correspondence.

Aarav:Then why are you working as a tourist guide?

Simar:Because I need money to pay fees.

Aarav:You are great Simar.You are working and studying together.I feel proud of you.

Simar:I have no choice Aarav Sir.I belong to a poor family.I have only a sick mother.I lost my father in an accident and my mother’s legs got paralyzed after the accident.I have to work to look after my mother.I want to finish my studies and get a better job.Then I want to do operation for my mother.So that she can start walking like before.I am not fortunate like you.

Aarav:I am rich.But I don’t have a loving mother like you.My parents Giriraj dad and Chitra mom were so busy that they did’nt have time for me.The whole life I was in a boarding school.I longed to see my parents.But I could’nt get to see them at all.I thought after schooling,I could be with my parents.But after schooling,I was sent abroad for college.I was pressurized to work there itself to make more money as my parents were greedy for money.My life was full of stress.That’s why I came to Agra to relax…to be stress enjoy.

Simar felt sad for Aarav.

Aarav:I am really enjoying my time with you. To be frank,you are the first person to make me forget my inner pain.That’s why I opened up my life to you.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Aarav:Simar,won’t you invite me to your house?

Simar was surprised:Aarav Sir!Ok…

He smiled.



Simar took Aarav home and introduced him to her mother.

Simar went to the kitchen to prepare something for Aarav.

Aarav came there.

Aarav:Simar,for a change I will cook a dish.

Simar was stunned.

Simar:What are you saying Sir?You are a guest here and you want to cook?

Aarav:Yes Simar.Because I love cooking.Since I stay alone,I cook by myself.I miss cooking.Here only I will get a chance to cook.

Simar smiled:Ok Sir.

Aarav:Thank you Simar for giving me your kitchen for some time.Can I get an apron?


Simar gave him an apron.Wearing that apron,he started cooking.Simar was with him through out.They chatted about cooking while cooking.

Aarav finished making the dish.

Aarav:Now it’s ready.

Simar was excited to taste it.

After taking a bite Simar said:It’s yummy Sir.

He smiled.

They both ate it together.



Another day….

Aarav:I feel very hot.Let us have icecream Simar.

Simar:Ok Sir.

They got only one cup of icecream.

Aarav:We will share it Simar.

Simar:No need of that Sir.You eat it.

Aarav:I can’t have it when you don’t get get to eat icecream.

Simar looked at him deeply.

He held her closer and fed her icecream with the spoon.

She looked at him with surprise.

Aarav:Why are you staring at me like this?Can’t I feed my friend?

She smiled as she was called as a friend by him. He kept feeding her and took spoons of icecream for himself also.



Simar’s mother’s condition became very bad.

Simar was broken.She burst into tears before Aarav.


Simar embraced Aarav tearfully:My Maa!I have only my Maa Sir.

Aarav:Your mother will be alight Simar.I will pay money for her operation.

Simar was shocked:What are you saying Sir?

Aarav:Your mother’s condition is very bad.Operation should not be delayed.You are my friend.I want to do a friend’s duty.Please don’t say ‘no’.

Simar was silent.


Simar’s mother’s operation was done successfully.

Simar was very happy.

Simar:My mother is cured only because of you Sir.But I am sad that in return,I can’t give you anything.

Aarav smiled and said:You can give me one thing.

Simar looked at him anxiously.

Aarav:We have become friends.Then why are you calling me Sir?Call me by my name.

She smiled:Aaravji!

He smiled.



After some days…

Aarav and Simar were standing before Taj Mahal.

Aarav:Today is the last day.Tomorrow I will go back.

Simar became upset.

Aarav:We are standing before a love symbol.Before going I want to confess something before this love symbol.I think I have started feeling for you Simar.

Simar was stunned.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).

Aarav:Don’t worry.I will not pressurize you to love me.So don’t think that in return of heping you,I will force you to accept me.Anyways..I need to go.Bye Simar.We don’t know whether we will meet again.So a final good bye to you.

Simar became upset.

Aarav turned to go.Suddenly Simar called him:Aaravji!

Aarav turned back and looked at her.

Simar:If you love me,how can you just go back biding me a final good bye?Can’t you promise that you will return again to Agra for me?

Aarav was surprised:Simar!

Simar said emotionally:I have also started feeling for you Aaravji.

He smiled emotionally.

They embraced each other.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).

Aarav:I promise you that I will return.By that time your studies will be over.That time we will get married.Then you,your mother and I will go abroad and settle there.

Simar smiled.

Simar:Your parents?

Aarav:They don’t care what I do.They just need my salary.

Simar was silent.

They embraced each other again.


After a year …

Simar finished her studies.

Aarav returned to his Simar.

Seeing him,Simar extended her hand towards him happily.

He walked towards her fast and embraced her.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).


Their Sangeet function was arranged in a hotel terrace where they could view Taj Mahal.

Aarav was looking at Simar deeply.

Aarav:You look gorgeous.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).

She blushed.

Aarav:Our wedding ceremony is starting before the love symbol Taj Mahal.

She smiled.

They danced there joyfully.

Aarav-Simar got married.

The next day…

Simar put vermilion on her hair partition while Aarav watched it standing close to her.

Aarav:I never thought that I will be in love with my tourist guide.You are my better half Simar.

She blushed.

He pulled her closer passionately and they romanced.

Mahiya mere mahiya…(SiRav bgm from SSK2).


Aarav,Simar and her mother went abroad and settled there.Simar too started working there with Aarav and they lived happily.

The end

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Posted: 1 years ago

Beautiful dear

Loved it 

Thanks for the PM

Keep writing ✍️📝

Posted: 1 years ago

Thanks for the pm

Fantastic OS! well written 

Posted: 1 years ago

I was surprised to see Simar as Aarav's tourist guide. Sirav Taj Mahal and boating scenes are romantic. Sirav sharing about their lives was emotional. It was nice to see Aarav coming to Simar's place and cooking in her kitchen. It was also lovely to see Aarav bearing the surgery expenses of Simar's mother. Their love confession was romantic.

The pre-marital dance scenes were romantic.

Sirav marriage scenes are cute. Nice to see Aarav taking Simar and her mother to the USA and settling there. Giriraj and Chitra are only in the dialogue but not anywhere in the scene.


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