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Posted: 2 years ago


This topic is created so that we can get feedback from users and prioritise them.

If you like an idea simply hit the Vote Up button and it would move it up in the priority list. If its not in this list you can create a new post. Just make sure you make make one post per suggestion / feature request so that others can vote it up.

If you want to check which is the most voted feature simply hit the Filter icon and sort by Votes.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Realtime Messenger system so that we can easily chat with out buddies in realtime. If the member is offline the recipient will be notified when they visit the site again.

This does require a bit of work so may take time to develop the same. But would be great.


26 May 2022: We are in the planning phase.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Create a Group PM reply to all option. 

So that when we reply to the PM we get the option of "Reply All".


This feature is now LIVE 😊

We have now added a "Opt Out" option to Group PM if you are part of the chain PM and want to opt out of it.

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Posted: 2 years ago

A simple page which shows the different Ladder and Non-Ladder groups and number of members in that group.

It would also show the number of posts required to reach that level.


We have created a page which addresses this: 

India Forums User Groups

We will be further updating this page to have more details on the different User groups and the benefits one gets on moving up the ladder.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Notifications popup should have a way to differentiate between Read/Unread  ones. Keep it bold if it's unread.

And from the Notification page one can set multiple notifications as Read / Unread.


The Filter option should just show the ones which relates to that particular User along with the Count and not the whole List.

Smart Pagination should be added so that one can easily move to different pages.

Page should state clearly that we only keep last 90 days notification. 


This feature is now LIVE.

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Posted: 2 years ago

At times we presume the gender of the user wrong and it can get awkward when we address them wrongly. So to solve this its better to declare it.


So we allow members to update the gender information in the profile and it would show the same in their user info panel on their post or hover card.

This will be completely optional if someone don't want to share it.

Posted: 2 years ago

Since our site has members from all over the world. We would allow users to update their resident country on their profile.

And we will show that country flag on their user panel on Forum Posts / Hover Card.

This will again be an optional feature. So if you do not want to share that information it would not show up next to your profile.


This feature is LIVE

In order to enable it for your profile you can simply do it follow this: 

Preferences >  Privacy Settings > Show Country > ON

And that would start showing your current Country on the right of your username on Forum Posts.


We have now started showing this in Forum Post Likes, User Profile, PM etc.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Have badges for Banner Contest winners.

Waiting for the Graphic Designer to complete this.

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Posted: 2 years ago

Badges for Visit Streak


Visit Streak badges awarded.. 😊

Next Level Badges for 500 / 750 / 1000 days visit streak.


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Posted: 2 years ago

Please add more original emoticons. I mean these ones 😊😉😃😛

These are very unique to IF and add a different charm to posts, unlike emojis on our keyboard.