Love at Holi celebration SiRav OS

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Posted: 1 years ago

Love at Holi celebration

I dedicate this to monnashakir20 who wants a new SiRav story from me.

It's Holi celebration at Oswal Mansion.All were happy.But Aarav was not happy.Reema went near him.

Reema:Aarav,why are you not enjoying Holi?Simar is enjoying with Badi Maa.

Aarav looked at Simar dancing with his grandmother Geetanjali Devi.

Aarav:I am glad that though Simar does not love me,she loves my family members very much.

Geetanjali Devi only chose Simar for Aarav.He fell in love with Simar when Geetanjali took him to Simar's house.But after marriage,Simar's attitide broke Aarav's heart.

Flash back...

Simar:Sorry Aaravji..I was not interested in this marriage.I was interested only in music.But my parents forced me to marry you.

Aarav was shattered.

Simar:I don't know whether I will be able to love you or not.Please don't hate me.

Aarav was very upset.

Aarav:How did you think that I will hate you Simar?I can never hate you.I will wait for you.

Simar:But what if I will never be able to love you?Then what is the use of waiting for me?

Aarav smiled emotionally:Then also I will wait for you.

Simar looked at him painfully.



Reema:That time Simar did not love you.But I am sure that now she loves you.

Aarav:What are you saying Reema?

Reema:Simar is my sister.I know her.I will prove that she loves you.

Reema walked away.

Reema mixed bhaang in Thandai.

Aarav saw it.

Aarav:What are you doing Reema?

Reema:If Simar drinks this her inner feelings for you will come out.

Aarav:But don't make her drink bhaang.

Reema:Aarav,this time please let me do what I want to.This is for both of you.


Reema ignored him and walked away.

After some time,Aarav saw the intoxicated Simar.

Simar:Happy Holi Aaravji..

She coloured his face.He became very happy and coloured her face back.

Simar moved closer to his ear.

Simar:Aaravji,I want to tell you a secret.

He smiled.


Simar:I love you Aaravji.

Aarav was surprised.

Aarav:What?You love me?

Simar blushed:Yes Aaravji.

Reema smiled:Aarav,I told you that when Simar drinks bhaang her love for you will come out.

Aarav smiled:Thank you Reema.

Reema smiled.

Simar:But I did not drink bhaang.I did'nt even drink thandai.

Aarav and Reema were stunned.

Simar:I just pretended to be intoxicated as I came to see Reema di mixing bhaang in thandai for me.

I poured the drink down without your knowledge Reema di.

Reema and Aarav were embarrassed.

Simar:But I know why you did that Reema di.But to confess my love to Aaravji.I don't need bhaang.

Aarav and Reema smiled.

Simar looked at Aarav emotionally.

Simar:Sorry for making you wait Aaravji and thank you for being so patient with me.

I took time to realize that I love you more than music.Just like Matarani blessed me with musical talent,God gifted me my Aaravji.

Aarav smiled emotionally.

Simar:I love you very much Aaravji.

Aarav:I love you too Simar.

They smiled.

Aarav took red colour powder and filled her hair partition with it.

Geetanjali  Devi became very happy.

Geetanjali:This is the best Holi of my life.My Aarav and Simar united.

Aarav and Simar smiled at her and kissed her happily.

Aarav and Simar danced along with their family members.

The end.

Posted: 1 years ago

Loved it dear

Awesome and beautiful os 

Thanks for the PM

Keep writing ✍️📝

Posted: 1 years ago

It was shocking that Simar told Aarav that she did not love him. Reema's initiative to unite Sirav was a little crude, but her intention was right. Glad that Simar confessed her love to Aarav without getting intoxicated.


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