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Posted: 1 years ago

Sirf Tum...Only you... Part 1

 I dedicate this TS to SavitariPurohit who asked me to write a SiRav story.

The credit for this fan made poster goes to the real editor.

A music class was going on.The music teacher Simar was singing while the students were repeating it.

There was someone who was listening to her sing and lost in her.He was none other than Aarav Oswal who is the uncle of Simar's student.Aarav comes there on weekends to drop and pick up his niece Anvi there.

The class ended and the students went out of the classroom.

Anvi ran towards Aarav:Chachu!


Anvi:Did you hear me sing?

Aarav:Yes.You sang very well.

Anvi smiled sweetly.

Simar went towards them.

Simar:Anvi sings very well.

Aarav looked at Simar deeply and said:You also sing very well Simar.There is magic in your voice.

She blushed:Thank you Aaravji.

He smiled:No need of thanking me as you deserve compliments.

She smiled.

Simar and her sister Reema went to a mall for shopping.

Aarav came to the same mall.

Reema and Simar saw him and got surprised.


Aarav also got surprised to see them both together.

Simar and Reema looked at each other in surprise:You know Aaravji?

Simar:Yes.Aaravji's niece is my student.

Reema:Aaravji is my boss.

They both were surprised.

Aarav:Reema and Simar know each other?You both are friends?

Reema:We are actually sisters who are friends too.

Aarav smiled.

Aarav:I am surprised that you both are sisters.

They smiled.

The next day accidentally Aarav and Simar met on the road.

Aarav:What a pleasant surprise Simar!

Simar smiled.

Aarav:Since we met why don't we have a tea together?

Simar nodded:Yes.

He smiled.

They bought tea.They sipped the tea and chatted.

Aarav kept his hands on her shoulders and said:It was pleasure spending time with you Simar.

Simar was lost in him.

They both came back to senses and Aarav took his hands off her shyly.

Simar and Aarav were thinking of each other and imagined romancing each other.

Simar and Aarav romanced swaying to music.


Ahahahaha rurururururu

Ahahahahaha rurururu

Lalalalal lalalala ..

Are re are yeh kya hua

Maine na yeh jaana

Are re are ban jaaye na

Kahin koi afsaana

Are re are kuch ho gaya

Koi na pehchana

Are re are banta hai toh

Ban jaaye afsana

Aarav and Simar had romance in the rain.






Aarav-Sirav had a romantic boating.The boat was decorated with flower petals.

Haath mera thaam lo (hmm..)

Saath jab tak ho (hmm..)

Baat kuch hoti rahe

Baat jab tak ho

Saamne baithe raho tum

Raat jab tak ho..


Aarav sang looking Simar making her blush.

Are re are yeh kya hua

Maine na yeh jaana

Naam kya de kya kahe (Aa..)

Dil ke mausam ko (Aa..)

Aarav-Simar had pool romance.


Aag jaise lag gayi

Aaj shabnam ko

Aisa lagta hai kisi ne

Chhuliya humko

Are re are yeh kya hua

Maine na yeh jaana

Are re are ban jaaye na

Kahin koi afsaana


Simar-Aarav danced with full romance.

Are re are kuch ho gaya

Koi na pehchana

Are re are banta hai toh

Ban jaaye afsana

Tum chale jaao zara (Aa..)

Hum sambhal jaaye (Aa..)

Dhadkane dil ki kahin (Aa..)

Na machal jaaye

Waqt se aage kahin na

Hum nikal jaaye


When Simar slipped, Aarav caught her by her waist.They got lost in each others eyes.

Are re are kya hua

Koi na pehchana

Hum mein tum mein kuch to hai (hmm..)

Kuch nahin hai kya (hmm..)

Aur kuch ho jaaye toh

Kuch yakin hai kya

Aarav decorated the table for a grand dinner date and made Simar sit near the dining table.


Dekh lo yeh dil jahaan tha

Yeh wahin hai kya


Then they both had dinner together.

Are re are yeh kya hua

Maine na yeh jaana

Are re are ban jaaye na

Kahin koi afsaana


Aarav showed beautiful earrings to Simar and adorned her ears with them making her smile.

Are re are kuch ho gaya

Koi na pehchana

Are re are banta hai to

Ban jaaye afsana

Lalalala lalalalala

Lalalala lalalalala(Dil to Pagal hai).




Days passed....

Reema was thinking of someone and blushing.

Simar:Reema di...are you dreaming?

Reema blushed. can I hide something from you.I have fallen in love.

Simar was are in love?

Reema nodded shyly.

Simar:Wow di!Falling in love is a beautiful feeling.I am glad that finally you are in love.Tell me who do you love.

Reema:My boss.

Simar was shocked.

Simar:He also loves you?

Reema:He has not confessed that he loves me.But I am sure that he loves me.

Simar was shattered.

Simar thought:Aaravji loves Reema di?

Simar tried to control her tears.

In her mind.Simar could see Aarav,Reema and herself in one frame.

Simar thought:Reema di and I love Aaravji.Who does Aaravji love?Me or Reema di?

Simar became restless.

Aarav and Reema are married.Simar walked by their side.

Suddenly Aarav held Simar's hand and stopped her from going away.Simar looked at him and smiled.

Suddenly Simar woke up from her sleep.

Simar:What a horrible dream did I see?I can't betray my Reema di.

Suddenly she heard a sound from the phone and checked it.There was Aarav's message.

Simar got a message from Aarav:I want to meet you Simar.

Simar became dull.

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Posted: 1 years ago

Very nice start dear

Just loved it 

Thanks for the PM

Continue soon 🤗🙏💕

Posted: 1 years ago

Congrats on the TS! 

Amazing update 

Posted: 1 years ago

Congratulations on your new TS

Interesting Title 

Part 1 

Colorful and Fascinating Start

Posted: 1 years ago

Sirf Tum...Only you... Part 2

 Simar and Aarav met near Taj Mahal.

Simar:Why did you call me here Aaravji?

Aarav:I called you here as I wanted to confess my feelings in front of the beautiful symbol of love Taj Mahal.

Simar's heart started beating fast.

Aarav bent down before Simar with a bunch of flowers.

Aarav:I don't know how..but first I fell in love with your beautiful voice and slowly slowly I fell in love with you Simar.I love you Simar.Do you love me?

Simar became surprised and happy.She smiled.

Ye Zamiin Aasamaan Ye Sadii Ye Jahaan
Ye Chaman Ye Fizaa Kuchh Rahe Na Rahe
Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa
Mere Dil Men Kaun Hai Dhadakanon Men Kaun Hai
Kaun Hai Nazar Men Sirf Tum Sirf Tum Sirf Tum

Seeing her smile,Aarav became happy.

He extended the flowers towards Simar.

Ye Zamiin Aasamaan Ye Sadii Ye Jahaan
Ye Chaman Ye Fizaa Kuchh Rahe Na Rahe
Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa
Mere Dil Men Kaun Hai Dhadakanon Men Kaun Hai
Kaun Hai Nazar Men Sirf Tum Sirf Tum Sirf Tum

Suddenly Simar remembered Reema and became dull.

Simar:No Aaravji.I can't take this.

Aarav:Why Simar?You don't like flowers?

Simar:I love flowers.But I can't take this as I don't love you Aaravji.

Aarav was shocked.

Aarav:Are you joking Simar?

Simar:No Aaravji.I don't love you.

Aarav:But I see something else on your face.I saw you smiling when I proposed you.That clearly shows that you also love me.But suddenly why did you change?

Simar:You misunderstood me Aaravji.I have nothing more to say Aaravji.I have to leave.Sorry.

Simar walked away from Aarav.Aarav was shattered.

Reema hugged Simar in happiness.

Reema:I am so happy Simar.My Boss too loves me.He proposed me today.

Simar was stunned.

Simar thought:Today Aaravji proposed me also.Immediately he proposed Reema di also?

Simar:Aaravji proposed you?

Reema:Aaravji?No.Vivaan proposed me.

Simar:Vivaan?But your Boss is Aaravji.

Reema:Both Vivaan and his brother Aarav are the owners of Oswal Industries.Both are my bosses.I love Vivaan,not Aaravji.

Simar was shocked:What?

Reema narrated what happened.

Flash back..

Vivaan held a red rose and confessed his love to Reema.

Vivaan:I fell in love with your bubbly nature at first sight itself.Now I think it's the right time to share my feelings with you.I love you Reema.Do you love me too?

Reema became so happy that she embraced him and said:I love you too Vivaan.

He became happy.


Simar:I am very happy for you di.But I did a blunder.

Reema:What blunder?

Simar told her everything.

Reema:Oh no..what did you do Simar?You did such a big foolishness.You could have atleast told me everything before you did blunder.

Simar:Now what to do di?

Reema:Go tell Aaravji that you love him.Don't waste time.

Simar:Yes di.

Simar rang up Aarav.

Simar:Aaravji,can I meet you?


Simar:I will tell you when we meet.But I really want to meet you.It's urgent.I want to tell you something important.

Unknowingly Aarav became happy that Simar wants to meet him.

Aarav:I will come Simar.

Simar:Thank you very much Aaravji.

Simar said in her mind:Thank God!Aaravji is willing to meet me.

Simar met Aarav.

Simar:Thanks for coming here on my request.I doubted whether you will come after what happened between us.

Aarav:I can never ignore you Simar.

Simar looked at him emotionally.

Aarav:Tell me why you called me here. were right.I was lying that I did'nt love you.

Aarav stared at her:Why Simar?You know how much you hurt me with your lie?

Simar felt guilty:I am sorry Aaravji.

Aarav:But tell me what the truth is.

Aarav said in his mind:In the name of truth,tell me that you love me Simar.I want to hear those 3 magical words from you.

Simar looked at Aarav emotionally and said:The truth is that I love you a lot Aaravji.

Aarav smiled emotionally.

Ankhon Se Milatii Hain Aankhen
Ho Jaatii Hain Dil Kii Saarii Baaten
Betaabii Men Din Katate Hain
Karavat Lekar Katatii Saarii Raaten
Harapal Badhataa Jaae Isamen Aisaa Hai Nashaa
Dil Ne Ye Pukaaraa Aur Diivaanon Ne Kahaa
Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa

Suddenly he became dull.

Aarav:Then why did you lie that you don't love me?

Simar:Because I thought that Reema di loves you.

Aarav was shocked.

Aarav:What nonsense!Reema loves my brother Vivaan.

Simar:Yes,I came to know that.But I thought...I even doubted whether you love Reema di.

Aarav was shocked.

Aarav:How could you think that I love Reema?

Aarav held her hand and said:There is only one person in my heart and that's you Simar...only you...Sirf Tum...

Simar-Aarav shared an emotional eye lock.

Na Duniyaa Kii Daulat Maangen
Naa Chaa.Ndii Maangen Naa Maangen Sonaa
Jaati Dharam Mazahab Naa Maane
Ho Jaataa Hai Jab Jisase Hai Honaa
Vedon Men Likhaa Hai Aur Granthon Men Padhaa
Sabane Hai Ye Maanaa Aur Sabamen Basaa
Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa Pyaar To Hameshaa Rahegaa
Mere Dil Men(Sirf Tum).

Reema stood before Vivaan with flowers.

Vivaan:Nice fragrance!Are these flowers for me?

Reema:No..I brought these flowers for the street dog.


Reema:Of course for you Vivaan.

He smiled and took the flowers from Reema and they had a cute hug.

Aarav-Simar spent time chatting with each other happily on the phone. 

Their dream became real when they started romancing in real.

The restaurant near the Taj Mahal became the romantic meeting point of Reema and Vivaan.

Their romance was also in full swing.

Simar and Reema came dressed up as brides.

Aarav was mesmerized by Simar's beauty.

Aarav:You look gorgeous Simar.

Simar blushed.

Vivaan showed a mirror to Reema.

Reema smiled seeing her reflection on the mirror.

Vivaan:You don't know how beautiful you are Reema.

Reema smiled at Vivaan who was smiling at her.

She stood close to him holding him.

He said romantically:You look like a Prince Vivaan.But you are my Prince.

Vivaan looked at her:Yes,I am your Prince.Only you are my Princess..only you...sirf tum...

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Aarav-Simar and Vivaan-Reema got married.

The end

Thank u very much readers 4 supporting this TS.Plz write a detailed comment on this part.Plz write ur favourite scenes,favourite character n y u liked that character the most.

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Part 1

The meeting of Aarav, Reema, and Simar at the shopping was a surprise. Simar, Aarav, and Anvi's bonding were cute. The Sirav dialogues are cute. Sirav song sequences are romantic. Sad that Simar got terrible dreams.

Part 2

Aarav's proposal to Simar near the Taj Mahal is romantic. Sad that Simar lied to Aarav that she does not love him. Glad that Reema told about Vivaan to Simar. Simar confessing the truth to Aarav was sensational. The song sequences are romantic. The Sirav and Reevan dialogues are romantic.

Glad that Sirav and Reevan got married.

Posted: 1 years ago

Beautiful 😍💓 update dear

It was adorable

Thanks for the PM

Continue soon 🤗

Posted: 1 years ago

Part 2 

Romantic and Colorful Update

Posted: 1 years ago

thanks for the pm

awesome update 


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