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Posted: 2 years ago

I think sneha deserves appreciation among the side cast...along with some others

Even though her ss is less whatever lines she get she performs best...can't say she is a good actress or not but she is perfect choice as karishma...her code of conduct in SM is classy....an amazing dancer...I would like to see karishma running a dance academy in future episodes of ghum...however her visibility in media is less similar to ayesha 


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Posted: 2 years ago

I find her talented in terms of potential and whatever little you see but not really appreciable because her characterization sucks and she is extremely underutilized.  I mean Karishma/Sonali are potrayed as inhumane. They are constantly only deriving sadistic pleasure out of everyones pain. So theres literally no character arc. Its not like they were normal but became snarky now and neither is Sai growing on them and they are becoming nicer/more humane. They just react with taunts and snickering and mean jokes. There are very few scenes where i remember seeing some legit emotion on their face - like when mohit was forbidden from eating and when Devi-harinee reuinted

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Posted: 2 years ago

She has a great potential as an actress. She is a fab dancer as well. ❤️

But it's sad to see her playing a stagnant character with the repititive same old dialogues.

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Posted: 2 years ago

They never gave her dance numbers in the show, which is sad...she is a talented dancer...

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Posted: 2 years ago

I like Sneha too and yeah she's a great dancer. Instead of giving screen space to people who can't even act they could have focused on karishma's character. But i don't think you can expect anything good from these makers. I hope after this show all the actors who have great potential get more work and those who can't act should better stick to tiktok or keep on making reels.