Socha Tha Shah Rukh Khan ko dhekenge😎, mila Amjad Khan😂👹👹☠

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Posted: 2 years ago

You know the feeling when your vacation is over and school reopens next day?? The feeling when popcorn par butter katham ho jatha hai? The feeling when aam ka season katham aur Karela ka season shuru? The feeling when class mein surprise test announce karthe hai? The feeling when mother in law visits? The feeling when acha kaasa so rahe aur mummy fan bandh kardhethi hai?? What do we collectively say then?~ Dath teri ki😑🤨😵😕😖😤😤😠😠😠😡🤬 Yeh waisa hi episode hai!!! Watching our cute Digene bottle felt like a dream too good to be true😍😍!! Just as I sighed 'Hayeeee thanks Universe', Mr Besharam shah makes a comeback!!!! What do we collectively say?? DHAT TERI KI🤬🤬🤬🤬 

Episode begins with MaAn walking back home hand in hand..Their cute little banter on who goes inside first was so adorbs! This scene felt oddly edited for me. It felt like couple scenes were choppety chopped to cut the valentine night short! Certain upcoming pics of the night that stormed social media dint make it to the final cut🤨🤨..Anuj asks Anu to stay for 26 seconds longer as fair deal in exchange for his 26 yr long wait..this gadha is becoming too adorable now🤩🤩😍😍...yaar agar yeh Netflix series hotha tho yeh raat ki nashaa kuch aur hi hothi😛😛 par nahi..... makers decide to zoooom back to Kinju baby ka OTT drama while Toshu stands there like a confused Zebra!!!! I atleast thank makers for sparing us from Vanya's dracula night😑😑🤧 In one sentence~ Kinju baby not happy with Toshu treating her like how Vannu papa treated her ex mother in law! This was a tiring 5 to 6 min long sequence!! 🥵🥵😵😵 kuch toh reham karo makers!! Statutory warning toh dho😭😭😭

Its a dreamy morning!!! Anu is rudely awakened by a bang on her door and Anuj is still in trance over the previous night and cannot believe any of the magic that Anu brought to his life. They say your reality is the best when it feels surreal and it was quite evident on Anuj's face that his 26 yr penance had come to a beautiful end or rather blessed a new beginning🤩🤩🤩

In another sad shah universe, its a gloomy morning with the entire house plunged into sadness except Mr and Mrs shah!! I think she managed to seduce him coz it looked like he got some action last night😂😂😂saaary!! I dont even want to give you the visual of that!! Mrs Kavya helllula shah wants her husband to take over Kapadia empire and is gleefully planning on how to do so!! Waaah husband and wife kya excited hai to steal someone else's hard earned business!!👊👊

MaAn bond over chai and ladka is busy niharofying ladki and she asks him to focus on work but our bacha wants a job where he can just gaze at her 24/7😁😁😁 their sunny deol dance on yaara o yaara was sooo chumeshwari😘😘😘....** me nazar utharofies**🧿🧿🧿 someone plz ans my kwechen: Why is Anu still keen on going to shah house to visit Baa bapuji when they can also come over..Baa is clealry not intersted in seeing her..the only ones who care are Bapuji, samar and kinju and they can drop by anytime!! So why does she keep visiting that toxic house? Just to get humiliated?🙄🙄

Anu enters shah house and all I could hear was dhoom tanannaa for next 10 mins. Vanraj starts taunting her for living in with Anuj!! This duffer proclaims that her living in with Anuj impacts him too!! Ecsoos me Yamraj how exactly? Woh jo bhi kare tumhe kya be? 🤨🤨 Baapuji is again silent and kids are useless so one has anything to say!! Anu talks about Maryada blah blah...why cant she just say f%#%k you!! Koi problem hai? Phir se wahi dialogues!! Aapkne maryada suna hi nahi hoga, kyunki apne patni ko ghar mein rakhe doose aurat ke paas gaye!! Isnt this stale news now?? Why do makers have nothing to new offer when it comes to Anu vs Vanraj fight. V taunts her over Anuj and she uses Kavya!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Hum viewers ko baksh dho pls🙏🙏 Baa Baa black sheep obviously on ladla beta's side!! Bas episode katham!!

Precap- Baa asking her to get married to Anuj and Anu gives a befitting response "Hum thair karenge, log nahi" basically asking her to back off🤭

Verdict- The moment I saw Vanraj I started laughing coz usually u guys read forum reviews before watching shah drama but today no one had any warning and ended up watching poora epi😂😂😂😂I was thinking bechare my babies🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Those who dint watch as yet, congratulations!! Watch MaAn on insta and enjoy ur weekend!! And those of you who did watch, sending you eye cleaner and some poison via zomato to undo this episode😂😂😂😂😂. On the other hand, my hands were itching to troll that langoor..aur bagwaan ne meri sunli😪😪

Let me know your thoughts my cutie pies😍😍😍😍happy dappy weekend!!

Makers force feeding us with Vannu papa

Vanraj and Anu's gisa pita fight

Baa supporting Vanraj


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Posted: 2 years ago

More tags...this 10 tags at a time is fun🤩

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Posted: 2 years ago
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Posted: 2 years ago

I love your gifs 🤣

Anu vs v has become repeatativr and boring now  uske teeno bacho ko ek saath problem hain this is  very bad indication samar broken relationship pakhee with messaging and toshu with kinjal yeh phir apne ghar ki problem solve karti baithegi mukku wali to humne flop Kara di 🤣

Anyways I just hope now it's maan taking care of all not only anu taking the burden 

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Posted: 2 years ago

Thank you sunshine! 🤗

What is the reason to cut the valentine night short? I dont get it. 😲

For the life of me, I cant understand why Anupama keeps going to Shah residence. After she steps in, it is the same old rinse-repeat cycle. She gets insulted-bapuji is missing or doesnt speak-Anu returns after shedding tears

I hate to see the Shah family acting like bobble heads in silence while Anu is hurled abuses. What sort of a family is this?😕

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Posted: 2 years ago

Wo sab to theek hai yaar sunny but  ye amjad khan hai kaun🤔

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Posted: 2 years ago

Mein to Abhi kal k hangover se hi bahar nahi aayi...  

Raat ko 2 baje tak loop mein sab kuch dekha... baar baar dekha...

More me also..  their parting scene was good but can be edited better...

Seeing Anuj first thing in the morning... wow..  so lucky Anupama is... 

My digene bottle, bubblegum... he is shooo shweet...

I want to gulp him down... 

Shah scene... barbaad..

Anu Sach mein kyu hi jati hai wahan... apni n Anuj ki insult karane...

Bas..  not even saying a single line when monster Raj and his Girgit wife were planning to take over Kapadia empire.. halwa hai Kya.. 

Thank u sunny.. Kal subah tumhara Post nahi padha tha to kuch adhoora lag raha tha... 

Ab I can start my day happily !!!

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Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by: shriz

Wo sab to theek hai yaar sunny but  ye amjad khan hai kaun🤔

Shole mein "kitne aadmi the" wala 

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Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by: shriz

Wo sab to theek hai yaar sunny but  ye amjad khan hai kaun🤔

He was arguably the most famous villain of all times in Bollywood!! Ever heard of the movie 'Sholay'?? He played the noted villain~ Gabbar singh🤭🤭