Shilpa Shetty vote appeal

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Posted: 2 years ago 

If voting will ever be counted then pratik or shamita deserve to win

Posted: 2 years ago


I like her but this is too funny.

Posted: 2 years ago

Oh puhleez!

We're already fed up to our ears with the Sham Sheeba of Sheeshkebab-land (once again, I bow ever so deeply in the presence of one so almighty and unquestionable and deserving that I shudder sheepishly shaking into a shweat of unshpeakable .... oh add your own shhh shounds here onwards) that we have to be tortured by another of her ilk???

Please, the Gods of BB15, have mercy on us! May we never have to shuffer the ignonimities of another tiresome participant as this over the top of sack of artificiality and self-entitlement ..... 不不不

But I shudder to conshider that there exist many gulluble enough to be taken hook, line, and sink (or is it sinker?) by the Magic Carpet riding Sheeba of ... you know where I'm going with this... 不不不


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