Perfectly Imperfect 2 #2 Updated Part 40 on Pg 42 / 28-3-2023

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Posted: 1 years ago


Thank you to all my readers who give their immense love to PI2 🤗 who stayed with me throughout the this journey...

Posted: 1 years ago




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PART 40  :  PAGE NO 42


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Posted: 1 years ago

Nice update                                         Thanks for password                        geet shock to know the reason maan hatred  towards her she clear his doubt but he still in confused  Annie wants to go back because soham is in danger maan wants to know who is behind  them 

Posted: 1 years ago

Part 25

An Epic Update

I liked that Geet let Maan know the reason 

she boasted about his money 5 years ago 

I guess at the moment , Maan still finds it difficult 

to believe Geet 

but I think once he believes her all will be set back 

to normal 

Annie is been difficult at this moment , she should realize

that Geet sacrificed a lot for Soham 

and surely she will not throw it all away 

but then again Geet and Maan are still married to each other

I liked how Maan makes Me Khanna know that 

Geet is Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana and that Maan will

protect his wife 

Posted: 1 years ago

Maan finally  told geet the reason  that he thinks like that  bcz he heared her talks with the girl

Maan is unable to believe  now geet  but also confused  at same time  maan also should  think that geet never  take any thing  from his house when she left 

Other side annie  angry  and upset from maaneet and wants to go from there because  its for the safety of soham  his life is in danger  any time they can find out about  them

But maan not gaving them the passports with out knowing  what they are hiding  understand  annie concern  for her nephew  she is not in right state of mind or also she should let geet explain  that its not intentionally but annie is stresed she is not thinking logically  she just wanna get them out from this all mess

Otherside  khana again threat maan but maan is all cool also he said he released  sasha but i think maan planned  something aready  for khana let see

Thanks for pw dismiley1 update  sooonsmiley42

Posted: 1 years ago

 Geet now know y Maan is not trusting her  she try to make him understand the situation y she told that word's but it's hard to believe anyone in n Maan place not going to believe her that easily without any solid reason but I think the truth of Soham make him believe her bz she without any money she giving Soham to dev and Meera 

  He knows how much Geet loved her son that thing make him believe her 

 What is with this Khanna y he idiot after Geet he can get any woman but he taking on his ego he not believing she's Maan's wife 

 Maan gave him challenge I think to trap him and Sasha 

 Annie want to go from India but Maan not ready to give her passport until not knowing the truth  Annie not believing Geet she thinks Geet sort out her difference with her husband 

 Annie is angry she told Geet to get her passport from Maan she don't want to know how Geet will get it's not her problem she's in this mess bz of Geet

Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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