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Posted: 2 years ago

This an almost dead forum... And I am not a regular viewer of if, I see it when I am switching channels or maybe while eating some snacks.. But still i have certain questions.. You know.. those questions based on logic.. (which apparently the writers just skipped )

Geetanjali Devi and Mataji(from the old one)

So apparently these both are twins.. so they must be of same age.

Old Simar was mataji's grandson's wife(Prem)

New Simar is badi maa's grandson's wife(Aarav)

then how come old Simar became Aarav's Mausi.. they must be of same age right? maybe old simar can be older bhabhi (by 10 years or so) but being a mausi is totally a leap in generation.

How would it have happened?(Logic R.I.P)

Reyansh(I think that's the name)

I am sure many would be like who? He was a character who I think would have only 3-4 dialogues in the entire show.  He was supposed to be the Vivaan's younger brother. It would be no wonder if no one, even the actor himself forget this role.. because the makers forgot him from the first episode.

Every time, from the beginning the badi maa used to say, "Yeh hai humare 2 ankhon ke taare.. mere 2 pote" I would simply imagine the 3rd son crying in the corner..

And now, I am sure the makers decided to kill the character off screen as the kid was not even visible in the family pics.. To be fair.. that character was last seen when his grandmother was going to threaten his elder brother with a gun for marrying. I am sure he left the house and took sanyas...

The ages(The CAT level question)

Could anyone understand how old these people are?

Narayan family: Roma>Reema>Gagan>Simar

Oswal family:   Aarav>Vivaan>Aditi>(Late Reyansh)

Aarav is established to be 25

So Vivaan must be younger than Aarav but greater than or equal to Reema's age

Gagan is less than Reema greater than Simar but greater than or equal to Aditi's age(?)

Aditi and  Simar.. No relation.. (I think... again not a regular viewer)

But it is always hinted that Simar is too young..(Aarav calls her chotti.. Reema calls her bachchi etc)

So Roma=>25

     Aarav = 25

     Vivaan = 24-23

     Reema= 24-23

     Gagan= 23-21

     Aditi     =21-18

     Simar   =21-18

Late Reyansh= <<18

I am just curious ..  I wonder if the ages are mentioned..

Aarav and Reema

Aren't these 2 idiots just so quick to fall in and out of love?

First Aarav liked Reema.. went on a coffee date.. and proposed the next day.. accidentally got married to the younger sister... love the younger one almost immediately after 2-3 days of moody aashiqui phase and hates the elder one enough to slap her.

Reema... never loved Aarav or Vivaan.. but found out that Aarav was damn rich.. but goofed up at the wedding.. found out that Vivaan is also rich.. but now she seriously loves Aarav.. marries Vivaan to get closer to Aarav.. After 2-3 harsh words from Aarav.. realizes that she never loved Aarav... leaves house.. realises that Vivaan was after all her one and only true love (And rich)... hell bent on proving that she genuinely loves Vivaan.. who now stopped loving her blindly and is planning divorce... and Hates Aarav from the bottom of her heart.

Not to mention her actual on again off again relationship with her own sister, Simar

An irregular viewer like me would obviously gets confused on  who loves who now..

I am sure there are many many more logical questions which are left unanswered this is after all that kind of show...

Posted: 2 years ago

Oh one more thing...


Is it just me or the amount of guns in this show is more than the number which you would expect from a family of Halwais?

I mean these many number of guns can be expected from people who have connection with the underworld  but maybe waay too much for some sweet makers?

Posted: 2 years ago

I really like your post and questions are relevant and needed to be answered for sure. 

I am also new here and started watching the show 3-4 days ago. your post really help me to understand some equations 😆


Posted: 2 years ago

I was a old viewer stopped watching it after the wedding arrangement of athidi. Came here after a long time to see this. Such a nice post had the same questions as you from the beginning. Couldn't relate to the show so left it. 

Posted: 2 years ago

I also has all same questions. Like howcome big Simar became Aarav's masi? and where is Reyansh? if someone leaves from show they should atleast show what happend with character. like living in hostel or just bring replacement person. But I have found many other stupid mistakes as well.

Like same garden area where Simar and Aarav has conversation scene in Oswal mansion. but another scene with Simar and Gagan same background in Narayan house. how come both houses have same background? 


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