Q. Why does world not recognise bollywood like kpop/kdramas? - Page 10

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Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by Mahisa_22

How is that any better from being racist towards others? Racist is racism, be it towards one's own or others. 

Also, they call very racist names to their people who look Southeast Asian, so that argument doesn't really stand. smiley36

Calling an entire country racist based on a few internet trolls ain't right. Also, jaani, jinke ghar kaanch ke hote hain unhein basement mein kapde badalna chahiye. smiley36

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by tapori

Calling an entire country racist based on a few internet trolls ain't right. Also, jaani, jinke ghar kaanch ke hote hain unhein basement mein kapde badalna chahiye. smiley36

I don't think humare ghar kaanch ka hai. Agar humare kaanch wale hai to unke khule nursery hai. smiley36

Posted: 10 months ago

May be because Bollywood reputation got stuck in the dancing around the trees stereotype. 🀷

I met a Russian lady once while traveling and we were talking about movies and I told her that there are some really good Bollywood movies too. She gave me a 'oh really' look. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ 

Posted: 10 months ago
Originally posted by tapori

I have some insight. Some of them look down upon Indians for eating with our hands. And feel our food smells (I mean have you even smelled kimchi smiley36). 

But at least they aren't racist towards their own countrymen!

Desis are racists towards their own countrymen and others too

But for some strange reason the former is rarely called out nd not seen as problematic behavior at all by the outragers

Posted: 10 months ago

There is no country on this planet which do not practice racism, only matter in degrees high, medium or low. I know South Koreans are racist and close minded society very few who are not in my experience. 

Posted: 10 months ago

Ok so let me share my story...For me, entertainment means always Bollywood........I have passed my free time on Indian serials and Movies.... Then this year i saw a clip of K drama(Goblin) on FB...So I have watched this amazing drama like crazy.....Then i met BTS and my whole life just changed......I don't even realize when i have become so crazy for them.....now nothing just excites me except BTS... These Seven boys have just made me crazy...their quality is just amazing.... How i wish i met them earlier......The only reason i still come to this forum is Kat's wedding as i have some soft place for her.....I want too see her happy...May Allah bless her with true happiness...... I don’t follow Kpop or Kdrama industry but just BTS and i find them extraordinary and by seeing them i could actually figure out,Kpop or Kdrama must be very good or there won't be so many fans crazy for them.

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Posted: 10 months ago

I never got the fascination of kpop and kdrama. 

Posted: 10 months ago

I do not care for Kdramas or Kpop. I do not understand the fascination of watching something without understanding a single word of it. Korean culture is very homogeneous. They are extremely racist towards foreigners specially non whites. So I cannot respect culture of such a country.

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