Posted: 2 days ago

Enough now, Sai should go from CN for good. I want a new hero for Sai. Minor incosistencies in the storyline are tolerable.But it really looks like the makers are total dimwits and they have absolutely no experience in this field at all.I wish Virat and Pakhi would unite and live together happily ever after. All onscreen offscreen problems would be solved and we can finally let go of the serial.It is really pathetic that even the channel is ready to telecast such bad episodes comprising only of totally backward soch and supression.

Posted: 2 days ago

Everything Virat does such things with Sai that's show his upbringing. These Chavans insults others upbringing and forget to look at themselves... Like someone said it will be heartbreaking to see if Sai goes back to Virat and still falls for him... 

Posted: 2 days ago

I only saw a few clips on insta. 

Meri Gadchiroli ki sherni Sai Joshi is back, that too with her GC wala bgm, mann ko kitni khushi milismiley27

I hope ishq ke kaaran woh nikammin na ban jaaye, and this GC wali sherni avtaar stays till the end🀞🀞🀞🀞

Posted: 2 days ago

Sai Joshi is out from the shadows of Sai Virat Chavan..the DIL of Chavans. I just hope she continues that, and doesn’t give in anymore and becomes a doormat to accommodate the pathetic behaviour of this family and her husband. Such love is toxic! She should live her life her way. Even if she reconciles with Virat (which i cant visualise now) should be with her self respect intact and on her own terms

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Posted: 2 days ago

For once I wish they will deviate from original and show Sai filing a case against Virat and Chavans. All of them deserve to rot in jail. Virat don't even have an ounce of guilt for locking up his wife and was proudly declaring it to his loser family. An IPS officer behaving like this just so wrong. A man who swore to protect the citizens himself is abusing his wife just because she doesn't reciprocate his feeling. How is he any different from those men who stalk and abuse women who reject them and stoop the level of acid attack and murder?

Glad to see Sai Joshi fighting back fiercely. She is the voice of all the women who refuse to bow down to patriarchy and get closed in cages of tradition. Proud of the girl to take a step to break out of the cage and not give her abuser the joy of seeing her caged. Yes, it was a reckless act to climb down the pipe like that. But for someone like Sai, it must be worse than death to be caged like that. I hope she will now move away from all the toxic people and not come back seeing Virat's tears. Virat should learn some lessons now. That he, his family and his BF are wrong. You cannot treat your wife like a slave or lock her up. She is a person of her own. And if she doesn't love you, then you should respect that decision too.

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Posted: 2 days ago

Its just heartbreaking coz I just cant bear the idea of Sairat separated or unhappy. I want them to be happy n in love. But then seeing these episodes n Virats behavior- its just not something that I can digest. Sai needs to be away from this. Virats words/behavior are so uncharacteristic of what you expect and so disappointing. We were led to believe that he is this great guy who despite being flawed is SO SO likeable because he has these principles, righteousness, sincerity, heart in right place- but he has dissolved everything. He has gone against everything he said in the past. In his so-called "hurt/anger" he has done things that show those shades of his personality that are truly toxic, not merely negative. We as audience understood his hurt when he was behaving indifferent to Sai, angry even but this - siding with pp , comparing his wife to his ex lover, speaking to Sai in the manner he did in front of pp, forgetting that he owes his wife some basic regard even when they dont see eye to eye.....i am so disappointed in him. I truly want to believe that the Virat who loved Sai is genuine, virat is the one who knew the real Sai behind her brash exterior, Virat would never even think of harming his Sai - but this version of Virat in past few episodes is not the one I had signed up for. Aisa virat ho toh Sairat bhi nahi hona chahiye. But i was rooting for Sairat so much.....😒😒😒😒😒😒 I don't want another ML for Sai coz they will ruin that too. If virat tirned out like this, clearly they dont know what a positive character is. And no one can match Neil Ayesha chemistry on this show! I mean not even neil's real life fiance has the onscreen chemistry that Ayesha has with him! I want them to show a proper redemption for virat- not just words of apology n go back to toxic behavior. Or maybe they can just have Sai walk away n focus on her careeer n leave it at that n end the show. 

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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