Posted: 2 days ago

I  cheered as I watched Sai climb down the pipe and go to college. 

I could sense Sai's hurt, anger, irritation - its natural that Sai feels more n more alienated n unloved by him, unimportant in his life when virat behaves this way with her. How is Sai to believe Virat is over pp n loves her when he pulls such stunts- taunting her in front of pp, defending pp at every opportunity. And now ahe thinks he is projecting his helplessness at the situation of not being able to be with pp on her n of course she feels that way because virat is making it seem as if he is unable to watch Samrat-pp move on despite making tall claims in front of family. His actions are going against his words. 

Its unacceptable that virat could treat Sai like a prisoner. Ridiculous behavior. 

Atleast shivani tried to explain that. CN elders are utterly hopeless. 

I really hope samrat schools him tomm for his behavior. 

As long as Virat was hurt, indifferent, I could understand it but the virat of the past few episodes is such a huge disappointment. It is so disheartening to watch how he has forgotten that he is dealing with a person who is HIS wife!  She is a human being and deserves at least basic regard from him. If he cant see eye to eye with her, he can be indifferent but this behavior of trying to control her, impose things on her is so crude, cringe worthy. 

Precap seems a little ominous. Sai is clearly too worked up right now. She says in precap that "everyone is trying to convince me that what I have with virat have is love but i feel like virat is behaving with me worse than enemy ". Obviously she is not sensing any of this "love". Sai is up to something drastic. I'm guessing if they copy KD- this will be transfer of college. 

Posted: 2 days ago

I want Sai to give divorce papers to Virat and never come back. 

It would be painful to see her proposing to Virat. 

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Posted: 2 days ago

Originally posted by nethraa_99

I want Sai to give divorce papers to Virat and never come back. 

It would be painful to see her proposing to Virat. 


She must never look back. Let SaiRat divorce, and Virat move away..Let her become a successful doctor and live life as an independent woman.. let Virat and his beautiful family live their peaceful lives in 60’s..

Posted: 2 days ago


Virat s epic dialogue today..

Humse Koi Use Kuch Nahi Kehthi!!

Posted: 2 days ago

What has vankar did to sai in the name of Copy Paste, in other serial like anupama, udariyaan, FL started as a weak character but turned into a independent and strong character who threw Divorce paper on their husband faces, but sai who started as a strong girl who stands up for what is right, is silently faceing the abuse of her husband and inlaws, and she keeps going back to him everytime, This is absolutely nonsense atleast those ML were useless since the begining so we could accept them acting all abusive but here virat who is a IPS officer a ACP treating his wife like a criminal, it is an insult to the police department.

I seriously want vankar to unite virat and pakhi so we can stop watching this crap and he can enjoy this best friends romance.

Posted: 2 days ago

I found Samrat's stance a little confusing today! what was he trying to say finally to PP! I think PP the idiot is slowly transforming into a clinical psycho! 

As for virat and sai normalising domestic violence by an IPS officer on a prime time show is unacceptable and literally the worst content that can be served in today's times! Just shows the kind of ridiculous human beings these dumb creatives are! 

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Posted: 2 days ago

It was infuriating to watch Virat justifying locking up his wife in a room because she refused to listen to him. To add to it, Sonali points fingers at KJ's upbringing and Virat is a mute spectator to her words. If nothing, atleast show some respect to a dead man's soul who you call as your 'Guru' and mentor. Virat doesn't really value any relationship in his life except those he has with his toxic family. He doesn't deserve people like KJ and Sai in his life. I wish Sai throws the divorce papers on his face and cites domestic abuse as the reason for separation. I wish an enquiry is initiated against Virat. I can't imagine how any woman is expected to understand this man's "love" for her.

Posted: 2 days ago

Well done Sai.. Virat does not deserve you. Sai should just focus on her studies and fulfill her father's dream.. Virat needs to man up and understand that nothing is greater than self respect for his wife.. KBA can just go to the depths of hell.....

I'm just rooting for Sai ..... she is just a firebrand...

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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