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Posted: 2 years ago


Starring: Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi

The movie was released 3 days prior to its official release date as it got leaked online 2 days ago. After it spread in torrents and pirate sites, Neflix, Jio had no other option but to release on its OTT platform before its too late.  Well one of boon of OTT is that damage control can be quick unlike theatrical releases. 

Please post all reviews under this thread. 

Here is my take upon the movie.

Maddock films has always produced movies which are somewhat different from regular be it Bala, Hindi Medium, Stree or Go Goa Gone. The production is also clever enough to rope in Good actor instead of Big Stars, take upon stories from the small town and present them in a simplistic humorous way, like a slice of life kind of stories.  Sames goes with the Mimi.

Mini tells a story of surrogate mother Mimi played by Kriti Sanon, who in return of money agrees to be surrogate to a foreign couple. Later during pregnancy when the couple finds out the baby could have some mental illness they abandon both the baby and Mimi. Then begins her story of struggle and pain, how she gives birth to the baby breaking all social norms in small town in Rajasthan.  

How will unmarried Mimi raise the child in such society ? 

Will the real parents ever come back to see their child ?

The movie deals with lot of such questions. 

The first half of the movie is much like small town comedy like Bariely Ki Barfi or Lukka Chuppi, while post interval the narrative changes into emotional drama. The prevailing law regarding the rights of surrogate mother with her child is questioned. 

The movie has all the stamps of production house and the director's previous movies. The small town backdrop, camera angles, costumes, everything seems to be same like all maddock old films. There is no  novelty in terms of production value.  Same goes for the screenplay and script writing. Despite delving upon such serious topic there aren't any strong dialogues or emotional roll-a-coaster scenes which could have provided more impact about the surrogacy issues. 

You definitely get emotionally attached with both Mini & child near the end of the movie, but until then you hardly get any such strong feeling. The script and screenplay could have been further polished to make the movie better. 

Regarding performance, as usual Pankaj Tripathi shines. Kriti being the central character has held up whole movie upon her shoulder. She has definitely done commendable job. Supporting cast of Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pathak and Sai has also performed pretty well. 

Overall the movie could have been much better had its screenplay been further polished but still its not a bad watch either. Definitely, much better than last Friday release Hungama 2. 

I would rate it: 3/5 .

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Posted: 2 years ago

I am watching it right now (about 45 mnts runtime so far) and after really a long time enjoying a movie thoroughly. 

EDIT: Just done watching it. Overall a feel good movie with a message but without being preachy. 

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Posted: 2 years ago

A very nice movie...thoroughly was also good...Kriti acted well and as usual Pankaj tripathi was fab...

Posted: 2 years ago

Watched a Bollywood movie after ages. I remember watching a marathi movie 'Mala Aai Vhayachay (I want to be a mother)', which has exact same plot + a lot of melodrama. Mimi is comparatively lighter.

Kriti is really good, this is her first movie I watched. She has a nice smile, pleasant presence and has acted quite well - far better than the Deepikas, Katrinas and Kareenas of the industry. I wondered why she gets so much hate!

Pankaj Tripathi is effortless as always. Marathi superstar (!) Sai has a supportive role. Other support cast is quite good.

I liked that they avoided too much melodrama that would've come with such a sensitive topic. Music is good, Param Sundari is top!

I liked the movie 😃

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Posted: 2 years ago

Woo, the trailer looked promising already. Glad it seemed to live up to expectations. Will watch soon 🥳 

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Posted: 2 years ago

I was mildly surprised

I liked it 

Spoilers ahead 

The first few mins were quite boring tbh, the film begins after the whole “refusal” to take the baby happens 

It got interesting from there

The bits with the American actors were kinda cheesy …climax also is a bit cheesy but I guess works 

I did like the message abt adoption or even abt accepting life as it comes without imagining it to be something constantly 

I did want Mimi to pursue her acting career tho…in some form or the other …so she gets to raise her own kid and be financially independent 

Also liked how there was no marriage at the end and her life was deemed fine, and she has supportive family members and friends …the bond between them was cute 

None of the performances stood out for me except pankaj…Kriti was fine but I was kinda thinking this will be her milestone …she didn’t quite hit that mark but was fine 

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Posted: 2 years ago

OMG ab yaad aaya. The daadi is the 3Idiots’s  Kujli wali roti auntyji.😆

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Posted: 2 years ago

Loved it. Kriti was good but for me the supporting cast was the star of the movie.