Can't you be Mine?? Short story

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Posted: 3 months ago

Prithvi Sanyo has been best friends since childhood.  Both were studying in a hostel in Dehradun. As they grew up Sanyogita realized that she was falling in love with Prithvi who was always busy with his fun. Sanyogita was very studious and was also the topper of the school, but Prithvi was opposite to her.
   Prithvi soon falls in love with a girl in the classroom.  He wanted to propose to her so he took Sanyogita's help.  It broke his heart.  One day Sanyogita saw Prithvi and the girl in a room when both of them were kissing each other.  It completely broke her heart in pieces.  She was crying in her room and later she started avoiding Prithvi.

At the end of the exams Sanyogita packed her luggage,  she decided she would move on in her life.

On the way Prithvi caught her, Sanyo tried to ignore him

Sanyo, are you leaving?

   What do you mean I am leaving.  I am going to my house.

   But why are you going home and you haven't even told me once?

Why, why should I tell you?  You would have had time for me today!
  Tu toh har baar (She closed her eyes).  Whatever the exam is over, what shall I do by staying here? And anyway I am missing MaaBaba a lot, so I am leaving today.

   But the exam is just over today na and you are going right now, you will leave after a few days.  I thought you and I will go on a tour together with the rest of the group for a few days.  Disha will also go with us. I will also get a chance to spend a little more time with her.

   So everyone wants to go, so what should I do? And you want to take me because the Disha is going.  If you want to spend time with her, then what will I do? I have a lot of work to do.

   What happened to you suddenly, what important work do you have which is more important than me?  You are going with me, I will not listen to any of you. What would I do without you there?

   What do you mean Prithvi?  You are not a 5 years old kid. And Disha is going with you, what is my need?

  Why are you behaving like this Sanyo??  You do know well, I don't know anyone there except Disha, if you stay with me, I will like it. Aur Tu toh waise Pehle bhi toh mere saath rahe ti thi na toh aaj achnak kya hua?

Prithvi please, it was different those then now my exams are coming.  and I have to study a lot.

  I know you will top this time too.  It is only a matter of 3 days to walk with me and there is still a long time you will have in your hand, isn't it?

   what do you mean by a lot of time..
  I can't ruin my life like you... and I have many dreams, I don't have a raizee family like you , I have to do a lot of hardships for my parents.

So you won't go with me?


   So you don't even have time for a few days for me

  Prithvi Tujhe jo samjhna hai samjh, it is time for my flight and I have to go. Baba is waiting for me at the airport.

  Wow, that's great you have already booked the tickets for flights. Everything you had decided long ago,  and you didn't even tell your best friend about this... well, very good, the girl who used to ask me for small things all the time, she had to relinquish my every single talk, now she didn't keep just a small request of mine. We agreed on that there will be no secret between us and today you are leaving me. if I do not come here at the exact time then perhaps you have not even met me for a single second.

Prithvi,I was in a hurry to pack up my stuff in my room , so there was no time to tell you or meet you.. Anyway, it is not necessary to always maintain what we promised all the time. Everything changes a lot with time. You have also hidden many secrets from me.  Did I ask you about it??

Sanyo what are you saying I don't understand anything and when I didn't tell you my secrets?
Sanyogita smirk
  Prithvi I don't have time to make comprehend you right now, I am getting late and I am leaving.

   Sanyogita pulled the strap of her trolley bag and started walking

   Sanyo wait I am also coming to leave you up to the airport.

You don't need to come with me, I can go myself.  Sanyogita walked away from there
Prithvi remain stood there disappointedly

Sanyogita looked upset during the whole journey, she was crying in the washroom till her eye turned red, she saw her picture with Prithvi from school days, I love you Prithvi, l love you but you didn't, you love Disha, at least I am happy for you to get your love. It's my bad luck, I can't even tell you my feelings. Sanyogita whispered in her mind starting from the window seat

   Prithvi was there on tour at the evening party, feeling lonely, Disha came and sat beside him.

   oh, where are you lost??

   nowhere Disha.

   You are missing Sanyogita.


   I knew it, Prithvi.  Can I ask you something??
  yes why are you hesitating just ask me

  ok, do you like sanyo??

   Yes, she has been my best friend since the beginning of our school days, why should I not like her.

   yes, I remember but I want to say do you love her??

Prithvi looked at her confusedly "What do you mean, we are just friends, and I love you Disha!!

Disha put her hand in his hold and looking straight into his eyes "You know what Prithvi more the day passes I have realised You are just only infatuated to me, from the first day when I saw you with Sanyogita I assume that you are a couple even that when any guy wants to afflict her you terrified them.

   yeah because she's my friend I did the same thing if someone bothers you, it's not my infatuation I really like you

  Disha smiled a little I know...but you remember when Mohit was going to approach her in school you got jealous although you are talking to me your eyes were on Mohit and Sanyogita you left me alone in the canteen  And ran after Sanyogita, you told me too, you argued with Sanyo that why did she accept the rose from Mohit?

Prithvi looked at her " Disha Mohit is not Sanyo's type she deserves much better"

"Oh really then tell me her type, "

Prithvi shifted his gaze from her and started to think what would be the best suitable boy for his Sanyo!..
" Sanyo is a soft-hearted girl,she always ready to help other, sometimes she became so childish, sometimes a mature lady by behaviour,she always ready to help me, in fact only for her I always found a  family within her, you know what I was so stubborn before but only she can understand me, so she deserves a guy who loved her like no one love anyone, the way she helps other he also ready to help her ,he can do anything for her happiness "

"Like the way she does for you" right na
Prithvi goes silent
Disha smirk
"Yeah, I know Prithvi you tell me a lot of things about her although you have hardly known anything about me after one 1year of our relationship ."
"Disha you take me wrong" Prithvi tried to clarify her confusion.

No Prithvi, let me explain to Missed her so much that not even you realised yesterday was my birthday and you forgot to wish me when I uploaded Whatsapp status then you wished me. One year had passed but still, you don't know anything about me.

No Disha, it's not like that, I am sorry for the delay to wish you, I was disturbed for few days you know na, Sanyogita didn't take my phone calls even she wasn't on any social media How I am going to find her.

I knew it, Again Sanyogita!!..

Disha you are taking me wrong, I had never been distributed Like this, but …

But you Missed her so badly, you even forget you are drinking pineapple juice which was favourite juice of Sanyogita, You are telling me about this once, you remember, I asked you to buy some chocolate ice cream for me but you came up with pasta badam flavour butterscotch which was again favourite icecream of Sanyogita,

Prithvi shifted his gaze from Disha to the ground, he closed his eyes and Sanyogita's giggles were chiparing in his ears.

Prithvi do you remember when I was about to kiss you , you uttered Sanyogita's name right

Prithvi reminisce the day during the school assembly incident in a room, and when he and Disha came out from the room he senses a Girl present there and that was the girl was Sanyo, now he realised from that day Sanyogita was started to avoid him

I've seen you here for a few days.  Many people are flirting with me but you don't even care about that. Nevertheless, You were sitting here alone when I was dancing with Atul.

Prithvi looked at Disha silently and said "I don't mind if you talk with other guys.
I was thinking about Sanyo, why didn't she have a few seconds for me, and why did she get angry at me? Although we quarrelled many times before, we never expanded the duration of our argument for a long day. She never ignored me and she always stayed with me in my sorrows and happiness. She is my best friend. How can't I miss her?

I knew it was certain I can understand, you like her so much that's why you miss her so badly,

Let me explain when we like someone, we want to be the reason for their happiness if they get attention from a third-person we felt insecure about yourself sometimes we quarrel with the person, we felt jealous even in that case if our wishes will not be Full filled we hurt the person. The same thing you have done with Sanyogita whenever she was talking with other guys or if any boy was trying to approach her. But whenever we are together you always talk about Sanyogita, Sanyo is like this Sanyo didn't like that, like those etc etc etc.

Prithvi tumne kabhi ye socha hai Sanyo tumhare liye itna sab kuch kyun karti thi tumhri homework se lekar , tumhe exam mein help karna, tumhari gussa ko shant karna ,agar tumhe zara sa bhi chot lagti thi toh phoron dor kar aati thi tumhari pass ,she was always there to help you, agar tumhe punishment mile toh tumhe save karne ki koshish karti all time ,kabhi kabhi khud bhi punishment kha lete thi tumhare liye, she had ready you projects night after night without sleeping, even that she asked me to hook up with you only just sake of you, I remember the day when you propose me I accept your proposal I saw the pain on her eyes, she gets hurt when you were with me,

But why did she do those things??

She loves you idiot that's why she made some excuse and returned to her home.

Prithvi recalled the times how Sanyogita was around him, during this one 1week he Missed her so much, he dialled her no. A couple of times but of no use, he knew she wasn't on social media as she is always busy at study but he emailed her yet she didn't give him a reply.

Prithvi, kya such rahe ho jao uske pass aur jake sab bata doo, don't take time neither it will be too late.

Thanks Disha, I am sorry for my negligence

Welcome, don't worry I will find someone,... by the way you run away to catch your Sanyo or else you will lose your best friend as well as your first love… Only the people who lucky enough able to get their first Love and all the best Prithvi and  If Sanyogita accepts your proposal then don't forget to throw me a party.

Thanks, Disha he stood up and hugged her..bye ..yeah I will give you a party pehle wo maan toh jaye .

"Relax, Prithvi haseena maan jayegi"Disha chuckles

Prithvi left the party and looking forward to Sanyogita, he dialled her mobile number once again but of no use, he knew a hint about her address so he searched the location on the internet but this was of no use, all his work went in vain.

2 years had passed but he didn't get any clue about Sanyo, he searches her on social media but he didn't find out her


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Posted: 3 months ago

He realized a little too late what she meant to him. Disha seems like a nice person. Without her, he would still be wondering what happened.

Posted: 3 months ago

Hey thanks for your comments Yes Disha is a nice person, and yes he realised his feelings lately,we always feel the importance of the person after losing them 

Posted: 3 months ago



At a shopping mall

 A girl who was wearing an off-shoulder yellow top, with navy blue jeans. She had long shining thick hair which was a few inches above her waist and was floating behind her back. She had a natural glowing Skin she wore only eyeliner and she wore white sneakers. She was playing a bowling game. She had a lot of enthusiasm in her spirit.

The girl was going to throw the ball then suddenly from the corner of her eyes she saw a familiar figure who was continuously staring at her, she put the ball on the floor, she stood there silently, for a moment there was a pause, suddenly a beautiful smile crept in the lips of both of them.

Prithvi recognized the girl as Sanyogita

He walked to her and she also came to him

"Wow what a pleasant surprise, What are you doing here?? Prithvi asked

"It's also the question of mine, What are doing here, I just can't believe in my eyes" Sanyogita expressed 

They hugged there silently for a moment, Prithvi wanted to hold her like this way forever

After a while, they had separated

" Oh God, still I can't believe in mine, Mr Prithvi Malhotra, warise of a royal khanadan what in the earth is doing at this normal shopping mall."Sanyogita teased him

"Hey, Vallu, are you making fun of mine"Prithvi puff out his mouth

"No, I'm not teasing. I mean, jo ladka foreign brand ke alawa kahi bhi kahin nahi  jata. Woh aaj yaha '' Sanyogita chuckle

Prithvi giggles " hey Vallu, kabhi nahi sudhre gi tu, "

"When I became changed!!" she said with smartness" anyway I feel happy to see you here after a long time"She said with moistening eyes

" I also got an amazing coincidental surprise to see after long days"" Anyway how are you ?" He asked

"I am fine, what about you?"

"Me too,"

By the way, you have to tell me that your family wants to send you abroad for further studies right, so have come here to enjoy your holidays??"

"No "

"Then, toh kya Tujhe tere gharwalone pareshan hokar finally ghar se nikal diya?? Sanyogita  quipped

" Nahi itna bhi nobat nahi aye hai Madam," he replied " I would like to prefer studying Here at India more, so after the entrance exam I get a seat at an engineering college of Delhi"( his main reason was to find out her, only sake of her he didn't leave India, during these 2years he Missed her so badly, he was in the top of the heel to meet her there)

"What happens where are you lost?? She tapped on his shoulder and brought her thumb and middle finger together and rubbed its pad against each other to make a snapping between it

"Are you talking to me,?''Prithvi land back to reality

" No, no.. Actually, I was talking with this Statue" she said ironically and indicated Prithvi to the statue which stood near the entrance site of the floor.

" Yeah you can talk to him, actually he is your type na, you can continue your non-stop tap recorder to this puttala neither he will complain nor he will listen to anything" He giggles

" Very funny, Ghochu, Jada smart banne ki koshish mat karo, I knew tuje phir se shayad koi ladki mili hogi tadne ke liye jais e tu school days main karta that" Sanyogita fold her hands near to her chest, she made a face and looked another side.

" Arey nei re, I was not looking for any girl, You know there is only one girl in the whole universe that my eyes are looking for?

"Oh!! Really tell me Who is she ??

" Why should I tell to you ??""

Sanyogita narrowed her eyes,

Sanyogita showed him an awful look

"Wow, bilkul bhootni lag rahi hai tu,Amavas ki din raat mein nikle gi na ,toh sare bhoot Doniya chod kar space  vagjayenge!!"

"Prithviiiiiiiiii!!! She screamed she caught his collar so tightly 

"Dhiyanse yai shopping mall hai,kahe pagal samajh kar mental hospital na bhejde tujhe."

 “"Prithviiiiiiiiii!!! She screamed she gripped his collar very tightly"Mein pagal dikhti hoon tujhe??""

"Haar pagal yahi keh tha hai ki who pagal nahi hai, magar tera funda to alag hai, screw to tera phele se hi dhila tha aab lagta hai 2 saal mere gam mein puri wireless hogai hai"

"Prithviiii!! Pagal mein nahi tu haii, pagal tu hai aur wireless bhi tu hai aur pagal khane tujhe lekar jana chahiye mujhe nahi!Sanyogita gripped his collar more tightly and pulled him towards her, she yelled at him at a high volume that passerby was glaring at them 

Prithvi glance at the surrounding and saw that people were whispering with each other while keeping their attention on them

“Aaab itna jor jor se chilayegi toh ,pagal kahneka invitation aata hi hoga, aur tere saath saath mujhe bhi jaana padhe ga”

"Why, tujhe kyun rehna padhega?? she moved one step closer to him

Prithvi feel that suddenly his heartbeat became fast

"Tu jaha jayegi wahna mujhe bhi toh jana padhekga na!!After all, me toh tera ..Prithvi looked into her eyes, he tried to concentrate there but his attention break by her jerks

"Kya hai tu mera ?? she uplifts her eyebrows

He noticed the movement of her eyes, her black eyelashes, her glowing hands by which she was holding his collar. His brain asked him which soap she uses to maintain those glowing hands, is it her eyes so much deeper as like an ocean?

Prithvi thought that how cute she is. why he missed her those days when she was around him all time, even he could fall for her anger, he was noticing her lips movement, her white teeth, expression of her eyebrows

“What happened? kon hai tu mera?Sanyogita jerk him irritatingly 

Prithvi again gain back his consciousness 

" You want to know who I am of yours?? he whispered still gazing at her mesmerizing eyes

"Yes who are you of mine?? she moved another step closer to him she whispered softly

They are so close, even they forget about their surroundings, he smelled her perfume

"I am…" he lost in her sparkling eyes, her big sharp nose, her nude beige lips, he even doesn't know how she had drawn those black curves lines on her eyelids the girl whom he never sees to wear makeup before, he had noticed her thick black arched eyebrows, his childhood friend, a childish innocent, simple girl' now turned out into a mesmerizing beauty, like a Butterfly who came out from cocoon and became an amazing flying fairy.

' kon hai tu mera!! She whispered softly 

Both of them looking each other without unblinking eyes

"What happens, hey what are you people doing here, it's public, apna romances ghar pe jake karo re!!""someone yelled at the public. 

Then both of them gained their senses, both of them stood apart from each other.

Both of them feel embarrassed Sanyogita tugs her hair locks behind her ears. Here Prithvi rubbed his hands 

Both of them remain silent. 

When Sanyogita looked at Prithvi she found he was also gazing at her, both of them suddenly looking and started to smile, and then that normal smile turned out into a burst of laughter, they hugged each other while laughing. 

After a while they normalized, Prithvi advice her to have a seat on the near couches, both of them seat there, 

He asked her" what are you doing right now, I mean which stream??

Sanyogita has also informed him "I got selected at a renewal engineering college at here and now I am at my 2nd year at college"

Prithvi told her is visiting here with his college friends. Seeing her he told them that he will join them later.

chit chat with each other 

Sanyogita was about to tell him something then in the middle of their conversations  a man of the same age as Prithvi came and address Sanyo as dear " hey sweetheart, "

Sanyogita also smiled back at his reply she stood up, and both of them hugged each other

" Why are you doing late, You know I am waiting for you so long?""Sanyogita complain 

" Sorry baby girl!""

Sanyogita rolled her eyes then she introduced the man with Prithvi. The man was Garv, one of her friends from her class.

""Hey baby girl mere absence mein tumhe ek boyfriend pata liya"

"Shut up Garv" Sanyogita gave a pat on his back

Prithvi Meet him Garv my friend from college  and Garv he is Prithvi from my school

"  Myself Garv Shergill anyway nice to meet you""Garv extended his arm to Prithvi 

"Prithvi, Prithvi Malhotra, I nice to meet you too" Prithvi hand shook with him with a tight smile

Prithvi felt jealous of the way he was flirting with Sanyogita there was pinched he felt in his stomach.

Garv whispered something in Sanyogita's ear 

Then Sanyogita made some excuse and told" Prithvi, excuse me, mein Thodi der baad mein baat mein milti hoon, but please don't leave before meeting me. Okay "

 Prithvi nodded his head, 

 Prithvi Saw Sanyogita vanished in the crowd with Garv.

Prithvi wasn't in a mood to stood there like a mannequin, but he didn't want to disappoint her, he reminded Disha's word " Go and reached to Sanyo before it's too late"

He cursed himself, it hurts him when he saw Sanyogita hugged Garv, the way she was smiling with him, suddenly his legs takes steps he started to follow them didn't know, why he couldn't ignore the gaze by which she was staring at him today when he was about to blurt her who is he for her?? is she still love me ? or she moves on? who is Garv only her friend or something more beyond them? Is it my karma, once I break her heart unknowingly, today maybe it's my turn, history repeats itself?

His chain of thought broke when his eyes witness the scene, he couldn't believe in his eyes his last hope has been breaking in front of his eyes but he couldn't do anything

He came out from there in haste he wanted to cry so he was looking for a place, he tried to console his heart no you are a man you can't be sobbed like helpless, you are a brave boy, but doesn't a man can cry, can't a brave man has broken down in love. 

He came out from the mall, he was standing in front of the gate, He was going to climb on his bike so he took steps towards the parking slot  then someone tapped on her shoulder he turned around and saw Sanyogita 

"What happened Kaha khoya huya tha? and what are you doing here? I was calling for you from behind. I had told you to wait for me, then why was I ready to leave before seeing me last time??

Sanyogita complain by clasping hands near to chest with wrinkled eyebrows

Prithvi looked at her, he wasn't in a mood to talk 

"Kahi bhi, by the way, I have some urgent work, so I have to leave now"

" What important work has arrived for which you have to leave now, ""

" Sanyo, it's very important" He didn't contact his eyes with her

" Is it more important than me, so you have no time to meet your best friend just for a second"' 

She asked her so innocently Prithvi noticed the disappointment in her voice he didn't want to hurt her

" What happen kya work bahut important hai, toh jawa, I know tu us din ke liye bahut naraz hai mujhse, isliye tere paas ab meri importance khatam ho chuki hai"'Sanyogita turned her face and started to leave from there

"Stop, who said that I am still angry at you??

Sanyogita turned her face then spoke"the why are you leaving me?""

Prithvi came close to her looking straight into her eyes "I am not going anywhere"(if you said once to stay here I can spend my whole life for you, he was thinking in his mind )

"Then let's come with me, I have to tell you something "

" I know what you like to say to me! He muttered

"Are saying something"

"No.. nothing"Anyway, how is Uncle and Aunty?? He asked

"They are all good. What about your parents and your little sister?? She asked

"Yeah they are all absolutely fine and for my little sister Anushka she is in her final year of school."He replied

"Okay that's good," she said with a smile

Both of them were walking under the ground floor of the mall

"Thank God, We have finally met after a long time unless you have totally forgotten me neither messages nor phone calls reply."

Sanyogita goes silent " I had hurt you so much on that day na I am sorry!"

"Haa, Kiya toh bhot that, use bhi jada mujjse dobara milne ki koshish bhi nahi kiya tune"

Prithvi I am really sorry, I didn't want to hurt you,( I have my reasons )she muttered 

What happened? Did you say something??

"No the way, what was the name, yeah Disha how is she I mean your girlfriend??

"Yeah she is fine but now she is not my girlfriend, we broke up"

What??? But why? you people are going great na..!!

Prithvi half-smile,"" yeah but she is in a relationship now with someone else "

Sanyogita looked at Prithvi " I am sorry Prithvi, had got so much hurt na??

"Yeah, when my love left me behind It broke my heart, and especially when she did not even reply to my phone calls from the past two years I was really alone. (he indicated it to Sanyogita but didn't tell her)

"You people were broken up 2years before, but when, Why didn't you tell me  anything, bahut taqlif hua hoga na??"

Prithvi glance at her, sense the concern in her tone , he liked to feel the same concreteness within her for him. 

"Yes, we broke up one 1week later in the tour at an evening party and you are right Bhaut hurt Kiya toh tha usene but utna nahi jis din tu chhod kar gayi thi"

Snanyogita stared at him

"Anyway Don't worry change the topic, you are going to tell me something"

Sanyogita then pats on her forehead" yeah I forget I am going to tell you about Garv..

He didn't give her the chance to complete her sentence…"" I am happy for you at least you get your love"


Sanyogita wrinkles her eyebrows 

What are you talking about?? My love who??

"Garv, is he your boyfriend? Because I saw you two when he put a ring on your finger and proposed to you and you also replied to him back..

Sanyogita laughed out," Prithvi Are you insane?? He isn't my boyfriend !! let me breath

"What happened, why are you hiding your relationship?? he questioned

"Prithvi stopped it, Garv aur mera boyfriend, oaky I am telling you the whole story, he is not my boyfriend he is one of my best buddies at college actually he like a girl at our senior class but he had no gut to confess his feelings to her, whenever he approached her it seemed like someone sealed his lips with a favi- quick. I am just helping him in rehearsal, that's why he took me with him to a shop to give me the ring but he was nervous to speak it in front of you, he was still sweating when he was selecting the today he will propose to her I hope she accepts his proposal"

" Really !!!!, "


A beautiful smile crept in his lips, 

"Such mei Yeh nattak tha.."Prithvi couldn't bound his happiness he was at the top of the heels of happiness he feels like his heart was dancing within his chest he hugged Sanyogita in excitement,"

What are you doing Prithvi ?? What happened to you?

Prithvi then realized what he was doing, He controls his smile and trying to be normal himself

"Yeah Thank God!! Bacha gaya Garv !! tab hi main sochu tujhe jaise brainless ko kon approach Karega"

"Mein brainless hoon"She round her eyes

Prithvi giggles" haa toh nahi to kya, tujhe handle karna sab ke baad Todi na hai ""

Sanyogita hit him on his arms

"Oouuchh""Waise tujhe sach mein aaj tak kisi ne propose nahi kiya matlab I mean tera koi crush nahi kya College mein?

Snanyogita narrowed her eyes 

"What do you mean, Tujhe kya lagta hai...mujhe bahut si proposal aaye hai ...aur mera crush bhi hai??

"Tera crush kon hai ho??Mein bhi to janu kon hai woh badnaseeb jiski kismat tu photne wala hai"

Snanyogita hit him for forcefully


"Oouuchh !! Tujhe na defence mein hona chahiye tha tera ek haath hi kafi hai goons ki dhulai karne ke liye"


Filhaal mujhe teri dhulaii karni hai,mein jisse pyaar karungi ho badnasseb hoga aur..aur  tera kaya.. tujhse  jo pyar karegi ho toh duniya ki sab se badi pagal ladki hogi.."

"Aisa kyun woh toh koi pyari si, masumisi bhot bholi si koi Nanni munni pari hi hogi bilkul meri taraha 

"Tu aur masoom,.aur teri naani munni pari kaha hai hoo..,kahi tujhe dekhkar vag toh nahi gayi " she laughed "Oh My God" she said dramatically..mujhe laga ki school ke baad thoda sudhar gaya hoga, college mein gaya hoga toh kuch dimag mein bhara hoga magar tera head of the department toh khali ka khali hai ... Sanyogita burst out in laughter, 

Prithvi was staring at her, he was standing there like a statue who was simply admiring her expression how she waves her hand in the air to stop her giggles, he sparkling eyes, the innocent smile, those white tabe earnings on her soft earlobe, her feathery thick eyelashes, movement of her soft lips, the floating rhyme of her hair when she was moving her posture while laughing, 


Awwww!!!Prithvi returned to reality by the screams of Sanyogita who shouted his name loudly in his ear.

"Kyaaaa dekh rahe ho??

Prithvi looked at her, [thank God, she shook me if she continued her smile for a while it would definitely snatch away my breathing]

Prithvi looked at her, 

What happened? Why are you looking at me like a phool???

He simply smiled  and look at her without blinking his eyes

Sanyogita also stared at him, she tried to control her smile” What happened Prithvi, tumhe ho kya gaya hai?”

“Ishq” his mind want to reply her but he said “ "nothing,By the way, I had seen you to play blowing game here when I just came here,aram se shopping it's the shopping mall,agar haar gaye toh gusse mein aake tod podh mat dena"

Sanyo hit him on his back " Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega,humsa mujhse chidahata reh ta hai i"

"Kya karu 2 saal se tujhse chidha nahi paya  thana toh aaj uska badla le raha hoon"

Sanyogita hit his back, both of them doing their nok jhok in the middle of their fighting

Garv came with a girl, both of them were looking very happy and beautiful together

Sanyogita introduced the girl with Prithvi, 

Sanyogita request Prithvi to meet her the next Sunday because it was Garv's birthday,

Prithvi accept her request,

They chitchat there for some time afterward Prithvi's friends also came. He introduced them to Sanyogita, his friends recognized her, they were in a teasing mode too but Prithvi warned them by the gesture of his eyes.

After lunch at a restaurant, they exchanged their mobile numbers.

Prithvi gets to know Sanyogita recently open an account on Instagram, Prithvi who have an account on every social media except Instagram he was on the top of the heel to install the app on his mobile even he could kiss the owner who made the app Because for it he has at least seen her all photos,

He was scrolling down every photo which she had uploaded during one month,

His roommate started to tease him according to them if it was in his favour he could enter inside his phone. 

Both of them started to chatting, that night 

Both Prithvi and Sanyogita chatted for a long night, 

Prithvi indeed was happy when he heard Sanyogita is single, so he still had a chance to open the door of her heart, but he was scared about who her crush was, about whom she was talking about??

Here in the Sanyogita in her pg she was thinking about the day How she accidentally meets Prithvi today at the mall, the world is so small, she feels blessed to see him after a long time, She was curious to know why Prithvi broke up with Disha, what made them to broke up, is he still love Disha?? and Why Prithvi said to her he wasn't looking for any girl except one ??

Who was that lucky girl?? Is it Disha or someone else?? Should I think about him again, if it breaks my heart again!!

All these questions are making a mess in her mind.

Somewhere deep inside she lit a candle and wished to live in the same dream again but in the real world.

"Prithvi can't you look for me, only for me? Can't you be mine, only mine?? Can't you love me?

She knew the answer, he can’t be her, but still can't neglect the gaze by which he was looking at her in the shopping mall

Sanyogita started to talk with herself “Today when you looked at me, my heart was doing a marathon in my mediastinum cavity, your chocolate brown eyes took my breath away. He had a little beard on his cheeks, she noticed his mark on his jawline, she liked his dimple, his charming smile always raised her heartbeats. She was eager to know when she asked him who is he to her? 

“Nature, the universe can't it be possible if Prithvi and I became a perfect us,” Sanyogita asked in her mind

Sanyogita covered the blanket over her and went to sleep. Here on the outside, the beautiful Moon hid behind the cloud.


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Posted: 3 months ago

Loved it Priya dear

Awesome and beautiful😍✨❤

A sweet love story of 2 innocent souls ... I loved how You in form of Disha told the difference between infatuation & love 

Sanyogita left with a pain in her heart but pyar saccha ho to waapas as he jata hai 

They met after 2 years & now finally both got their love back in each other

Thank you for the PM

Keep writing✍️

Posted: 3 months ago
Originally posted by golden_aura

Loved it Priya dear

Awesome and beautiful😍✨❤

A sweet love story of 2 innocent souls ... I loved how You in form of Disha told the difference between infatuation & love 

Sanyogita left with a pain in her heart but pyar saccha ho to waapas as he jata hai 

They met after 2 years & now finally both got their love back in each other

Thank you for the PM

Keep writing✍️

Yes Disha is a good person Nd at the same point you caught here Disha is the author yaniki mein 😂 jisne clarify karne ki koshish infatuation or love, 

Yes it's a sweet love Story , the idea of the story hit my mind in dreams...then Tell the plot to one of my college friends so start to write... Bahut dinose janmo janmantar wala love dikha rahi thi 😂😂... isliye tohda Change Krna socha

Here the boy is lucky enough that the girl still loves him unless these things do not always happen in real life which is very cruel😓

Thank you for your comments 😊☺️...And sorry for the late reply 🥺🥺

Posted: 3 months ago

A cute and nice story.!

I loved Disha making Prithvi understand, Disha is a mature girl we can say.

Prithvi now madly loves sanyogita. And finally he found her after 2 years. 

I could actually see the love Prithvi wanted to tell sanyogita about. But couldn't do that. 

Garv ki entry se mujhe doubt hua hi that he must be her best friend. 

Finally Prithvi and Sanyogita are in love with each other ❣️

Beautiful one, thanks for the PM..!!

Posted: 3 months ago

Nice and cute love story ❤️❤️..

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