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Posted: 3 days ago

If you guys feel that people should not post things like BoyCott GHKKPM, becaus it will affect the actors who are not to be blamed, I agree with you partially. But personally I feel that whatever they are doing is kind of right. I know it has the potential to affect the actors but it isn't as if we don't want to watch the show. We do. We are just against the wroters thinking that they can show us whatever they want in the name of Sairat, and that they can take us for granted. Personally, I adore the actors of this show, but this is for the makers to realise that the FD will not tolerate such stupid story plots and dialogues and that the makers have to show us creativity. I am pretty sure that even the actors don't like this current track but the makers won't change for them. 

So for whom will makers change? The trp. And I know the FD doesn't necessarily make majority of trp, but if we get loud enough, I am pretty sure we can make them understand because even the trp audience is not appreciating this track and the way they are butchering Virat's character. And just saying that they should change the track is not serious enough for them. Unfortunately,  we need to take it to extreme for them to understand. And if they still can't, then I am sorry, but in that case even the actors deserve better. 

So please try to understand that this is not hate, but rather it is all due to the fact that they won't listen to us unless we shout. 

Posted: 3 days ago

I don’t think Twitter trend effect anything unless the trp is low..its seems indian audience Liking all this crap and thus the trp is High..untill those audience who are giving trp stop watching or loose interest they won't change anything abt storyline.. 

Posted: 3 days ago

Agreed! Am really feeling bad for the whole team coz they really put lots of efforts and love in it. Even during these difficult times, they make sure to entertain us, staying away from home, family etc, but it is really really needed. Virat and Sai's characters have been butchered a lot, and if this may affect the writers to not further destroy their characters (by copy pasting some KD tracks such as Sai suicide or Shruti track) I'll be more than happy. We fans are willing to watch the serial, we've seen what it is capable of, we know it has THE potential to be one of the best shows, but after the DevKit track it has been going downhill and it needs to stop, before the remaining fans lose interest. 

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Posted: 3 days ago

Twitter trend won't affect anything unless trp audience cancel this show. Trend should be for next suicide drama because it may encourage young girl further who are already going through so much depression.

Posted: 3 days ago

Show will definitely not go off air. And it shouldn't even happen.

Show generates TRP as well as revenues for the channel, in India as well as Abroad. So SP wont shut off the show.

If it will go off air, it will be highly demotivating for actors, We have so many newbies in here. Show going off-air will be a major setback for them. Also the crew members may lose their job. These people are definitely not to be blamed for the regressive storyline. Plus PH can't afford losing their top rated show all of a sudden.

The one and only solution is changing the story line immediately before it's too late.

I don't think if these twitter trends really matter to makers and channel. As TRP is the only major concern. But atleast makers will get to know what audience feels about current plot. Also I have a feeling that channel might intervene. Still doubtful about that tho.

Please God give some brains to the makers and deviate the story from here on. 

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Posted: 3 days ago

Not sure...kya actors ka pov nahi liya jaata...aise vahiyaat ideas aate kahan se hain makers ke paas? unki soch per hi sharm aati hai...

Posted: 3 days ago

Originally posted by Shaome

Twitter trend won't affect anything unless trp audience cancel this show. Trend should be for next suicide drama because it may encourage young girl further who are already going through so much depression.

Channel will not have a problem with the suicide track but they will show a disclaimer that we don't support such thingssmiley21


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