Maneet OS collections - Page 3

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               Part - 2




                Next day, he goes and waits for her to wake up. After she is exhausted after her usual wildness, she fell back on the bed and kept thinking staring the roof. The only thing she needed is freedom. The irony is that the victim is chained and punished while the culprit is roaming around freely. The door is locked from outside. Maan opened the door and slowly entered the room. She seemed to be lost in her own world, not bothered about him much, or she didn't realize that the door is open and someone is here. She is so weak and worn out, and her instincts have stopped working after that incident. As Maan inched closer she raised her head and stared at him, Maan stopped breathing for a second for the fear of her reaction seeing him, but she didn't seemed to have recognized him.

                Suddenly she took the knife she had hidden under her pillow and tried to attack him. Maan caught hold of her hand and snatched the knife and threw it away, she thought that he would also run away as did the other boys who came before, they were so scared and thought that she would kill them, they pleaded her not to hurt them and ran away, but to her surprise he is not afraid of her.

                She spoke in a low voice..." Tumme dar nahi lagtha?"

                Maan replied in an equally low voice..." nahi"

                She felt that he could help her(?)

                Maan is happy that she didn't recognize him, but he wanted to confess, not now, later. First he should help her get out of this mess.

                Geet continued..." sab mujhe dekkke bhaag jaathe, kya mein itna bhuri lagthi hoon?" she asked innocently, not knowing that this is the man who is the reason for her plight.

                "nahi, tum toh bahut cute ho"...Maan tried to befriend her.

                " joot. Dekho mein kaise dikhthi hoon?"

                Maan looked at her shabby dress and uncombed hair, must be she had been kept like this for days.

                "tum mere madat karoge?" she asked him with a lot of expectation in her eyes.

                "haan. Bolo, tumme kya chahiye?"

                Geet looked at her chains...But Maan has not come ready for this...Maan hesitates.

Geet is disappointed..." mein tumme kuch nahi karoongi, promise"

Maan smiles at her request...

" tumme bhi lagtha hai ki mein pagal hoon?"

Maan looked at her and he saw her eyes penetrating his and she was speaking so clearly...

She is definitely not mad...

"kya soch rahe ho?, koi pagal aaise baat kartha hai kya?

She is so smart, and how come she forgot him? There must be some mistake...had she forgotten everything?...Maan could easily hide the truth from her , at least for the time being else she won't trust him.

"I believe you, you are not mad"

Geet is a little relieved, at least some one believed her. Maan looked at the room...Her dinner lays untouched on the table.

" why didn't you have your dinner?"

Geet was surprised that he took so much care for her, but why?

" I don't like it"

" tumme bhook nahi laga?"

She didn't expect this ..."lagtha haina"

Maan put his hands inside his pant pocket and took out a bar of chocolate...

" ye lo"

She didn't refuse...She had not had one in months...She relished it slowly...Maan kept watching her...It's too late, Maan should leave now...

Maan " chalo, ab mein chaltha hoon, gud night"

Geet ddin't bother much...she is interested in her chocolate only...

As he left Geet called him..."suno"

Maan truned back...

"tum kab aaoge?"


"gud night"

Maan smiled and locked the door as it was before...Maan left with a heavy heart...what has he done? She is so nave and innocent...Next morning Ms.Mathur was surprised to see Geet sleeping...That's unusual, she needed her pills to get some sleep...Ms.Mathur didn't want to disturb her...She can come and check her at lunch break...

And at lunch break Geet is back to her wild behaviour...Ms.Mathur had to put her back to sleep with the help of the pills...Next day Maan arrived a little late...Geet was just waiting for him...

"itna dher kyun kardhi?"

"tumme kya lagtha? Tumse milne aana itna asaan hai?"

Geet understood what he said and kept quiet...They just kept looking at each other for a while...

Maan didn't know how to start the conversation...Should he ask her about that night?

No, maybe that would make her act wild...He just wanted to know why she didn 't remember him? or did she forget the whole incident?

He extended his arms..."friends?"

Geet looked at his hands...they were empty...

"where are my chocolates?"

Maan forgot to get them today...

He was feeling so guilty all day that he didn't had any other thoughts other than what he did to her...But Geet was just waiting for her chocolate man to deliver her chocolate.. she is very disappointed. He can't even get her chocolates, how could he help her? He is of no use.

"I will get them tomorrow, which one do you like?"

"Kit Kat, 5 star"

She goes on and on and the list seemed never ending...

"Ok Ok, I got it, you like anything chocolaty"

Geet smiled...

"look what I got?"

Maan showed her the fake keys he had managed to get from a locksmith...Geet snatched them and tried to open the locks of her chains...She was so desperate that she couldn't match the right keys...She throws them back at him in despair...Maan catches them...

" what are you doing? You are crazy"

Geet got offended by that remark...

She shouted...

" mein pagal nahi hoon"

Maan rushed and closed her mouth..."chup bilkul chup"

She repeated in a low voice..." Mein pagal nahi hoon"

" mujhe patha hai, meinne toh tumme azad karne ke liye hi issko laya hai, tum thoda intrezaar nahi kar sakthi?"

Maan then succeeded in freeing her...She stretched her legs and ran around the room like a kid...Maan looked at her and she was so happy...She wanted to get out of the room, but Maan stopped her, "phir kabhi"

Geet obeyed him like a kid, she had started trusting him...she believes that only he can free her But she also knows that she can't just escape over night, she had other plans...she wanted permanent freedom, she wanted to restore the smile on Ms.Mathur's face, not run away from her. She wants justice...yes, she has not forgotten everything, maybe she didn't remember Maan, but she wants the culprit to get punished so that no other girl suffers in future...

                She went to the window and looked at the Moon, she peeped out and looked at the trees and the buildings that stood behind them...She had not seen them for a while though she was amidst these lovely woods...She wanted to wander in the woods just as she did in her college days...

She asked Maan if he could take her to the woods next day...Ms.Mathur is going to some conference and she would be alone in the house...She would skip her pills somehow...Maan didn't know if that is possible, but just told her that he would try...It's difficult to climb the pipes in broad daylight. And Maan is not a professional thief, mind you...

Geet told him that he need not take this route for she knows where Ms.Mathur kept her keys...

In the pot to the left of the entrance. Maan then promised to come next morning and he replaced the chains and locked her up. He is also determined to tell her the truth one day and he is sure that she will forgive him...That's why he is helping her...

                Next day Maan entered the house as per Geet's idea and he had no difficulty in finding the keys. He climbed the stairs and reached the corner room. Maan opened the door ans she is still sleeping.

                Maan tried to wake her up.."suno, utjao, dekho, subah ho gayi"

Geet slowly opens her eyes..."mujhe sona hai"

                She closes her eyes and turns to the other side. What? She forgot what she said last night? What a fool I'm to believe her words and enter someone's house like this? He cursed himself for his madness and tried to get up. But she held back his hands.

                "bas 10 minute, phir chalhte hai"

                She requested like a school kid, she is yet under the effect of last night's pills. Meanwhile Maan removes her chains and looks at her ankles that had turned red b'coz of the chains. How much she had to suffer b'coz of him? his heart ached. There is no escape Mr.MSK, you will have to pay for your acts one day. If you think that your deeds will be forgiven just by all this goody goody behavior of yours then you are mistaken, this is no good for all that you have done. Maan knows very well that the truth will come out one day and that day he is ready to accept whatever punishment she gives him. Right now he is here to help her, he applies coconut oil to her sore ankles. She feels his touch and wakes up. She has a broad smile on her face...

                "gud morning"

                Maan comes out of his thoughts hearing her sweet voice.

                "what's your name?" he asked.

                She doesn't want to tell her name, that would create problems for her and Ms.Mathur, if he inquires about her in the campus.

Geet hesitates..."I don't remember", she pretends to have amnesia, selective amnesia.

                Maan believed her words..."fine aaj se tera naam Mishty hai"

                "Mishty, mujhe bahut pasand hai"

She looked at him and wonders how he came out with such a cute name?

                "jaldhi chalo, hummare paas zyada time nahi hai"

She jumped out of her bed and is ready to take off...

                "mein toh tayaar hoon"

Maan stops her. He looks at her for a minute and frowns.

                "aaise tum mere saath nahi aasakthi"

Maan points out her shabby clothes and looks.

                "aaise nahi chalega?"...Geet looked at him and at herself.

                "nahi" Maan answers sternly.

                "mein kya teri Girl friend hoon?"

Maan is shocked by this question. But he doesn't show it.

                "tumme aaise dekhke sab ko lagega ki mein tumme seedhe mental asylum se lekhe aaraha hoon, aur mujhe bhi log galat samjenge"

                "kay? Meinne kaha mein pagal nahi hoon"

Geet gets angry and throws the oil can at him.. Maan catches it.

                "toh prove karo ki pagal nahi ho, jadhi ek achchi ladhki ki tarah tayaar hokke aao"

                She gets ready in a minute. Maan waits for her outside. She comes out. Maan is surprised to see her looking gorgeous in her colorful outfit. He has never seen her in this avatar.

                "ab toh mein tummare saath aasakthi? Haina?"

Maan just smiles.they go to the entrance, Maan has locked the front door. He hesitates for a moment.

                Geet is in a hurry, "jaldhi karo"

Maan turns back and looks at her innocent face, can he trust her, what if she runs away?

Geet reads his mind in a jiffy..."kya dekhthe ho? mein kahin nahi bhaagnewali"

She looks at him and continues.."isn't it funny? I trust a stranger like you and you don't trust a beautiful young lady like me?"

                Maan answers her back., "don't you know, too much beauty is also dangerous"

                "haan"..Geet replied in a broken voice as she tried to control her tears.

                Maan opened the door and she hopped her way out. Maan followed her quickly. They strolled in the woods for a while and Maan held her hands in his throughout the journey. He feared that she would escape into the woods.

                Geet ddin't complain as she is so happy to breath fresh air after a long time.


                  Maan had this urge to ask her about what happened ? what she knew about herself? Why is she kept under house arrest? How did she lose her memory? Maybe she knew about what happened later that night, after that incident. And how is she related to Ms.Mathur. as far as he gathered news about Ms.Mathur, she has no family, no relatives, and the only place she knew is this campus. They believed that she had this habit of sleep walking and the students mistook her as some ghost.

                Geet wanted to stay back for some more time but Maan told her that it's high time they returned else they will get caught, and that's the end of her freedom. She followed him without further arguments as she didn't want to lose his friendship, he is the only trump card that she has, and she had to use it wisely. She wants justice at any cost, she is willing to return to her jail and wait for the right moment.

                Maan felt a little relieved that night and went to sleep early. He is happy that he could bring a smile on her face. That's what he wants, to see her happy and smiling again. Geet is reminded of her past, her college days back in the woods. She also remembered how she recovered herself that night and came here and knocked at Ms.Mathur's door that night. She fell unconscious and she didn't know how long had she been lying there. She told the whole story to Ms.Mathur and that she is going to the police, she asked Ms.Mathur to accompany her. Ms.Mathur told her that it is unsafe for her to go out at that hour, and that they can go and file the complaint in the morning...

                Later that night someone called Ms.Mathur and warned her that they would kill Geet if she opened her mouth, Ms.Mathur assured them that Geet would never open her mouth and that she would send her far far away from Mumbai soon, just spare her life. So, to save Geet Ms.Mathur silenced her. Geet is not ready to give up easily, she wanted to file a case against the culprit and she won't sit mum. Ms.Mathur had no other go but to keep her under house arrest till she found a new home for her. But Geet is still protesting and had finally found a way to get to the police station, her new friend would help her get to the police, and once she reached there safely , the law will take action and the police will protect her, poor girl, she ddin't realze that our system is corrupted by money and the underworld.

                Ms.Mathur often repeated these words.."usske paas paisa hai, woh kissi ko bhi kareedh saktha"

                But Geet didn't listen to her, she still believes that the law will punish the culprits.

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                                                                                           Part - 3



                Next week...Maan forgets about his studies and keeps thinking of this girl. What should he do? How will he tell her the truth...the ugly truth? He kept visiting her often and they have become good friends, he didn't want to spoil this friendship nor does she want to harm this. She waited for him to trust her fully and she told him about her wish to venture out into the streets one night...

                Maan was not ready and is not going to accept at all, but she pleaded him and threatened him to end this friendship if he didn't take her out one day, just a few hours, and no one will see them in the night. At last Maan gave up and it was decided that they would go out the following night. Geet would be ready at 11 pm and Maan would come and take her with him. Geet managed to get ready with her chains on as Maan was adamant not to give her the keys. He was afraid that she might set out of the house on her own and become a prey to another monster. And now she has forgotten everything and turned into this kid. He doesn't know that she is acting and her plans behind the act.


                So, Geet is all ready to execute her mission. This time, no mistakes. Maan comes and takes her as he promised, they walk in the streets of Mumbai, Geet is waiting for the right moment to escape, she has come so close to the police station , just metres away,

                Maan is holding her hand tight, she thinks of a plan, she wants gol gappe. As they wait for their turn at the chat stall, Geet releases her hand and starts running towards the station. Maan follows her and so do some goons

                "ye toh wahi hai", " pakdo usse", " mardalo" , " police ke paas jaathi hai?"

They surround her. Geet is terrified, ye log yahan kaise? She realizes her mistake, but it's too late.

She is in the hands of the gundas who were searching for her all these days.

                Maan comes to her rescue, this time he won't repeat the same mistake, ek bar galthi ho gayi, dubara nahi hogi, babaji ne Maan ko ek aur moka diya hai apne galthi ko sudarne ko, aur Maan iss bar koi galthi nahi karega.

                 He punches one goon and rushes to his Mishty in a second, he protects her pushing her behind his back. Geet is surprised, ye apne aap ko koi hero samajtha hai kya?

                But Geet loves it, the real fight, she tries to help him, but Maan doesn't want his Mishty to get hurt, already she suffered a lot b'coz of him, so he fights fiercely and the goons fall down one after the other...

As always our police men come after the fight though they were only a few metres away, they arrest the goons and take them to the station along with Maan and Geet. Maan told them that they tried to attack Geet and Geet too supported him. they file a complaint and come out, Geet thanked him for his help, she thought that only the police men could fight like that or her Salman, 

"not bad, tum bhi achche fight karthe ho, khaas mein bhi aaise kar sakthi? Tum mujhe sikhaaoge?" she asked him looking at his abs...she then continues...


"mujhe maaf kardho, ye sab mere wajhe se hi hua haina?".

Maan couldn't control himself now, how she trusts him and thinks so high about him...

"nahi, tumme maafi mangne ki koi zaroorat nahi"

Geet is surprised..."isse kya ho gaya?"

She tries to look into his eyes for an answer, but Maan can't face her eyes...

He looks on the other side...

                " tumme yaad nahi hai? tum mujhe jaanthi ho"

Geet looks at him seriously and she can't remember him...

                "nahi, mujhe kuch yaad nahi aaya"

                Maan tries to help her remember...

                "mein tumme jaantha hoon, uss raat, jab tum aaise hi bhaag ke aarahi thi, kuch yaad aaya?"

Geet ko kuch kuch yaad aatha...par teek se nahi...

                "mein wahi hoon, tummare ye haal ki zamedar mein hi hoon"

Geet is confused...

                " tum kya bol rahe ho?"

                "teek se yaad karo , tum mujhe kaise bhool sakthi?"

                "tum mujhe bahut confuse kar rahe ho? kya tum bhi usske aadmi ho? phir tum mere madat kyun karna chahathe ho? tumne apne hi aadmi ko kyun mara?"

                " nahi, tumme yaad nahi, jab tum mere paas aayi aur mujhse madat maangthi thi"

Geet now remembers him...that scoundrel...coward...eet

Geet's face turns red in anger...

Yes, she knows this man...this irresponsible idiot...

Geet stares Maan...

Maan couldn't face her as she has recognized him...

Geet thinks about that unfortunate night...and for your kind information Geet too wanted to cleanse her college campus off it's illegal activities and help the students who really wanted to study but were unnecessarily troubled by the few rougues who called students but were actually criminals...

They were using the students for their benefits...

This campus being a prestigious institute was a safe abode for them to hide amongst students...

And the one who supported that Dev...

Geet had known about this Dev, the principal's son and his nexus with the drug mafia, she had been following him and that night too she had followed Dev and came to that jungle...Dev was drunk and in his intoxicated state he was trying to misbehave with a young girl, she was with him and suddenly he turned into this beast, she didn't expect that and she tried to run away, Geet too tried to help her and that's when she saw someone coming in a jeep, she tried to stop him and pleaded him to help her...

It was Maan...he was just passing by...

He stoped the jeep and when he saw that it was some stupid girl asking lift...

That was the old rude MSK, and as always he was indifferent to women and he ignored her and rode on his way...

After a while he came back to see what's wrong but he was too late...

Dev and his men took the girl and Geet to a nearby go down and Geet somehow managed to hit Dev with an iron rod and helped that girl to escape, but Geet landed herself into trouble trying to help that girl...she was surrounded by these goons and one of them hit her on her head with the lathi and she fell down unconscious, they thought that she was dead and they ran from that spot.

                Maan felt that he should have helped her and tried to know what happened from the people around, no one knew anything about that incident and that was not reported in the paper too, he then forgot about it completely till he met her again.

                "mujhe maaf kardho"

Geet just can't control her anger, what if she also went her way like Maan, what would have happened to that little girl? Isn't she like his sister, why are men like this?

She just gave him a tight slap...

Maan thought that he deserved this, and worse...Yes, these people who don't try to stop a crime are equally responsible for the crime ...Had the police been little more alert? Had the government been little more dutiful? Had Dev's father stopped him when he did his first mistake? Had Maan helped her on that day? Many crimes against women could have been averted with the support of men...haina?

                There is complete silence for a minute...then Geet starts walking and Maan followed her silently...he didn't know what would she do? She just went back to the campus, to Ms.Mathur's's nearly 6 am and Ms.Mathur is already up...she is preparing tea for Geet...Geet rings the bell...Ms.Mathur is surprised to see her at the door that too with a man...

                Ms.Mathur is afraid that it's one of dev's men... She dragged Geet inside quickly and closed the door...Maan stood there waiting for Geet's reaction, he wants her to forgive him, he is not returning till then...Geet calmed Ms.Mathur down and opened the she forgave him?

                " woh kaun hai? tum aaj hi kanyakumari jaa rahi ho, pack your bags, I have spoken to my friend Shanthi and she is ready to help us, she will take good care of you?

Geet is shocked to hear this, so is Maan...

                "kya? "...donno ek saath chilathe hai...

                "haan, ab tum yahan nahi reh sakthi"

Geet thinks of how she had troubled this old lady all these days...

                "sorry, meinne aapko bahut tang kiya haina? Ab aaise nahi hoga?

                Ms.Mathur hugs Geet..."aaise koi baat nahi hai, tum meri beti jaise ho, aur tummare alawa mere liye koi nahi hai iss duniya mein?

                "haina? Ye dekho, ye aapka bete jaise hi hai, haina?"

Maan doesn't know what to say, he just smiles...

                "thoda akdu hai, swarthy hai, dusron ki kadhar nahi hai, lekhin chalega"

What an introduction?

                "Dil se achcha hai"

So she has something good to say about him at last...

                "tummara naam kya hai?" Geet asked

Maan is surprised ...kaise ladhki hai?

"Maan Singh Khurana"

"meinne tere naam poocha, pura khandhan ki nahi"


"btw, I'm Geet, Geet Handa"

Maan looks at her and then at Ms.Mathur...

Ms. Mathur invites him for tea...

"andar aao, chai phikke jao"

" ye toh yahan roz aatha hai, issko koi invitation ki zaroorat nahi, aao aao" Geet too welcomes him..

Ms.Mathur asks Maan to accompany Geet to Kanyakumari as her life is in danger...she tells them how some goons came in search of Geet the following day and how Ms.Mathur gave her the pills and how some of her students helped her to hide Geet in their room. Geet doesn't know anything about thia as Ms.Mathur didn't tell her anything as she would get scared...

She had then got a call from the principal himself that his son is out of control and he is after Geet's life...he wants to take Ms.Mathur decided to send her out of Mumbai, and has arranged for her stay at a friend's place in TN...

Maan told her that there is no need for Geet to hide and he is going to tackle this himself...get rid of that Dev with the help of his father...he is ready to help them in any way he could...Ms.Mathur thanks him and Geet looks at him and wonders why the sudden change?

Then Maan and Geet filed a case against dev and they became the witness... Maan had seen Geet running for her life that night and Geet can identify the goons...till then no one was ready to help Geet in her fight against Dev and his notorious gang who had the Excel campus under their control and sold drugs to the students...Geet gave an account of everything that happened and Maan gathered evidences against them...Dev and his gang were arrested and the principal resigned his job...Ms.Mathur became the new principal and Geet stayed with her happily...

Maan helped Geet get out of her trouble and they together helped the students who were affected by drugs...Geet began to like Maan as he is now changing, taking care of Geet and also concerned about his peers...Maan proposed Geet and Geet accepted with one condition that he would never disrespect women, and Maneet's love story continued in the woods...

Now Maan doesn't take the pipes but Geet loved that Maan better...

"Maan, kabhi kabhi choron ki tarah chup chupke pyaar karne mein hi zyada mazaa aatha hai, haina babaji?" Geet told Maan about her new wish...Maan is getting ready to climb the pipes once again for his mishty...

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                Kaisa ye safar hai?


Ye Manneet ki time travel hai'.

This is just a jolly ride so no logic only Maneet magic'..

Ek aur baat, this concept is borrowed from Mr. S. Ve Sekar's (popular Tamil drama artist) drama, "Mahabarathaththil Mangatha"'''

Toh kahaani aaise hai ki Maan's grandfather Mr.Lala Khurana is an absent minded scientist''

He turned Maan's elder brother into a chimpanzee while trying an experiment on him'..

Dadi has managed to keep Maan away from this pagalpan''

Maan takes care of KC''

Dadu has newly appointed an assistant for him, Geet Handa'..

Dadu ka lab KM mein hi hai'.

Mann is yet to meet his Geet'..

Aaj Geet ka pehla din haina?

Geet jaldhi aathi hai, she finds this chimpanzee given special care and even a special AC room'.

Najaane kaise log hai, apne paas paisa hai toh kuch bhi karenge?

Isse behthar do chaar bache ko padathe, haina babaji?

Nakul chimpanzee ke liye banana bhake aur banana fritters lekhe aatha'..

Geet ko laga woh Geet ke liye laya hai'.

Nakul: haath mat lagao

Geet: kyun? Issme koi zeher mila hua hai kya? Ye bhi Mr.Khurana ka koi naya experiment hai kya?

Nakul: mahi, ye Dev baba ke liye hai

Geet: kaun?

Nakul feeds the chimpanzee''

Geet: toh isska naam bhi hai?

Nakul: haan, Ye Dev Singh Khurana hai

Geet: what? Ye bhi ek Khurana hai, meinne suna Khuranas bahut smart hothe hai, magar ye kya?

Nakul: iss, dhere bolo, Dev sab ko bhura lagega

Dev gets angry at this comment'..

He throws the water bottle on Geet''

Geet catches it and teases him''.

Tabhi Mr.Khurana aathe hai'..

Geet: gud morning sir

Mr.Khurana: morning, tum kaun ho?

Geet: sir, mein Geet Handa, kal aapne hi interview liya tha, aur mujhe job bhi diya tha, bhool gaye ho kya?

Mr.Khurana: sorry, toh Ms.Jeet

Geet: sir, Jeet nahi Geet

Mr.Khurana: tum zindagi mein jeethna chahathi ho toh apna naam badaldo, Ms.Jeet

Geet aage kuch nahi kehthi, aaj pehla din hai, inse behas karkke koi faida nahi hoga, upar se ye naukri bhi haath se nikhal jayega''

Mr.Khurana: so Ms.Jeet, lets celebrate, tumme naukri milnne ki kushi mein ye lo, kuch meete kalo

He gives her some sort of sweet'.

Geet chak ke dekhthi, it's not that bad, ek aur milega?

He gives her one more''.

Nakul shows Geet her table'.

Geet checks the computer and couldn't understand anything'..

Suddenly Geet feels sleepy and she falls asleep on her chair''

Maan is getting ready for office''.

Dadi: Maan bete, aapne Dadaji ko kahin dekha?

Maan: nahi Daadi, woh apne lab mein hi honge, mein dekhke aatha hoon

Maan goes to see Dadu''.

Dadu: toh Ms.Jeet, tumme file mil gayi?

Maan: Dadu,

Dadu: halo young man, who are you? Where is Ms.Jeet?

Maan: it's me Maan, app ko yaad bhi hai ki mein bhi aapka hi potha hoon

Dadu: ohhh Maan? Tum toh Chimpanzee ban gaye the na?

Maan: Dadu, Woh toh Bro hai

Dadu: tum fikar mat karo, tumme mein Sher banatha hoon

Maan: dadu, police ko patha chaltha toh aapka lab ko band karwayenge

Dadu: tumne Ms.Jeet ko dekha

Nakul comes''

Dadu: Nakul, woh ladhki kahan hai?

Nakul: woh toh aapki mitaai kakke so gayi

Dadu: kya? Oh no, not again

Maan: what happened Dadu?

Dadu: Who mittai nahi, time capsule tha

Maan: kya?

Dadu: haan Maan, ussko khathe toh hum waqt ke peeche chale jaathe hai

Maan: ab kya hoga?

Dadu: mein bhi kissiko dekhe check karna chahatha tha

Maan: Dadu, ye mazak karne ka waqt nahi hai, jaldhi bathayiye ki ab kya hoga?

Dadu: let's wait and see

Maan: kya?

Dadu: pehle hum jakke dekhthe hai ki mera tablet kaam kartha hai ya nahi

Dadi bhi aathi'..

Dadi: Maan bete, ye kya ho raha hai?

Maan: mujhe bhi kuch samaj mein nahi aatha

They go to see Geet'..

Geet is missing'.she has disappeared''

Nakul: lagtha hai woh ladhki baagh gayi

Dadu: success'.success'. I did it

Dadi: what? Aapne uss bechari ko kya kiya?

Dadu: meinne ussko teleport kardhiya, she is going to make history

Maan: teek hai, ussko pehle wapas lao

Dadu: woh mein nahi kar saktha

Dadi: kya? Aapka kya matlab?

Dadu: meinne ab tak wapas aane ki tablet nahi banayi

Maan: jaise bro chimpanzee se insaan nahi ban sakthe, woh ladhki bhi wapas nahi aasakthi

Dadi: unnkke parents ko hum kya jawab denge?

Dadu: hare, unko toh apne beti se garv hona chahiye, she has just made a daring act

Dadi: inko toh mein samja nahi sakthi, Maan bete, aapko hi kuch karna padega

Maan: mein? Mein kya kar saktha hoon?

Dadi: ab aap hi bathayiye hum kya karein? Maan bete aap jakke ussko lekhe aayiye

Maan: lekhin Dadima, mujhe kya patha woh kahan gayi?

Dadu: I think she might have gone back 200 years, she had two tablets

Dadi: aap ko achche se yaad haina?

Dadu: ya ya, I'm sure

Dadi: Maan bete aap bhi do tablets lelo

Maan: dadi?

Dadi: ye lijiye, hummare paas aur koi rastha nahi hai

Maan takes them'.

Dadu: aur ye lo aur kuch lekhe jao, tummara kaam aayega, ye lappy bhi lekhe jao

Maan: lekhin wahan kaise charge karoonga?

Dadu: ye solar powered hai, issko apne paas hi rakho, kahin kona nahi, kyunkke jab mein wapas aane ka tablet banaoonga toh tumme issi lappy pe contact kar saktha hoon

Maan: teek hai Dadu, lekhin mein ussko kaise pehechaanoonga?

Dadu: usska profile bhi lappy mein hai

Maan: achcha dadi, mein chaltha hoon

Dadi: bye bete, take care, humme call karna

Dadu: haan haan ye toh kC jaa raha hai, tumme call karega, hare ye toh time travel karnewala hai, Maan hummara Khurana Khanadaan ka naam roshan karnewala hai

Dadi: aap toh pehle kaam pe lagjao, jaise bhi unkko wapas lana hai

Dadu: don't worry darling, Khuranas kabhi har nahi manthe, haina maan?

Maan: ji Dadu

Maan too falls asleep and within minutes he also disappears''

Maan jab neendh se uttha toh woh 200 years back aagaya''

Shajahan ka zamaana hai'.

Maan finds out that it's Agra and Taj Mahal is under construction'.

He goes and checks with the masona working there'.

They look at him suspiciously'.he looks way diff from them'..

He slowly gains their confidence and speaks with them'..

Mason: salam mallekum huzoor

Maan: mallekum salaam, toh yahan Taj Mahal bannewala hai

Mason: nahi nahi

Maan: kya? Toh ye kya hai>

Mason: ye toh hummare naye mehmaan ko swagat karne ka imaarat hai

Maan: what? Queen Victoria aarahi hai? lekhin Gateway of India toh Mumbai mein hai, ye kaunsa imarat hai?

Mason: "Jai Geet Darwaza"

Maan: kya bakwaas kar rahe ho? yahan toh Taj Mahal banega

Mason: lekhin hummare naye memsaab ne ussko badaldhi

Maan: kaunsa memsaab? Ye

Maan shows Geet's photo on the lappy

Mason: haan , yahi, aap inko kaise jaanthe ho?

Maan: mein inkka dhost hoon, mujhe inkke paas lekhe jao

Mason: nahi nahi, koi unsse nahi mil saktha, woh hummare kaas mehmaan hai

Maan bribes him with his costly Rolex watch''

Mason: isse mein kya karoonga?

Maan then gives him his gold chain''

Mason takes him to Geet''

Geet is enjoying her Royal feast'.

Maan ko bhi bahut bhook lagtha hai''

Geet: ye kaun hai?

Maan: toh tum ho Geet?

Geet: tum mere naam ko kaise jaanthe?

Maan: mein toh tummara pura history jaantha hoon

Geet: kya? Tumme kisnne andar aane dhi?

Geet claps her hands and the sepoys come'..

Maan: tum kya kar arhi ho?

Geet: jaanthe ho ki mein kaun hoon? Mr.Rasgulla ki kaas mehmaan and advisor

Maan: kya? Kaun Mr.Rasgulla

Geet: hare, Shajahan, ye log ussko Badusha bhulathe hai, lekhin mujhe Badusha pasand nahi hai, mujhe toh Rasgulle pasand hai, issiliye MR.Rasgulla

Sepoy: hummare badhusha ko naam lekhe bulathe ho

They surround him'..

Geet: chddho isse

They leave'..

Maan: jaanthe ho kit um kya kar arhi ho?

Geet: haan

Maan: ye mein kya sun raha hoon? Taj Mahal ke jagah koi aur building kaise ban saktha?

Geet: kyunki mein yahan aayi hoona? Woh toh mujhe welcome karne ke liye hai

Maan: pagal ho gayi ho kya? History ko koi badal nahi saktha

Geet: agar time travel kar sakthe toh History ko bhi badal sakthe, haina babaji?

Maan: yahan bhi tera babaji honge kya?

Geet: haan, mere babaji hamesha mere saath hi rehthe, ahina babaji?

Maan: mere baat suno, hum yahan se chale jaathe hai, aao mere saath

Geet: nahi, mujhe kahin nahi aana

Maan: Geeet

Hearing Maan's voice Shajahan comes'.

The asks his men tyo arrest Maan''''''..

At the darbar''

Geet speaks in English and everyone parises her for that'.

Maan too learns the trick to fool them'..

Maan: so Ms.Geet, tell him that I'm your friend

Geet: what? You are not my friend

Maan: you stupid girl , I'm trying to save your life

Geet: what? You have mistaken, I'm the one who could save your life

Maan: what?

Geet: Mr.Rasgulla, mein toh isse jaathi bhi nahi, he is a stranger, Dust Danav

Shahjahan: issko lekhe jao

Maan: Geeet, stop them now, Mr.Choclate mousse, ye joot bol rahi hai

Geet: ahre, ye Mr. Rasgulla hai

Maan: job hi ho, inkko samjao, abhi

Geet: teek hai, teek hai, hum tumme choddenge, lekhin ek shard par

Maan: what? Tum samajthi kay apne aapko?

Shajahan: kamosh, hummare gurudevi se aaise baat kaethe ho?

He takes his sword'.

Geet: nahi Mr.Rasgulla, mere baat ko suniye

Shajahan: kahiye gualbari

Maan: kya?

Geet: ye meri pet name hai

Maan: mujeh toh ye teek nahi lagtha

Geet: kyun jalthe ho?

Maan: kya? Tum toh yahi inkke saath raho, mein chaltha hoon

Geet: ahre hare, ek minute, hum tumme chdtenge, lekhi tumme mujhe harana hoga

Maan: ye kaisa khel hai?

Geet: Vada Pav eating competition, toh sab tayaar haina?

Chorus: haan

Maan: ye sab kya hai?

Geet: hare ye log toh Vada pav bhi nahi jaanthe, meinne hi inkko recipe diya tha, ab toh vadaPav mr.Rasgulla ki favourite dish ho gayi hai

Maan: ye tumne teek nahi kiya?

Geet: batein badh mein karna, pehle mujhe harao

Maan: mein fried food nahi katha

Geet: toh teek, toh har manjao

Maan: nahi, mein tayaar hoon

They start the competition''

Geet feels bad for him, she wants to save him, she just eats 4 Vada Pavs'

Itne din Mumbai mein rehkar bhi Maan ne Vada Pav nahi kayi, he just loves them'..

He has 10 of them''

He also becomes a guest'..

He convinces Shajahan to start building the taj, he also shows pictures of Taj for reference'..

He then comes to know that Shahjahan has decided to marry Geet'

He wants to help her'.

He enters her room that night'..

Geet tries to stop him'.

Geet: chor chor

Maan pushes her and closes her mouth'.

Maan: chup'bilkul chup

Maneet eyelock'.mahi''.

Maan: aao mere saath

He takes her to the window and shows what's happening'..

Geet: ye sab kay hai? kal koi aur aaraha hai kya future se?

Maan: nahi, teri shadhi ki tayaari chal rahi hai

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, Mr.Rasgulla tumse nikhaa karna chahathe hai

Geet: toh mein unkke Begum banjaaoongi? Aur mera beta mogul emperor

Maan: tum toh sach mein pagal ho

Geet: kyun? Tujhe kya problem hai?

Maan: sapne mat dekho, aaisa kuch nahi honewala, ho sakhe toh tumme bhi markke Mumtaj ke paas burry karenge

Geet: aaise kaise ho saktha? Mein unkko kehkke mere liye ek aur Taj banwaoongi Yamuna ke uss par

Maan: yahan tera jaan kathre mein hai, aur tumme Taj Mahal ki padi?

Geet: haan, chalo, yahan se bhaag jaathe hai

But the sepoys catch them''

Maan tries to fight with them'.

Geet: hare, insse kyun ladthe ho? tummare paas tablets haina? Mujhe do

Maan: sambalkke

Geet takes 2 of them'..

Maan: hare do lene ki kya zaroorat thi? Hummare paas bas dus hi tablets hai

Geet: hare meinne pehle do hi liya tha

Maan: toh

Geet: agar mein ek lethi aur aada teleport hothi toh?

Maan: kya?

Geet: jaise sirf mera left teleport hotha, ya sirf mera right, ya phir right hand and left keg

Maan: dadaji aapko ye pagal ladhki hi milli thi apne assiatant banne ke liye?

Geet falls asleep'.they take her to the mandap'..

She disappears from there'.Maan is put in the jail''

Maan: Dadaji meinne aapka kya bigada hai? mujhe aaisa saza kyun dethe ho? agar aapko saza dena hi hai toh mujhe sher banao ya phir chuha banao, lekhin pehle mujhe iss pagal ladhki se bachao'.

Maan too takes 2 tablets and leaves''

Agar time hothi toh Maneet ka agla mulakaat Romeo aur Juliet se hoga'

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                                   Kaisa ye safar hai? 2


Geet pehle Shakespearian era pohunchjaathi.

And guess what, she meets Shakespeare at his theatre..

Romeo Juliet ka rehersals chal raha hai.

Geet ko thoda dar lagtha hai

But she is very eager to see what's going on.

She is shocked to see a man donning Juliet's role.

Undinnon mein male artist hi female roles karthe the, haina?

Kitna unromantic , bechare Shakespeareji, unkko koi achchi ladhki nahi milli?

So thinking she peeps in.

She hides herself behind the curtain and takes a look..

Suddenky someone touches her shoulder.

Geet tries to shout for help.

But Maan as usual closes her mouth..

Maan: chup. Bilkul chup

Geet: tum mere peecha kyun kar rahe ho?

Maan: mujhe koi shok nahi tere saath goomne ki, meinne Dadi ko promise kia hai ki tumme sahi salamat wapas lekhe aaoonga, issiliye mein yahan aaya hoon

Geet: ha ha ha, mujhe tummari madat ki koi zaroorat nahi, mein kudh chale jaoongi wapas

Maan: kaise?

Geet: jaise bhi, lekhin aap mujhse dhoor hi raho

Someone spots her and alerts everyone..

Artist: theif theif

They catch hold of them and take them to Shakespeare

They first think that they have come from their rival company lookin at their funny clothes.

Artist 1: who are you?

Geet: I'm Geet Handa

 Artist 2 : what?

Maan: we are not Ur rivals

Geet: we want to act inyour play sir

Shakespeare thinks that their rivals try to pull crowd introducing a girl in their play..

So he decides to give her a chance.

Geet is happy to play Juliet..

Maan stays with her..

Geet too wants him to stay as she is the only girl there.

Geet: tumme Romeo Juliet pasand hai?

Maan: ye toh sabka favourite hai

Geet: I too love them, lekhin afsooos, they die in the end

Maan: tabhi toh unkki kahanni aaj taka mar rahi

Geet: lekhin unka pyaar toh har gayi haina?

Maan: logon ko issiliye inkki kahaani pasand hai

Geet: mujhe toh sirf happy ending pasand hai

Maan: phir ye bhi ak aur fairy tale banjaathi, aaise epic nahi bantha

Geet: pyaar ka jeet toh saath jeene mein hai, saath marne mein nahi


Maan: lekhin ye tummari kahaani nahi, Sahkespeare ki kahaani hai


Geet: lekhin ye history thodi nahi, ye toh sirf ek kahaani hai, issko toh hum badal hi sakthe, haina?

Maan looks at her in kya keh arhi hai?

Aaisa bhi hotha hai kya?

Manthe hai hum future se aaye hai, lekhin hum aaise nahi kar sakthe, haina?

Maan: pagal ho gayi ho kya? Tum shakepeare ki Romeo Juliet ko badalegi?

Geet: mein Geet handa hoon, mein chahoon toh kuch bhi padal saskhti, tumme bhi badal sakthi

Maan gets angry and stares at her

Geet: kya dekh rahe ho?

Maan ko toh kuch sunayi nahi detha, woh toh Geet ke beauty mein kahin kho gaya

Maneet eyelockmahi

Maan: haan Geet, mein bhi badal raha hoon

Geet: kya?

Maan: kuch nahi, tum kuch kaooge?

Geet: haan, mujhe toh fries aur burger chahiye

Maan: ye 2013 nahi hai Geet, yahan toh yahi miltha

Maan gets some pie and tart

Geet: yak, ye kya hai? na tikka na katta, issko kaise kathe hai?

Maan: ab inko India ke barein mein patha nahi haina? Toh spices ke barein mein bhi patha nahi hoga

Geet: ye log Hindustahan nahi aathe toh inko swadhist khana bhi nahi miltha

Maan: aur humme Shakespeare nahi milthe

Geet: itne achche banne ki koi zaroorat nahi, yahan koi tumme England ka agla king nahi banaane wala

Maan: tumme toh kush honne chahiye Geet, mein king bantha toh tum bhi meri queen banjaoogi

Geet: tumme aaisa khyaal kahan se aaya? Mein issiliye tere saath rehthi hoon kyunkki mein yahan kissi ko nahi jaanthi, aur kuch nahi, samje?

Geet tries to leave.

Maan gets hold of her.

Geet turns back and tries to release his hold.

Maan pulls her and locks her in his arms.

Maneet eyelock..mahi

Someone comes

They step away.

It's Shakespeare..

Inkki eyelock ko dekhkke Maan ko Romeo banathe hai

He gives them their dress..

Maan gets ready and waits for Geet..

Geet takes a long time.

Maan goes to check her.

She is struggling to tie her dress's rope

Maan goes and ties it for her.

Geet ko bhi kuch kuch hotha hai.

Geet Juliet ki attire mein bahut sundar lagthi..

Maan: aaisa Juliet milthi toh Romeo kya? har koi apne jaan dene ke liye tayaar hoga

Geet now closes his mouth.

Geet: pyaar karnewale marthe nahi, jeethe hai

Maan hugs her.Maneet passionate hug..

Play shuru hotha.

As usual Maneet rock.

The audience is spell bound by Maneet mersmerising eyelock.

Sabko lagtha hai ki Romeo Juliet fiction nahi real hai..

They just felt that those characters came alive by some magic

Shakepeare is also surprised to see such a performance.

Climax scene.

Geet is about to comsume poison..

Maan is standind behind the set

He just enters and saves his mishty at the right time..

Geet: aaisa nahi hotha, tumme toh badh mein aana chahiye tha

Maan: lekhin Geet, joota hi sahi, mein tumme marne nahi desaktha

Geet: par Maan

Maan closes her mouth

Maan: chupbilkul chup

Maneet eyelock.mahi

Maan: jaisa tumne kaha Geet, pyaar ka jeet toh marne se nahi jeene se hotha hai

Geet: haan, yahi pyaar ka jeet hai, hey folks, do you see, We are here to live, not die

Maan: haan Geet, ab mujhe bhi happy endings hi achcha lagtha

The audience just love the twist and there is a huge round of applause even though no one knew what they were speaking.

Geet: par Maan, hum Shakespeare ko dokha nahi de sakthe

Maan: haan Geet, tumne sahi kaha

Geet: ab kya karein?

Maan: jab tak Dadu ka tablet hai humme toh chintha karne ki koi zaroorat nahi, ye lo, khalo

Geet: ab mera dialog dekho, sare jahan se achcha Hindusthan hummara

Maan: ye kya hai?

Geet: hare inkko bhi patha chale ki hum bhi kissi se kam nahi hai, aap bhi bolo, jai hind

Maan: lekhin inkko Hindi samajmein nahi aatha

Geet: toh teek hai, ab dekho, East or West India is the best, aap bhi bolo

Maan: mere liye toh meri Mishty hi sabse best hai

Maneet passionate hug.mahi

Now Shakespeare is confused..

Should I change the ending?

Suddenly they fall down and disappear..

jaise bhi ho, Shakespeare's Romeo Juliet toh bach gayi

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                                                               Kaisa ye safar hai? ' 3


Agla jagah toh ye donno saath mein pohunchthe hai'..

Jaise Suhaana ne kaha lagtha hai ye log ab stone age chale gaye'.

Yah they are surrounded by some strange people'.

Seeing their attire they think that they are some King and Queen'..

Geet: Maan, hum stone age aagaye hai

Maan: aaisa kaise ho saktha? Hum sirf 100 years back aaye hai

Geet: lekhin inka costumes toh dekho, Flintstones ki tarah dikhthe hai

Maan: shayad hum kissi jungle mein aagaye hai, aur ye log tribes honge

Geet: kya? Toh ab hummara kya hoga?

Maan: gabrao mat Geet, ye log bahut friendly dikhthe hai

Suddenly they take bows and aim'.

Geet toh sochthi hai ki ab inka safar yahi katam hoga'.

Maan suddenly covers Geet and pushes her down'.they fall on the ground'..

Maan: Geet, tum teek toh haina?

Geet: Maan, aapko lagi toh nahi?

Maan: mein teek hoon

That arrow is aimed at a wild bore that had eyed Maneet'..

Thank god they are safe now'..

They take them to their leader''.

Unkka head ek lady hai'..

Geet: ab mein samaj gayi ki ye log itne pyaare kyun hai?

Maan: kyun Geet?

Geet: dekho inka head ek aurat hai, issiliye ye log itna achche hai

Maan: ye tumne sahi kaha Geet

Head Lady sign language mein unkko kuch poochthi'..

Geet answers her back in sign language itself''

Maan: toh tumme sign language aatha hai

Geet: nahi, mein toh inse seekhne ki koshish kar rahi hoon

Maan: kya? Geet agar tumne kuch ulta seedha keh diya toh hummare jaan ka katra ho saktha hai

Geet: aaise kuch nahi hoga, dekho ye kitna kush hai, lagtha hai ki inkko meri baat samajmein aayi

Maan: lekhin mujhe toh kuch samaj mein nahi aaya, tumne inse aaisa kya kaha?

Geet: meinne kaha ki hum donno friends hai aur yahan inkki culture ko study karne aaye hai

Maan: mujhe nahi lagtha ki inkko ye baat samj mein aaya

Head Lady calls her men and signals something'.

They take Maneet to their dwelling and they give their traditional dress to wear'.

Geet: dekha, ye log humme guest samajthe hai

Maan: mein ye nahi pehen saktha

Geet: toh teek hai, aap yahi raho mein change karkke aathi

Maan waits for Geet'.

Geet uss single piece dress mein bahut hot lagthi'.

Maan bhi change karkke aatha''

Now the men come and take Maan with them and the women take Geet with them'.

They help her with her make-up'.

Hare phoolon se Geet ko sajaathe hai''

Ab they go to some temple'..

Geet ko lagtha hai ki aaj koi festival hai'.

Maan is still confused'

Geet ne kya kaha aur inhonne kya samjaha?

Ab ye toh babaji hi jaanthe hai'..

They give them something to drink'..

Geet is so thirsty that she finishes it in a second and asks for more'.

But Maan hesitates to drink it'

Geet: Maan, inka welcome drink bahut achcha hai, tum bhi try karo

Maan: Geet hum yahan koi holiday manane nahi aaye hai

Geet: mujhe toh aaisa hi lagtha, kitna suhaana safar haina?

Maan: tum toh har baat ka ulta matlab hi nikhaalthi ho

Geet: ab hum yahan hai toh humme inkki kushiyon mein shamil hona chahiye, ye tumme samaj mein nahi aayega Mr.Sadoo

Maan: kya kaha tumne?

Everybody is dancing around the sacred fire'.

Geet too joins them'..

All are dancing in pairs'.

Head Lady instructs her men'

They take Maan and they insist that he too dance with Geet'.

Geet ko unki music bahut pasand aatha'..

Geet MJ ki moowalk karthi'.

They all laugh at her'..

Geet: ye log kyun hasthe hai?

Maan: yahan aakke moomwalk karogi toh inko lagega ki tumme nachna bhi nahi aatha

Geet: kya? Mein apne college ki sab se best dancer hoon, samje

Maan: yahan koi nahi jaantha ki dancing champion ho, dekho woh ladhki kaise cute nachthi hai

Geet: Maan, aap kujhe chodkke kissi aur ladhki ko kaise dekh sakhte ho

Geet gets angry'

Maan: hare, mein usse dance seekhne ki koshish kar raha hoon

Geet: joot mat bolo, dance toh aap uss ladhkke ko dekhkke bhi seekh sakthe

Maan: teek hai Geet, mein usski taraf nahi dekhoonga, tum usse dekhkke dance karo, aur mein tumme dekhkke seekhtha hoon

Geet: ye behthar hai

They dance for a long time and Geet is intoxicated'.

She drunk that drink na'..

She is just enjoying herself'.

Maan tries to control her but in vain'.

Maan had to accompany her'..

Geet faints and when she wakes up she finds her hands tied to Maan's''

They are inside a hut'.

Yahan sirf ye donno hai'

Geet ko lagtha hai ki ye log unkko arrest karkke rakhe hai'.

Maan is till awake'..

Geet: Maan, hum yahan kaise aaye? Aur mujhe kya hua?

Maan: tum behosh ho gayi thi

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, tumne welcome drink piya haina? Uska asar hai

Geet: tumne piya nahi

Maan: nahi, mujhe toh pehle hi shak tha

Geet: toh tumne mujhe rokha kyun nahi?

Maan: kaise rokhtha? Tum toh meri ek bhi nahi sunthi

Geet: Maan mujhe bahut dar lagtha hai, ab ye log raat ko 12 bhaje aakke humme apne god ko bali denge, Maan hum sach mein bali ka bakra ban gaye hai

Maan: aaisa kuch nahi hoga

Maan is so confident and cool'

Geet: aapko kaise patha?

Maan: Geet, ek bar iss jagah ko dhyaan se dekho

Geet takes a look around'..

This place is decorated with flowers and it feels so romantic'.

Geet: isska kya matlab?

Maan: mujhe lagtha hai ki aaj hummari shadhi ho gayi aur ye hummara SR hai

Geet: kya? Aap pagal ho agye ho kya?

Maan: Geet tumne dekha nahi ki uss agni ke samne sirf couples dance kar arhe the

Geet: toh?

Maan: toh yahi unkka pehron hoga

Geet: nahi nahi, aaise nahi ho saktha

Maan is right, seeing their Romeo Juliet look they thought that they are some Prince and Princess who love each other and had eloped from their palace''

So they decided to give them protection and get them married'.

Geet unties her hands'.

Geet: tumne issko khola kyun nahi?

Maan: kyunki tummare saath aaise rehne mein mujhe bahutachcha lagtha

Geet: tumna mujhse dhoor raho, samje?

She pushes him away and she moeves back '..

After a while Geet ehars some animal's roar'

She gets frightened and she gets closer to Maan'

Maan catches hold of her and she embraces her'.

Maan: darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai Geet, tum sojao, mein hoona?

Geet falls asleep and they wake up only in the morning'..

Geet wakes up first and she finds herself in Maan's arms'

She quickly moves away'

Maan pulls her back and she falls over him'.

She hears some giggling noise'.

She finds some girls peeping thru the window'..

Geet: Maan. Maan, utto

Maan wakes up '.

Geet: Maan ab hum kya karein

Someone knocks'..

It's the Head lady'

She has come to check whether they are fine''

Geet: maan, ye ab yahan kyun aayi hai?

Maan: mujhe kyun poochthi ho? tum toh inkke basha bhi jaathi ho, insse hi poocha

Geet: Maan, tum hi baat karo

That lady claps and the girls bring them breakfast''

Geet is scared to eat that food'.

Kahin issme mein kuch m,ila hua toh'

Maan is hungry he digs in'.

Usska favourite food hai'..

Fresh fruits , honey and boiled roots'..

Maan: Geet, tum bhi khao

After making sure that Maan is fine after eating that food Geet too starts eating'..

Geet ka nasha uthar gaya toh she feels shy wearing such an unfit infront of Maan''

Geet: Maan, hummara dress kahan hai'..

Maan has kept them safe with him''.

Maan: ab chalo, hum nahakke aathe hai

Geet: aap rukho, pehle mein nahakke aathi hoon

Maan: Geet, yahan koi attached bathroom nahi hai, humme paaswali koi stream mein nahana padega, aur mein tumme kahin akhele nahi jaane de saktha

Geet: kya? Stream mein nahana hai? lekhin mujhe tehelna nahi aatha

Maan: koi baat nahi, mein tumme sikhaoonga

Geet: what? Usski koi zaroorat nahi hai

Maan: Geet, mein hoona, tum kyun tension lethi ho, aao mere saath

Maan lifts her and carries her'.mahi''''

After taking bath Geet asks Maan to leave her alone so that she could change her dress'.

Maan: Geet, ab toh hummari shadhi bhi ho gayi hai, phir itna kyun sharmathi ho?

Geet: tum jao, abhi

Maan turns back and sits'..

Maan: mein tumme akhele nahi chodoonga, tum change karlo Geet

After getting ready Maan goes and takes his lappy'.

Maan: toh cahlein Geet

Geet: kahan?

Maan shows the tablet''

Maan: agla safar ke liye tayaar nahi ho?

Geet: nahi nahi, mein kahin nahi jaanewali, mein aage jaakke kissi Dinosaur ki dinner nahi banna chahathi

Maan: toh phir hum kya karein?

Geet: jab tak Mr.Khurana humme lene nahi aathe hum yahi rahenge

Maan: toh tumne faisla kar hi liya hai ki hum yahi apna nayi zindagi shuru karenge

Maan gets closer '..

Geet: meinne kaha na? mujhse dhoor raho

Maan: mujhe bhi ye jagah aur ye log bahut pasand hai, kitna masoom log hai? issiliye itna kush hai

Geet: haan, lekin ek problem hai

Maan: Geet, aaise mat dekho, yahan koi Vada Pav nahi millega, samji

Geet: hare, woh nahi hai

Maan: phir kya problem hai? tum toh khane ke aage kuch nahi sochthi

Geet: kal hummare bachon ko kaunsi school mein dalenge? Yahan toh koi school hi nahi hai

Maan: Geet pehle bache toh honne do

Geet: kya?

Maan: hare Geet hum haina? Hum unkko sikhayebge, ab meri problem ko bhi dekho

Maan pulls her closer'..

Geet: tumme maths aatha haina?

Maan: aaise waqt pe kaise sawaal karthi hai ye?

Geet: bathao Maan

Maan: kyun pooch rahi ho?

Geet: kyunki mujhe maths nahi aatha, mein hummare bachon ko language sikhaathi hoon, aur tum Science and Maths sikhao

Maan: Dadaji ab mujhse nahi hoga, kahan hai aap?

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                                                             Kaisa ye safar hai? 4


Lappy beeps..koi signal aaraha hai..

Lagtha hai Dadaji aagaye..

Maan: Geet, chalo, Dadaji ka signal aaraha hai

They run to find Dadu

Finally Dadaji ne wapas jaane ke liye bhi ek capsule banadhi..

Maan is so happy to see dadu.

Maan: Dadu

Maan goes and hugs him..

Dadu: Maan, ye ladhki kaun hai?

Maan: ye, ye meri girlfriend hai

Dadu: toh tumme yahan GF milgayi

Maan: haan dadu

Geet: mein tummari GF hoon?

Maan: oh sorry Geet, mein toh bhool hi gaya, ab toh tum meri pathni ban gayi ho

Geet: Mr.Khurana aapka potha joot bol raha hai, mein aapki assistant Geet hoon

Dadu: oh yah, Jeet, now I remember

Dadaji ke peeche peeche Dadi bhi aathi hai.

Maan: Dadi, aap yahan?

Dadi: haan bete, humme tummare Dadi pe koi barosa nahi hai, kahin ye aapke kagah koi tarzan ko lakhe aathe toh, issiliye iss bar hum kudh aagaye, ek pothe ko kho gaye hai hum, ab aapko bhi nahin khona chahathe

Dadu: toh hum 500 years backward hai

Maan: haan Dadaji

Dadu: so, 1 capsule for 100 yrs, toh 500 yrs ke liye 5

Geet: Maan, tum teek se calculate karo

Maan: sahi hai Geet,tum fikar mat karo, hum 2013 hi wapas jayenge

Dadu gives each one 5 capsules

After a few minutes they land in Mumbai.

Dadi: Maan bete hum koi videsh aagaye hai kya?

Maan: haan Dadi, mujhe bhi aaisa hi lagtha hai

Geet: Maan, wahan dekho

Geet shows some robot carrying goods .

Maan: dadaji, ab hum future mein aagaye

Dadu: I think hum 2500 aagaye hai

Dadi: ye aadmi toh humme marwakke chodega

Maan: dadi aap fikar mat kijiye, mein dadaji se poochtha hoon

Dadu takes a look around

Maan: dadaji ab hum yahan kaise aagaye?

Dadu: lagtha hai ki iss capsule double power full hai, 1 capsule for 200 yrs

Maan: ab hum wapas kaise jayenge?

Geet: hummare paas woh pehlewali goli haina?

Maan: mere paas sirf 2 hai, woh kissi ek ko bhi wapas nahi lekhe jaa saktha

Dadu: meinne woh capsule lena toh bhool hi gaya

Dadi ka BP zyada ho gaya.

Dadi nearly faints

Maan catches her..

Dadi: Geet, hummare bag mein hummare BP ki goli hai, ussko nikhaliye

Geet searches the bag and finds the tablet

Dadi takes it and she relaxes..

Dadi: humme pehle hi patha hai ki ye aaisa hi kuch karenge, issiliye humne apne BP ki goli ke saath saath inkke table se sare goliyon ko bhi apne saath lekhe aaye hai

Maan: well done Dadi

Geet: Maan, ek minute

Maan: kya baat hai Geet? Tumme kuch chahiye? Ab toh tumme zaroor bhook lagegi, haina?

Geet: nahi nahi, ab hum yahan tak aa hi gaye toh mein latest trend ki suits lekhe aathi hoon

Maan: kya?

Geet finds that jeans and tees are still ruling

She gets some.

Maan : Dadi, mein medical shop jaakke kuch nayi medicines ke barein mein jankke aatha hoon

Dadi: pehle poochiye ki hummare Dev ko bachane ki koi goli milegi


Shopkeeper laughs..aaise koi goli nahi hai, lekhin hummare paas insaan ko Bandar banana ki goli hai, ye Khuranas ka hai, aajkal isska bahut demand hai, ab koi bhi kissi se badla lena chahatha toh yahi goli khilatha

Maan: what? Aaise koi insaan ko Bandar kaise bana saktha? Ye toh jurm hai

Shop keeper: darne ki koi baat nahi hai, ye bilkul safe hai, ek saal mein woh wapas insaan banjaatha

Dadi: toh hummra Dev agle 6 mahene Bandar hi rahenge?

Shop keeper: tum koi drama troopwale haina? Lelo tummara bahut kaam aayega, agla drama kya Ramayan hai? Hanuman ko ye goli zaroor chahiye hoga? Aajkal toh log apne liye bhi ye goli lekhe jaathe hai

Maan: koi insaan se Bandar kyun banna chahega?

Shop keeper: apne biwi se bachne ke liye

They take the tablet and return to KM, 2013..

Geet is worried that her parents would be searching her.

Geet: toh Dadi, mein chalthi hoon, mere gharwale mujhe dhoond rahe honge

Dadi: aap pareshaan mat ho, humne apke papa ko inform kardhiya hai ki aap kissi research ke liye bahar gaye hai

Geet: that's so sweet Dadi

Geet kisse dadi

Maan looks at her.ab agla toh mera no. hai.

Maan is waitingnow Geet will come and kiss him and thank him.

Lekhin aaisa kuch nahi hotha.

Geet: Dadi, mein ghar chalthi hoon

Maan: Geet, ayhi tummara ghar hai, tum kahan jaa rahi ho? aao mere saath

Geet: ye kya kar arhe ho? chodo mere haath

Dadi: Maan bete, ye kya mazak hai?

Maan: mazak nahi Dadi, hummari shadhi ho gayi hai

Dadi: what?

Maan: aap chahae toh Geet se pooch, bathao Geet

Geet: nahi nahi

Dadi: sirf shdhi hui hai ya sab kuch ho gayi hai?

Geet: aaise kaise hoga? Mein shareef khandan ki ladhki hoon

Dadi: toh kya hum shareef log nahi hai? Maan bete aapne aaisa kya kiya?

Maan: Dadi, meinne kuch nahi kya

Dadi: mein mazak kar rahi thi, Geet bete aap jayiye, hum kal aakke aapke mabaap se baat karenge

Maneet are happily married..

SR ki night.

Geet is waiting for Maan..

Geet: Maan itne dher kahan gaye the, patha haina ki aaj hummara special day hai

Maan: special day nahi, special raat bolo

Geet: ye tummare haath mein kya hai?

Maan: ye school ki admission letter hai

Geet: par mere paas do do degrees hai

Maan: ye tummare liye nahi

Geet: matlab? Ye tummare liye hai? toh tum illiterate hai? babaji, ye meinne kya kardhi?

Maan: Geet, tum hummare bachon ki studies ko lekhe bahut pareshaan thin a, ye hummare bache ke liye hai, Mumbai ka no.1 school ki admission for 2017-18


Geet: kya? Meinne suna hai ki MSK ki zindagi pre-planned hothi hai, lekhin itni pre-planning toh meinne kabhi suna hi nahi

Maan: ab meinne kitne mushkil se ye liya hai, warna 2020 tak koi seat nahi hai unkke paas

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, ab jaldhi karo Geet, warna ye waste ho jayega

Geet: tum toh time travel karnewale Khurana ho, tummare paas bacha peitha karne ke liye koi short cut nahi hai kya?

Maan: mujhe short cuts pasand nahi hai Geet

Geet: kyun?

Maan: pehle tum mere paas aao, phir tumme apne aap tummare sawaal ka jawaab mil jayega

Maneet ki mahi shuru hothi..

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                 Laut aaya OM'apne Shanthi se milne'..


I'm not familiar with this OM'..

But just made a try''

Hope you all like this'..

One morning at KM'.

Aaj toh Geet Maan se jaldhi tayaar hokke neeche aagayi'.

Geet Maan ke favourite cheese sandwich bana rahi hai'..

Geet: Nakul, jaldhi karo, mousse tayaar haina?

Nakul: haan m'am

Maan comes'.

Geet: Maan, gud morning

Geet looks like an angel,who had just descended from heaven, in the morning rays'.

Maan smiles ''

Maan: morning Geet, kya baat hai? aaj surai pashim se nikla hai kya?

Geet: aaise kyun poochthe ho?

Maan: tum itne jaldhi utgayi?

Aaj koi khaas din hai kya? Maan sochne laga'.

Aaj Geet ki janam din toh nahi, mera bhi nahi, aur wedding day bhi nahi, phir kya ho saktha hai?

Geet: kya soch rahe ho? meinne hi banaya hai, aapke favourite cheese sandwich, kahkke bathao, kaisa hai?


Maan ka shak toh sahi hai, aaj zaroor kuch khaas din hai?


Geet: Nakul. Maan sir ko chocolate mousse lekhe aana

Haan, Valentine's day, nahi, ye toh june hai'..chalo Geet se hi poochthe'.

Maan: hare Maan, yaad karo, kuch toh hoga? Mein aaise kaise bhool saktha?

Geet: Maan, khalo

Maan: I'm sorry Geet

Geet: kya? aap kyun sorry bhol rahe ho?

Maan: woh aaj kya din hai? mujhe yaad hi nahi aatha

Geet: kya? aap itne jaldhi bhool gaye?

Maan: Geet, tumme patha haina? kC mein naya project ka kaam chal raha hai

Geet: aapko toh bas aapki kaam kimpadi hai, meri koi kadar hi nahi

Maan: aaise nahi hai Geet

Geet: achcha, mein ek hint dethi hoon

Maan: teek hai

Geet: Maan, aaj Friday hai

Maan: Friday?

Geet: Maan., bollywood releases toh Friday ko hi hothe hai, aai SRK ka OSO release ho raha hai, meinne toh kal hi tickets book karliya hai, aapko bathay than a? aap shamko jaldhi aana, phir se mat bhoolna

Maan: kaise bhooltha? Har gante clock bhajtha hai ya nahi,mera phone zaroor bhajeka, babaji, aaj toh mere saath do

Geet: babaji se meri baat ho gayi hai, aaj toh aapko aana hi padega, ab jaldhi chalo, tabhi toh kaam jaldhi katam karkke aasakthe ho

Maan: bye Geet

In the evening'..

Geet is ready waiting for maan'.

As usual Maan is late'.ussko abhi koi zaroori kaam aagaya'.

At KC'.

Maan is getting nervous'.usska gussa badthe jaatha'.

Maan: Adiii

Adi comes running'..

Maan: Adi, jaldhi karo, mujhe ghar jaana hai

Adi: ghar sir?

Maan: haan, Geet mere intrezaar kar arhi hogi

Adi: lekhin sir, clients abhi aathe hi honge

Maan: tum unkko sambalo, mujhe apne biwi ko sambalna hai

Adi: no sir, mein kaise? Aapka yahan hona bahut important hai sir

Maan stares'..

Adi: yes sir, I'll manage

Maan runs to his car'..

Adi sochtha'.shadhi aadmi ko kaise badltha? Mujhe toh apne shadhi ke barein mein dubara sochna padega?

Mein toh aaise single hi teek hoon, haina Pinkyji? Sorry, babaji

Maan rushes home'.

Lekhin usske pehle koi Geet se milne aagaya'.

OM'.apne Shanthi se milne aagaya'.

OM: Sha'sha'sha'shanthi'..

Farah microphone mein hai''

Farah: OM, ye Kiran nahi Shanthi hai

OM: sorry, Shanthi'meri Shanthi kahan hai?

Nakul: SRK? Yahan

Everyone is surprised'.

Geet toh bahut kush ho gayi'.

Mein toh insse milne theartre jaanewali thi, ye toh yahan aagaye?

Geet: OMG'.it's him

OM: Shanthi'.

Geet: nahi, Geet

OM: halo Geet, kaise ho tum?

Farah: OM'..this is not Geet, meinne kaha na? script ko teek se padkke aao

OM: Shanthi, tum toh meri shanthi ho, Shanthi, apne OM ko bhool gayi?

Geet: kya? ye kaunsa picture ka dialogue hai?

OM: OSO ka, tumne dekha nahi?

Geet: kaise dekhthi? Maan abhi taka aye nahi haina?

OM: ye Maan kaun hai?

Geet: MSK ko nahi jaanthe? Tellywood ka SRK hai

OM: tum mere saath film dekhna chahogi?

Geet: what? OMG'ye sapna toh nahi haina?

OM: lekhin ek shard pe

Geet: kya shard hai?

OM: mujhe mere film ki ek dialogue bolna padega

Geet: sure, anything for you

Just then Maan enters'.

Ye Geet kisse baat kar rahi hai?

OM: chalo, shuru karthe hai

Geet: pehle aapko mere saath dance karna padega

OM: my pleasure

Geet: Nakul''.

" Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam'

 Pyaar hotha hai deewana sanam"

SRK's trademark posture'.

He opens his hands wide'..

Geet runs and hugs him'.

Maan couldn't stand that'.

Maan: Geeet

Om: Oye, don't disturb

Geet: Maan

OM: Senorita, ab tummare bhari

Geet: yah, kya dialogue hai?

OM: kya dialogue hai?

Farah: hare buddu, Ek chutki sindoor

Om: haan, ek chutki sindoor ki keemat aap kya jaane Ramesh babu

Geet: ek chutki sindhoor ki keemat aap kya jaane Maan babu

OM: cut cut, Maan nahi, ramesh kaho

Geet phir se koshish karthi'..

Lekhin phir bhi Maan hi bolthi'.

Maan gets angry'..

Maan: Geet, ye sab kya hai? aur ye kaun hai?

OM: what? Mujhe nahi jaanthe?

Maan: nahi, aap mere Geet ke saath kya kar rahe ho?

OM: sorry ye meri Shanthi hai, Farah, ab Teek haina?

Farah: haan haan, aage ka dialogue bolo

OM: mein yahan apne Shanthi ko lene aaya hoon, aao Shanthi, ab humme koi alag nahi kar saktha

Om ctaches hold of Geet's hand'.

Maan stares'..

Maan: haath chodo

OM: nahi chodoonga

Maan: ye toh mere dialogue hai

OM: nahi, aaj ye mere dialogue hai

Maan: Geet meri hai, Maan ki Geet

OM: nahi meri hai, ye meri Shanthi hai

Geet is confused'.

Lekhin Maan ki jalan ko dekhkke bahut mazaa aatha hai ussko'.

Maan: tum kaun hothe ho mere Geet ke haath pakagnewale?

OM: mein, mein OM hoon

Maan: Geet, ussko bathao, tum meri Geet ho

Geet: Maan, abhi abhi mujhe yaad aaya, mein actually Shanthi hoon, aapki Geet nahi

Maan: Geet, mujhe chodkke mat jao

Geet: sorry Maan, ho sakke toh agle janam mein milthe hai

Maan: Geet, tum aaise nahi jaa sakthi

Maan jumps over OM'..pushes him down'.

OM: hare, koi bacho

Geet tries to help him'..

Geet: Maan, ye OM hai, ussko chod do

Maan: nahi Geet, tum meri ho, sirf meri

OM: hare, meinne kab kaha ki Geet meri hai?

Maan: what?

OM: merewali toh Shanthi hai, ye teri Geet hi hai

Maan is surprised'..

Actually SRK has come to the Geet sets to promote OSO''

Geet SRK ki autograph lethi'.

Pura din SRK ke peeche hi goomthi'.

Maan ko ab sach mein jalan hotha'..

Maan: Geet, ye kya hai?

Geet: aap ko aaj KC mein koi kaam nahi hai kya?

Maan: mujhe toh aaj koi kaam nahi hai

Geet: lekhin mujhe bahut zyada kaam hai, mujhe disturb mat karo

Achca, mein bhi yahan rehnewala nahi, mein bhi aaj kahin jaaraha hoon

Geet: kahan?

Maan: date pe

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, Shanthi ke saath

Geet: Maan, ye teek nahi hai

Maan goes out'.

Geet peeche hi bhaagthi''

Ab toh Maneet ko koi alag nahi kar saktha, haina?

Geet toh hamesha hummare Maan ki hi hai, haina?

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      Shinchan's KM visit...


Geet apni beti Mahi ko school bhejkke abhi abhi apne Maan ko dekhne jaathi'..

She is just climbing the stairs thinking of mahi mahi''.

Maan ab naha rahe honge'aaj toh Mr.Khurana gaye'..

Tabhi Geet hears some noise and looks back'..

All the servants rush to the front door'.

Geet ko lagtha Maan ne kuch kaam diya hoga'.i

Nakul: Maan sir''.Maan sir

Nakul runs up the stairs not even noticing Geet'.

Geet: nakul, kya baat hai?

Nakul: m'am woh aaya hai

Geet: kaun?

Nakul: wahi m'am, Mahi beti ka favourite hero

Geet: kya? Nakul meri beti ka hero?

Geet wonders''..Dekha Maan ki mahi ka asar, ab Mahi bhi shuru ho gayi?

Nakul: m'am, , m'am, jaldhi aao, Shinchan aaya hai

Geet bursts out laughing''

Geet: Nakul, aajkal tum kaam chodkke TV dekhthe rehthe ho kya?

Nakul: maam, sach mein, aap pehle aakhe dekho

Shinchan: Mr. Mann Singh Khurana'..Mr.Maan Singh Khurana

shinchan photo shinchan.jpg


Geet: kya? Usski itni himmat? Mere Maan ko naam lekhe pukartha?


Geet gets down to meet Shinchan''..

Shinchan keeps looking at Geet''

Geet: oye! Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Shinchan doesn't hear her'.he is just staring Geet''

Geet: oye chotu'.

Shinchan: chotu? Litna bada insult? Aunty mein hoon, Shinchan

Geet gabrathi''ye toh sach mein shinchan hi hai''.

Geet rushes in to tell Maan'..Maaan Maaan

Maan just comes'.she goes and hits him'..

Maan: toh Geet, aaj toh subhe subhe shurru ho gayi

Maan bana Romeo'..

Geet: Maan, dekho Schincahn aaya hai

Maan: Geet ye kya mazak hai?

Geet: nahi sachi

Maan: Geet Shinchan toh cartoon character hai, woh kaise aayega?

Geet: Maan aapko yakheen nahi hotha, toh aao mere saath

Maan: Geet, shinchan fictional character hai

Shinchan: toh Maan Singh Khurana, aap bhi toh fiction ho, aap TVpur ka Romeo toh mein toonpur ka romeo hoo, I mean Romeo bannewala hoo, issiliye aap se milne aaya hoon

Maan: kya?

Shinchan: haan, kitne din mein bhi kinder garden mein hi rahoon, Ben ki tarah mujhe bhi bada honna hai, issiliye humne socha ek leap karkke teenage mein gus jaaoon

Maan: Geet ye ladkha toh mujhe pagal samajtha hai kya? Issko foreign yahan se jaane ko kaho

Maan gets angry''.

Geet: Maan, ab mein kya kar sakthi?

Shinchan: cool cool

Maan leaves to KC''..

Geet: Maan, mujhe akhela chodkke kahan jaa rahe ho?

Shinchan: koi baat nahi aunty, hum baat karenge, aap jalchi mere liye kuch khana lekhe aayiye, Pasta aur chocolate mousse chalega

Shinchan seedhe kitchen ke andar jaakke mousse ko lekhe aatha''..

Ye toh Geet ne Maan ke liye banaya hai, aaj unkke wedding Aniversery jo hai

Geet: hare hare ye kya kar rahe ho?

Shinchan: kya aunty? Ye toh apna hi ghar haina?

Geet:babaji, ye kya musibat hai?

Maan comes back for lunch''he thinks that Geet would be alone now'.

AMhi ke aane se pehle apna ek mahi mahi ho jaaye'..

Maan: Geet'.Geeet, meri mishty kahan hai?

Geet: Maan aap aagaye?

Geet comes running and hugs him''..


Wait'it's not our usual mahi?...

Geet" Maan. Ye kaise ghatiya awaaz hai, Raju Singhji ki tabyat toh teek haina?


shinchan photo shinchan.jpg


Shinchan: yahi dekhkke hummare moms pagal hojaathe hai, par hummare ghar pet oh dinner saath bhaje hi katam karthe hai, papa kabhi late aathe hai toh uss din bhooke hi rehna padtha

Maan: Geet, ye bacha hai ya shaithan?

Geet: Maan aap ussko chodo, mujhe dekho, mein kaise lag rahi hoon?

Shinchan: bahut sundar, issiliye papas ko Geet dekhne se moms rokhthe hai

Maan stares him'..

Scinchan: aap continue karo, mein toh yahi seekhne aaya hoon, woh kya haina mera Teen thunder series shuru honnewala haina

Geet: kya?

Maan ka gussa aur badjaatha'..

Shinchan: aaise kyun dekhthe ho? Aap bhi chche toh ek backward leap lelo aut apne teeny Tiny romance shuru karo, MSK ki high school romance'.kitna achcha hoga? MSK school uniform mein? Basket ball khekthe apne Geet ko hi ball banakke basket kartha'..

Maan Geet ko upar lekhe jaatha'.

Maan shows her the diamond necklace he had got for her'

Geet: Maan. Ye toh bahut sundar hai

Shinchan: aunty Uncle aapko ullu banarahe hai, mujhe dikhayiye, isskke saath toh hummari himmawari bhi nahi khelegi

Shinchan throws it out of the window'..

Shinchan: MSK ko dikhakke hummare kazukama ke wifeees apne hubbies se kitne mehenge gifts maanghte, aur aapko dekho?

Geet: kya?

Shinchan: apne behen ke liye imported sports car aur aapke liye ye?

Geet gets angry'.

Geet: haan Maan ye toh teek keh raha hai


Maan: Geeet?


Shinchan: aunty ke liye kam se kam ek private jet ya yatch present karo

Geet: haanMaan

Maan: Geet, ab tum isskke saath milkke pehle decide karlo ki tumme kya chahiye, mujhe kC mein bahut sare kaam hai

Geet: Maan, lunch toh karkke jao

Geet zabardasthi Maan ko dinning table lekhe jaathi'.

Geet: aap rukho, meinne aaj aapke liye pasta aur chocolate mousse banaya hai

Maan waits'Geet takes a lot of time'..

Shinchan had finished everything'.

Geet comes with parathas and dahi'..

Maan looks at her'..he is furious'..

Geet: sorry Maan, aaj toh aapko yahi khane padega, meinne bahut mushkil se ye apne liye chupakke rakha tha, warna aaj aapko bhukke bhet hi rhena padtha

Shinchan just enters''

Shinchan: auinty ye aap kya kar rahe ho?

Geet:,kya hua?

Shinchan: aap Nakul ka khana ko lekhe aagaye ho, bechara kitchen mein doondh raha hai, mujhe dijiye

Schinchsn ussko bin cheenkke jaatha''

Maan ab aur bardaast nahi kar saktha'.

Maan: Geet ye sab kya hai? aaj meinne kitne expectations ke saath yahan aaya, aur yahan kya ho raha hai?

Geet: Maan, ek minute, mein abhi aap ke liye pasta banakke lathi hoon

Shinchan: aunty aap toh kuch bhi nahi jaanthe, aaise mokke pe koi ghar pe katha hai kya? Mere mom se aapko training lena chahiye,

"harry aaj hummare anniversary haina? Humme uss naya restaurant lekhe jayenge haina?"

Toh mere papa surrender hokke kehthe , " haan, mein bhi wahi soch raha tha"

Shinchan:Aaise hi humme ek din achcha khana khane ko miltha'.

Geet: Maan toh chalo hum bhi bahar kissi dabhe pe chalthe

Shinchan: kya? Daba? Uncle aapko dabhe lekhe jaathe? 5 star hotel nahi? Mr,MSK, naam toh bahut badiya hai,Maan Singh Khurana, par ye kya? Hummare papa bhi humme badiya restaurant lekhe jaatha hai

Geet: Maan, toh itne din aap mujhe ulue banathe the? Kanjoos Khurana, Babaji mein bhi kitni bewakhoof hoon?


Geet gets angry and leaves'..


He heads to his tai-chi ptactise'.

Maan apne gusse ko as usual tai-chi pe nikhaal raha hai'.

Shinchan peeps in'..

Maan gets irritated'.

Shinchan: uncle aap ko stunts bhi aatha ?

Maan doesn't reply'.

Shinchan: aap hummare kazukama defence force join kyun nahi karthe, humme bhi aaise security guard ki talaash hai

Maan almost punches him'.

Shinchan escapes'..

Shinchan: nahi nahi aap wahan bhi aakke leader post mangenge, pehle hi uss kazama ko sambalna bahut mushkil hai

Maan chases him instead of his mishty'.

Geet: Maan'.Maaan

Geet chases Maan for a change'.

Shinchan: uncle shinchan ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namunkheen hai

Mahi school se wapas aathi hai''

Mahi: papa'..papa'..

She stops seeing shinchan'..she runs and hugs him'..

Mahi: shinchan''papa dekho shinchan aaya hai

Shinchan: uncle kya mein issko apna Geet banaoon?

Maan: kya?

Shinchan: mujhe bhi ek Jodi chahiye haina

Maan: Mahi tum andar jaao, abhi

Shinchan: ye bade log toh aaisa hi hothe, woh kuch bhi kar sakthe par wahi kaam hum kare toh bardaast nahi kar sakthe

Geet: Maan, aap teek toh haina?, mein chaltha hoon

Maan: Gee tab ye yahan rahega toh mujhe yahan koi kaam nahi hai

Geet: Maan aap aaise kaise keh sakthe? Mein aapkke bina kya karoongi?

 Shinchan: aunty aap fikar mat karo, ye toh sirf aapko dara rahe hai

Maan: Geet, mein chaltha hoon

Geet: par kahan?

Maan: ab ye TVpur aagaya toh mein Toonpur chale jaatha hoon

Geet: Maaan

Maan achanak gayab ho jaatha'..

Geet: Maaan

Maan: Geet, mein yahan hoon

Geet peeche mudkke dekhthi toh, Maan TV ke andar hai''

Here comes Ur favourite action hero Mighty Maan''.

Geet: Maan, aap wahan kya kar rahe ho?

Maan: Geet, mein toh bachpan se hi action hero banna hi chahatha tha, bye Geet

Geet: Maan rukh jao'.Maaan

Maan: Geet'.Geeet'..kya hua? Utoo

Maan has just returned from his business trip''

He had missed his mishty badly'.

Geet Maan ke absence mein Mahi ke saath cartoon dekhkke rahi toh'..

Geet cartoon dekhthe dekhthe sogayi toh ''

Geet: kitna bhura sapna? Maaan

Geet goes and hugs Maan and kisse him continuously''


Now Maan is confused whether this is his dream'..


Maan: meinne Geet ko patane ke liye kitne plans banakke rakha, lekhin unkki koi zaroorat nahi

Asli mahi shuru ho jaathi'''..maaahhhiii''''''

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