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Posted: 6 months ago

                                  Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani



          Geet Handa comes to Delhi in search of a job. As we know she stays with Pinky and pinky is working at KC.

          Once Geet goes to meet Pinky at KC. Geet is waiting for the lift. Meanwhile she calls Pinky,

          "hare Pinky, mein aagayi hoon, tum kahan ho?"

She is busy chatting, lift arrives and the door opens.

Geet enters still talking without noticing Maan Singh Khurana coming out.

She collides on him and mistakes him for that,

          "andhe ho kya?"

Maan Singh Khurana ko ussne andha kaha toh MSK gets angry,

But she doesn't care and carries on with her gaallies.

          "dikhayi nahi detha ki koi samne hai?

           Itna bhi kya jaldhi hai? "

Maan is really in a hurry and he just pushes her off and walks away followed by his guards.

          "itna akkad? "

Geet feels insulted as he left without bothering her words.

Geet keeps staring at him till he leaves and she too leaves still continuing her gaallies.

At the reception, Pinky is happy to see Geet,

          "Geeet! tu aagayi?"

Geet is very angry,

          " Pinky ye tere office mein kaise kaise log kaam karte hai?"

Pinky blinks, hare issko kya hua?

          " Geet, itna gussa?"

          "patha nahi yahan aathe hi mera mood karab ho gaya, chalo, hum jaldhi chalte hai"

          "haan chalo, DD bhi nahi hai"


          "hare, Maan sir, hummare boss"

          "mujhe laga tum uss Dust Danav ki baat kar rahi ho"

          "nahi re, DD matlab Dhak Dhak, tumne mila nahi unko?"

          "nahi, ek DD se milthe hi mera ye haal hogaya, ab ek aur nahi"

Adi comes,

          "ha ha ha'..", Adi laughs seeing her,

Geet is puzzled,

          "Pinky, tummare office mein sab ajeeb kyun lagthe hai?"

          "ye, ye Adi sir hai"

          "I'm Adi, KC ke accountant, aap?"

          "Adi sir, ye Geet hai, aapko maloom haina? Woh Hoshiarpur wali friend"

          "oohh..' Geet, nice meeting you"

          "aap Pinky ke friend ho?"


          "matlab mere bhi friend ho"

Geet shakes hands'..

          "Geet chalo, mujhe bhook lagi hai"

Adi laughs,

          "haan it's snacking time for Pinky"

          "ye toh har waqt khathe rehthi hai"

          "phir milthe hai Geet"

          "bye Adi sir"

Geet smiles and leaves with Pinky.

Next week,

Geet wants to do a little shopping, but Pinky doesn't have time.

She tries hard to get a day off but MSK ka patha haina, har waqt bas kaam kaam kaam aur no chuti.

Uncleji decides to accompany Geet to the mall.

At the mall,

Geet is surprised seeing the huge mall, she wonders how could one afford all those expensive goods, Geet has got very little money left with her which she uses to get some gifts for Pinky and her papa(uncleji)

          "puthar, isski kya zaroori hai, tum apne liye kuch lo"

          "nahi uncleji aap ye kurtha lijiye"

          "lekhin bte"

          "mein bhi pinky ki tarah aapki beti hi hoona?"

Now uncle couldn't resist.

After shopping Geet asks uncleji to wait at the entrance while she is off to get some chaat for Pinky.

Uncle waits when Maan arrives to meet a client nearby.

Maan steps out of the car and finds a little girl trying to step on the road while her mother is talking on the mobile.

He rushes to stop her and in that hurry he hits uncleji and uncleji's specs drops and breaks.

Geet watches Maan from behind and she is off in a flash to help uncleji.

          "bakthameez gayinka, bhuzurkon ka izzat nahi kartha, najaane kaise isske parivaar issko bardaast karthe"

Maan could hear her while he crosses her but has no time to react, he runs and saves the girl.

Geet helps uncleji and doesn't see Maan helping that child.

When she turns back and looks at him, Maan is scolding the mother for her carelessness.

As usual Geet couldn't keep silent watching him misbehave(?) with a woman.

She goes to help that poor(!) woman,

          "hare tum?" Geet remembers him very well'..

Maan instantly regognises her'..he turns the other side'.

He doesn't want any kind of drama''.

Geet aasaani se chodnewali nahi hai''

          "mujhe pehle hi patha tha ki tum ek no ki kamine ho"

Maan turns back''..he is furious'..

 "kya kaha tumne?"

That women is scared''.

          "aap daro mat, ye toh aaise hi hothe hai, bahut batein karthe aur karthe kuch nahi"

That women takes this opportunity to escape'..

Galthi toh usska hi haina'.

          "thank you behenji, jo bhi ho, ek aurat ki madat toh dusre aurat hi karthi"

          "haan, aap fikar mat karo, mein hoona"

Adi comes and Maan leaves with him''

          "hare, ussko pakdo"

That women holds back Geet''

          "chodo behenji, humme aaise logon se dhoor hi rehna chahiye"

Geet gets really angry'..

          "haan, lekhin kissi na kissi din ye mere haath miltha toh mein ussko"

That Women tries to cool her 'she lifts her daughter'.

          "behenji, aapka bahut bahut shukriya,sweetie, aunty ko bye kaho"

          "aapki bachi hai? bahut cute hai"

          "haan, isskke papa intrezaar karthe honge, hum chalthe hai"

          "bye sweetie"

Uncleji bhi aagaye'..

          "kya hua bte?"

          "aaise logon ko toh jail mein dalne chahiye"

Uncleji tries to calm her down,

          "beta, ye Delhi hai, yahan toh har tarah ke log rehthe hai, humme aaise logon se dhoor rehna chahiye"

          "lekhin uncleji, aapne dekha nahi? Humme kuch karna chahiye, warna ye log humme kamzoor samjkke aur tang karenge"

          "chodo ye sab, Pinky hummare intrezaar kar rahi hogi"

          "hummare nahi, gol gappe ki intrezaar kar rahi hogi"

          "haan, chalo"

One evening,

Geet returns after giving an interview,

          "Geet beta, aapka interview kaise chala?"

Geet looks disappointed..

          "ye job bhi nahi mila"

Geet ka paise katam ho gaye hai, ab toh ussko job ki sakt zaroorat hai.

Papaji se kitne paise mangegi, aur Darji ne kaha ki ek mahine mein koi job nahi mila toh seedhe shadhi.

Geet is worried, she should find a job soon.

          "Geet beta, aap niraash mat ho, aapko zaroor naukri mil jayegi"

Uncle brings her tea.

Geet reminds him of his broken glasses and asks him to get ready so that they can get him a new one.

They go to see the eye specialist.

At the hospital'''

It's very crowded and they had to wait a long time before they could see the doctor.

When uncle's turn comes the sister stops him as some VIP has come.

Geet gets angry and argues with the sister that it's not fair as they had already waited for a long time.

It's Savithri Devi who had come and after seeing Geet arguing she asks uncleji to consult first and that she could wait.

Geet is pleased and she helps her find a seat and she stays with her while uncleji goes to check his eyes.

          "bte aapka naam?"

          "Geet, Geet Handa"

          "aap kahan se hai?"

          "Hoshiarpur se"

          "Hoshiarpur? Hummare bhi wahan bahut jaane pehchaanwale hai"

          "aap Hoshiarpur aaye hai?"

          "nahi, hummare pothe ki koi nayi project wahan shuru honnewala hai"

          "woh kya karthe?"

          "contructions, tum kya kar rahi ho?"

          "mein? Mein abhi job doondh rahi hoon"

          "tum hummare office kyun nahi join karthe?"


          "haan, Khurana Constructions"

          "Khurana Constructions? Pinky bhi wahi kaam karthi"


          "Pinky, meri saheli"

          "that's good, so you would love to work with her"

          "lekhin aap abhi abhi mujhe mille hai?"

          "I like U, U are so sweet, tum zaroor KC join karlo, ye lo mera card"

Dadi calls KC.

          "halo, Adi"

          "gud evening m'am"

          "is there any vacancies?"

          "yah m'am, Maan sir ki secretary ka post vacant hai, infact kal interview hai"

          "cancel the interview, secretary milgayi"


          "get the appointment order ready for Geet Handa"


          "yah, Pinky's friend"

          "I know m'am. Good choice"

Geet ko job milgaya.

          "thank you m'am"

          "toh tum kal hi join karlo"

          "teek hai m'am"

Uncleji bhi aajaathe,

          "uncleji, ye savithriji hai, KC ke malkin"

          "Namasthe ji"


          "aapki Geet bahut samajdhar hai, aur bahut pyaari bhi"

          "uncleji, m'am ne mujhe naukri diya hai, KC mein"

          "ye bahut achchi baat hai, shukriyaji"

          "she deserves it, no need to thank me"

          "teek hai m'am, ab hum chalthe hai"

Geet leaves'.

Maan comes to pick up Dadi'.

He inquires at the reception and Geet spots him,

Geet looks worried'..

          "hare babaji, ye meinne kya kardhi? Ye toh sach mein andha hai, issiliye ussdin bhi itne log usske peeche jaa rahe the aur issiliye ye hamesha kala chasma pehenthe hai"

Geet thinks that Maan is blind.

          "babaji mujhe maaf kardho, mujhse galthi ho gayi, mujhe unsse bhi maafi maangni chahiye, haina?"

She goes to apologize.


Maan turns back'.ye ? phir se sunane aagayi?

Maan gets angry'..aaj toh mein issko chodoonga nahi, samajthi kya apne aapko?

          "woh , I'm sorry, mujhe maaf kardo"


          "mujhe patha nahi aap sach mein aaise ho?"


          "aao, mein aapki madat karthi hoon"

She holds his hand and tries to help'.

          "chodo mujhe"

          "hare mein aapki madat karthi hoon"

          "what nonsense? Tum? Meri madat?"

          "haan, aap andhe haina?"


Maan takes off his glasses,

          "mein andha hoon? Tum andhi hogi"

Maan stares'.Geet looks into his eyes'

Mameet eyelock'Mahi'..

          "aap andhe nahi ho?"


          "toh aap jaanpoochkke ladkiyon se takraathe ho?"


          "haan, mein sab jaanthi hoon"

          "just shut up"

          "meinne dekha, ussdin bhi aap apne galthi ko chupane ke liye uss bechari ko daanta tha, haina?"

Maan closes her mouth'

          "chup'bilkul chup"

Uncleji aathe hai,

          "Geet beta, aap teek toh haina?"

Maan leaves her and goes to see dadi'.

Geet shock mein hai, ussko patha nahi kya ho raha hai'.

Ye Maan ki sparsh ussko bahut disturb kartha'.


          "haan uncleji, mein teek hoon, chaliye"

At the bus stop'.

Uncleji had left his purse at the hospital,

          "hare, ye meinne kaise bhoola?"

          "koi baat nahi uncleji, aap yahi raho, mein aapki purse ko lekeh aathi hoon"

          "lekhin Geet, tum akhele kaise jaoogi?"

          "yahi haina, mein abhi aathi hoon, aap fikar mat karo"

So saying Geet leaves'..

Geet just turns the corner and starts walking when some men start following her'.

There is no one else on that street'

Maan is on his way to KC as dadi had left for KM with the driver'.

Maan sees Geet on the road struggling to free herself from that rowdy's hold'.

Maan comes to help'..

After some punches and kicks those men run away'..

          "tum teek toh haina?"


          "chalo mein tumme ghar chodtha hoon"

          "nahi, uncleji wait karthe honge"

          "teek hai, aao mein tumme unkke paas chodtha hoon"

          "nahi, mujhe hospital jaana hai"

Maan loses his temper'..

          "ab tumme kahan jaana hai? pehle decide karlo"

          "aap jao, mein kudh chali jaaongi"

          "tum aaise nahi manoge"

Maan tries to force her '..

          "chalo mere saath"

          "chodo mujhe"

Geet starts walking fast'

Maan follows her walking behind her'..

Geet gets the purse and she looks at him waiting out for her'.

Now she too goes along with him to the bus stop'.

Uncleji thanks Maan'.

Maan too couldn't understand why he did that'.

Geet thinks about him all night and couldn't sleep well'.

She is late on the first day itself'.

          "Geet, tummare waje se mein bhi aaj late ho gayi"

          "hare Pinky, tu chal, mein aathi hoon"

          "lekhin tumme chodkke?"

          "mein kya bachi hoon, tum chal"

          "are you sure?"

          "haan, mein babaji se milkke hi aasakthi, aaj pehle din haina?"

          "teek hai, sambalkke"

          "haan, tum jao"

At KC'..

Geet rushes in the lift'.

She is already late by an hour'..

Maan is inside the lift'..

Geet takes long breaths as she had come running'.

Maan is surprised to see her there'.



          "phir se?"

          "babaji, ye mein kahan aagayi hoon?"

          "tumme kahan jaana hai?"

Geet tries to stop the lift'she crazily hits all the buttons'

Maan hold her hand and stops her'.

          "pagal ho gayi ho kya?"

          "rokho isse"


          "hare mujhe bahar jaana hai"

The lift had struck due to Geet's crazy hitting'.

Maan gets angry''

          "pagal ladhki, ye tumne kya kardiya?"

          "meinne kya kiya? Sab aapke wajhe se hi hua hai"


          "aapne kya kiya?"

          "tum kuch dher chup raho"

          "babaji, mein kahan fasgayi? Mujhe bachao'."

Geet starts shouting'.

          "bachao'koi hai? bachao'"

Maan is embarrassed'.what's she doing?

Maan corners her and closes her mouth '.

          "chup..'bilkul chup"

Maan calls Adi and Adi calls the lift operator to fix it'.

          "tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?"

          "mujhe yahan naukri milli hai"

          "kya? Tumme kissne naukri dhi?"

          "Savithri ji ne"



          "kal? Toh tum kal hospital meinunko milli thi?"

Maan starts walking towards her'.

" mujhse dhoor hi raho, warna aapki naukri gayi, samje"

          "tum mujhe dhamki dethi ho?"

          "haan, mein savithri ji ko jaanthi hoon, ek call karoon toh aapki chutti"

          "tum mujhe yahan se nikhaaloge?"

Maan stares and gets closer'.

Geet is scared'..

          "mein abhi unko call karthi haaon, dekho"

Maan snatches her mobile'..

          "mera mobile"

Geet tries to get it back and falls over him'.

Maan holds her''Maneet eyelock'..Mahi'..

Lift operates and they get back to the real world from Maneet land'.

Maan goes to his cabin and calls Adi'.


Maan is very angry'.

Adi rushes to his cabin'..

          "ye ho kya raha hai mere office mein?"

          "kaam sir?"


"sorry sir"

"aajka interview?"

          "cancel ho gaya sir"

          "kya? Kyun?"

          "Dadi ka orders hai sir"


          "haan sir"

          "tumne mujhe bathaya kyun nahi?"

          "Dadi ne bathaya nahi?"

Dadi knows about Maan and that's why she kept quiet'.

Else Maan would have stopped her right there'.

          "Adi, ussko bejhdo"

          "kaun sir?"


          "sir, nayi employee? Geet?"

          "haan wahi"

Adi leaves'.

Geet goes to meet Pinky'.

          "Geet tumne itne dher kyun kardhi?"

          "hare woh Dust Danav phir se milgaya"

          "Geet, mazak chodo, Maan sir aagaye hai"

          "kaun Maan sir?"

           "Hare Maan sir ko nahi jaanthi?"

          "nahi toh"

          "Geet tum unkke secretary ho"

          "kya? Hare haan woh Maan sir, kahan hai?"

Adi comes''he is tensed'.


          "Adi sir, kya hua?"

          "Maan sir bahut gusse mein hai"

          "Geet, tu toh gayi"

          "kya? Babaji ye mera pehli din hai, aap mere saath haina?"

Geet babaji ke madat lekhe Maan se milne jaathi'..

          "may I come in sir"

          "come in"

Geet peeps in thru the door'..


Geet shuts the door and runs out'

Everyone is watching her'..

Maan comes out and calls her'..


          "ye mujhe kyun bhulathe hai?"

          "ms.Geet handa"

          "mein nahi"

Geet tries to run away'..

Maan chases and catches her'..

Maan takes her in ''

All the staff keep watching with their mouth open'.

Ye Maan sir hi haina?

Maan goes and sits in his chair'..

Geet stands there shivering''

          "toh tum hi meri secretary ho?"

          "nahi, mujhe patha nahi aap woh DD ho"


          "mujhe laga aap Dust Danav ho, lekhin aap hi Dhak Dhak ho?"

          "kya bakwaas batein kar rahi ho?"

          "nahi, sachi, mujhe patha nahi aap hi Maan sir ho"

          "teek hai, daro mat"

          "mein kissi se nahi darthi"

Maan stares'..

Geet steps back'.

Maan calls Sasha and asks her to guide Geet''.

Maan doesn't disturb her as it's her first day and he gives her time to settle'

Next day'..

Maan calls Geet'.

          "gud morning sir"

Geet is very polite as she doesn't want to loose this job'


          "sir, aapne bhulaya?"

          "haan, Mr.khanna ko quotations ke barein mein inform karna hai"

          "teek hai sir"

So saying Geet leaves immediately'..she wants to show that she is very efficient and intelligent''


She turns back'.


          "kahan jaa rahi ho?"

          "Mr.khanna ko bhulane"


          "aap unko kuch bathana chahathe haina?"

          "tumme patha hai ki ye Mr.Khanna kaun hai?"

          "nahi sir, mein yahan kissi ko nahi jaanthi, mein nayi hoona?"

          "teek hai, pehle ek kaam karo, tum sab se milkke aao"

Maan calls Adi and asks him to introduce Geet to all the staff members'.

After an hour Geet comes back''


          "Mr.Khanna se milli?"

          "nahi sir"


          "shayad woh aaj office nahi aaye?"

Maan wonders how could she be so stupid?

          "patha nahi ye ladhki kya kya karegi, kudh pagal hokke mujhe bhi pagal na banade!"


          "Geeet, woh yahan kaise honge?"

          "kyun sir? Aapne unko naukri se nikhaaldhi?"

          "Geet ,woh yahan kaam nahi karthe"

          "woh mere tarah naye employee hai? aathe hi honge, mein jaakke dekhthi hoon"

          "Dadima, aapko ye pagal ladhki kahan se milli?"

          "sir aapne kuch kaha?"

          "nahi, pehle tum apne bak bak katam karlo"

          "woh mein kya keh rahi thi?"

Maan tries to help her, after all she is scared'..

          "Geet, Mr.Khanna hummare client hai, mujhe unko letter bhejna hai"

          "ab mein samaj gayi, aap letter bhejna chahathe hai"

Geet leaves and comes back with her notepad and pen'..

Maan starts dictating''

Geet tries hard to write but her pen is not working''

She doesn't know what to do'

She looks at Maan and she is lost in his style and looks'

She keeps staring him and admiring him'..

Maan has finished his diction and he asks her to repeat'.

Geet blinks''

          "ye pen''."

Maan couldn't take this anymore'.


          "aapke paas pen hai?"

Maan gives her a pen''.


          "ab kya?"

          "aap ek bar phir dictate kar sakthe hai kya?"

          "geeet, itne dher kya kar rahi thi?"

Maan stares''

          "sir woh 'pen'"

She is so scared '.she struggles to complete her sentence'.

          "pehle kyun nahi bathayi?"

          "aap itne achche dictate kar rahe the toh, aapko disturb kaise kar sakthi?"

          "tum sach mein boli ho ya boli hone ki natak kar rahi ho?"

          "sir, babaji ki kasam, mein bahut achchi hoon"

She tries to defend herself'..she gets closer to him & swears'..

Maan looks at her beautiful eyes and he just couldn't stop gazing them'.

          "Maan sir"

          "haan, likho"

Somehow she finishes her job successfully'.

Next day''

Maan calls her to his cabin'.

Geet comes so fast that she hits the chair and slips'..

Maan who is standing beside holds her'.

Maneet eyelock'.mahi'.

          "gud morning sir"

          "aaj kya problem hai?"

          "kuch nahi sir"

          "toh itne pareshaan kyun ho?"

          "MSK ki secretary banna itna aasaan thodi nahi"


Maan gets angry'..

          "kuch nahi sir, aapke secretary hoona, toh aapke tarah perfect hona chahiye haina?"

          "toh shuru karein?"

Maan gets near her and looks at her'..



Geet is standing on his way'.

Maan gets to his seat'.

          "ye lo"

          "kya hai sir?"


          "mere paas haina?"

          "tummare pen? Nahi, mein ek kaam ko do do baar nahi kar saktha"

          "ye aapka hi hai sir, kal aapne diya haina?"

          "teek hai likho"

After finishing''.

Geet is about to leave'..



Geet had dropped her dupatta while she slipped and fell'..

Maan gets it and gives it to her''

Geet ko bahut sharam aatha''she grabs it and leaves'.

Maan starts liking her innocence and is smitten by her beauty'.

Geet too feels embarrassed when she comes in front of him'..

Both of them keep their feelings within themselves'.


Next week Maan's younger brother Vicky comes back from UK'.

Dadi is very happy and she arranges a party welcoming him'.

She asks all KC employees to make the arrangements'.

Party is at KM'..

Adi, Pinky, Manisha, Romeo, Sasha, Tahsa and Geet take charge'.

Maan has given Geet the responsibility of supervising the party'.

Geet takes this opportunity to impress Maan.

Pinky: Geet mein kya karoon?

Pinky asks munching potato chips'

Sasha: tum? Bas kahin dhoor kadhe hokke aaisa hi kathe raho

Tasha: silly girl, ye high class party hai, tum aur tummari behenji Geet , just stay away from this

Sasha: yeah, that's the best thing you can do

Geet gets angry hearing this,

" Maan sir ne ye kaam mujhe saubdhi, tum kaun hothe ho humme rokhnewali?"

Sasha couldn't believe what she heard,

"MK trusts you? Oh God, this is crazy"

Adi comes to call Geet,

" Geet, Maan sir tumme bhula rahe hai"

Maan is waiting in his room'.

Geet knocks'.

" andar aao"

Ye pehle bar ho raha hai ki kissi employee seva Nakul ke Maan ke kamre mein aa rahi hai'..

Geet looks around'.


 "sir , aapne bhulaya?"

          "haan, tumne party ki theme decide karli"

Maan keeps looking at Geet and Geet feels uncomfortable sitting inside Maan's room'.

 "nahi sir"

Maan comes closer''.

" pehle tumme Vicky ke barein mein jaanna hoga"

 "haan sir, mein bhi wahi soch rahi thi"

"toh note karo"

Maan keeps staring'..Geet keeps looking down'.

Geet takes her pad and pencil'.

" Vicky ko purane ghanne pasand hai, so the theme may be retro"

 "yes sir, ye aapke chota bhai hi haina?"

Geet is confused kahin ye Maan ki bada bhai toh nahi jo purane zamaane ka hai

Maan gets a little annoyed at this question but keeps cool

" ussko Italian cuisine pasand hai, mujhe bhi"

" haan sir, pasta, aapko pasta pasand hai?"

" sweets, Indian pasand kartha, mein bhi"

 "Indian? Laddu ya Rasgulle?"

"donno aur kaju barfi, badam halwa bhi"

"sweet stall lagana hai kya?"

Maan stares'..Geet gets back to work'

          "kaunsa phool?"

"flowers , haan orchids"

 "aapko bhi wahi pasand haina?"


 "sir aap donno ki pasand same hai, aap bas aapki pasand bathao"

 "teek hai, lighting dim hone chahiye"

"andhere mein kaise dikhayi dega ki aap kya khathe ho? "


Geet pens down the list'


 "mujhe safed rang pasand hai, decorations ka backdrop white hona chjahiye"

"safed? Ye bhi koi rang hotha hai kya?"

"Geet, ye tummari shadhi nahi, hummari Vicky ki welcome party hai, samji"

 "aur kuch hai aapke pasand ke list mein"

 "aur haina, tum"

Maan lets out his mind in a hurry'.


 "mera matlab hai, tumne drinks kya order kiya hai?"

" fresh juice aur lassi"

" lassi? Aur hard drinks"

 "daru? Babaji ye meri galthi nahi hai, mujhe maaf kardo"

          " Geet ye daru nahi hai"

 "sir ghar ke party mein daru? Ye achcha idea nahi hai sir"

" tum mujhe sikaaogi ki kya sahi hai aur kya galat"

" sir aapko patha hai ki hummare Hoshiarpur mein kya hua?"

" what?, mujhe tummari Hoshiarpur ki kahaani nahi sunni"

" aaise hi ek shadhi mein hummare tali mamaji ne nashe mein kya kiya?"

" kya kiya?"

Maan gets interested in her story'.

" sir dulhan ke samne dulhe raja ko chumma dedi, ek do nahi sir, pure chowbeez"

" kya? Tummare Hoshiarpur ke log aaise honge, ye Delhi hai"

Maan couldn't believe it,

"sir aap Manisha ko bhool gaye ho, pehle hi woh nashe mein goomtha, agar kal Manisha ne aapko aaise kuch kardhiya toh?"

Maan thinks of Manisha kissing him''kitna bhura lagtha sochkke hi, agar sach mein hua toh? Maan gets scared'..

Geet Handa ne Maan singh khurana ko successfully daradhi'..

" nahi nahi, no kissing"

" sir?"

" mera matlab hai no drinks"

" teek hai sir, aap check karlo"

Geet gives the list to Maan''

"aur kuch?"

" nahi, tum jaa sakthi ho"

Geet gets up and steps towards the door'.

Maan stops her''he catches her hand '.

Geet turns back'.looks at him'.


" Geet tum kuch bhool gayi ho"

Geet checks her dupatta'.woh bhi hai

 "nahi sir"

Maan shows the list'..

"hare, mein bhi na"

Geet gets it & leaves'.

Everyone helps Geet and Geet is busy ordering food and drinks'.

Romeo helps Geet arrange the hall'

He lifts and arranges the furniture'.

          "Romeo, asise nahi, ussko yahan rakho"


          "haan, ye teek hai"

          "Geet, issko kya karein?"

          "issko bahar rakho"

          "Romeo, sambalkke"

Geet too helps him'..

Maan who comes to see the arrangements couldn't tolerate Romeo running around Geet, Maan is jealous'..

He calls Romeo'


          "yes sir"

          "tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?"

          "Geet ki madat kar raha hoon sir"

          "usski koi zaroorat nahi, tum abhi Noida wale sight pe jao, wahan koi problem hai"

          "lekhin sir, sab yahan hai"

          "tumne suna nahi meinne kya kaha?"

Romeo leaves disappointed'.

Geet comes in search of Romeo'..

          "Romeo'.ye kahan chala gaya?"

Geet wanders in the corridor ''.

Maan pulls her inside the room'.


"Geet, tum asli romeo ko chodkke duplicate ke peeche kyun padi ho?"


"haan, tummara Romeo toh tummara samne hi hai"

"Romeo kahan hai?"

"meinne ussko bahar bhejdhi"

"kya? Ab mera madat kaun karega?"

"Adi, Manisha aur pandeyji haina?"

"lekhin woh sab Romeo jaise strong nahi hai"

"tumme kitna strong body chahiye?"

Maan strips off his shirt and shows his muscles'.

"ye kaafi haina?"


"abhi bhi yakheen nahi hotha?"

Suddenly Maan lifts her,

Geet looks into his eyes'.Maneet eyelock'Mahi'..

"Maan sir, chodo mujhe"

"Geet mein tummare madat kartha hoon, kaho, kya karoon?"

Maan gets closer and looks at her lips'.

"madat? Aap? Kaise madat?"

"koi bhi madat, tum kaho Geet, shuru karein?"

"babaji, ab mein kya karoon?"

"bathao Geet, mein tayaar hoon"

"nahi, Adi sir, haan Adi sir mere madat karenge, Adi sir'."

"Geet'.hare Geet, pagal ladhki, mein bhi dekhtha hoon ki kitne din aaise bhaagthi hai?"

Geet makes all the arrangements'.

Maan is happy with that'.

Next day'.Vicky comes'..

Geet welcomes him'.

He instantly likes her'..

" bro, who is this beauty?"

Maan ko bhi lagtha ki aaj Geet kuch zyada hi sundar lagthi'.

He keeps staring his mishty'.

Vicky is surprised to see Maan looking at a girl''.

          "bro, ab toh mujhe jaanna hi padega ki ye ladhki hai kaun?"

Maan replies,

"she's Geet handa, my secretary"

 "bro Ur so lucky"

Maan stares'..

 "aapki itni sundar secretary, what a waste?"

 "aathe hi shuru ho gaye ho?"

Party begins''

Geet Vicky ka khyaal rakhthi'.

She asks him to try all the dishes and serves him lassi too'..

          "what's this? Yogurt?"

          "lassi nahi jaanthe?"

          "lasssi? Very nice"

Maan keeps looking at Geet'.Vicky notices the changes in his big brother.

 "bro if U don't mind may I dance with this angel?"

Vicky asks Geet to dance'..

" want to dance?"

Geet looks at Maan'.Maan nods'

Geet dances with Vicky'.

Maan keeps looking at her and Geet too keeps an eye on him'

Maan feels jealous that Vicky has stolen his chance to dance with Geet'

Chalo koi baat nahi, aur bhi kitne party honge

Dadi is also happy to see vicky back'..

Vicky tells dadi about Geet,

          "Dadi aapka bakra tayaar ho gaya hai, aap balidhaan ka intrezaam kar sakthi hai, aapka intrezaar katam"

          "aap kay baat kar rahe hai bte?"

          "Dadi, bro shadhi ke liye tayaar ho gaye hai, wahan dekhiye"

Vicky shows Maan and Geet'..

          "Maan sir, sab teek haina"

          "haan, sab bahut achcha hai, aur tum bhi"

          "aapkke bhai ko pasand aaya haina?"

          "mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai"

          "sir, Dadima"

Geet has noticed Dadi,

          "Dadima, aapne khana khaya?"

          "haan bte, bahut badiya hai, aapne sabko bahut achche se sambala, hummare party ko bhi aur hummare pothe ko bhi"

Geet ko kuch samaj nahi aaya.

          "thank you dadima"

Sasha is very upset to see Geet getting all the attention'

She mixes alcohol in Geet's drink'.

Geet loses her senses'.she has almost gone mad'.

She goes and asks Maam to dance with her'.

" Maan sir, come on, let's dance, start music"

Geet Maan ko zabardasthi dance karwathi''.Maan had to dance'.

"bro, aap bhi?"

" Geet, ye sab kya hai?"

Maan tries to control her, he tries to dance and take her away from the crowd'


Geet calls Manisha,

"haan baby"

Maan stares'..

Manisha escapes'..

"aap isse kyun darthe ho, bechari? Nahi bechara aapko kitna pyaar kartha hai"

" Geet, chup karo"

"ye kya hai? hamesha aaise hi chup'bilkul chup'..Kehkke mujhe chupathe ho, aaj mujhe baat karna hai, bahut sare baat"

Maan manages to take her to the outhouse'.

He takes her to the bedroom and makes her sleep'..

 "Geet tum yahi sojao"

Geet catches his hand and asks him to stay'.

 "aap bhi yahi raho, mere paas"

Maan sits beside her'..

" teek hai , mein yahi hoon,tum sojao"

"Maan sir meinne aapki sare pasand ko jaanliya, aap Geet ke pasand ko jaanna nahi chahoge?"

Geet starts behaving like a child'.

" haan, bathao Geet ko kya pasand hai?"

"pehle babaji, phir gol gappe, aur Pinky, Adi sir, aur Maan sir"

Maan ke naam lethe hi geet sharmathi'..

"Maan sir?"

"haan, wahi Mr.Maan Singh Khurana"


" yakheen nahi hotha? Geet unko bahut chahathi hai,MSK ka gussa ussko bahut pasand hai, aur patha hai MSK Geet ke kitna khyaal rakhthe? aap nahi jaanthe, DD bahut achche hai"


Maan is surprised to hear that'.he is very happy'..sach toh samne aa hi gaya'

Geet signals him to come closer'.

          "DD ka matlab jaanthe ho? Dust Danav, kissi ko bathana nahi"

She leans on his shoulder and keeps blabbering'.

Maan pats her and tries to calm her down'

Geet falls asleep on his shoulders'.

Maan lays her back on the bed'.

Pinky comes'..

" Geeet, tumme kya ho gaya?"

" ssshhh woh so agyi hai, tum ghar jao, Geet subhe aajayegi"

" lekhin sir"

" Geet ko kuch nahi hoga, tum jao, hum sab haina"

Pinky leaves'..

Next morning''Geet wakes up and finds herself at the OH'.

Geet: mein yahan kya kar arhi hoon?

Geet remembers last night's incident'.

" babaji ye meinne kya kardhi? Ab mein Maan sir ka samna kaise karoongi?"

Nakul comes with tea'..

Geet tells him that she is leaving and asks him to inform Maan'.

While she tries to leave without Maan's notice'..she comes across Maan'

Maan is busy with his tai chi and Geet chup chupkke ussko gurthe rehthi'.

Maan had noticed her'.he quietly comes near her'.

He catches her hand and pulls her towards him'.

" Maan sir?"

Geet tries to run away'.Maan hold her back'..

 "kahan bhaag rahi ho?"

" sir, mujhe ghar jaana hai"

" Geet "

" sir office ke liye dher ho rahi hai, mujhe jaana hai"

" teek hai, office mein milthe hai"

Geet runs away'.

Vicky comes'.

" bro, babhi kya keh rahi thi?"

Maan stares'.

" bro aapne kamaal kardhi, aaise gur gurkhe hi babhi ko manaliya haina?"

" Vicky, tum aaj office aarahe haina?"

" nahi bro, mein kabab mein haddi kaise ban saktha?"


" just kidding, aaj mujhe Dadi ke saath appointment hai"

Maan smiles'.

" teek hai"

" bro aap hasthe bhi ho?"

"chal hatt"

That day Geet skips work saying that she is not well'.

But next day she had to go to KC and face Maan'.

Maan calls her to his cabin'.

Geet tries to avoid looking into his eyes and keeps looking down'.

" tum teek toh hona?"

" haan sir"

" tumme yaad hai uss raat tumne kya kaha?"

" nahi sir"

" yaad nahi hai"

" nahi sir"

" Geet mere aankhon mein dekhke bolo"

Geet looks at him'.

" toh tumme yaad nahi hai?"

" nahi"

Geet ko pasinna nikhaltha'.

Maan gets closer'.

Mein yaad dilatha hoon'.

" toh tumme kya kya pasand hai?"

" kuch nahi"

" kuch bhi nahi?"

"" nashe mein aksar log kuch bhi bolthe hai, uss baat pe barosa nahi karthe"

"nahi Geet, nashe mein hi log sach bolthe hai"

" kaunsa sach?"

" tum hi yaad karo, lekhin aaj shaam tak mujhe sare sachayi bathana chahiye"

" sir, aap kya baat kar rahe hai?"

" Geet, ye tum bhi jaanthi ho ki mein kya baat kar raha hoon"

"lekhin sir"

" tummare paas ab panch gante hai"

" sir?"

" you may leave now"

Maan keeps calling her every hour and reminds her that she has lost one more hour''.

" ye kya hai?"

" kya?"

"ye aap teek nahi kar rahe ho?"

" meinne kya kiya?"

" aap aaise har gante mujhe bhulake aaise kyun darra rahe ho?"

" kya? Mein daratha hoon?"

" haan"

" toh tumme itni pareshaani hai toh abhi maanlo ki tumne uss raat sab sach sach bathaya"

" nahi"

" toh teek hai, abhi bhi tummare paas do gante hai"

" mein nahi maanthi toh kya karoge?"

" tum dekhthe raho mein kya kartha hoon"

Geet is scared'.ye kya karenge?

Aaj bhi mujhe piladenge kya?

Maan calls her and asks her to get him black coffee'.

" Geet, coffee achchi hai"

" teek hai, mein jaaoon?"

"hare nahi, tum bhi kuch pilo"

" kya?"

"bloody marry?"

" aap mere mazak udathe ho?"

Maan smiles'.

"aap hasthe kyun ho?"

" babaji ab hasna bhi guna ho gaya kya?"

" ha ha ha itna bole bhi mat banao"

" Geet , ab maan bhi jao"

" nahi, mein kissi ko pasand nahi karthi"

" tum bahut kareeb aagayi ho, bas yaad karo kissko pasand karthi"

" kya?"

" haan, ye itna bhi mushkil nahi hai, mein madat kartha hoon"

" aap mere madat karoge? Itna madat kaafi nahi hai kya?"

Geet yahan aao, mere samne beito

" Maan sir, ye kya kar rahe ho?"

"ab bathao, mein kaun hoon?"

" aap? Maan sir ho"

" aur?"

" aur kya?"

" mein tummara kaun hoon?"

" boss"

" woh KC mein, kal KM mein tumne kya kaha?"

" yaad nahi"

Maan looks into her eyes'..

" Geet tum kitna bhi koshish karo, lekhin ye tummare aankhen kabhi joot nahi bolthe"

" toh kya bolthe hai?"

" wahi jo tum kehna chahathi ho aur keh nahi paayi ho"

" teek hai , ab aapne sun liya haina? Toh mein jaoon?"

" Geet rukho"

Geet chale jaathi

Next day..'Maan has got other plans'..

Maan calls Geet and gives her a ring'.

" ye kya hai?"

" ye hummare khandaani angooti hai, dadi ne diya hai, mere honnewali biwi ke liye"

Geet is overwhelmed'..

 "kya dekh rahi ho? Issko sambalkke rakho, shamko meri woh aayegi toh ussko ye ring pehenana hai, tab tak tum issko sambalkke rakho"

" kya?"


Geet leaves in anger''

" meri woh, ye kaun hai?"

Geet is worried'..

Mein issko kya karoon? Geet looks at the ring and decides to wear it so that it's not lost'.

"Geet, ye kya hai?"

"ye Maan sir ka hai"

Tasha is excited'.

" solitaire, tumme kaise mila?

"ye Maan sir ne sambalkke rakhne ko kaha"

"toh tumne pehenli? Silly girl"

Manisha too joins the party,

"baby, it's so cute, mujhe dikhao"

Geet tries to take it off but it won't come'..

"hare Pinky,ye kya ho gaya?"

"Geet, kya hua?"

" Pinky, ye bahar nahi aa raha hai"

" lo, mein try karthi hoon"

" Pinky sambalkke"

" Geet soap try karo"

Geet goes and applies soap'

But it won't come even then'.

Geet is very scared''

Maan calls her'..

Geet hides the ring behind her back'..

" Geet kya chupa rahi ho?"

" kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi?"

" ring safe haina?"

" haan"

Maan comes and grabs her hand'.


Maan looks at the ring'..

"woh meinne socha yahi safe hai"

"koi baat nahi"

" lekhin Maan sir"

"kya baat hai?"

" ye ring mere haath mein fussgaya, nikhal nahi raha"

Geet tries to remove it'..

Maan stops her'.

          "lagtha hai ungli ko kaatna padega"

          "kya? Ring aapka hai, lekhin ungli toh meri hai"

          "par ye donno ko alag karna mushkil lagtha"


          "mujhe kyun pooch rahi ho? Ye tummari responsibility hai"

          "teek hai, aap isski keemat bathao, mein dethi hoon"

          "Geet isski keemat ko jukhane ke liye tumme zindagi bar mere saath dena padega"


Maan smiles'.

          "haan Geet"

          "ye itna mehenga hai?"

" ye ring toh apna jagah pohunchgaya"


"haan Geet,ye tera hi hai"

" sir?"

Maan gets closer and shuts her mouth'.

" ab tumme kuch bhi kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai Geet"

"Maan sir?"

" sir nahi, Maan kaho"

" nahi, Maan sir"

" Geet tum meri ho, sirf meri"

Geet bigal jaathi'.

she goes and hugs him''

Maneet passionate hug'mahi'.

Adi and party bahar kushi se nach rahe hai..'balle balle'. Maan sir aur Geet ka rishtha pacca ho gaya'..

Next day''Dadi comes to KC

Vicky ne hi bhulaya hai'.to fix Maneet wedding'..

" Maan, kahan hai hummari bahu?"

Maan calls Geet'.Geet comes'.

" toh ye hai hummari Maan ki dulhan, humne pehle ki faisla kar liya tha, lekhin humme patha nahi ki ye itna jaldhi hoga"

Geet sharmathi''

Aaj se KC mein sirf Mahi mahi hoga, haina babaji?

Posted: 6 months ago

                                                                BEHNE DE MUJHE BEHNE De………


Geet Handa college se wapas aarahi hai…..

Geet is very excited ki kal usske college mein Dancing competition hai…..

Geet aaj full on rehearsal karegi…..

Ranno ko toh Geet ne pehle hi warn kardiya ki aaj koi guests nahi….

Aur mr.Handa is going to be her judge….

Geet unkke suggestions lekhe corrections karegi….

Aaj Geet jaldhi hi college se nikalgayi….

Pinky ko chodkke akhele hi aagayi….

Bus se utharkke apne dress lene masterji ke paas jaathi….

Masterji as usual dher karthe hai…

Geet is very angry…..she is losing her rehearsal time…..

Handaji ne kaha ki woh lekhe aayenge, lekhin Geet ko patha hai ki Geet kudh nahi gayi toh kal ke liye dress tayaar nahi hogi…..

After a long wait Geet gets her dress……

She hops back to the bus stop……

But this time nature plays spoil sport….

It's getting darker and the clouds are getting ready to pour….

Usually Geet ko baarish pasand hai…

Lekhin aaj toh Geet babaji se dua karthi ki ye rain ko thode dher rokhe…..

Geet hears thunder striking and she is afraid of it…..


She looks around and takes shelter in a nearby building….

Aaspaas koi ghar ya shop bhi nahi hai……

Ye koi building under construction hai….

Kisska hoga….KC ka…..toh ye Maan Singh Khurana ka sight hai……

Geet is very carefull that her new dress is not spoiled ….

If it was another day she would have danced in the rain…..

But this time it's scary….it's a bit violent with strong winds and lightning…..

Geet uss building ke andar jaathi hai….ye toh abhi bhi puri nahi hui….

Therefore no electriciry….only a single light chal raha tha…

Par suddenly power shuts down and it's complete dark inside…..

Geet switches on her mobile and stands shivering in a corner…..

She could hear the violent storm and things are blown away by it…..

She is afraid that she would get hurt and she shuts the entrance door….

She waits for the rain to stop and it slows down a bit….

The clouds clear and the moon shines……

There is an open space at the centre of the building and she could see the sky clearing from there…

It's still drizzling but it's not scary anymore….

Geet looks up and finds that it's a four storey building and there is no sign of anyone in……

She cannot go outside until the power comes back….

It's still dark and Geet is afraid to step out……

Babaji ye kya ho gaya? mein kal kaise jeethoongi?

Mera competition ka kya hoga?

Geet is now worried about her competition…..

Ab tak toh ussko ghar jaake apne rehearsals shuru karne chahiye……

Lekhin lagtha hai ki ab yahan se jaana mushkil hai……

Kya karein? Geet ko ab thoda dhar lagtha…….

Aaise hi akele beitkke sochegi toh aur dar jayegi……

Geet has got a plan….

Why not practice for the competition here…..

Yahan toh koi nahi hai aur Geet ke mobile pe gaana bhi hai…..

Geet switches on the song and starts dancing in the rain…….


Aaise toh Geet thode dher apne dar ko baga sakthi….

Kyunki dar ke aage jeet hai? haina babaji?

Ab Geet sach mein apne iss katre ko bhool jaathi aur apne ghaane mein kho jaathi…..

Bhene De Mujhe Behne De……

Geet ko nahi patha ki koi ussko dekh raha hai…..

Haan koi Geet ko upar se dekh raha hai….aur kaun ho saktha?

Hummara Maan Singh Khurana hi hai…..

Maan has come to take a look at the work done at that sight…..

Jab Maan aaya tha sare workers kaam katham karkke chale gaye….

Sirf watchman tha……

Watchman ko bhi Maan ne kissi kaam ke liye bahar bhejdiya hai……

Just then it started to rain and as we know Maan hates rain ……..

So he had gone up to escape from the rain…….

As the rain started to slow down Maan looks down and finds someone there….

Maan ko lagtha hai ki watchman hoga….

But after a while Maan hears the song playing and takes a look again….

There he finds some angel dancing in the rain…..

Maan could hardly realise what's happening…..

He is just lost in the song and the dancing beauty…..

After the song ends Maan gets back to his senses and comes down to find who it is…..

Just then Geet plays the song again and starts dancing…..


Maan stops and admires her dance…….

Then he finds something strange…….ye mujhe kya ho gaya?

Maan Singh Khurana kab se baarish ko admire karne laga?

Maan is stretching his hands and feeling the rain…….

This is not that bad…..this is good……

Then he moves closer to that angel dancing in the rain……

Maan is not sure if it's his dream or real……

One thing is clear….ye MSK ka sapna nahi ho saktha…..

Kyunki Maan ke jeevan mein hi nahi sapne mein bhi koi bhi ladhki ki jagah nahi hai……..

So this must be real……

Ye kahan se aayi aur yahan mere building mein kya kar rahi hai?

Issko dekhkke toh nahi lagtha ki ye yahan kaam karnewali hai……

Aur aaspaas koi ghar bhi nahi hai toh ye kahan se aayi?

Seedhe aasmaan se aayi koi Pari hai kya?

Nahi nahi, aaise nahi ho saktha?

Maan moves closer and touches her…….

Geet is swirling and she hits him…..

Just then she hears the thunder striking and she hugs him tight…..


Maan bhi behgaya……


Maan looks at her face and is shocked …….

This is the same girl……

Maan takes another look….

Hare ye toh wahi hai…….

Maan recognizes her…..she had come to KC for some donation……

One week back……


Geet being the cultural secretary of their college is busy organizing this dance competition….

Actually this is for a noble cause to help the children suffering from malnutrition…..

That's why Geet is so much involved in this event ….

Koi aur function hotha toh Geet itna takleef nahi lethi….

Ussko sambalne ke liye aur bhi log hai……

Lekhin jaise bhi Geet ko uss bachon ki madat karna padega…..

Issilye toh Geet bhi iss competition mein participate kar rahi hai……

Jaise bhi iss competition ko jeethna hai……

Geet is busy selling tickets for the event…..

Someone tells her about MSK and gives her KC's address….

Next day Geet arrives at KC and she is being kept waiting for a long time before this MSK could come back from his meeting…..

Maan is already tired after a hefty schedule and Geet is equally annoyed and tired of waiting……

When the receptionist asks her to go and meet the MD, Geet just barges in without even bothering to knock….

Maan ka mood pehle hi karab hai toh usska gussa aur badjaatha……

Maan: knock karne ki courtesy bhi nahi hai, aajkal ki ladhkiyan toh

Geet: kya aajkal ki ladhkiyan? Mein toh subhe se intrezaar kar rahi thi, aaj ka din hi waste ho gaya, mujhe bhi aur kitna kaam hai, samje aap?

Maan didn't expect this……

Maan: mere paas tummare kahaani sunne ke liye waqt nahi hai, kaho kya chahiye?

Geet: mein bhi apne liye nahi aayi, bas iss masoom bachon ke liye aayi hoon, warna koi aap jaise Dust danav se madat kaise mangega?

Maan: ye bhi koi tareeka hai donation maangne ki?

Geet: hum koi inaam nahi maang rahe hai, ye dekho humne ek dance competition organize kiya hai, hum sirf usske tickets bhej rahe hai

Maan: toh tummare gang mein aur kitne log hai? tumme sharam nahi aathi aaise masoom bachon ke naam se chori karne ki

Maan just remembers the incident where Dadi was fooled by some college girl selling fake tickets…

Geet: kya? Aap samajthe kya apne aap ko? Aap ko paise nahi dena toh mujhe pehle hi bathathe, aaise intrezaar karwakke insult kyun karthe ho?

Maan: what? Tumme patha hai kit um kisse baat kar rahi ho?

Geet: haan haan, koi sadu kanjoos khurana se baat kar arhi hoon, lagtha hai aaise logon ko insult karna aapka shok hai

Maan: Adi….adiii,

Adi comes running…..

Adi: yes sir

Maan: kissne iss pagal ladhki ko andar bheja?

Adi: sir, she is xyz college student sir

Maan: student ? patha nahi aaise log padkke kya karenge?

Geet: Mr., this is non of your business

Maan: Adi, security ko bhulao

Geet: kya? Mein bbi dekhthi hoon ki mujhe kaun bahar nikhaaltha? Aap ko hummare students ka power nahi patha? Ek call karthi toh pura students aapke kC ke samne honge

Maan: mujhe damki dethi ho? MSK ko?

Geet: abhi dekho, mein kya kar sakthi?

Maan: Adi, ye sab kya hai?

Adi: Ms. Geet, aap ko koi galatfami ho gayi hai, aap please mere saath aayiye

Geet Adi ke saath jaathi….

Adi cools her down and pleads her to leave……..

Geet understands Adi's plight, aaise aadmi ke saath kaam karna toh kitna mushkil hoga?

Bechare roz roz kaise uss DD ko sambalthe?

Waise Handaji bhi ab tak paanch call kar chukke hai, Geet ko ghar jaana hai….

She leaves but she could never forget that Dust danav…..

Back to the rainy day…..

Now Maan knows that she is not cheating……sach mein kal competition hai….

Geet too recognizes him……..

Geet: tum?

Maan: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? woh bhi aaise waqt pe?

Geet: mein yahan baarish se bachne ke liye aayi , lekhin tum yahan kaise?

Maan: ye mera sight hai

Geet: kya? Mujhe pehle hi patha chaltha toh mein yahan nahi aathi

Geet takes her bag and tries to leave….

But the door won't open……

Maan: kissne darwaza band kiya ?

Geet: kyun? Meinne hi band kiya tha

Maan: tumne aaisa kyun kiya?

Geet: mujhe bahut dar laga toh meinne band kardhi

Maan: ab hum bahar kaise jaayenge?

Geet: kyun? Tum darwaza nahi kol sakthe?

Geet takes a look at him and finds him strong enough…….

Maan: ye darwaza nahi kolega

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, issme koi problem hai, issiliye meinne watchman ko bheja tha issko teek karne ke liye aadmi ko lane

Geet: tummara sight haina? Aaisa hi hoga? Ab patha nahi ye roof kab mere uoar girega?

So saying Geet goes out and stands in the open space…..

It's pouring heavily…..

Maan catches hold of her and pulls her in….

Maan: pagal ho gayi ho kya?


Geet: chodo, chodo mujhe

Maan leaves her……

Geet: babaji, ab kya hoga? Mujhe iss DD se bachao, koi hai, bachao…bachao….

Maan gets hold of her and closes her mouth….

Maan: chup….bilkul chup…..

Geet looks into his eyes….Maneet eyelock…….

Geet looks at the mobile….it's 6 pm……

Geet usually iss waqt ghar wapas chake jaathi…..

Geet: mere ghar mein sab pareshaan honge, mujhe jaana hai

Maan: jab tak koi aakke iss darwaze ko nahi kholtha hum bahar nahi jaa sakthe, aur mujhe nahi lagtha itne baarish mein koi aa saktha, tumme toh kal subha tak yahi rukhna padega

Geet: kya? Nahi, koi toh rashtha hoga

Geet climbs up the stairs and goes to the roof….ayhan se khoodkke koi bach nahi saktha…..

Ab kya hoga? Ek raat iss DD ke saath kaise? Nahi nahi, mujhe kuch karna padega….

Maan is still waiting down….ussko patha hai ki yahan se jaane ke koi aur rashtha nahi hai….

Maan kehtha toh ye zaroor nahi manegi, ab kudh check karthi toh koi problem nahi hoga, haina?

Geet wapas aathi…..

Maan: tummare gharwale ko inform kardho ki tum yahan ho

Geet: kaise kar sakthi?

Maan: kyun? Tummare paas mobile haina?

Geet: issme toh balance nahi hai

Maan: kya? Toh tum issko music sunnne ke liye isstemaal karthi? Stupid girl

Geet: tummare paas mobile hoga haina?

Maan: tummare papa ka no. kya hai?

Geet: kyun?

Maan: hare, unko bathana haina ki tum yahan ho

Geet apne papa ka no. bathathi…..

Maan calls Mr.Handa…..

Handaji: halo

Maan: tummare papa ka naam kya hai?

Geet: Mohinder Handa

Maan: Mohinder ji hai?

Handaji: haan, bol raha hoon, aap kaun hai?

Maan: aapki beti aaj raat ghar nahi aasakthi

Handaji: kya?

Maan: haan, aapko fikar karne ki koi zaroorat nahi, woh mere saath hai, kal subha ghar aayegi

Aaise kehkke Maan phone khaattha….

Geet is shocked….aaise bhi koi baat kar saktha hai kya?

Geet: ye tumne kya kaha?

Geet pareshaan ho jaathi….

Handaji toh bahut pareshaan ho jaathe……

He calls back…..

Maan: halo

Handaji: halo, aap mere beti ko kuch nahi kijiye, mein aapko jitna paisa chahiye detha hoon

Maan: kya?

Geet: papaji haina?

Maan: tere parivaar mein sab pagal hai kya? Tummare papa ko lagtha ki tumme meinne kidnap kardhi, waise tumme kaun kidnap karega? Ye toh kudh kushi karne ki barabar hai

Geet: snatches the phone…..

Geet: papaji, Geet bol rahi hoon

Handaji: puthar, tum teek toh haina?

Geet: haan papaji, mein bilkul teek hoon, mein aapki Geet Handa hoon, mujhe koi kuch nahi kar saktha

Handaji: achcha puthar abhi tum kahan ho?

Geet: mein yahan tailor ke paas aayi aur baarish mein rashtha band ho gaya, mein kissi building mein fusgayi

Handaji: toh putahr tumne khana toh khaliya haina?

Geet: nahi paapji, issne toh mujhe kuch nayi khilaya

Maan: what? Tum kya meri mehmaan ho?

Geet: haan, ye tera hi jagah haina?

Maan: iss haalat mein issko khane ki padi hai?

Geet: papaji maa ne kya banaya?

Handaji: Gol gappe

Geet: Gol gappe? Maa ko bhi aaj hi banana tha

Handaji: koi baat nahi puthar kal aap ke liye banayegi

Geet: papaji mere phone ka recharge karwadijiye, woh kya haina? Kissi ki phone pe zyada baat nahi kar sakthi

Maan: teek kaha tumne

Maan gets back his mobile……

Maan: tummara no. kya hai?

Geet: tumme nahi batha sakthi

Maan stares…..

Geet tells her no…..

Geet's mobile beeps……

Maan has recharged her no……

Geet: ye kissne recharge kiya?

Maan: meinne hi kiya tha, ab tum mere mobile pe haath mat lagao

Geet: ye kya? 500 rupaye ka recharge?

Maan: kyun? Kam hai kya? Tum kitna bologe?

Geet: mein toh sirf 100 rupiye ki recharge karthi hoon

Geet searches her bag……

Geet: ye lo

Maan: kya hai?

Geet: mere paas abhi sirf 200 rupiye hai, bakhi kal dedungi

Maan: isski koi zaroorat nahi

Geet: mujhe tummare paiso ki koi zaroorat nahi hai Mr. Khanjoos khurana

Maan gets the money just to stop her bak bak……

Maan: leliya, ab toh apna muh band karo

Dadi calls…..

Maan: halo dadima

Dadi: Maan bete aap kahan ho?

Maan: mein sight pe hoon

Dadi: iss waqt aap wahan kya kar rahe ho?

Geet snatches the phone…..

Geet: abhi dekho, tumne mere papa se kya kaha?

Dadi: halo

Geet: namasthe Dadima

Dadi is shocked to hear a girl's voice on Maan's phone……

Geet: aapkke potha aaj raat mere saath rahega, ghar nahi aayega

Tit for tat….

Geet: abhi dekhthi hoon ki kya hotha?

Maan: tummari itni himmat? Mere mobile wapas kardho

Tabhi Dadi calls back….

Geet attends the call……

Dadi: Maan bete, humme koi problem nahi hai , aap chahe toh do chaar din badh bhi aasakthe, lekhin wapas aathe waqt hummari bahu ko bhi zaroor saath layiye

Geet: kya? Lo tum hi baat karo

Geet gives the phone to Maan…..

Maan: Dadi, jaise aap soch rahe ho aaise koi baat nahi hai, mein toh yahan ek pagal ladhki ke saath fusgaya hoon

Geet: kya? Mujhe pagal kehthe ho? tum pagal ho aur tummare Dadi pagal hai

Maan: Dadi mein aapse kal aakke sab kuch bathatha hoon

Ab Geet apne bag se chocolates lekhe khathi…..

Iss Pinky ke bachi ke saath rehne mein yahi faida hai….

Sab ke bag mein kuch na kuch snacks chupakke rakhthi….

Geet: tumme chahiye?

Maan: nahi

Geet: mein paise nahi mangoongi, khalo

Maan takes one, he is also humgry…..

After dinner(?) Geet feels a little cold out there…..

Her dress is wet so she is shivering….

Geet ke paas usska naya dress hai….lekhin woh kal ke function ke liye hai…..

Maan looks at her shivering…..

Maan: tummare paas kapde haina? Tum badal lo

Maan starts to move from there……

Geet: nahi, ye mein nahi pehen sakthi, kal competition haina?

Maan: abhi tum change nahi karogi toh kal dance nahi kar payegi, samji

Geet: nahi, ye mein nahi pehen sakthi

Maan: toh ye loh, isse pehen lo

Maan takes off his shirt and gives her…..

Geet ko lagtha hai ki yahi teek hai…..


Maan dusre kamre mein chale jaatha…..


Maan ko neendh nahi aathi…..

He is still thinking about Geet….

Ab woh kya kar rahi hogi?

He sneaks out and goes to have a look at Geet….

Geet is fast asleep….

Maan wonders how could she sleep under such circumstances…..

Geet dance karthe karthe tak agyi toh sogayi….

Maan ke shirt pehenkke ek choti si abchi ki tarah Geet so rahi hai….

Maan thode dher Geet ko hi dekhthe rehtha….

He also gets back to his room and tries to sleep……

Next morning……

Maan ka alarm bachtha….it's 4'0 clock……

Maan wakes up and finds himself sleeping on the floor…..

Yahan mein kaise? Maan remembers Geet…..

He rushes to find whether everything is Ok…..

Geet is still asleep……

Maan calls the watchman and the workers come and open the door….

Watchman tries to enter ….

Maan remembers Geet wearing his shirt and sleeping….

Maan stops him from entering inside…..

He asks him not to allow anyone inside and goes to wake Geet….

Maan: Geet, uttoo, darwaza khul gaya, sare workers aagaye hai

Geet ye sunkke shock ho gayi…..apne dress ko dekhkke gabragayi….

Geet: tum yahan kya kar rahe ho? chale jao

Maan: hare pareshaan honne ki koi baat nahi hai, tum aaram se change karkke aao, yahan koi nahi aayega

Koi nahi aayega? Lekhin Maan kaise aasaktha?

Geet: tum?

Maan just them realizes that he has to leave….he leaves in a hurry…..

Geet change karkke aathi….

Maan: tum aao mere saath, mein tumme ghar chodtha hoon

Sab Geet ko hi dekhthe hai…..

Maan gets angry and shouts…..

Maan: sab apne apne kaam karo

Everyone runs away…..

Geet: mein chale jaoongi

Maan: tumme mein utakke nahi jaanewala hoon, mere paas gadhi hai

Geet Maan ke saath jaathi….

Maan drops her at home…..

Handaji is getting ready to come and take Geet….

Geet toh wapas aagayi….

Handaji: Geet, tum aagayi? Lekhin kaise?

Geet: mein isske saath aayi

Geet turns back and finds that Maan has left……

That evening……….

Dadi is getting ready…..

Maan: Dadi, aaj aapka kya program hai?

Dadi is always busy raising fund for her charity……

Dadi: aapko patha nahi? aaj xyz college mein dance competition hai, ye bhi hummare bachon ke liye hi kar rahe hai hum

Maan: Dadi chalo mein aapko drop kartha hoon

Dadi is surprised…..ek raat uss ladhki ke saath rehthe hi Maan itna badal gaya?

Zaroor uss ladhki ne koi jadu kiya hai……..

Maan drops Dadi at the college….

Dadi: Maan bete, aap bhi aayiye

Maan: nahi dadi, aap jayiye

Maan gets out and takes a look….his eyes are searching Geet….

Geet comes…….she looks pretty in her new attire……

She finds Maan gazing her…..


Geet: tum apne paison ke liye yahan tak aagaye ho? rukho mein abhi aathi

Geet Pinky ke paas jaakke paise lekhe aathi….Maan has left…..

Geet competiton jeet jaathi…..

Dadi is sitting on the stage…..

Maan calls….

Dadi: Maan bete aapko toh aaj yahan aana chahiye, uss lahdki ne kamaal ka dance kiya hai, usska naam kay ahi?

Dadi asks someone near…..

Maan: Geet handa

Dadi: hare, aapko kaise patha?

Maan: meinne toh kal hi usskke performance dekh liya hai

Dadi: toh yahi hai woh ladhki?

Maan: haan Dadi

Dadi: Maan bete aap jaldhi ghar aayiye, aapko aaj ek surprise dena chahathe hai hum, toh bete hum ghar pe milthe hai

Maan: teek hai Dadima

Dadi is very happy…..

After the function Dadi calls Geet…..

Geet has donated her prize money also for the charity….

Dadi: toh Geet aaj aap hummare saath hummare ghar pe dinner karenge

Geet: nahi m'am, mere parents mere liye intrezaar kar rahe hai

Dadi: toh unko bhi bhulayiye, aaj toh aap ke jeet ko celebrate karna hi padega

They go to KM…..

Geet is about to enter…..

Dadi: hare, rukhiye, aap pehle bar hummare ghar aarahe hai, Nakul

Nakul aarthi lekhe aatha….

Geet is confused……but when she finds Maan standing in the balcony staring at her she understands what's this Dadi upto…..

After aarthi Geet enters her sasuraal…..

Geet: papaji mein abhi aathi hoon

Geet climbs up the stairs to see Maan….

She knocks the door……

Maan is surprised to see Geet there…..

Maan: andar aao, tumme knock karne ki zaroorat nahi hai, waise tumme toh knock karne ki aadat nahi haina?

Geet: ye lo tummare paise

She gives him 300 rupees

Maan: tum ye paise lautanne aayi ho?

Geet: haan, tumme kya laga? Mein yahan tumse milne aayi hoon?

Maan: par 300 toh mein kal letha, aaj toh 300 se kaam nahi hoga, tumme interest bhi dena padega

Geet: kya? Ek din ka interest?

Maan: business man jo hoon, har deal mein kuch na kuch faida hona chahiye haina?

Geet: bataho kitna chahiye? 30 ya 50?

Maan: hare mujhe paise nahi chahiye

Geet: toh phir?

Maan gets closer……

Geet fatafat apne chumka nikhaalke Maan ko dethi…

Geet: ye lo, ye kaafi haina?

Maan toh kuch aur hi expect kar raha tha…..

Just then Dadi calls Geet…..

Geet: aathi hoon

Geet thrusts her earring on Maan's hand and leaves…..

Maan: Geet rukho, ye lekhe jao

Geet toh chali gayi…..

Maan Geet ke earring ko dekhkke Geet ke khayaalon mein kho jaatha…..

After dinner….

Geet is ready to leave….

Maan looks at them leaving…..he expects Geet come and say goodbye…….

Ranno finds Geet's chumka missing…..

Ranno: Geet, tummare chumka kahan hai? ek hi hai, dusra kahan hai?

Geet: hare maa, dance karthe waqt kahin girgaya hoga

Dadi: nahi Geet, humne abhi abhi dekha tha, aap pehle bar hummare ghar aaye hai aur apkka chumka kho gaya, ye toh abshagun hai

Dadi calls the servants and they all search the earring….

Maan : Geet, ye dekho,kahin ye tummara chumka toh nahi?

Dadi: shayad aapka chumka Maan ke kamre mein ghir gaya, aap jaakke lelo

Dadi winks…..

Geet upar jaathi….

Maan catches hold of her hand, pulls her in and closes the door…..

Maan: ye lo, isse hi dhoondh rahe haina?

Geet: lekhin ye toh tummara interest hai, tum hi rakhlo, isske badle mein kal tum kuch aur maangtha toh?

Maan: mujhe toh ye chumka nahi isske malkhin chahiye

Geet: kya?

Maan: mein issko apne paas rakh saktha, lekhin Dadima isskke bina tumme wapas nahi jaane denge, phir tumme kal raat ki tarah aaj bhi mere saath rukhna padega, mein toh tayaar hoon, tum mere saath mere kamre share kar sakthi ho

Geet: toh tummara ye plan hai?

Maan Geet ke paas aakke ussko chumka pehnatha…..mahiii…………..

It's rainy season and so it starts to rain now……


Thunder strikes….Maan pulls Geet towards him and hugs her tight…..

Maan: Geet, daro mat, mein hoon tere saath

Geet: hatto, mujhe koi dar nahi hai

Maan: kal toh bahut dar gayi thi

Geet: hare kal toh open space tha, yahan toh kuch nahi hoga, dekho

Geet goes and opens the window……

One more thunder strikes…..

Geet runs towards Maan and hugs him…….

Maan: Geet, mujhe toh pehle baarish pasand hi nahi tha, lekhin ab toh mujhe baarish bahut pasand hai, aaise hi tum mere saath rahogi toh har mosam suhaana hotha…..

Maneet passionate hug…..mahiii…………….

Ab dadi ko apne bahu mil hi gayi……………….

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                                                Behne De….continued….


Geet hugs Maan and Maneet passionate hug…..

Maneet lost in themselves…….

Geeet….Ranno calls……

Geet: chodo mujhe, mujhe jaana hai

Maan: toh jao, meinne kahan pakda tumme?

Geet realizes that only she is hanging on to him still…..

She is shocked and pulls herself back……

She leaves immediately feeling shy and embarrassed….

Maan: Geet…..

She turns back, shivering….

She just can't wait anymore……this intimacy kills her…..

But she doesn't even know this man…..

He is still a stranger…….but why this strange feeling….

mann kyun itna bechain ho raha hai?….

Dil kyun yahi isske paas rukhna chahatha hai?…..

Maan : gud night


Geet doesn't reply….just runs off….

Maan smiles…..he knows her problem…..

He wants to give her some time…..

Let her find out herself…..

That night….

Geet gets into her night suit ….

As usual she goes to the mirror and starts removing her jewels….

When she looks at her earrings, she is drawn back to Maan's memories….


She is hit by the same feeling when Maan touched her to wear her chumkas….


Geet doesn't want to remove them as wants his warmth still lingering in her ears….

She feels shy and covers her face with her hands….

She couldn't stop smiling and she goes to sleep with the sweet memories of Maan….

Next morning….


Dadi: toh Maan bete, kal ki meeting success haina? Aap kahe toh hum Geet ke mabaap se baat akrthe hai

Maan: nahi Dadi

Dadi: kya? toh aap ko ye ladhki bhi pasand nahi aayi?

Maan: Dadi, woh…mere baat nahi hai, Geet

Dadi: toh Geet aapko nahi chahathi?

Maan: Dadi, aap zara mere baat ko suniye

Dadi: hum kitne saal intrezaar kar sakthe? Humne toh faisla kardhiya hai, Geet hi hummari bahu hai, samje aap?

Maan: meinne kab mana kiya tha? Geet hi aap ki bahu banegi, kyunki woh meri hai, Maan ki Geet

Dadi: phir kya problem hai?

Maan: Dadi, Geet toh mujhe jaanthi bhi nahi hai, patha nahi ussko mera naam bhi yaad hoga ya nahi?

Dadi: what? Toh aap uss din Geet se nahi mille the?

Maan: haan Dadi

Dadi: phir? Aapne ussko apna naam bhi nahi batahya?

Maan: kaise bathatha? woh kahan mere baat ko sunthi?

Dadi: ye aap kya keh rahe hai bete?

Maan: Dadi, humme thoda waqt dijiye

Dadi: aur kitne waqt lagega? Lagtha hai ki humme hi kuch karna padega

Adi calls…..

Maan: haan Adi, mein bas nikhal raha hoon, bye Dadi

Maan phir apne kaam mein busy ho gaya?

Maan goes to the sight…..the same sight…..

MSK is always on the move……he is so fast that his staff always struggle to keep pace with him….

But today Maan stops after stepping in….

He is reminded of Geet….

He just keeps looking at the place where she danced….

He goes to the room where she stayed that night…..

His mind is occupied by her thoughts….

Adi follows him everywhere and is puzzled…..

Maan sir kya dhoondh rahe hai?

Adi: Sir, Mr.Sharma upar hai

Maan gets back to his senses….

Maan: mujhe patha hai, chalo

Maan finds it difficult to concentrate on his work….

Wherever he looks he finds Geet…smilimg …dancing….arguing….talking to her babaji….

Mr.Sharma: Mr.Khurana, what happened?


Maan: nothing, shall we continue in the evening? At my office?

Adi: but sir, aap hamesha sight pe hi discuss karthe haina?

Maan: Adiii do as I said, Mr.Sharma, I'm sorry, mujhe koi zaroori kaam hai

Adi: par sir, aaj ka aapki aakhri program yahi hai


Mr.Sharma: no problem Mr.Khurana, hum shamko milthe hai

Maan: At KC

Mr.Sharma: sure

That evening …..Maan returns home after meeting Mr.Sharma…..

The sky opens up and it begins to pour just like that day….

Maan is reminded of Geet and he turns back and drives to the sight….

He thought that Geet would be there hiding from the rain…..

He stops the car and rushes in…

Watchman follows him….

Watchman: sab, sab

Maan doesn't hear nayhting….he just goes to find his Mishty….

To his disappointment Geet is not there…..

Geet has gone home earlier…..

Maan leaves with a heavy heart…..

He drives to her home….

He parks the car far and walks to her house….

Geet is standing in the balcony….playing in the rain….

Maan is relieved to see her and he keeps looking at her till she leaves…..

Maan returns very happy…..he is happy just seeing his Mishty….

Ranno: Geet, ye kya hai? tum toh pura gilli hui ho, jaldhi jao, apne kapde badalkke aao

Geet remembers Maan throwing his coat and asking her to change….

She hops to her wardrobe and finds the coat….

She removes her wet clothes and wears Maan's coat….

She goes to sleep with Maan's dreams…

She feels like resting in his arms…..she remembers the comfort of his embrace…

She longs to see him and she longs for those broad shoulders….


She decides to rerurn it to hi next day….

She doesn't want to part with it, but she wants to see him….

Koi toh bahana chahiye haina?

Next day….

Geet goes to KC to return his coat…..

Adi is surprised to see her again…..

Maan aaj bahut gusse mein hai….

Koi business tension hai….

Adi feels bad for Geet…issko aaj hi aana tah?

Geet:Adi sir, kya mein Mr.Khurana se mil sakthihoon?

Adi: kya? nahi, Maan sir meeting mein hai

Maan just passes by….

He is blasting at everyone…

Maan: Tasha… kay hai?

Maan throws the files….

Tasha stands there with her heads down…

No one dares to speak….

Geet: Adi sir, mein chalthi hoon

Maan hears that voice and he turns back ….

He knows it's Geet…..

Geet is so scared…

Maan: tum? Kahan bhaag rahi ho?

Maan is still out of control….

Geet: mein….Adi sir, mujhe bachao


Geet hides behind his back….


Adi jumps and disappears….

Everyone look at Maan…

Maan: aap log yahan kya dekk rahe ho: yahan meri shadhi ho rahi hai kaya?

Sab gayab ho jaathe….

Poor Geet is left alone….

Maan grabs her hand and takes her to his cabin…

Maan relaxes and doesn't want to scare her…..

Geet is still shivering…..

Maan: Geet…Geeet

Geet: haan

Maan: aakhir tum mujhse milne aa hi gayi? Meinne toh kal hi tumme expect akr raha tha

Geet: mein aapki coat wapas dene aayi thi

She gives it to him…..

Maan: ohhh…toh tum mujhse milne nahi aayi?

Geet: nahi….

Maan gets closer….Geet steps back…..

She hits the wall and stops…..


Maan looks into her eyes…Maneet eyelock…..

Maan ko patha hai ki Geet yahan kyun aayi hai?

Lekhin abhi bhi maanne ke liye tayaar nahi hai?

Mein bhi dekhtha hoon ki kab tak aaise chalega?

Maan: mujhe laga kit um issko apne paas hi rakhogi

Geet: kyun? Mujhe kissi ka coat nahi chahiye

Maan: nahi chahiye? Toh aaj raat ko kya pehnoge?

Geet is shocked how he knew that?

Maan had been stalking her and he was there at her house last night…..haina?

Geet: aapka matlab?

Maan: matlab toh tum bhi achche se jaanthe ho

Maan smirks….Geet feels embarrassed….

Geet: woh….

Maan: tum chaho toh isse apne paas hi rakhlo, tumme isski zyada zaroorat padegi

Maan looks at her and imagines her in that coat….

Geet feels like she is not wearing anything…..

She suddenly adjusts her duppatta and covers herself…..

Maan smiles at her…….he knows how she is feeling now…..

Geet: mujhe jaana hai


Geet looks a little scared……

Maan lets her off and she leaves…..

Maan doesn't want to give her pressure….

Let her take her own time….

He is actually going on a business trip…..

This break will make her realise what she wants and what she is missing…..

But it's going to be even more difficult for him to stay away from her….

Maan takes that coat with him as a substitute for his Mishty….

That makes his life more miserable….

That coat and it's unique scent of his mishty make him weak….

Geet too misses him and she has lost her only possession that helped her feel him…..

Feel his emrace and feel his warmth and comfort……

What a fool she is to return it to him?

She yearns to see him but is scared by his intimacy….

He gets so close with so much ease that she could neither resist him nor deny him……

What happens to her when this man is around….

She forgets herself and beraks her limits not knowing how to stop herself …..

She is so scared to face him gain that she decides to stay away from him…

Maan is back in a week and is waiting to see his Mishty…..

He knows that she won't dare to come again…

It's his turn……

He tries to meet her on her way back home….

He waits for her after college…..

But Geet keeps avoiding him….

Either she takes a taxi or runs into the caf , hiding there until he goes…..

She now comes along with her friends and never alone….

Maan is frustrated….this girl is crazy…..

She too is going thru the same pain and anguish but still adamant to accept it…..

Dadi is getting ready for her party….

A small party to appreciate the efforts of the students who collected donations for her children's home….Geet has been the leader of this fund raising project in her college….

That competition was also her idea…..

The students have been raising funds for the past one month and they are handing over the funds raised to dadi today….Dadi wants to show her appreciation by giving them some gifts…..

Maan has a plan…..he knows Geet is the one who deserves it…..

He tells Dadi about his plan…Dadi likes it very much…..

Dadi too is waiting for this only…..

At the party…..

Geet is busy with her friends…..

She never expected Maan there….

She is pleasantly surprised but is also feeling nervous…..

Maan had accompanied dadi and gas come to help dadi…

Aal the girls go gaga seeing MSK in their campus……

Dadi makes an announcement that makes them crazy……

Dadi wishes to thank them and to appreciate their efforts MSK, the most eligible bachelor of Delhi would be taking the winner for a date……

What more would a girl want?...

As of now Geet is the clear winner with more than a lakh to her credit…..

But this dinner has been organized for the elite to contribute….

The girls are after the big shots collecting funds……

Sameera Geet's claamate is always jealous of Geet and after the announcement she wants to win this at any cost….

Till now she is the least bothered about charity and this noble gesture….

But now she wants to go on a date with MSK….

Her father is a business man and he has also come to this event….

She gets a wooping 2 lakhs from her afther and leads Geet …….

Geet is very disappointed….

She just doesn't want to see anyone with Maan……

But how could she get such a huge amount?


She tries her best, but she could only get a few thousands more…..

Geet looks disappointed and Maan knows that she is not happy……

Maan comes near her….

Geet tries not to look at him….

Maan gets closer and closer…..

Maan: Geet, kya hua?

Geet: tum?

Maan: toh tumne mujhe dekha nahi?

Geet: nahi, tum dekh nahi sakthe? Mein thoda busy hoon

Maan smiles…..

Man: achcha? lagtha hai ki yahn koi jal raha hai

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, tum usse jalthi ho jo aaj mere saath jaanewali hai

Geet: nahi toh?

Maan: achcha tum hi bathao, tummare college ki beauty queen kaun hai? mein bhi toh dekhtha hoon ki mujhe pasand hai ya nahi?

Geet stares…..she is fuming….

Sameera just comes watchimg Maan talking with Geet…..


Sameera: halo, Mr.Khurana, I'm Sameera Khanna, Mr.Rahul Khanna's daughter, you must know him?

Maan: halo, Ms. Kahnna., I know Mr.Khanna, the great industrialist, glad to meet you

Maan shakes hands with her….

Geet looks at him with burning eyes…..

Maan: you must be the Dashing Diva of your college?

Sam: you look hot Maan

Maan: I'm waiting for my lucky Date

Sam: no one is as lucky as Sameera Khanna

Maan: let's see who's lucky?

Maan winks at Geet……

Geet is getting restless…..

Maan: Geet

Geet: ab kya hai?

Maan: hare, meinne toh tumme kali haath bhejdhi uss din

Geet: haan, khanjoos Khurana

Maan: chalo aaj mein tumme donations detha hoon

Maan takes out a cheque fills it abd shows it to Geet…

Geet: aap ko achanak itna hamdardi kahan se aayi?

Maan: tumme nahi chahiye toh teek hai, mujhe koi problem nahi

Maan pretends to keep it back…..

Geet: nahi nahi, aap detho

Maan: toh tumme mere ssath date pe jaana hai

Geet: aaisa kuch nahi hai, mein sir fuss massom bachon ke liye ye lethi hoon

Maan: magar mein toh sirf tummare liye ye deraha hoon

Geet is eager to know how much he donated….

She tries to snatch it from him….

Maan refuses to give it to her and he himself goes and drops it in her box……

It's result time…….

Sam is leading with 2 lakhs….

Geet share is counted….

Geet's heart pumps fast……

Iss khanjoos khurana ne na jaane kitne paise diya hai?

Geet parys to her babaji…..

Hare Geet usski kya zaroorat hai? Maan be toh ye plan tere liye hi banaya haina?

Geet has collected 11 lakhs……

Maan has donated 10 lakhs…..

Geet is the winner……

Sam jut can't bear it…she leaves…..

Pinky: Geet, tu jeet gayi

Eyery eye is on her……how lucky she is?

Dadi paaises Geet's sincere contributions….

Maan comes behind her and whispers in her ears…..

Maan: toh aaj shamko, tayaar rehna

Maan gives a naughty look….

Geet blushes….she is so happy…..yet a little scared to go with Maan alone…..

That evenng……Geet waits at her house…..

Maan comes and takes her……

Geet looks gorgeous in her white salwar…..

To be continued……

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               Maneet first date''


Geet couldn't believe herself'.

She is going on a date?

That too with Maan Singh Khurana?

Geet is experiencing a range of emotions at the same time'.

A little scary with butterflies in her stomach'.

A little shy not able to face Maan's looks, not able to cope up with his overwhelming passion'.

A little doubtful'is this real or her dream?

A little worried, what to expect from this well known stranger'..

Though she feels much comfortable confronting him now he is still an unsolved puzzle for her'..

He never hides his love and passion but it's very difficult for her to open up''

She is keeping quiet which is very abnormal'..

Maan is fine with her silence for her eyes constantly keep chatting with him'.

He could read her querries'.her reservations'.her fear'..her love'..just looking into her eyes'.

She is too young for recognising her new found treasure'..

She feels like standing in the waves of an ocean ready to dive in'.

Not knowing what is waiting for her, maybe she can find the most beautiful pearl or maybe she can get lost in it'..never to return''

But Maan knows that she is her destiny'..

He knows that his love started with her and would end in her too'.

Sagar mein jaa girna hai'..

Behne De nadiyan ki tarah'..

Maan breaks the silence'..

Maan: Geet

Geet: hmmm

Maan: jaanthe ho ki hum kahan jaa rahe hai?

She nods her head from left to right'.

Maan: tujhe nahi jaanna?

Geet: woh'.mujhe kyun jaanna hai? Aap toh jaanthe haina?

Maan smiles'..finally she trusts me this much?

Maan takes it as her faith in him'.ready to blindly follow him anywhere'..

Geet ko lagtha ki woh kissi reataurant jayenge'.

Par Maan toh apne Geet se akhele milna chahatha haina?

Kahin dhoor, jahan sirf Maan ho aur usski Mishty ho'..

Maan drives out of the city'.

Geet is a little scared now'.

Ye kaise jagah hai?

It seems like some road less travelled'.

Not even propely laid or illuminated'.

Maan wants to spend time with his Mishty under the Moon light'

Just the two of them trying to know each other'.

Just to take the first step into this relationship'.

Make her feel the undenying passion they have lately discovered'.

Assure her that this is not just infatuation''just physical attraction'.

This is something beyond chemistry'..a relationship forever'..

This is not a submission for this momentary desire'this is total surrender'

He has fallen in love with her''

MSK is not the one to bow before someone'.he always makes the others bow'..


But when it comes to this girl'..he is ready to go down on his knees''.

He doesn't want to be her master'..neither he wants her to be his master'.

He just wants her to accompany him in his journey of life'.

Make it morer beautiful, more adorable'..fill it with her love and let him pour his love on her'..

Wants this to be mutual'..


Tanha tanha yahan pe jeena, ye koi baat hai?

Koi saath nahi tera yahan toh, ye koi baat hai?

Kissi ko pyaar dethe, kissi ka pyaar lele'

Iss sare zamane pe yahi pyaari baat hai'..


Maan has just now realized that he needs her'.

Geet ab Maan ki zaroorat bangayi'..

Maan stops the car'.

Geet looks around'.it looks like a jungle'..

Geet is puzzled'ye mujhe yahan kyun lekhe aaya hai?

Maan opens the door for her and takes her holding her arms'..

Maan's favourite spot'..his secret hideout'..his camping site'..

Though it's a little scary, Geet is happy to be with Maan'..

She Is not afraid of anything when she is with Maan'.

Maan makes a quick meal for her''.Pasta'.


She just loves it''she never expected him to cook for her'..

This Maan always surprises her'..

She can't believe that this is the same MSK she saw at KC'..

Maan: Geet, toh kaise laga hummara pehla date?

Geet: utna bhura nahi

Maan stares'..: kya?

Geet: nahi, mera matlab hai, Pasta bahut achcha hai

Maan: sirf Pasta achcha laga tumme?

Geet: apne kuch aur banaya kya? dessert? Kahan hai?

Maan: Geeet

Geet gets up hearing him shout'..

Maan controls himself'.

Ye mein kya kar raha hoon?

Maan tries to console her'.

Maan: Geet, darne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai

Geet: hmm

She is still scared'.

Aaise sunsaan jagah pe kissi ladhkki ko akhele lekhe aana hi galat hai'.

Upar se aaise chilatha toh bechari kya karegi?

Aur gala order bhi aagaya, darne ki koi zarrorat nahi?

Babaji? aap hi bathao, aaise halaat mein koi bhi darjaatha, haina?

Maan is waiting for her confession'.

Maan: Geet, tum kuch kehna chahoge?

Geet: chalein?

Maan: what? Tumme aur kuch nahi kehna?

Geet: nahi, mujeh ghar jaana hai

Maan: Geet, mujhe dekhkke itna kyun darthi ho? yahan aao

Maan pulls her closer'

He hugs her tight''

Maan: kya tum nahi chahathi ki mein sirf tummara banjaoon?

Geet deosn't know what to say'.

Maan: kya tum nahi chahthi ki tum meri banjao?

Geet: hmmm

Maan: Geet, tum meri ho, sirf meri, Maan ki Geet

Geet: hmm

Maan: I Love You Geet

Geet is shocked'..

She steps back'.

Maan pulls her closer'.looks into her eyes and repeats'.

Maan: I Love You Geet

Geet looks into his eyes'Maneet eyelock'.mahi'..

Geet keeps staring at him'..


Maan: Geet, mein tummare jawab ka intrezaar kar raha hoon, kuch toh bolo

Geet: kya hum dhost ban sakthe?

Maan: what?

Geet: haan, pehle dhost ban jaathe hai, haina?

Maan smiles'.teek hai'jaise ye bhi ek achchi shuruaat hi hai'..

Geet: friends?

Maan shakes hands with her'..

Maan: haan, friends

Geet: toh chalein?

Maan: teek hai

Geet struggles to walk in the darkness with her sandals'..

Maan lifts her and takes her to the car'..

On the way'.

Babaji comes to Maan's rescue'..bechara MSK! He deserves a little more, haina?

It starts to rain''

Maan stops the car''

Geet looks at him''.

Geet: gadhi kyun rokha aapne?

Maan looks at her and smiles'.

Geet: ye kaise jawab hai?

Maan gets out in the rain and starts to enjoy his first rain drops'..

Never ever had he thought that he would drench in rain oneday'..

He always stayed away from it as he thought that it is the craziest thing to dance in the rain'..

But not now'now Maan Singh Khurana pehle bar barish ko apne donno haathaon se swadat kar raha hai'.pehle bar barish mein bheegne ka mazaa le raha tha'..

He feels the rain drops and enjoys their unique dancing'

Making different tones as they hit different objects'..

This sounds like music to him to which the rain drops are dancing'..

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that the rain would be so fascinating'.

He thought it's kiddish to go out and play in the rain until he met his Mishty dancing in the rain'.

Geet couldn't resist the rain'.not even her fear of Maan's intimidation stops her'.

She too gets out and starts dancing''

Not knowing that a pair of eagle eyes are watching her in humger'..she merrily dances in the rain'.

Maan stops and looks at his Mishty''

He was longing to see her dancing like this again'..

This time he has no reservations'.he is his Mishty'..Maan ki Mishty'.


Behne De mujhe Behne De'.

Behne De mujeh behne De'.

Mera bal bal aand aang bar diya

Tune jaan bhi junoon sa kar diya

Mere hai kya jo mein haar dhoon?

Jaan teri hai tujhepe vaar dhoon

Beh jaa beh jaa'chal thod kinaare ko'..


Tough rain awakes the kid inside every adult it also fuels ones adult desires and passions'.

Maan gets closer and gets hold of her'.

Geet looks into his eyes'.

She is scared of that look'.

Always demanding more'..

Maan pulls her and hugs her'.

This time he doesn't control himself'.

There is an air of authority'.mujhe haq hai'..

Tum meri ho''mujhe haq hai'..

Geet is also not able to resist'..


She has started to accept Maan and his love'.

Yes this the man I want to be with'.

Somehow rain has been the connecting factor for these two'.

As the rain resides so do their passion and they get back to their senses'..

Geet tries to step back'.

Maan is still not ready to let her go'.

He wants this to continue'..

But Geet is still not ready for this'.

So he lets her off with a heavy heart'.

Ye ladhki kab samjegi ki mera halat kay hai?

Issko toh patha hona chahiye?

Isski halat bhi mujhse bhura hi hai'..

Phir ye dhoori kyun Geet?

Maan drops her and has a sleepless night ''.

Geet also has trouble thinking about what would happen next?

Maan has just poured his heart out'.

It's her turn'how would she express her feelings'.

Ek ladhkki toh sirf isharen kar sakthi'.

Aur kya chahatha hai ye mujhse?

Kya mein chilla chilla ke bathaoon ki mein ussko pyaar karthi hoon?

Ye mujhse nahi hoga'.ussko jaanna hai toh jaise bhi jaane, mujhe kya?

Mein bhi isse zyada kuch nahi kar sakthi? Haina babaji?

Par mein bhi bar bar kyun usse bhaagna chahathi?

Jab ki mujhe patha hai ki Maan se bachna mushkil hi nahi namumkeen hai'.

Aur mein usse kyun bhaagoongi?

Jab mein bhi usse utna hi chahthi hoo jitna woh mujhe chahatha hai?

Ab mein nahi bhagoongi, ab mein usska samna karoongi'.

Next day'.

Geet tells about the friendship she made with Maan singh khurana'.

Pinky is shocked'.

Pinky: Geet, ye tumne kya kiya?

Geet: kyun? Meinne kya kiya?

Pinky: tum bhi na Geet, sabse alag ho, bahut hatkke

Issiliye toh MSK Geet ke uoar fanna ho gaya'.

Pinky: tum pagal ho gayi ho kya? Maan Singh Khurana ke saath date pe jaane ka moka har kissi ko nahi miltha. Aur tumne kya kiya?

Geet: Pinky, mein ne kuch nahi kiya?

Pinky: Geet, tum duniya mein pehle ladhki ho jo apne date ko friend bana diya? Ladhkiyan toh apne friend ko pehle date mein ashique banathi, aur tumne apne aashique ko hi friend banadhiya?

Geet: hare friend toh banaya haina? Dushman toh nahi?

Pinky: dushman banathi toh achcha hotha

Geet: kya?

Pinky: ladthe ladthe pyaar ho jaatha, ab kya hoga?

Geet: kuch nahi hoga? Tum fikar mat karo

Pinky: Geet, tumme patha bhi hai kit um kya kar rahi ho?

Geet: mujhe patha hotha toh tumse kyun behas karthi?

Pinky: silly girl, agle bar aaisa kuch mat karna, seedhe apne dil ki baat ko batahna, samji

Geet: agle bar?

Geet sochthi hai ki kab Maan se milllegi?

Maan calls'.

Maan: Geet, aaj kya program hai?

Geet: what?

Maan: hare, aaj kahan millenge?

Geet: kyun?

Maan: tum mujhe sawaal mat karo aur mere sawaal ko jawab do, samji

Geet: aaj Friday hai, mein busy hoon

Maan: aaj itna bhi kya zaroori kaam hai?

Geet: emin ahr Friday ko nizamudin jaathi hoon

Maan: teek ahi, wahi milthe hai

Maan bhi aaj nizamudin jaane wala hai'.

Jaise bhi iss ladhki ko samjana padega ki Maan aur intrezaar nahi kar saktha'.

That evening'.

Maneet ki mulaqat nizamudin mein hothi ahi'.

Teri deewani yaad haina?


Aaj Geet apne pyaar ko qubhool karthi apne aankon se'.


Maan ko ab koi shak nahi hai ki Geet Maan ko kitna chahathi hai'.

Bas ek bar boldo Geet ki tummare mann mein kya hai'.

Phir dekho Maan Singh Khurana ka kamaal'.

Geet wahan se jaldhi jaane ki koshish karthi'.

Maan stops her and offers to drop her'.

On the way''..

Maan: Geet, ab tum bhi inkaar nahi kar sakthi ki tumme bhi pyaar ho gaya hai

Geet: toh?

Maan: toh, tumme hi kehna hai kit um kya chahathi ho

Geet: isse behthar kaun smajayega inkko?

Maan: mujhe sunna hai Geet, tummare muh se sunna hai

Geet: kya sunna hai?

Maan: woh theen lafz

Geet sharmathi'.

Maan: bolo Geet bolo, jo tummare aankhen mujhse bar bar kehthe hai, wahi baat ko mein tere zubaan se sunna chahatha hoon Geet, ab dher mat karo

Geet: ye koi zabardasthi hai kya?

Maan: tumme ye zabardasthi lagtha hai? toh teek hai, samjo ye zabasthi hi hai, tumme woh theen lafz bolna hi padega, samji

Maan stares'..

Geet: aaise mujhe darathe ho toh mein kaise keh sakthi?

Maan: chalo, mein tumse naraaz nahi hoon, ab toh bolo

Maan looks at her'.

Geet: woh'.mein'.

Maan: haan bolo bolo

Geet: aap aaise mat dekho, mujhe sharam aathi hai

Maan: Geet, phir se shuru mat hona, jaldhi karo, mein aakhen bandh kartha hoon

Maan keeps waiting'.

Geet whispers in his ears'..

Geet: mein aapko woh theen lafz agle barish mein boloongi

Maan: kya?

Geet: haan

Maan: ye kaisi shart hai?

Geet: aap Delhi mein baraf girne ki shart rakh sakthe ho, mein ne kya aaise namukheen shart lagaya hai?

Maan: lekhin Geet, ab kissko patha hai ki agla barish kab hoga?

Geet: aap bhi weather man se pooch

Maan: what?

Geet: poocho poocho

Geet gives him the mobile'.

Maan checks the weather'.

No rain in the next few days'.

Barish katam'.agle mansoon ko hi barish hoga'.

Maan itne din kaise intrezaar kar saktha?

Ye ladhki mujhe kitna tadpayegi?

Nahi'MSK kissi ke samne jukhnewala nahi'

Issko bhi patha chale ki MSK kaun hai?

Ab bahut ho gaya, ab mein isskke samne gidgidanewala nahi hoon'

Ye mere paas aayegi'..

Aur kudh apne pyaar ko qubhool karegi'.

Chalo, isse bhi thoda tadpana chahiye, haina?

Pyaar toh karthe haina? Toh dard bhi donno ko honna chahiye'.

Maan drops her'.

He is very upset'.

Geet: gud night

Maan: mujhe ye nahi chahiye

Geet: kya?

Maan drives off'..

Geet wonders what happened to him suddenly'..

Ye Romeo achanak kadoos Singh Khurana kaise bangaya?

Meinne aaise kya kaha?

Mein bas yahi kaha ki thoda intrezaar karlo''

Har do din mein barish ho jaathi'haina baabji?

Aakhir hummara pyaar toh barish mein shuru hua tha...

Aur yahi barish ne humme bar bar paas lya tha, aur kareeb'aur kareeb'.

Ab hum itna kareeb aagaye hai ki hummare beech uss theen lafz ki zaroorat hi nahi padi'..haina?

Phir bhi unkko lagtha hai ki mein unkko ILU kahoon toh meinne kahan mana kiya? Bas thoda aur intrezaar karne ko akha?

Itna khaas baat hai toh mosam bhi khaas hona chahiye hai ya nahi?

Ye uss DD ko samaj mein nahi aayega'.

Unkko bas har kaam jaldhi jaldhi hona chahiye'.aaj hi abhi, issi waqt'

Ye koi business deal hai kya?

Pyaar mein intrezaar karna zaroori hotha hai, ye bhi pyaar ka ek hissa hi hai'.

Chalo do din ke liye insse chutti milgayi'..

Kam se ka miss do din toh mein chain se reh sakthi'haina?

Par jaise Geet sochthi hai, waise nahi hotha'.

Ab toh aur bechain sa lagtha hai'.

Maan intrezaar kartha ya nahi par Geet toh har waqt Maan ka phone ka intrezaar karthi rahi'.

Par koi phone nahi aaya'.

Geet tries to call him, but his mobile is switched off'..

So Maan wants nothing but ILU from Geet that too in person'.

Geet decides to go and meet him at KC'..

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               Maneet wedding……...


Dadi is surprised to see Geet….

Geet: gud evening Dadi

Dadi: Geet, what a pleasant surprise? Toh aaj ka kya program hai?

Dadi winks….

Geet: woh…Maan kahan hai?

Dadi: Maan apne kamre mein hi hai, shayad aap ke liye hi intrezaar kar rahe hai? aap upar jayiye, hare Geet, ek minute, ye coffee lekhe jayiye

Geet takes the coffee to Maan's room….

Geet knocks…..

Maan ko laga Nakul hai….

Maan: Nakul, coffee table pe rakho

Maan shouts from the wash room….

Geet ko patha nahi kya karein?

Should she wait for him or leave the coffee on the table and go down and wait for him….

She keeps the coffee on the table and tries to elave….


Maan just comes out of his shower and he is very happy to see Geet…

He was not expecting her in his room….

Fnally she is here….Geet Handa Mana Singh Khurana ke paas aa hi gayi?

He catches hold of her and stops her….

Maan: hare, aaise kaise jaa sakthi?

Geet: woh….chodo mujhe

Maan: hare, tum jis kaam ke liye aaye ho, woh toh katam karkke jao

Maan is eager to hear ILU from her….

Geet: mera kaam ho gaya

Maan: kya? Geet. Mujhe teek se sunayi nahi diya, phir se kaho

Maan ko lagtha shayad jab Maan washroom ke andar tha tabhi ye Maan se baat kar arhi thi…

Ye Geet Handa haina? Kuch bhi kar sakthi…..

Geet: woh….mein aapko coffee dene aayi thi, coffee table pe hai

Maan: what? Are you kidding me? Tum mujhe coffee dene aayi thi, aur kuch nahi

Geet nahi

Maan ka gussa badthe hi jaatha…..

Maan: tum na….kabhi nahi sudhroge, tum bhi dusre ladhkiyon ki tarah hi ho, tujhe kya lagtha, ladhkhon ko hi hamesha appkke peeche bhaagthe rehna chahiye? Tumme aaise koi galatfami ho toh abhi ussko apne dimag se nikhaaldo, mein Maan singh Khurana hoon, samji

Geet also gets angry….

Geet: aap samajthe kya apne aapko? Ye hum donno ke beech ka mamla hai, ladhkiyon ko kyun beech mein lathe ho? aap bhi sab ki taarh hi ho, badhe aaye mujhe lecture dene, pehle aapki soch ko badlo, phir ladhkiyon ko sabak sikhana, samje aap?

Ye baat ko kahan se kahan lekhe jaathi hai, baabji, sach mein ye sab se alag hai……

Maan: tum…..chale jaon yahan se, abhi….

Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan in angry mood

Geet: gud bye Mr.Maan Singh Khurana


Maan: haan haan, tum aaise hi apne barish ka intrezaar karthe rehna, mein kissi ka intrezaar nahi karnewala, samji tum

Geet: haan haan, ab mein aapko bahut achche se samaj gayi

Geet leaves in anger…….

Maneet stop seeing each other….not even speaking….

Both miss each other so much but their ego is even bigger…..

Next week….

Maan is busy making arrangements for the inauguration….

Inauguration of that same building…..

Dadi is worried about them very much……

She invites Geet for the inauguration….

Geet is not willing to go there….

He can't face Maan gain….she will break down when she comes face to face with him….

She is missing him too much…..she can't bear his silence…..

She wants him by her side always…..

She needs him every minute….

Maybe she should have listened to him…..

Aakhir itna pyaar karthi ahi toh ussko accept karne se kya problem?

Ek bar ILU kehne se kya hotha? Geet itna kyun sochthi ahi?


Maan bhi bahut kush hotha aur Geet ko apna banatha hamesha hamesha ke liye….


Jaise Maan kehtha haina? Maan ek kadam aage jaatha toh Geet do katam peeche jaathi….

Geet Maan ke tarah itne jaldhi jaldhi apna kadam aage nahi rakhthi toh kya hai? peeche toh nahi jaathi? Haina? Maan ke haath pakadkke usskke har kadam mein saath dethi…haina?

Ab kuch bhi ho, Geet Maan se baat karne hi wali hai…..

Usska ego itna bada hai toh kya? mere ek lafz sunkke ussko ego gayab ho jaatha, haian?

Geet goes to the function….

Get looks gorgeous in her Saree….

Jab se Geet aayi hai Maan toh Geet ko hi dekhthe rehtha…..


Geet tries to speak with him….


But it's a party and Maan is always busy attending the guests…..

She can't meet him alone….

Geet can't bear this….

Maan is just infront of her and she can't speak with him….

Babaji, ye kya ho raha hai?

Geet Maan ke peeche hi apdi hai…par Maan Geet se bhaagthe rehtha….

Ye kya naya khel hai?

Then they start the music and start dancing….

Geet is standing in a corner very upset with Maan…

She is talking with Adi….

Suddenly Maan comes and takes her to the dance floor….

Geet tries to resist….but Maan forcefully takes her…..

Maan is out of control…..he has just lost himself in her beauty….


                Kurban hua….

                Tere ashique mein yun….

Maneet passionate dance….

Geet feels embarrassed…

Sabkke samne Maan ka zabardast dance ko Geet sambal nahi pathi….

She is also mersmerised by his passiomate dance….

The more she gets away from him he becomes more demanding...

She is not able to satisfy his demands….

Just when she tries to yield to his demands he starts demanding more….

He is not going to stop until she gives herself to him….

Until she surrenders herself completely…..

Until she becomes his Geet….Maan ki Geet….

Geet also doesn't want to keep him waiting for she is not ready to wait anyore….

She also wants him for herself……forever….

He is my Maan….I love him….and yes I need him too……..

But Maan is still silent….

His silence kills her….

She wants to put an end to this torture….

Jaise bhi ho, aaj Maan ko mere baat ko sunna hi padega…..

After a while the guests leave one by one….

Finally Dadi too leaves….

Dadi: Geet, aap hummare saath aarahe hai kya beta? Hum aapko drop kardenge

Geet ko patha nahi kya karein?

She has to leave somehow…. But Maan is still angry with her….

What if he leaves her alone here…..

It's better to go with Dadi….

Geet: teek hai dadima, mein aapke saath aaarhi hoon

Maan hears this…..

Maan: nahi dadi, aap ajyiye, hum badh emin aathe hai

Geet looks at him puzzled…..

Maan smiles…..

Dadi: teek ahi bete, gud night

Adi comes….

Maan: toh Adi, sara kaam ho gaya haina?

Adi: ji sir, ab mein chaltha hoon

Maan: teek hai

Geet: ye kay ahi? Sab chale gaye, mein kaise jaoon?

Maan: sshhh

Maan closes her mouth….

Maan: chup….bilkul chup…..

Maan ke nazre mein shararat hai….

Geet darjaathi….ye kya chakkar hai?

Maan: tum abhi kuch nahi bologe

Maan lifts her and takes her in….

To the same open space in the middle of the building where thay met on that rainy day….

To her surprise it starts raining all of a sudden….

As if the skies were waiting for this moment…..

Maan puts her down gently….

Geet runs into the rain…..

Maan follows her……

Geet forgets everything and starts to dance in the rain….

Maan smiles….: lo, ye phir shuru ho gayi…..

He doesn't complait as far as she is dancingin his arms….

Maan: Geet, shayad tum kuch bhool rahi ho?

Geet: mein kaise bhool sakhti? Mein bhi issi barish ka intrezaar kar rahi thi

Maan: kyun? Tumme barish itna pasand hai?

Geet: haan, yahi barish humme ek dusre ke kareeb laya tha, haina?

Maan: haan Geet, mein bhi ab barish ka deewana ban gaya

Geet: kya? toh tum mere deewane nahi ho?

Maan: par Geet iss barish ne hi mujhe tera deewana banaya haina?

Maan hugs her by the waist and pulls her closer…

Maneet eyelock……


Geet raise her feet and reaches his ears….


She whispers into his ears…."I LOVE YOU Maan"

Maan: mein samaj gaya hoon Geet, tumme isse kehna ki koi zarooart nahi hai, mujhe toh ye bahut pehle hi patha hai Geet, shayad tumse bhi pehle

Geet: achcha? toh itne din mujhse naraaz kyun tha?

Man: kyunki mein jaana chahtha hai ki meri Geet mujhkko kitna miss karthi ahi?

Geet: what?

Maan: haan, kyat um bhi mujhe utna hi miss karthi ho jitna mein tumme miss kartha hoon ya nhi?

Geet: toh aapko mere pyaar mein barosa nahi hai?

Geet tries to get away….

Maan stops her and pulls her closer….

Maan: ye tera pyaar kaise ho agay? Mein hummare pyaar ko kaise shak kar saktha?

Geet: phir aapne aaisa kyun kiya?

Maan: hare Geet, woh kehthe haian ki roothne ke badh manane mein hi mazaa aatha hai, toh humme ussko miss nahi karna chahiye haina?

Geet: aap bi na?

Maan: Geet, ab kudhradh bhi nahi chahatha ki hum alag ho, dekho barish bhi aagay

Geet: par, mujhe nahi laga ki aaj barish hogi, meinne weather report bhi dekha tha

Maan: tum chahathi toh kabhi bhi barish hoga Geet

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan

The rain stops suddenly…..

Geet: dekha aapne kya kaha aur kya ho gaya?

Geet is disappointed……

Maan: hare, ab dekho

It starts to pur again…

Geet: ye kaise jadu hai

Maan: Geet, mere haath mein jadu ahi, dekho

Geet: ye kya hai

Maan has a remote in his hands…..

Maan: ye Maan singh Khurana ka magic wand hai

Geet tries to snatch it from him….

Maan: hare Geet, chodo

Geet: Maan, ye toh cheating hai

Geet gets the remote and pushes the stop button….

Rain stops …….

Geet: Maaan?

Maan: Geet, mein kya kartha? Ab agle barish hone tak mein wait nahi kar saktha haina?

Geet: waise mein bhi utna intrezaar nahi kar sakthi

Geet goes ang hugs Maan….

Maneet passionate hug…..mahiii……

Geet is also ready for this relationship now…

So why wait….

Maan asks Dadi to fix their marriage…

Handas toh isska hi intrezaar kar rahe the…..

Maneet wedding hojaathi….

That night….Maneet SR….


Geet gets ready…

She is confused….she tries a lot of looks and sarees…

Kya ye Maan ko pasand aayega?

She wants to be at her best…..

She knows Maan's expectations are very very high…

She doesn't want to disappoint him…

Itne intrezaar karwane ke badh Geet Maan ko bahut bada treat dena chahathi haina?

Par phir bhi mann gabratha hai ki Maan ko ye sab kaisa lagega?

Achcha lagega haina? She keeps looking at herself and changes her make-up till she feels confident….

Maan gets restless waiting in his room….

Ye ladhkki abhi tak kya kar rahi hai?

Duniya mein pehla Dulhe raja hoon jo apna Dulhan ki intrezaar kartha….

Aksar Dulhan ki Dulhe raja ki intrezaar karthi, haina?

Ye Geet toh hamesha sab kuch ulta hi karthi…patha nahi aaj kya kya hoga?

Maan bhi Geet ko lekhe bahut tension mein hai…pehle bar haina?

Geet kaise react karegi?

Finally Geet arrives….

Maan just pulls her in and locks the door….

Bahar sare ladhkiyan hasthe hai…

Geet: ye kya hai?

Maan: Geeet

Geet: itne dher intrezaar kiya haina? Ab thoda aur intrezaar nahi kar sakthe?

Maan: aur intrezaar? Geeet, hummari shadhi ho agyi hai, aur ye hummara SR hai

Geet: mujhe patha hai, mein aapke paas hi aathi hoona? Kahin bhaagnewali nahi, phir aaise kyun darwaza bandh karthe ho

Maan: toh teek hai, tum chahathe ho toh

Maan goes and keeps the door open…..

Those girls are still waiting there….

Geet stares them…..

Geet: tum log yahan kya kar rahe ho? jao

Geet locks the door now….

Maan: Geeet, mein bhi kahin bhaagnewala nahi hoon

Geet: kya?

Maan: Geeet, chalo shuru karthe hai

Geet: mein kuch nahi jaanthi

Maan: achcha kuch nahi jaanthi, abhi maloom padega kit um kya kya jaanthi ho?

Maan gets closer…

Geet steps back and hits the cot….

Maan pushes her on the bed….

Geet moves back as far as she could…

Maan corners her and removes her apllu….

Geet is a little nervous….

Maan suddenly pulls back…

Geet bahut darjaathi….

Ye kya hai? ab mein kya karoon?

Kissi ne bathaya bhi nahi ki mujhe kya karna chahiye?

Sab kuch Dulhe Raja jaantha hai, haina?

Ab Maan hi takraar kartha toh bechari Geet kya karegi?

Maan keeps looking at her….

Geet: kya baat ahi?

Maan: Geet, mujhe lagtha hai ki kuch toh kammi hai

Geet: kya? Mein pehle hi jaanthi thi

Maan: what?

Geet: haan, meinne do do gante lagaya tha, tayaar hone mein, jaanthe aap?

Geet gets angry….

Maan: itne takleef lene ki kya zaroorat thi? mujhse kehthi toh mein hi apne Dulhan ko tayaar kartha

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, ek minute rukho

Maan goes and searches something in his wardrobe….

Geet: kya dhoondh rahe ho?

Maan: milgaya

Geet: kya?

Maan: ye lo Geet

Maan throws his coat….

Geet: isse kya karoon?

Maan: ye kaise sawaal hai Geet,isse pehenlo, ye tummara hi hai

Maan winks….

Geet: aapke samne?

Maan: nahi, mere peeche

Geet: chalo apne aakhen bandh karo

Maan: Geeet

Maan stares…

Geet: teek hai teek hai

Geet changes….

Maan keeps staring…

Geet ko bahut kuch ho jaatha….

Maan comes near her and lifts her…


He takes her to the washroom and lays her in the bath tub….

he splashes water on her face….and makes her wet…..

yahi yahi chahatha tha…..issi Geet ko Maan chahatha tha…..

Maan: Geet, mein abhi aatha hoon

Geet: Maaan?

Maan goes and changes into his boxer….

Geet sharam se apne aankhen bandh karthi….

Maan: hare, abhi bhi sharmathi toh kaise hoga?

Geet: aapko yahi milla SR mein pehenne ko?

Maan: isski bhi zaroorat nahi hai Geet, par aaj pehla din haina? Issiliye tum sharmaooge toh ye pehenna pada

Geet: aap bi na Maan

Maan: ab lagthi ho meri Mishty….Maan takes the handshower and creates mini rain effect….

                Ek ladhkki beegi bhagi si

                Sothi raat mein jaagi si

                Mille ek ajnabi se

                Koi aage na peehce

                Tum hi kaho kya baat hai?

Maan shuru ho jaatha…….mahiii……………….


Posted: 6 months ago

                      Laga Chunri mein daag…..


This is just an imagination…..

I always stay away from sensitive issues…

But this has always bothered me whenever I read anything related to this issue….

Just came across an article about a brave heart who dared her destiny and is selected for studying in the US…..i salute her…..apart from saving herself she is helping tribal girls get out of this hell…..she is only 19 yrs old….we need more shernis like her…..

No offence for depicting Geet like this, want to see all those Geets free one day….

 ye zara hatke story the reality show judges say it's completely out of my comfort zone...pls bear with my mistakes...


                                                Part – 1


Now coming to the story…….

Geet enters a star hotel and goes to the reception…..

Introduces herself….

The receptionist looks into the monitor and gives the keys to her….

Geet is surprised…..

Everytime her clients wait for her in their room…

This is strange…..this seems to be a special case….

Yes, it's a new client……one who had been escaping her all the while….

But who can miss Geet?

Finally he too joined her elite clientele….

She deals only with the big shots…..

This is one big shark that has kept her waiting for a long time…..

Geet takes the lift and walks toward the room….

Entering the room she hangs her bag and adjusts her make-up…….

She looks at herself in the mirror…..

She admires herself…..perfect…..ready to drive anyone crazy….

Her looks and her ravishing features are her assaets….

She is very conscious about her looks and takes pride in her ability to conquer any man within a matter of a few minutes….no doubt they call her Cleopatra…the eternal seductress….

She is taking so much care about herself today, b'coz of the special client she is expecting anytime….

Normally she is very confident and deals with her clients with much ease…..

She is never involved emotionally and amuses her clients just for the sake of it….they pay her for her services and she makes sure they are not disappointed…..a win win situation for both of them…

She has been lucky enough to say no to unwanted mean creatures….

Thanks to her good looks and well maintained figure…...

She is the most sought after and the most paid in her lot….

Not everyone is lucky enough to afford this kind of luxury….

But this man seems to be the one she had been looking forward to meet for the past couple of months….

She met this Maan Singh Khurana a couple of months before at Rahul's bachelor party….

As every eye was kept hooked by her beauty, a pair of eyes kept annoying her by totally neglecting her….

This made her curious and she learnt that it's MSK of Khurana Constructions and he is new to Mumbai…..his business is based in Delhi and he had just opened a branch at Mumbai…

He is not used to partying, only official parties that are strictly devoid of girls….

He was here b'coz of his new partner Rahul's compulsion….

As Geet and afew girls kept dancing and entertained the drooling men around them ,Maan stayed away from this mad crowd….

Rahul signaled Geet to egt him involved as he thought he was shy….

Geet tried to gain his attention by getting near him almost touching him….

But he didn't have the decency to appreciate her and he rudely pushed her away and left the party abtruptly….

Geet felt ashamed…. She had never been insulted like this before….what an attitude?

My God! What a guy? She liked this attitude….

She had seen many MSKs before and all fell at her feet in their next meeting….

But this man was a tough guy……it took her 2 months to woo him….

They met often at Rahul's parties…..

Though they were official parties Geet had the privilege to attend them as Rahul's special guest…

She has remained special to him even after his marriage….that's Geet….

No one can resist her after being with her for once….

This guy thinks that he is extra ordinary….

But let me traet him once and he would never forget me in his life time….

She felt this urge to satisfy him….this is the first time she is feeling this way…

Low in confidence…..highly emotional……

She had successfully kept her personnel and professional lives separate all these days….

She never felt emotionally attached before…she remained aloof inspite of the intimacy……

At times she had enjoyed a little comarederie with them, like this Rahul…..

Rahul…..ahhh…one sweet rascal, who knows how to treat his girl, make her feel special……though it's just a gimic….she also knows he is faking…but what matters is the act, it doesn't matter even if it's fake…..

Geet kept thinking about this MSK as she made herself comfortable and tried to hide her anxiety…..

Actually she felt nervous as if it was the first time she is seeing a man….

Indeed this is the first time she is seeing a true man….

Till then she had met numerous men one different from the other but when it came to business none of them seemed to be different…..all were the same…..simply expecting her body and always demanding….

I have paid for it….it's mine….never minded to look at the soul behind it….

Geet too never expected anything better from them….

But this man and his piercing eyes always connected with her soul….

Though she had never spoken a word with him it felt like he knew her very well….

But he always remained mysterious to her….

She is very nervous…wht to expect from this mystery man….

He had already shocked her by making her wait for him…

As time passes Geet gets restless…..

Is he trying to fool me?

I am here just b'coz rahul insisted…else I wouldn't be least interested…..

The truth is she always wanted to know him, be with him….

Geet keeps looking at the door and her watch…

There is no sign of his Majesty…..

That's what he thinks of himself?

Let him come, I will make sure that he means nothing to me…..

She gets irritated by this attitude…..

That's it…she had waited enough….she is leaving….

As she opens the dorr fiercely in anger and moves forward, she bangs into something solid as a rock….it's MSK…..she could barely stand when he ctaches her and holds her in his arms….

She looks at those penetrating eyes……always posing a query with an authority as if she owes him an answer…..

He pushes her in and locks the door behind….

He doesn't utter a single word….

But Geet felt guilty….as if she had made a mistake and kept him waiting…..

Though she is aware of her deeds she never felt guilty, but this man's look makes her swoon and question herself…….

She never tolerated such assaults……..

She always walked away from such guys….

But today she couldn't just walk away….

Something stopped her….maybe it's his aura…

Geet: mein kitne dher se intrezaar kar rahi hoon? Tumme patha bhi hai ki mere har gante ka keemat 10000 hotha hai?

Maan is least bothered….

He takes a lakh from his pocket and throws at her….

Maan: this shpuld shut your nasty mouth

Geet feels insulted…..

She tries to leave……

Maan holds her hand and stops her…..

Maan: tummare apise milgaye haina? Ab tum nahi jaasakthi

Geet tries to get rid of his hold….

But he is too string…..

Geet: chodo mujhe

Maan: nahi chod saktha, mere paas abhi bhi 8 gante hai

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, agle 8 gante ko yahan se hilne ka bhi koshsih mat karna

He just dargs and pyshes her on the bed….

Maan keeps staring…..

When he met her for the first time he just hated her, had no pity what so ever, hated her abusing herself…..her natural beauty…..yes, he too noticed that raw sensual beuty of hers….why blame the men? She is iressistable ven for the saint MSK……..but still he can't digest her acts….how could she be so shameless……what if it's her fate and it's her profession……let it be within closed doors…not in front of everyone….spaecaily not in front if MSK….

It took a few more parties to realize that he is actually upset with others being so close to her….

Is he anyway protective…what the hell? Why would he bother himself for some silly girl…

She seems to be comfortable with it….

Maybe she is pretending….deep down she is shattered….

Oh man…..juat stop imagining……she is no one to you….

Not even someone who entertained you someday….

Neither do you want her….then why this frustration?

Geet realizes how foolish it was to come here….

She always meets them at her palce for the first couple of times till she gets acquainted with them….

Had it been her place she would have got help……

She curses herself for comimg here….

She came only for this man….

She desperately wanted to meet him….wanted to conquer him…..

To prove that all men are the same…..when it comes to women….they want them….to fulfil their needs….ready to do anything for their lust… it with money or use their mighty power….

Geet is always ready to take money but never allowed soemoneto force her…..

Why do they force as it comes to them easily at some extra bugs….

Geet has learnt to handle her clients in these few years that she had been in business….

But she had never met someone with such an attitude and rudeness….

There were a few incidents were someone had tried to manhandle her in a drunken state, but she always had her backup at her service who took care of them….

She never thought that this man would be like this….

Rahul was all rpaise for him and was surprised when he wanted to arrange this meeting….

Warned Geet that this fellow is completely new to this business…..

Geet boasted that she can handle this easily, given her experience….

Geet was a little scared….what if he is one of those beasts that she had heard of form her friends…..

As a matter of fact she is still inexperienced in handling such situations for hse had never come across such men earlier….thanks to her youth…..there's still time to be detained to the lower level….in her profession there is no promotion, your value only depreciates….

Maan feels pity for her seeing her scared…..

Maan: darne ki koi baat nahi hai…..

Geet collect herself and gets herself erady….

But Maan moves to the couch, opens his lappy and starts working….

Geet is puzzled by his behavoiur….

What's the matter with him?

Maybe this is the first time for him?

Jaise bhi ho, Geet is the senior here…..

Maybe he is feeling guilty?….

Maybe he is thinking about his wife?…..

Geet decides to make the first move….

Maybe he will then follow suit….

Geet takes a quick shower and comes out in her towel….

Maan is least bothered….

Geet tries to gain his attention….

Geet : tummara kaam ho gaya kya?

Maan turns back and is astonished to see her….

He oculdn't take his off and is spell bound….

Geet looks triumpant….atlast she has done it….

Geet gets closer…..

Maan gets back into his documents…..trying to hide his anxiety….

Geet knows men very well….he is no exception….

Maan feels her warmth as she stood behind him leaning forward as if peeping into his lappy….but he knows her intensions….her chest almost brushing his neck…..

Her fingers play around his neck and start moving down …

Maan is in his casual shirt…

She starts unbuttoning his already half open shirt….

Her eyes are fixed on his hard worked torso….

Maan stops her……gently removing her hands form his bare chest…..

That's the limit…he is not going to take anymore….

Maan: mujhe thoda kaam hai, thode dher mujhe disturb mat karo

He says candidly still keeping his eyes in his lappy….

Geet: toh mere kya zaroorat?

She turns back and gets into her clothes….

She switches on the TV…..

Surfs the channels for her favourite hero…Salman…..

She turns back and stares Maan's back...

She wants to feel him now….feel his broad shoulders…….

What's the use of his workouts if he keeps them hidden……

This damn waiting is killing her….

She had never yearned like this for someone's touch ……

After all she realizes her own feelings now which she thought were gone for ever…..

Her body had gone numb to all those senses……

She was always mechanical in bed….fully automated….

She just wants to get her job done as fast as it could and get rid of her partner once for all….

Baring a few whom she can't say no anytime for some reasons….

She keeps staring maan and looking at the time…..

It's almost 2 pm…..

Mostly she is back home by this time….

She never sleeps over at her client's place….

Most of them don't want to have her after they have used her……

Geet: aur kitne dher lagaoge? Mujhe neendh aarahi hai

Maan: toh sojao

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan

Geet: nahi, mujhe koi neendh se utatha toh mujhe bahut gussa aatha

Maan: mein bhi toh dekhtha hoon tere gusse ko

Geet: kaise aadmi hai? aajtak kissi ne mujhe itna pareshaan nahi kiya

Geet lays down and falls asleep….

When she wakes up Maan has finished his work and has freshened up….

Geet: tummaar kaam ho gaya?

Maan: haan

Geet: toh, mujhe utaya kyun nahi?

Maan: tumme kamakaam gussa nahi karna chahatha

Geet looks at her watch….

Geet: tere paas abhi bhi ek ganta hai

Geet smiles….

Maan is standing in the balcony looking at the stars…..

Geet gets out of the bad and gets near him…..

She also looks at the sky…..

Geet: kya dekh rahe ho?

Maan: ye raat ki chandini aur ye chamakthe tarein ko dekho

Geet: issme kya nayi baat hai? ye toh roz aaise hi dikhtha hai

Maan: haan, aur ye sabko darshan detha hai, ye aasmaan pe sabka haq hai, chahe woh aamir ho, gareeb ho, buda ho, jawaan ho, kissi bhi desh ka ho, sab ke liye aasmaan ek hi hai, sab aasmaan ko choone ka sapne dekhthe hai, sare maa apne bete ko chand ko dikhakke hi khana khilathi, chahe woh Rajmahal ho ya koi mamooli sadak….

Geet: tum toh koi nakli babaji ki tarah batein karte ho, mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aatha

Maan: kash ye zameen pe hi sabka aaisa hi baarbar ka haq hotha? toh duniya mein itne sare differences nahi hothe

Geet: tummara bashan katam ho gaya toh kripiya mujhpe pe thoda dhyaan doge?

Maan: tum ye kaam kyun karthi ho?

Geet is hsocked….she stares him confused….ye kaise sawaal hai?

Maan: tum isko chod kyun nahi dethi?

Geet: kya?

Maan: haan, tum isse chod dho, koi achcha kaam karo, mein usska intrezaam kar saktha hoon

Geet: toh tum mujhe pana bashan sunane ke liye hi bhulaye ho?

Maan: tumme nahi lagtha ki ye paap hai?

Geet takes out the cash and shows it to him…..

Geet: isska kya matlab? Mein paapi hoon toh tum bhi toh paapi ho

Maan gets angry…….

She pushes her aside….

Maan: mein aaise gatia kaam nahi kartha

Geet gets angry too……

Geet: toh ye kisske liya hai?

Maan: ye, tummare kaam chodne ke liye, issko advance samjo, bolo tumme kitne paise chahiye?

Geet: tummara matlab hai ki tum mujhe apne dasi banana chahathe ho?

Maan: kya? kya kaha tumne?

Geet: mein aaisi ladhki nahi hoon, koi dusri laddhki doondhlo

Maan: tum aur tummara gandha soch

Geet: itne ahcche abnnne ki koshish mat karo, chalo aaj ke liye toh mein teri hi hoon

Maan: mujhe aaise gatia harkat karne ki aadat nahi hai, tum jaasakthi ho

Geet can't tolerate this nonsense…..

Geet: mujhe bhi bheek lene ki aadat nahi ahi

Geet throws the cash on his face and leaves…..

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                       Part – 2


Though Maan is very angry he can't just ignore this girl like others….

She fascinates him more as he tries to know her more….


He is already half crazy on this girl and now he is erally gone mad about her…..

Najane iss ladhkki mein aaisi kya baat hai?

Mein kyun itna bechain ho jaatha hoon jab bhi usskke barein mein sochtha hoon?

Mein ussko kyun rokhna chahatha hoon?

Aakhir kya ho raha hai mujhe?

Ye toh Maan ka hi faisla tha….

Par ussko nahi laga ki ye sach mein kissi ladhki ko itna chahane lagega….

After his bitter experience with sameera he had shut the doors of his heart forever….

Maan sits there thinking about the past week….

Sab kuch itna jaldhi jaldhi kaise ho gaya?

It was just an insiant thought that flashed on his mind and he never knew that he would get this far….had he not met this girl he would not have taken this seriously…….

Maan's Dadi savithri Devi is a social worker….

She is always busy helping the needy and the less fortunate….

Not everyone is so fortunate like the khuranas….

She had ben involved in this work for almost 2 decades…..

Her husband introduced her to this…..

He used to help poor lads get educated… poor girls get married…..

She used to accompany him to such marriages….

They regarded him like their God…..

After he passed away she wanted to carry his work….

Business was taken over by her son and later by Maan….

But this social commitment was not there in either of them….

Not that they are money minded……but it's only that they took their business way too seriously that they had little time even for the family….


Dadi strictly wants Maan to be present for dinner everynight so that she can spend some time with him….else both find no time to share a word as both are busy…..

At the dinner time Dadi used to narrate her experiences and her different charity works….

Off late Dadi had joined hands with this NGO….."LET US LIVE" …..

This is some organization working for the S** workers and their children….

Dadi had even visited their place a couple of times which Maan doesn't like as much…..

Dadi had a lot of painful stories…though Maan was the least interested he had to lend an ear to those stories as he respected Dadi so much……

Dadi was so moved and she wanted to do more for them…..

Dadi: Maan bete, humme bhi kuch karna chahiye

Maan: hum kar rahe haina Dadi? Aap chahe toh mein agle mahine se donations ko double kartha hoon

Dadi: baat paison ki nahi hai bete

Maan: Dadi, mein jaantha hoon ki aap unkke liye kitna feel kar rahe hai, lekhin Dadi aajkal kaun itna sab kuch kartha hai? aap already bahut kuch kar arhe hai

Dadi: aap samaj nahi sakthe Maan, humme toh ye baat bahut pareshaan kar raha hai

Maan: mujhe bhi abhut afssos hai dadima, par aap itne tension mat lijiye, aapko apni health ka bhi dhyaan rakhna chahiye

Aaisa hi DAdi ka pareshaani badtha jaatha….

Maan wants to do something for her…..

One day….

Maan: accha Dadi, kal mein aapke saath aana chahatha hoon

Dadi is surprised……

Dadi: kahan bete?

Maan: woh uss NGO ka koi rehabilitation centre haina?

Dadi: kya? aapka kaam?

Maan: mere liye aapse bada koi kaam ho saktha hai kya?

Dadi: are you sure you want to come?

Maan: yes Dadi, I want to see what impressed you so much

Dadi is happy….

Dadi: teek hai bete, hum kal subha chakthe hai

That's how Maan got to know Geet…..

That's where he met her first, not at the party….

He lost himself to her at the very moment he saw her….

Her simple and pleasing personality gained his attention …..

Meorover he thought that hse worked for the NGO…..

He was surprised at her commitment to such a service at such a young age….

He liked that very much…..

Seems to be a special character…..

His first impression of Geet was shaken when he saw her at Rahul's party….

He was totally astonished to see her in that avatar….


That simple girl has vanished and there stood a over revealing galm doll….

Where is her innocence? What happened to her natural unadulterated serene beuty that captivated him that day……

Maan is disappointed to know that she not someone speciasl but one among those girls…..

Maybe she came there seeking help…..

But her conduct doesn't reveal any form of guilt or regret……

She is actually enjoying it…..

What a contrast to her first impressions…..

So the eyes often deceive us…it's better not to judge someone by the looks….

Maan cursed himself for thinking so high of her….

She is not even better than Sameera….even worse……

How could he fall for those deceiving innocent eyes….that too for a second time…..

Though he wanted to forget her he couldn't….

After a couple of days he met her in another party….

This time he can't totally ignore her…..

There was somnthing that pulled him towards her…..

Some invisible force acting on him…..he doesn't believe in destiny….

But he could not stop gazing her…..

His intuitions told him that she isn't what she pretends to be….

There is something hidden behind that loud smile…..

He starts stalking her for he doesn't want to hire someone for spying her….

It would damage his reputation….

MSK interested in such a girl?

Moreover he himself wants to know about her…..

Moreover she is so complicated that even MSK got confused…..

Then he discovers her story….

The story of a girl born and brought up in a family of S** workers….

Her mother had resisted and almost waged a war single handedly before succumbing to her surroundings…..

But she wanted Geet to study and get out of that hell……

She kept going though she hated it just for her daughter….

And eventually lost her life to that deadly disease, a gift from her profession….

Geet continued her ecucation till she was also pulled into this business…..

With no one to support her she had to take up this job….

Watching her mother suffer and her surroundings made her tough even at a tender age….

She knew her fate very early and instead of cursing her fate and taking this job with all hatred, she took it as a challenge, with a strange willingness, without any regrets……

If this is where her destiny is why should she fight against it for she knows that it's only going to hurt her more and there is no escape whatsoever…..

She wanted to convert her weakness into her strength…..she considered her beauty as an asset….

She uses her knowledge to keep herself safe and create awareness amongst her people……

She educates them about their safety and the use of protection…..she doesn't want another girl to lose her mother like her…..

Her willingness in her job unlike the others made her the hot favourite and she decides to take advantage of it….

Soon she started dealing on her own with assistance from her childhood friend Adi….

Though Adi doesn't like this he is also enslaved by his surroundings and birth….

They made contacts with the VVIPs who were ready to do pay ransom for her….

Geet became independent by now and her acquaintance with a local politician freed her from the trouble makers who started fearing her….

Using his influence Geet started her mission to help the children get out of this place first….

As long as they are here there is no future for them except this damn shit..

She came to know about this NGO and helped them rescuing girls who were abcucted from the outside world and pawned here…..these were the worst affected as they consider this to be a sin….not like Geet and the others who are used to it….though they also know that it's bad they got used to this when they knew that this is their life…..

Geet too felt guilty for the first few days but after repeated assaults her body became numb and her soul stopped crying…….she got used to it…..

She requested the NGO people to start a residential school for the children and with the help of that local; politician she had finally fulfilled her dream….

A school for the children far from their homes and its impurities…..

Now they have a clean environment…..

She also had little resistance from the brokers and others as they knew that she is supported by that politician……

After coming to know all this Maan started liking her all the more…..

That's when Maan told Dadi about his wish to marry a girl from that area….

Dadi was reluctant and not raedy for such a marriage, she even thought it's better for him to remain single…..

After knowing that the girl in his mind is Geet Dadi too agrees ….

Dadi knows Geet very well and she was also thinking of helping her somehow…..

Geet is such a selfless soul……so determined to make a change…..

Dadi can't help her better than accepting her as her bahu…..

Maan has decided that she is the one for him….

He had decided not to be fooled by another girl after he came to know Sameera and her ugly plans…..

Maan ceme across Sam one night chased by a man….

She plunged before his car and pleaded for help……

Maan took pity on her and gave her a lift….

On the way she told that she was an orphan and she desperately needed a job to save herself from her wicket uncle…..

Maan offered a job at KC and soon Maan fell in her trap….

Maan started liking her and was about to propose her when he learn that she is not an orphan and she had a boyfriend, her uncle's son with whom she had plotted to cunningly record Maan on bed with herself and balcmail him for ransum and settle comfortably with her boyfriend in Canada…..

Maan immediately threw her out of KC and got them arrested…..

This girl is far better than that Sameera……

But Maan still can't accept that Geet is doing the right thing….

He can't let her continue like this….

He wants to stop her from this…..

He had stopped her tonight…but what about today? Tomorrow?

He would never listen to him…that is for sure….

Maan thinks of a plan…..

Maybe Dadi can help him….

He asks dadi to meet her at the NGO office where she spends her mornings teaching the kids….

That's when she feels like a human….the rest pf the time she feels like a robot….sans any feelings…

As per Maan's plan Dadi goes and meets Geet…

Dadi already knew Geet and Geet respects her so much for her works and considers her as her own Dadi for Dadi is the one who respects her as a girl without the tag that she is usually associated with….

Geet doesn't know that this is Maan's Dadi…..

Geet: namasthe Dadi

Dadi: hmm

Geet is surprised to see Dadi looking very dull which is unusual….

Maybe she is not feeling well…..

Geet: Dadi, aapki tabyat toh teek haina?

Dadi: ham

Geet: aaj aapki mauna vradh hai kya?

Geet tries to cheer her up….

Dadi: nahi

Geet: phir aap itna chup kyun hai?

Dadi: aajkal ke bachon na apne buzurkon ka kadar hi nahi karthe

Geet: Dadi, aap mujhse naraaz ho? mujhse koi galthi hui toh mujhe maaf kardijiye

Dadi: nahi nahi bete, aap toh sabse alag ho, aap hummara kitna izzat karthe hai, hum toh apne nalayak pothe ke barein mein baat kar rahe hai

Geet thought that men are always like that….they treat women like s***, par uss nikambe ko kam se kam DAdi ki umar ko izzat karna chahiye

Geet: ye kamine mard log aaise hi hothe hai, chahe kitne bhi pade likhe kyun an ho?

Suddenly Geet has a doubt….inka potha toh pada likha bade ghar ka gentleman hona chahiye….

Geet: aapke pothe unpad gawar hai kya? lekhin aap toh kitne modern nari ho, phir kaise?

Dadi smiles at this….

Dadi: hare, aaise kuch nahi hai, woh bas apne kaam mein thoad busy rehthe ahi

Dadi doesn't want to paint a bad picture about Maan….Geet ke honewala pathi haina?

Geet: aaisa bhi kya kaam hai?

Dadi: woh toh hai, ab dekho hum theerth yatra jaa rahe hai, aur unkke paas hummare saath jaane ke liye waqt hi nahi hai, kehthe hai ki hum agle saal jaasktha

Geet: toh aap agle saal jaasakthe haina?

Dadi: aap nahi jaanthe bete, unkke zindagi mein woh agle saal kabhi nahi aayega

Geet: kya?

Shayad woh marnewala ho?

Geet feels sorry for him….meinne toh ussko kitna galat socha?

Addi: aap kya soch arhe hai?

Geet: woh, I'm sorry dadi, aap chintha mat kijiye, baabji haina?

Dadi: what?

Geet: babaji aapke pothe ko zaroor teek kardenge

Dadi: unkko kya hua?

Geet: aap abhi abhji keh rahe the na? woh agle saal nahi rahenge

Dadi: hummara matlab woh nahi tha, humaare kehne ka matlab tah ki woh har saal aaise hi vada karthe aur har saal unkko koi na koi naya kaam aajatha

Geet: ohhh

Dadi: ab aap hi boliye, hum unkke tarah jawan thodi nahi haina? Patha nahi agle saal hum zinda bhi honge ya nahi?

Geet pareshaan hojaathi….

Geet: aap aaisa mat kahiye, aap jaise log iss duniya mein bahut kam hai, aur babaji aapki lambi umar denge

Dadi: par bete humne toh dhey karliya hai, jaise bhi hum iss saal apni yatra ko pura karenge, chahe humme akhele jaana bhi pade

Geet: haan, aap unkki fikar kyun karthe? Aap zaroor is saal pana iccha pura kijiye

Dadi: par ye doctor mujhe akhele jaane se mana karthe haina?

Dadi pretends to be getting tired and suddenly sits on the chair …

Geet holds her and helps her……

Dadi: patha nahi humme aksar ye chakkar kyun aathe hai? issiliye hummare pothe humme akhela nahi jaane dethe, par iss umar mein aaise jeekke kya faida?

Geet: aap bar bar aaise kyun kehthe ho? aap abhi bhi bahut young ho, samje aap? Patha nahi aapki umar mein chal bhi pathi ya nahi? Par aap abhi bhi kaise mujhse bhi zyada kaam karthe ho

Dadi: khaas humme aap jaise ek pothi hothi, woh zaroor hummare saath aathe, haina?

Geet looks surprised……

Dadi: aap bhi hummare pothi ki tarah hi ho, issiliye hum aapse ek madat mang sakthe, haina?

 Geet is overwhelmed hearing that…..

Geet: zaroor, mein aap ke liye kuch bhi karoongi, aap bathayiye, mujhe kya karna hai?

Dadi: kya aap hummare saath aana chahoge?

Geet thinks for a while……

She has not left her place for years…..not even once……

This is a good chance to see the outside world…..

How it feels to be a girl of her age….without the burden of her birth place…..

She deserves a break from this kachda…..

This opportunity has come her way on its own…..

Why not use it……

Dadi: kya soch rahe hai? aapko hummare saath aane mein koi problem hai kya?

Geet: aaise kuch nahi hai, teek hai, mein iss saal aapke saath aaongi

Dadi: thanks Geet, aap ko patha nahi ki hum kitna kush hai?

Geet is also happy to help Dadi……

Dadi: toh aap tayaar ho jayiye, humme aaj shaamko hi nikhalna padega

Geet: kya? aaj hi?

Dadi: haan, hum aaj samko 6 bhaje yahi aapka intrezaar Karenge, aap zaroor aayenge, haina?

Geet: ji dadi, mein zaroor aaongi

Maan is very ahppy that she agreed for this trip….

This way she would meet good people and will start believing that not everyone is evil in this world…she would also take a break from her shameless job and this break will make her realize what it meant to be being herself, without any burden, without any compulsions, without any regrets, totally free from the clutches of this social stigma that she thought would follow her till death….hope she lives her life in the true sense not like she used to be, just a lifeless machine….

Yes this bring some fresh air to her suffocating life……

Dadi takes good care of her and Geet too serves Dadi like a devoted grand daughter….

Dadi gives her all the freedom… whatever she wants…..

Feel like eating junk food then fine have it buthse shouldn't restrict Dadi…..

Feel like taking a walk in the woods….fine but never alone, only with Dadi….had to bear her troubling kness and walk very slowly…..

But Geet never complaints…why would she?

This is something she had never even dreamt of……

How she longed to be with dadi, she doesn't want her riches, only her protective hands that would hold her and guide her……

Never had she felt so secure……how she wished these holidays never ended….

But time flied abnormally fast….

She couldn't believe that it's been a month since she left……

But this journey has to end…..

For a moment Geet felt like ending her life at this point….

But she has a lot of responsibilities….

She wants the children to get a fair life…..

For that she had to continue…..

God is gracious to let her enjoy these few days….

Maybe this is a reward for her good deeds……

For her the real reward would see the kids free….

Nothing else matters….

She doesn't regret returning to her life…..

This surprises Dadi……

She is so calm and composed not even a single sign of worry…..

This girl is simply a wonder……

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                     Part – 3


As they land in Mumbai……Maan comes to atke them…..

He wants to meet the new Geet….fresh from the peaceful journey….

A changed Geet….seeking a new life…..

Not wanting to get back to the cursed life…..

But to his surpise there she stands….with the same attitude….

The same fake smile…..the same careless look…..

Not the least bothered about the so called society…..

But once she saw him her heart stopped beating…….

His eyes still questioning her…..silly girl, are you really happy?

She tries to ignore him…..

But Dadi greets him with a hug…..

Maan: welcome back Dadi, I missed you so much

Dadi: me too bete

Maan: so, how was the journey?

Dadi: really good, you missed it Maan, haina Geet?

Geet is speechless…..

He is her grandson, no wonder he behaved like that that night……

So he was really worried about her….but why?

Why does he want to stop her?

Why does he want to help her?

Just b'coz he is also a part of that NGO….

Maybe he also wants to help us like Dadi….

But she had never seen him at the NGO office before…

Only at the parties…

Dadi also said that he has only time for his business…..

Geet is confused…..

They both stand there staring each other….

Dadi: Geet, yahi hummare pothe hai

Geet doesn't respond……

Dadi smiles looking at her staring Maan not even bothering about Dadi'd introduction….

Dadi: lagtha hai aap unkko pehle hi jaanthe hai, toh Maan bete aap Geet ko chodkke aayiye, hum taxi lekhe jaathe hai, aur haan hummara saman ko lekhe aayiyega

Maan didn't hear a word….

Geet: Dadi, mein chali jaaongi

Dadi: hare, aap Maan ke saath jayiye, bye Geet

Dadi leaves….

Geet tries to leave on her own….

Maan stares…she stops automatically….

Maan snatches the luggage from her hand and walks….

Geet Dadi ki bag lekhe usskke peeche hi bhaagthi…..

Geet: woh mere samaan hai

Maan turns back…..

Maan: mujhe patha hai

So he wants her to come with him…but why?

Geet: hare, rukho

Maan puts her bags in the car….

Geet keeps Dadi's things inside and tries to take her belongings….

Maan shuts the door angrily almost smashing her fingers….

Luckily she withderw in time….

Maan opens the front door for her…

She can't do anything but to obey him…

She gets in….Maan slams the door……

He gets in and starts driving….

The car just gains speed every minute and he is driving crazily….

Geet: mujhe aaj hi marna nahi hai

Maan: aaise jeene se marna achcha hai

Geet: kya? tum kaun hothe ho ye mujhe bathanewale?

Maan: tumme kuch samaj nahi aatha toh kissi na kissi ko toh samjaana padega haina?

Geet: tumme kya lagtha? Mein bachi hoon? Mein sab samajthi hoon


Maan: haan haan, patha hai tum bahut samajdaar ho, zaroorat se kuch zyada hi samajdaar ho, yahi teri problem hai

Geet: kya?,

Geer gets angry……ye samajthe kya apne aapko? Koi bagwaan?

Geet turns and looks outside….

They are heading in the wrong way…..

Ye mujhe kidanap toh nahi kar raha haina?

Geet: tum mujhe kahan lekhe jaa rahe ho? gadhi rokho

Maan: nahi rokh saktha

Geet: toh mein yahan se kudh jaoongi

Maan: try karkke dekho

Maan has locked the door…..

Geet tries hard to open it….

Maan: koi faida nahi, aaj toh tumme mere baat ko sunna hi padega

Geet: mujhe tummari koi baat nahi sunna, gadhi rokho

She tries to stop the car….

She pulls the steer ring….

Maan tries hard to control the car….

Koi faida nahi….

The car hits a tree and stops …

They have come far away from the city…..

Maan gets really angry….

Maan: tum samajthi kay apne aapko?

He gets down and pulls her out of the car….

She tries to run away….

But Maan catches hold of her and dargs her deep inside the trees….

Geet: tum mujhe kya karnewale ho? tum aaise kaise zabardasthi kar sakthe ho? chodo mujhe, mujhe jaana hai, bachooo, koi mujhe bachaooo

Maan closes her mouth….: chup….bikkul chup…..

Maneet eyelock……

Geet sees that he is in pain…..he is hurt…..but why?

She is the one who should be hurt…..

Geet finally breaks down…..

She starts to cry….

Geet: tum kya chahathe ho?

Maan rubs off the tears that run down her cheeks…..

Maan: mein bas tummare asoo pochna chahatha

Geet: kyun?

Maan: patha nahi

Geet rests on his shoulders and cries her heart out…..

Maan doesn't stop her….let her cry……

Let her relieve the pain off her heart….let her vent her hidden feelings that she had buried deep down her heart……after all she is also a human……

Suddenly Geet realizes that she is becoming weak…which she hates….

She pushes him off….

Geet: tum kyun aaisa kar rahe ho?

She becomes suspicious…..

Maan: mein tummara madat karna chahatha hoon Geet

Geet: par kyun? Meinne tumse kabhi madat manga hai kya?

Maan: tum mujhe samajthi kyun nahi?

Geet: mein toh kudh ko hi nahi samaj payi, tujhe kaise samaj sakthi?

Maan: mujhe dekho Geet, mere aakhon mein dekho

Geet looks at his eyes…..

Maan: kya tumme lagtha nahi ki ye aankhen tumme kuch kehna chahathe hai?

Geet: nahi, ye toh hamesha mujhe pareshaan karthe hai, dar lagtha hai inse

Maan: kabhi tumne socha hai kyun?

Geet: nahi, mujhe tumse koi lena dena nahi

Maan: joot

Geet: nahi

Maan: haan, mujhe sach patha hai Geet, aur tummare aankhon mein sachhayi saaf saaf dikhtha hai

Geet: tum kya jadugar ho?

Maan: haan, mein tummare aankhon pad saktha hoon

Geet runs from there….

Maan runs and catches her……

Maan: Geet, tum mujhse nahi kudh se bhaag rahi ho

Geet: choda mujhe

Maan: nahi chod saktha…..nahiii chod saktha…

Maan shouts at the top of his voice…..

He feels so helpless and completely frustrated by her attitude….

Issko kaise samjaaon?

His voice echos from the tress…

Geet: tum kyun mujhe pareshaan karthe ho? aakhir tumme kya chahiye?

Maan: mein tumse shadhi karna chahatha hoon

Geet is terrified…..

Then she bursts out laughing…..: ek aur Romeo….

Maan: kyun hasthe ho?

Geet: toh, tumme mujhse pyaar ho gaya?

Maan: haan, mein tumse pyaar kartha hoon

Geet smiles sarcastically…..

Geet: toh tum majhnu ho?

She continuous her uncontrollable laughter….

Geet: par mein koi laila nahi, samje?

Maan: Geet, I'm serious

Geet: tummara pyaar andha hai

Maan: haan, pyaar andha hi hotha hai

Geet: lekhin jiss din tummare aankhen khulenge uss din tum mujhse nafrat karoge

Maan:par meinne kab kaha ki mera pyaar andha hai, mein tummare barein mein sab kuch jaantha hoon Geet, mere aankhen khuli hai, mein sab dekh saktha hoon, issiliye toh tumse pyaar kartha hoon


Geet: par mujhe kissi se shadhi nahi karni, suna tumne, meijhe koi shadhi nahi karni, mujhe kissi ki saath ki zaroorat nahi hai, dhoor raho mujhse, mein apna khyaal rakh sakthi, tummari madat ki koi zaroorat nahi, samje

So saying she steadily walks to the car….

Maan follows her silently…..

She takes her bag and keeps moving….

Maan keeps staring at her….

She takes a lift and vanishes from his sight…..

She returns to her home….

All are happy to see her back…..

She is bombarded with questions…..

Itne din kahan gayi thi?

Koi naya client mil gaya hai kya?

Lagtha hai bahut paisonwala hai?

Kahan lekhe gaya? Simla? Manali?

At her home….

Her little sister runs and hugs her….

Geet is shocked to see her there….

Geet: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?

Sis: didi, mein tumse milne aayi hoon, kitne din ke badh tum laut rahi ho?

Geet: meinne kitne bar mana kiya hai tumme yahan aane se?

Sis: ye mera bhi ghar hai

Geet slaps her….

Geet: ek bar kehthi toh samaj mein nahi aatha? Ye tera ghar nahi hai, samji?

Adi just comes….

Adi: Geet, usse kyun marthi ho? meinne hi ussko laya tha, ussko kuch nahi hoga, mein hoona?

Geet: Adi,tum issko yahan kyun laya?

Adi: woh tumme dekhna chahathi thi, tumse kuch baat karna chahathi thi

Geet: aaise bhi kya zaroori baat hai

Adi shows her a certificate…..

Adi: tummari behen state first aayi hai, chess mein, kya woh apne kushi apne bahen ke saath paat nahi sakthi?

Geet feels very bad for beating her little sister….

She goes and hugs her….

Geet: mujhse naraaz ho?

Sis: nahi didi, tumse kaise naraaz ho sakthi?

Geet: pehle kyun nahi bathaya? Mein bahut kush hoon, aakhir behen kisski hai?

Adi: toh tum log batein karo, mein badh mein aatha hoon

Adi leaves…..

Geet's sister jumps on her bag and opens it….

Geet: kya kar rahi ho?

Sis: mere liye kya layi ho?

Geet: tummare liye kuch kithaab layi hoon

Sis: kya?

Geet: haan, ye lo

Sia: didi….aur kuch nahi milla tujhe?

she is very disappointed….

Geet smiles: …..

Sis: ye kisske liye hai

She gets out the new dress, chumkka and other goodies from the bag…..

Everything that a girl needs to look good…

Geet: ye mere liye hai, tumme isski koi zaroorat nahi, samji?

Sis looks disappointed….Geet is always biased when it comes to girl stuff….

Hamesha achcha samaan apne liye rakhthi aur mujhe sirf ye salwaar hi kyun?

Pehle toh Geet se ladhthi thi, aur ussko swarthy kehthi thi

Tum issiliye aaise karthi hai kyunki ye tera paisa haina?

Dekho ek din mein bhi kamakke apne liye achche kapde kareedhoongi

When Geet asks what will she get her….she replies… nothing for her selfish sister….

But as she grew older and got to know the facts she understood her sister's concerns…

Geet: chal ek do tum bhi rakh sakthi ho

Her sis begins to choose…

Sis: ye mere liye hai, aur ye bhi

Geet: teek hai teek hai

Sis: didi, ye kya hai?

She takes out a small Ganesha statue……she is surprised…..

Geet never believes in God…He had never been kind to her….

Dadi gifted it to her…..

If it was another day she would have thrown it out of the window…

And also this Maan out of her world….

She won't give up her work for any MSK or for a well settles family of her own…

She is not the only Geet, there are thousands of them….one MSK won't make a difference…

She would be more than happy if she could help a few hundred Geets to get out of this mess…

Rather than running for her own life….why can't a woman succeed on her own…why she needs a man always……

Next day she herself calls him and tells him…..

Yes, I like you or perhaps love you….

The best I can do is not to sleep with you for then you won't stand out, you will be one among them, which I don't want you to be….

You want to help me, OK, the best way is to stay away from me….

For when I see you my inner conscience which I had put to a long sleep all these years awakens….

Maan acknowledges this as her love for him and stays away…

There was no sign of her either…

Yet when dadi fell sick she came to help her…

At the hospital….

The doctor stops her…

Dr: tum yahan?

Dadi: Geet bete, rukh kyun gaye? Andar aayiye

Geet: gabrao mat, mein yahan tumse milne nahi apne Dadi se milne aayi hoon

The Dr starts sweating profusely…

Ye Savitherji ki pothi hai….

Immediately he gives way…

Maan toh bahut kush hai….kam se kam ye rishtha toh mansoor hai….

And he is proud that he loves his sherni…..

He starts helping her indirectly….

This is one ending of our Geet's story…

This is reality….but wait for a bollywood ending…..agle part mein….

After reading both the endings just tell me which one you like…..

The other end goes like this…….

Geet looks at her Ganesha….should she get rid of him now….

But she can't do ti now…..though she doesn't believe in that stone she respects Dadi….

She keeps it on her table…..hoping that this stone would turn into a God oneday seeing her miseries….her Ganesha would perfrom some magic so that she starts to believe that he is not a mere stone……

I sincerely believe in HIM………God helps those who help themselves…..

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