Sunidhi Chauhan also woke up

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Posted: 2 years ago

Idk sabke dimag ki batti abhi kyu JAL rhi he ??? 

Where were all these so called legends in other seasons?? Or in Thier own season ??? 

(Read this interview before) 

Everyone knows the reality of reality shows but y only Indian Idol be defamed ?? Do this to all the reality shows !! N shut every show down!! Then only they will sleep peacefully I think. 

This fake praising n one more Q. is there which is asked from every singer musician or even those who don't know anything about music is that y don't reality shows contestants become successful playback singers !!??? I mean what !?? Itta Vella time he Inn logo k pass ?? 

N all this sh*t is happening coz none is able to digest the real amazing talent of our beloved contestants ! 

Earlier there used to be no controversies so y now ?? 

TRP issues?? Of rival channels ?? Or what?? 

Keeping myself in control I would like to thank u for sharing this interview 😊

Posted: 2 years ago

I think Sunidhi is talking in general about all realty shows. Not just Indian idol. Of course the judges are expected to say a few good words to boost the morale of the contestant. Whether it is a singing or dance realty show, u can see the judges putting the contestants on a pedestal! 

The contestants are praise worthy but sometimes the judges go a bit overboard with their comments. 

I remember Himesh used to go gaga over couple of Saregama contestants a few years ago. Debojit  and Vineet and I think another guy Aneek or something. They were supposed to be next thing in Bollywood. Look where they are now!

I saw Debojit in a live concert here for New Years a few years ago. It was a very small event and I was surprised to see him as a performer in such a small event in a small town. He still has a good voice but what attitude 😳. 

Posted: 2 years ago

I think these news channels write in such a way where it really grab the attention. What Sunidhi said is right but I don't think it's anything new or unexpected. Reality shows are for business not for contestants. Aditya mentioned in his interview only reality in reality show is contestants singing. 

Only thing is contestants should have maturity to process the praises. And don't let it reach the head else they will fail miserably. No one can become overnight star. If they became it won't last long. I guess even Shreya/Sunidhi worked hard to reach there same with any reality show contestants. From what I have seen in interviews II12 contestants are very matured ones so iam expecting they will keep working hard to be successful.


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