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Posted: 14 days ago

Third person's POV

"Good night dad." wishing his dad, Ahaan strolled into his room lazily and shut the door. He slumped onto his bed, tired completely but couldn't sleep. He shuffled few times, but sleep was nowhere near. Sighing, he turned on his back and looked at the ceiling, thinking about the girl he loves... He smiled thinking how it all started.

It all started three months ago but at his dance class when he was paired to a girl. A girl whom he had a crush on since she had joined the class. He was happy for getting her as a partner for a routine to be taught by the teacher there. 

They had been partners for almost 3 weeks and by then, he gathered the courage to ask her out and at the last day of their practice, he asked her out for a coffee and surprisingly, she agreed too. Though she had shown positive reactions to all the more-than-friendly acts while dancing, he didn't want to mistake anything and just let it pass.

At the date, they discovered that they stayed in the same society but their blocks were at the opposite ends of the society and that's the reason they never met. From then, the story started and now, it has been 2 months that they are dating with spending sometime after the class and then they would return to their home seperately.

Ahaan cuddled the pillow beside him, thinking how beautiful these 2 months were. Though Ishqi is a reserved girl and she likes to take things slow, he absolutely loved her every act and found it adorable. Yes. Love! He realised last week that he is in love with her and how much important she is to him. 

His smile faded and a sad expression covered his face when he recalled what happened 2 days ago. After realising his love for her, he didn't want to waste any opportunity to express his love. Holi, the festival of colours is what he enjoyed and loved the most and was damn excited, planning that he shall confess on this occasion since their society organises amazing holi party every year. Her being in the same society made his work even more easy.

But two days ago, when they were spending time together, which was a routine from 2 months, he started the topic of holi party and asked her if she is coming or not. His plans were all shattered when he heard her saying that it is their family ritual that they celebrate Holi in their village and she had to go there with the family. He was completely upset and just left from there without speaking anything. 

He sighed, checking his mobile and just stared at the screen, where it was showing 34 unread messages from Ishqi. She had been calling and messaging him since he had left but he didn't answer any of them. He was just so upset that he didn't want to talk anything. Tomorrow was choti Holi where they lit a fire in the evening and there was a dinner party following it. 

He knew already that he is going to miss her badly because he already was. His trance was broken by the notification sound of his mobile and he looked at his phone to see a message from Mayank, his best friend who stays in the same building as his. He opened his chat, thinking he shall be distracted a little by talking to him.

Mayank- Hi! You der?

Ahaan- Yes.

Mayank- Did something happen to you?

Ahaan smiled faintly, realising how well Mayank knew him.

Ahaan- No.

Mayank- Really Ahaan? Now you started lying to me? I have seen you being upset since past 2 days. Tell me what's the matter!

Ahaan- Actually I had planned something for this year Holi but Alas! It cannot happen.

Mayank- Anything to do with the girl you said you are dating?

Ahaan- Yes yaar. I had planned to celebrate this holi with her but she isn't attending this party. Moreover, she will be out of the town... I thought even you all could meet her at the party.

Mayank- it's okay bro. Next time. Maybe she had something more important?

Ahaan- Yes she did though...

Mayank- By the way, why didn't you even tell me who is this girl? So much of suspense!

Ahaan- You will know when the time is right.

Mayank- Are you serious? Keeping it away even from me?

Ahaan- I said already.

Mayank- Night.

Reading Mayank's reply, Ahaan smiled because he knew he angered him. He was poking him so much from few days to tell him more about the girl but Ahaan didn't budge. With all these thoughts in his mind, he drifted off to sleep.

The next day passed out soon and it was already dark in the evening. Ahaan was about to leave his home, not at all interested in going down but still going for the sake of his friends and family. Before he could step out of his room, he stopped and turned back. He walked back to his wardrobe, opened it and fished out a small box. He smiled seeing it and for some reason, he felt to carry it along with him and he just slipped it into the pocket of his kurta. 

He came down and greeted everyone politely yet putting up an uninterested fake smile. He spotted his friends soon and started hanging out with them, but hardly being attentive because his thoughts were already occupied by a special someone. He sure was upset with her, but couldn't help the genuine smile that made its way on his face just by thinking about her. 

Soon the rituals started and the pandit did some pooja and it was turn to pray to the holy fire and all his friends along with him walked towards it. He stood aside and waited for all his friends to walk ahead because he wasn't as jovial as always and was there just for the sake of it. As he offered the things in his hand to the holy fire and looked through it, he couldn't believe his own eyes. 

He strode around the fire towards where the particular person he didn't believe he had actually seen stood. He stood at a distance and took a deep breath when he came face to face with Ishqi. He frowned next moment and closed his eyes, shaking away the illusion if any. He opened them again and he couldn't believe that his Ishqi is really standing here. She was looking gorgeous in the traditional salwar kameez she had worn and her efforts of making her look even more beautiful were clearly seen. She wanted to look good, for him.

She smiled at him shyly because his gaze hadn't left her once. She hadn't lied to him when she said she would be going along with her family to her native but the face of Ahaan so upset that night had her change her plan and she made an excuse of the postponed exam's preparation she had to do, to her family. They all agreed and let her stay back alone at the home but with worried looks. She was ecstatic and could just dream of the time she would surprise him. She couldn't wait for the evening to roll in and here she is, standing in front of him. 

She chuckle seeing his reaction and that seems to be a trance breaking sound for Ahaan and he immediately looked around embarrassed to see if anyone had noticed him ogling her. He sighed when he found everyone busy in one thing or the other and immediately looked back at her. He took steps towards her and now standing at an arm distance from her, though even that space was very tough to maintain because he just wanted to run and hug her. He had missed her so much! But he was in public and they didn't need to attract the unnecessary attention.

"Hi." she said joyfully, grinning from ear to ear looking at him. He wanted to scold her for making him go through hell when at the end, she was going to come but nevertheless smiled back at her warmly.

"What a pleasant surprise this is!" He replied putting his hand into his pocket or else he would surely hug her. 

"I couldn't see you like that... So I stayed back." She trailed off but the words made butterflies flutter in Ahaan’s stomach. He felt he is special and important to her.

"Why though?" He asked, now directly looking at her in the eye, not caring for the world. She blushed and opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. They were staring into each other's eyes, trying to read all the possible emotions they held and all the unspoken feelings they had. 

Both of them heard someone coughing, a little loud than normal, bringing them back from there own land. Ahaan turned to see Mayank standing in between both of them, at a side and a playful smirk playing on his lips. Ahaan glared at him but he ignored the daggers and turned towards Ishqi who was blushing from being caught. Obviously she knew he was one of his friends. Ahaan had shown her pictures of him with the whole gang and some of them she had seen by stalking him on social media.

"Hi, I am Mayank" Mayank introduced himself stretching his hand out for a shake and Ishqi happily took it. 

Rest of the evening passed out very jolly for Ahaan and it was nothing less for Ishqi either. Ahaan wanted to introduce her to all his friends but wanted to be sure about her feelings first and then take the next step. He had skipped going towards his friends when they were eyeing him teasingly and he took her to the dinner of the night, arranged by the society itself.

"It was so tasty, wasn't it?" Ishqi asked wiping her washed hands with the tissue and Ahaan was doing the same. They had finished having their dinner and were now walking towards the more secluded area, just for a walk. 

"It was." Ahaan replied smiling, looking at her. He couldn't wipe off that smile from his face from the moment he met her this evening.

"Ice-cream?" Ahaan asked suddenly seeing that they had walked nearer to the gate. 

"This late? What if someone will see us?" Ishqi asked getting a bit worried with the idea of going out of the society this late. It was already past 11 in the night. 

"So what? No one can do anything and this is Mumbai and it's common here." Ahaan said shrugging but the expression on Ishqi face gave away the conflict she was going through.

"Okay if you don't want to go then wait for few minutes, I got an idea" saying so, Ahaan walked out of the gates leaving a confused Ishqi behind. She frowned thinking what was up with him and she just sat down on the bench near the gate, waiting for him to return. He came back with a bag in his hand and walked towards her.

"Come." He said but Ishqi didn't understand what was going on in his mind.

"We can't go and eat it outside but atleast it can come inside for us to eat right? Especially after knowing how much you like ice-creams, how could I leave an opportunity to eat it with you? So I bought them." Ahaan answered her unasked question, lifting the bag in front of her which made her eyes lit up even more if that was possible. 

Both were now seated on the terrace of Ishqi's building, eating ice-cream and chatting random things from here and there. Ishqi told him how bad were the past 2 days for her too but the thought of surprising him and seeing him at that time had overtook all the reasons for her to contact him. That made Ahaan realise why he was in such a bad mood before and he looked at her licking her cone adorably. He was scared in a way to confess his feelings, not knowing whether she feels the same way for him or not. But her staying back just for him gave him the courage and he decided to do it now. 

His hands automatically went to his pocket and he felt the box he had kept earlier. He looked back at her again only to see her looking at him already and she raised her eyebrows looking at him but still kept eating the last bits of the cone. He patiently waited for her to finish it her ice-cream knowing how much she liked it. Just as she dusted her hands, standing up, he too stood up with her and tugged at her arm making her look at him.

"I want to tell you something" Ahaan whispered, nervous all of a sudden and by the tone of it, Ishqi knew it is something serious. 

"What is it?" Ishqi asked calmly, giving him a small encouraging smile.

"It's something that isn't letting me sleep properly from so many days!" He said and Ishqi raised her eyebrows.

"Is it something related to dance?" She asked and he smiled at how well she knew him and his love for his dance.

"Umm... No, but it equally as important as that to me." He replied, taking a tiny step closer towards her. 

"Oh come on Ahaan, stop beating around the bush and tell me directly." She chided him playfully, pouting a little which made his heart skip a beat. 

"Umm... Actually Ishqi..." He was literally stammering.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" Ishqi asked trying her best to show her support to him. He nodded and sighed deeply.

"Okay! Let's do this!" He muttered to himself and took a deep breathe in and out but Ishqi could hear it since she was standing so close.

"Will you tell me now?" She asked raising her eyebrows. Ahaan just took her hands and his and stared directly into her eyes.

"I love you!" He said it directly making her eyes go wide and her heart to beat erratically. She wondered if she heard it right.

"I don't know when, how and why but I fell in love with you Ishqi. Your smiles light up my day, your laugh is like a soothing melody to me, your words work magic on me, your sadness bothers me, your tears are what I hate the most in the world. I love everything about you. I love you. Deeply, madly, irrevocably!" Ahaan finished his little speech which he had not at all prepared before. It all had directly came from his heart. Even though the night was dark, he could clearly see her eyes' moist. He feared what will be her reply but to his surprise, she looked away blushing and smiling.

"Please tell something?" Ahaan asked looking at her state, which was giving him hopes. She looked back at him, gathering all of her courage. Even she had been feeling those butterflies in her stomach, those hours of looking at his photo, her imagining him almost everywhere she goes, even she was falling for him.

"I... I think I am falling for you too." Ishqi replied looking at him, intensely. Ahaan couldn't believe what he just heard.

"I am falling in love with you Ahaan Veer Malhotra." Ishqi whispered and took a step closer, making all his doubts of hearing it wrong fly away and he pulled her into a bone crushing hug. She hugged back immediately, both of them letting the feel of the beautiful feeling settle inside them. He felt blessed for his feelings being reciprocated and she felt on top of the world after she let out what all she had been feeling from a month now. She realised she is not only falling for him but she actually loves him already. Yes. She loves him. She pulled out from the hug and looked up at him.

"I love you." She said and his happiness just multiplied ten folds.

"What?" He asked no believing his ears. She nodded at him vigorously.

"I love you Ahaan"




Param Singh Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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