New Beginnings-A Darshini TS

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Posted: 1 months ago

Just my take on today’s promo part and my wish how it should be.

My first ever attempt, please let me know any changes. Feel free for pointing out any corrections 


Nandini has made a place in my Darsh’s heart, so I got my son’s rishta for Nandini 


That day, you were very rude to me and treated me like a beggar. Now you are bringing rishta to the beggar’s house 

BB thinks “(what Darsh sahib loves Nandu and badi malkin scolded her ?? But when did this happen??Why didn’t Nandu tell me this?” )

But Maaji, when did u even go to badi malkin’s house?? Only Nandu and Gun went right??

What’s happening here? I am unable to understand anything 


( If this Bansuri is here, she will spoil all my plans,I should send her away )

 Is this the manners ur parents taught you?? Why are you interrupting the elder's talks?? You have other works right? Go to the shop near temple and get the necessary items for tomorrow.

Don’t stand and waste the time 

BB leaves from there and speaks with driver

“Kaka, please ask badi malkin to come to the ghat near the temple. She will definitely say no but please tell her that I beg her to come there as I want to talk something important with her regarding Darsh sahib and Nandini. I can’t say anything near my MIL. Please help me kaka”


 Don’t worry beta.I will convince badi malkin somehow and bring her near the ghat


I will never allow Nandini to marry your blind son

But yeah, if you say apologize to me in front of everyone and get your younger son married to my granddaughter, then I will allow Nandini to marry that blind guy

Rajvi loses her calm:

 I don’t know what you are thinking of yourself.

My son may start liking your daughter, but I will never spoil my both son’s lives by marrying them into such greedy, class-less and characterless people. I can find another good rishta for my son

Oldie thinks “I too want this, how can I let my golden goose out of my hands? “

Rajvi comes out of the house and orders the driver to drive to her house


Madam ji, the lady from this house wanted you to meet near the ghat.She needs to talk to you about Darsh baba and Nandini itseems.She is very tensed and begged me to somehow convince you to meet her.She told it’s very important and she can’t talk in front on her MIL


  (Now what else will I witness??Whole family seems to be greedy. Don’t know what they are thinking, ordering me to come to all the places. Let me show her, her  place so that these people can never think again to slander Darsh )

Ok let’s go to the ghat. Will see what she wants to talk with me

Meanwhile Bansuri reaches ghat and waiting for Rajvi when she hears 

“Namaste bhabhi.How are you? I couldn’t meet you on that day when I came to your home”


Arey Gopal, you here?? When did you come to my house?? You have any work in Dwaraka?? How’s everyone at home??


 Haa bhabhi, I met your MIL the day before yesterday. She told me that Nandini is having 2 lkhs debt and told for marrying her, her husband also has to bear the burden.I am ready to pay off the debt and marry Nandini as soon as possible. Even paid 8000rs to her as the first installment. I will try to pay off remaining also, you don’t worry 


 What are you talking about?? Nandini is never in debt. There is some misunderstanding. Can you please come home after evening 6? My husband will also be at home by that time and I will make sure that you get your money back. Nandini is not ready to marry anyone at this time. I am very sorry for whatever my MIL told you

Gopal feels sad hearing all this and leaves from there telling her that he will come to home in the evening to collect his money.Rajvi listens to all this conversation and wonders what’s the actual relation between the family members.

Bansuri  sees Rajvi and decides to clear all the misunderstandings about Nandini 

Namaste badi malkin. Thank you so much for coming here. I couldn’t speak much in front of my MIL, hence asked you to meet me here. Please don’t think otherwise.

I didn’t understand when MIL came to your house and disrespected you. As far as I know, only Nandini and Gunjan came there and also how come Darsh saheb likes Nandini??She informed Darsh saheb that she considered the prasad as mithai and ate it. She never considered it as prasad it seems. 

She didn’t want you to be defamed in front of Mrs.Patel. Hence she stood in place of the actual bride. Please don’t be angry on her and please excuse her


Even if she didn’t want me to be defamed, the whole thing happened because of her only. 

If she didn’t bring Tosha that day, I would have never challenged Mrs.Patel and we wouldn’t be in this position at all.

Also why are you trying to support your SIL??

Your MIL already insulted Darsh by bringing a walking stick as shagun. Even if ur SIL is good, we can never marry Darsh into your greedy family 


 You are mistaken badi malkin. Nandu is not my SIL, she is my sister. She worked hard for my marriage and bought all the shagun items like TV, fridge etc. But on the day of marriage, my MIL said she didn’t buy a washing machine and made her come to my house as dowry till she buys a washing machine.She pays rent for staying at my home and does all the works so that I will not suffer .

Even though I am the elder sister, she only looked after me as I am having fits from my childhood . She loves to study, but couldn’t write her 12th exams as I was suffering from high fever and fits at that time.Because of me,she had to discontinue her studies. 

I don’t want her to suffer her whole life due to me.

You know that day,Nandu didn’t know anything about the girl who acted like blind. My MIL and her granddaughter Gunjan planned everything and made Nandu a scapegoat. Nandu didn’t want me to suffer, so she took everything on her head.

I don’t want any misunderstandings between Nandu and her MIL in case you decided to go ahead with this rishta. Hence I am telling everything to you. Please don’t let anyone know this, else I will be in trouble.

I want to tell you more, but my MIL will scold me if I don’t go home sometime.

If you still want Nandu to be your DIL, I will ask her opinion about Darsh saheb. Should I???

Rajvi tells her to find about Nandini’s opinion and leaves home light heartedly and in deep thoughts about the goodness of Nandini 

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Posted: 1 months ago

How I wish we get to see something like this! 

You've written it so well.. BB doing something for her sister at last smiley14

Let's see what happens in d next episode smiley22

Posted: 1 months ago

Part 2

Next day afternoon 

Rajvi retells what happened to all family members minus Darsh.

Sobhit starts crying and tells Rajvi that he is ready to marry anyone and he doesn't care how she looks or behaves if his brother gets his love back.


How can you say that Sobhit?? What about charmi?? It’s not only your decision. Even she has a say as she’s loving you.


 Shut up Sobhit. If I am angry and don’t talk to you doesn’t mean that I am ready to sacrifice your happiness for Darsh’s.I don’t lie telling you that I forgave you for everything. I couldn’t forget or forgive you for that fateful day 3 years back but doesn’t mean I keep grudge on you and spoil your future. I already told them that I won’t marry any of my sons in that family but luckily Nandini is not the daughter of that greedy old woman.

Her sister told that she will ask Nandini about her opinion and let us know.

If u marry anyone other than charmi, you are spoiling not only your life but also 2 other people’s lives. No one gave you the right to play with all your futures 

Bansuri and Naveen come there and tell Rajvi that Nandini rejected the alliance. Rajvi is so angry and asks her the reason. Bansuri says that Nandini feels she’s not worthy for Darsh, so she can’t spoil his reputation by marrying him.Rajvi is about to tell something but Darsh comes there and speaks to Bansuri


 I heard that Nandini stopped her studies after her 11th and is interested in studying  more. If you don’t mind, I will pay for her future education.Let her study whatever she wants but please don’t tell her that it is us who’s sponsoring her.

You can tell that she received some scholarship


But why don’t you want her to know it’s you who’s paying. If she knows, she will happily agree for the marriage naa.


That’s the reason I don’t want to tell her. If at all she wants to marry me in the future, it shouldn’t be because of gratitude. I want her to love me wholeheartedly and agree for the marriage 


 I came here to apologize on behalf of my mother and daughter for whatever they did, but found out your greatness.

Don’t worry, I will tell Nandini that I know some school which is providing scholarships for further education. But first, I will pay and register for her 12th examinations.Later based on her marks, we can decide the plan.As she won’t accept anything freely, I will tell I am returning all the rents she paid for us till date. She can utilize that money for her accommodation.

Candyman:  ( forgot his name 😜)

    We will also help her saying we are paying the money for the sweets and milk Rajvi wasted 

Bansuri and Naveen thanks them and leaves.

Sobhit to Darsh:

 I don’t understand why you still think that you will be a burden for Nandini. See, she’s another mahaan person who thinks she’s not worthy for you.Really both are made for each other. Thinking alike. But one thing I didn’t understand is how do you know that she stopped her education and she loves studies 


 Yes Darsh, I didn’t tell anyone about that point. How come you know about this


 Darsh feels depressed after the radio scene and goes for a long walk and reaches the market place.

He hears Nandu rejecting him and feels bad. He doesn’t want to come in front of her and hides.


I don’t understand why you are saying no for this rishta. Don’t you like Darsh saheb. You keep on saying that no other can be as great as him but still rejecting his rishta.


You know how Darsh saheb’s Ex GF looks??

She looks A1, speaks super English and she is very posh.

She told Darsh saheb that he agreed to marry me, a village girl only because he’s blind.

Today,only she said that, later everyone may say the same thing. As Darsh saheb can’t see, he has to adjust with an illiterate village girl.

I don’t want anyone to defame him.He should marry someone who’s worthy of him.

Well educated, beautiful and good person should come as a wife for him. Please reject this rishta.

I know I promised you that I will stay with you for some more time but please BB can I leave and go for mithai making course.

I want a change of location for some days. Will surely come back after I am done with the course.

BB says she will speak with Naveen about this and leaves from there citing some work 

Nandu to self:

BB told me that you started liking me Darsh saheb but how can I marry you? Just like Meera, I can only like you from far but never can imagine to be your Rukmini.

I told you that I consider that prasad as a sweet and ate it but that’s not the case 

I gave my vachan before dwarakadeesh and will never go against that vachan. I will never marry any other person, I consider you as my husband but never will stop you from your happiness.

You should marry someone who keeps you happy always. I will pray to kanuda for your happiness.

End of flashback 


After listening to her, I felt even if I convinced her and got married, I would be caging her with all the insecurities and inferiority complex.

My love should never cage her, it should help her spread her wings and fly like a free bird.

I will set her free, but will always wait for her to return back to me.

Sobhu, yesterday you cried saying you made a very big mistake with me and because of you, I am now feeling I am not worthy of her. 

But after listening to her, I felt that that accident is the best thing that happened to me.Else I would have married Shamika and if something happened after marriage,she would have definitely left me or killed me slowly by showing pity.

But now, I found someone who treats me normal and may love me unconditionally if ever she does.

At Nandini’s house, Naveen makes Nandu agree for continuing her education by paying 12th exam fee and also also gets application for culinary course in a very good college in Mumbai as discussed with Rawals

Meanwhile at Rawal house:

Mom, I know that you never will allow me, but there is a course for blind photographers in Mumbai, can I please go and complete the course so that I can improve myself??

Sobhu can also come with me and work in Mumbai branch so that I won’t be alone 


I am sorry if you felt I have caged you till now. 

You can go to whichever place you want and do whatever you want. I will always support you.

Both Nandini and Darsh went to bed smiling and thinking about their New Beginnings.

Who knows it may also be a new start for their cute love story 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Wow. Just imagine if this happens! But even if it doesn't,  I am amazed at this TS.  Keep writing. I'm waiting for more!!!

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by AhamyTed

How I wish we get to see something like this! 

You've written it so well.. BB doing something for her sister at last smiley14

Let's see what happens in d next episode smiley22

Thank you so much

I am rooting for BB to stand against oldie in tomorrow’s episode 

Let’s hope it happens 

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by dinazz

Wow. Just imagine if this happens! But even if it doesn't,  I am amazed at this TS.  Keep writing. I'm waiting for more!!!

Thanks a lot dear 

This is my first time ever. I didn’t think I could pen at least this down 

Posted: 1 months ago

Wow Gayatri what a beautiful Post. 

But we know like this never gonna happens in the show but still i can hope after reading your post. 

If Bansuri would clear misunderstanding then it will be great for DarshNi.smiley1

And its an amazing how you portrayed Nandini's feelings also. In the show we couldn't see her feelings towards Darsh except last episode where she was trying to copy shamika. 

Nandini always treated Darsh like Normal person and here she is saying No for marriage because she is thinking she is not perfect for him not because Darsh is blind. 

Very well written. smiley32

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 

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