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Apni Imliya really finds her happiness in whatever cards she's dealt....she's overjoyed to get the call from her mom on her birthday, she's happy the family wished her, she's disappointed they didn't say/do more than that but she was content enough to try to celebrate with her Sita Maiyyasmiley36

And Babusahib is a really talented man.....itna delusion and self-centeredness bhi ek special talent hai bhaismiley32smiley36

Matlab ek ladki jisse tumhaari shaadi hui hai (illegal or whatever you want to presume), she is living in your house since nearly 5 months but you have NO CLUE that she is THIS intelligent....SUPERB, man....SUPERB. Kabhi apne baal banaane se fursat mil jaaye tab toh dekhoge I guesssmiley36.

All that aside, since half the epi went in kaamchor and delusional Adi, I was quite shocked that we got a few Adi-Imlie moments in the end....Adi finally DEIGNING to padhaao Imliesmiley36....and the hilariously awkward high-fivesmiley37.....they played that happy PD wala theme music after so many days.....aww. 

So the man who has determinedly tried to zone out Imlie for a long time is now feeling shocked to learn how intelligent she is that she can solve complex math problems in an but even all this is unlikely to wake up his or anyone else's mind to send the girl to college for god's sakesmiley36....smh......regardless, I quite enjoyed Imliya doing CHOP of Babusahib ke presumptionssmiley15.

Other random things that were making me laugh:

a) Adi's TERRIFIED face in the beginning when he thought Malini/everyone knew the truth.....very entertaining to watch him squirmsmiley36. Badaa zyada hi comfortable banaa ghoomta hai otherwisesmiley17

b) Like clockwork, right on the heels of guilt, Adi rushes to distract Malini with stuff like, "Please make your chocolate cake for the party, I'm so desperate to eat it"smiley36....and then random attempt at "intense flirting" with Malini in front of everyone 

c) Everyone's excited to plan the surprise party but Adi is more hung up on the fact that Imlie will feel bad all day thinking that everyone forgot her birthdaysmiley36

d) Imlie reminding Adi that she is 19, not 9smiley36

Precap seems to indicate that this whole week will go in some drama where everyone thinks Malini is deadsmiley36.....not sure what the point of this is supposed to guilt trip Adi more? Bhai aur kitna guilt bachaa hai? *headdesk* pata hai usko kuch nahin hone wala. 

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reserved, back after another rewatch smiley42

A pleasant surprise - Happy B'day dear Imliya.

A few highlights of today's episode.

  1. BS face all pale and shocked at being found out... oui baba... pkade gaya... palms all clammy and sweaty on being caught with Imli, the entire family glaring at both of them, the silent exchange of looks between Adilie.... and trying to provide excuses and digging a deeper hole for himself in the process. 
  2. Mithi hearing the T's wishing her Imliya and the cute convo between maa-beti.
  3. BS wanted to linger and wish his jhalli HB, but Malini dragged him away, he did go away very reluctantly and looking back at Imli, feeling for her... smiley36When Malini reminded Imli to thank Sundar 'pyaar se' for the red dress, the look on his face was pricelesssmiley37 smiley37 waise Sundar is gaayab after the V day episode. 
  4. The CBS(Nishant) is kinda sharp and he might be the one to guess Adilie - there is more to it than just bringing her from PD, (confession of his zabardast ki shaadi to his cousin, best buddy,) knows that Aditya is hiding something from everyone. Reminding Adi if his romance was done with PDA with his biwi, continue the party planning.. was again spot on. smiley36
  5. I just loved Imli hugging herself happily along with Sita maiyya... awwww... this girl is too good
  6. The bright yellow dress she was wearing like the rays of the sunshine, bright and filling all that it touches with warmth, was apt. The ghanti bajaoing at the temple was cute along with her prayers, only for them to be dashed when Dhruv played a trick on her...
  7. Badke kaka seems to have a special corner for Imli and loved his teasing of her. Badke kaka asking Imli - Phun- Ichadaari Naagin was smiley37 Liked the way he explained to her about doing an activity on her b'day and she would continue to do well in that all year round. Liked how Imli efforts were recognized by the ladies who thanked her for it (sending father son together). Was Adi preening a bit here? smiley36 It all happened in his presence ...smiley36 
  8. BS is afraid of Malini smiley37 his mom was scaring him that she will call his wife.. really when did you become such a patni vrata pati?? smiley36 She is a professor at home too and wields the stick ..... smiley2
  9. Imli correctly gauging his mood that BS did not want to visit the mandi... he was surprised that she could guess by taking a look at his face. Again, both said work when he was asked to tutor her.... LOL... the resigned look on his face.. and Imli's who just wished she had not dropped the hammer on her feet.. to the almost high five with Aditya. smiley36That was cute and it is this force of nature, her liveliness, her chatter, her intelligence, her warmth and BS was at the receiving end of it today. He felt the full impact of her smile... Imli aka ST was in full form and she is gifted smiley32.This moment may be the start of his falling under her spell... this unnees saal ki bacchi. Leaves him speechless and in awe... with her quickly solving a difficult problem. The way he sat back and thought to lord it over, only for the table to turn on him. smiley37
  10. Aditya finally concluding that his jhalli is very intelligent. Guess he never paused to think until now, he has seen her thinking on her feet and has appreciated her thinking... hope the needle towards her college education moves.. as she has proudly mentioned her vajeefah... a few times. 
  11. Now, Malini, rolling the ready made laddus again and placing them on the tray... smiley37 in the kitchen. When she hears Adi teaching her, she is afraid that Imli will end up in tears.
  12. Nidhi in her hairstyle looked nice... infact Imli, Malini, Nidhi all got new hair styles. 
  13. As for the precap.... another one where Adi will feel guilty for thinking of Imli or deceiving his devi like biwi... smiley44Why oh why on Imli's b'day? Plenty of drama.
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The high-five moment was the HIGH point of the epi....pun intendedsmiley36

I found it very interesting cuz this was the first time that Adi actually tried to reciprocate a gesture from Imlie, no matter how awkwardly and SHE pulled her hand back before he couldsmiley36.....and then he totally felt even more awkward and tried to cover it up all nonchalantly that he'd even tried to give her a high-five backsmiley36

Very cute 10 seconds or sosmiley36

Posted: 8 days ago

I hope Maliki’s accident is not for another guilt trip for Adi 😂😂. Somehow I get the feeling Imlie will help in rescuing Malini or something.. come on the story had to move forward 😂. Can’t handle any more of Adi’s guilt trips. 

Posted: 8 days ago

Are y'all watching early on Hotstar VIP? Mujhe bhi dekhna hai par I don't have a membership smiley19

Posted: 8 days ago

And that guilt trip is going to come on the heels of him going all bombastic on AC or something for spoiling Imlie’s party. 

Even that ten second high five scene was crackling with energy. Those two are such good actors. 

Posted: 8 days ago

It will be good if Malini has a short term memory loss 😀 she can forget her getting married to Adi and go and stay with Mrs.C’s house for sometime. I am hoping for this not to see Adilie scenes, just so that I don’t have to watch chipku scenes 😂😂

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First of all I hate this new tareeka they have started of precap what nonsense is this ab poora hafta yeh dikha dikha ke pakayenge  when in reality ghanta kuch niklega result.. hoping for too much  but we might get to see adi ka contrasting reaction for malini since now she is presumed dead Or in danger .. 🤷‍♀️   but we know imliya to the rescue didi ko dhoondh legi 

Now coming to the episode such an easy breezy episode.. the last scene is really the best made me so happy  caz of the way it was yes babusahib finally found out ke yeh sach main kitni zyada Intelligent hai inki soch se aage .. bada boast  kar rahe thay ke solve karke batao and imlie did his chop I'm 2 secs and then sunaye diye ke aise  hi wazifa  student nahi hain woh..the happy music really uplifted it.. I was really enjoying imlie being able to show her intelligence.. adi's yeh pata tha padhai main achi hai but itni achi nahi...kaisa pata hota adi miyan kabhi apne bubble se bahar niklo toh pata chale na.. I guess this might move things towards her education track 🤞 caz now he has seen it one to one.. 

I guess it is believable that he didn't  knew the level of her intelligence caz he never tried to find out a thing about  her kabhi baat toh ki hi nahi this is the first time they were so settled and in a very comfortable  space warna toh ya guilt ke maare hote hain ya kisi dukh ke .. even the sober talks they do are around the sach issue only kabhi one on one toh jaanane ki koshish hi nahi ki.. can we more of that now where they are seeing each other as regular fellow humans  and becoming friends. Friends too much hai toh yeh teacher student  hi bana do but give them more such ease wale comfort space main stuff so they get to know each other and can be normal. The high 5 was oh so cute 😋

Aaj ka highlight has been imlie ka age and her studies  so chalo ab take it forward in a good direction 

Imlie.mithi scenes were so sweet and imlie toh mera bacha itna pyara tha I wanted to.just hug this happy soul today everytime she is happy matlab sab kuch Roshan ho jaata hai

They were being too cruel to her by pretending they Don't  remeber idea sweet tha but phir bhi poor girl feeling let down was awww.. but the good thing is atleast it made her think ke sundar theek.hi.keh raha tha shayad about me being just a househelp  and rishte sirf maine banaye hain.  

Babusahib and his overcompensation Continues jaise hi pakde jaane lagte hain he starts doing ott romance  that makes him.look so pretentious and idk how.malini takes it  seriously and not get it ke kitna over ho jaata hai aaj bhi he used cake and random romance I was glad others felt awkward but his shakal was worth watching throughout

Also adi ka koi mood tha nahi imlie ko akela chodne ka maze se dekh raha tha and phir mudh mudh ke  and feeling bad ke bachi ke saath zhada kar rahein hain hum.. kyon babusahib kyon why are you so focused on her😉 but it was nice to see ke atleast usko kuch Lamhon  ke liye hi sahi imlie ke emotions ka khyal toh aaya ke we are not being cool and uska saara din kitna kharab guzre ga not fair.. it clearly showed the contrast between him and others they all were thinking more of their own fun ke surprise  kar denge maza aayega yada yada not once thinking of uss bechari ka poora din kaisa guzre ga . Just the surprise wouldn't  cover up for all the love she showers on them all day long.. 

Her celebration with sita maiyan was only so sweet  

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