My story for Naagin 6!! (chapter 11 pg. 6 updated)

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Posted: 2 years ago

Hello friends, this is what I had written earlier as a plot for a fictional story for what I sort of expected from Naagin and what has been missing in the show. Yeah the characters are different and so is the cast but I sort of hope we might get to see them in the future season. You needn’t agree with the cast as this is just my own personal preference. Do read and comment for feedback



Shruti Sharma as Mahima Dixit

Shivin Narang as Lakshya Anvay Singh (Anvay's elder son)

Mahima Makwana as Srishti Rai

Laksh lalwani as Abhay Anvay Singh (Anvay's younger son)

Barkha Bisht as Naagrani Neelima (Anvay's late wife)

Indraneil Sengupta as Anvay Kamalraj Singh

Preeti Puri as Shipra Anvay Singh (Anvay's wife, Lakshya and Abhay's mother)

Amika Shail as Seema/Ashlesha

Sharad Kelkar as Shashi Singh (Anvay's older brother)

Sushil Parashar as Kamalraj Singh (Anvay's father)

Zarina Wahab as Chandrika Singh (Anvay's mother and Kamalraj's wife)

Raju Kher as Gulab Singh (Anvay's uncle and Kamalraj's brother)

Bakkul Thakker as Prateek Sharma ( Chandrika's brother and Anvay's uncle)

Shreya (Srishti's sister)

Rani (Shashi's daughter and cousin to Lakshya and Abhay)

Chetan (Shashi's Son and cousin to Lakshya and Abhay)

Harshad Rai (Srishti and Shreya's father)

Smitha Rai (Srishti and Shreya's mother)

Soumya Shashi Singh (Shashi's wife and Rani and Chetan's mother)

 be updated...

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It was the middle of December 1994 when a young woman in her mid 20s was getting ready for her wedding. Like any bride she was excited and nervous at the same time. 

"How do I look?" asked the young bride to the maid of honor helping her get ready as she turned around to which she responds "Beautiful and elegant as usual"

"Thanks, all that's left now are these bangles right?" asked the bride

"Yes, here let me help you" the maid of confirmed followed by her sliding the bright red set of bangles down the bride's wrists, "and we're all set to go"

"Is it time already?" asked the bride 

"Yes, Neelima it is, I guess we sure took our own sweet time getting you ready" replied the maid of honor, "Anvay has been waiting down at the mandap since he arrived"

"Oh is it so? then let's head down right away" replied Neelima

As they reached the mandap and Neelima was seated next to Anvay, the priest commenced with the wedding rituals which lasted for almost 3 hours. Once everything was done the two of them were sent off in a decorated white car. During the ride Neelima was experiencing a flood of emotions. While she was happy to finally unite with the love of her life it came at the cost of leaving behind her loved ones who vehemently opposed her union with Anvay as he belonged to a world very much different from her own.  As Anvay noticed her distress and began to console her.

"I know, going against your family was not easy, however I'll ensure that you don't regret your decision, we'll win them over eventually" Anvay assured her as he held on to her hand

"It's not going to be easy, perhaps its impossible now" sighed Neelima

"Why do you say that? asked Anvay

"You wouldn't understand, and honestly I don't think I can explain it to you either, just know that some things are best left unexplained" replied Neelima

The ride lasted for another 15 minutes in silence before they reached home where Anvay's family was waiting to welcome the newly wed couple. 

As they were both welcomed as per the rituals Neelima for some reason felt uneasy, but dismissed it as her anxiety and headed towards the bridal chamber. 

Anxious as she were, she took her place on the bed and waited for Anvay. As she waited, something for some reason felt amiss, until she noticed the moon up in the sky, it was a full moon which got her alarmed. She soon headed towards the window and pulled the curtains to cover it.

At that very moment, Anvay entered the chamber startling her for a moment. 

"Is everything okay? you look pretty startled" asked a concerned Anvay

"Yeah don't worry, I thought I saw a frog, guess it was my imagination" answered a reluctant Neelima

 Neelima then picked up the glass of warm milk and handed it over to Anvay before they could consummate the marriage. As Anvay took a sip, and placed it back on the bedside table, he walked towards Neelima and held on to her hand.

"I cant believe that we're finally together" Anvay expressed his joy as he embraced Neelima 

"But we are! There may have been a lot of hurdles but we've managed to overcome them all" replied Neelima with tears of joy

As they were about to proceed, the loud sound of a been disrupted their night. As the music got louder Neelima began to feel uneasy and turned away from Anvay instantly. 

It turns out that there were snake charmers outside their house who were summoned as the head of the house claimed to have seen a snake slithered it's way inside. Hence they entered the house and continued playing the been disrupting everything. 

As the sound of the been got even more louder, to Neelima's dismay her skin began scaling and her eyes turned bright yellow like that of a reptile's. Anvay begged her to turn a round so he could examine what's wrong but she resisted.

"Please look away!" pleaded Neelima

"But what's wrong, why aren't you letting me help?" asked a worried Anvay

"You wouldn't understand, and this isn't something you can change" responded Neelima

"What would I not understand?" asked Anvay

"If you wish to help me then make them stop!" Neelima told him as her head throbbed

But as the been got even louder Anvay was unable  to hear her out and approached Neelima regardless of her resistance only to be stunned and repulsed by the sight of her causing him to let out a loud scream and push her away.

In a state of shock he ran out of the room, drawing the attention of his family members who raced towards him to enquire about his sudden outburst.

In a state of shock he points towards his room and blurts out "She's not human!"

"What do you mean?" Asked Anvay's father

"See for yourself what I mean!" Anvay directed his father to go and inspect the new bride to confirm what he saw.

Anvay entered the room to find himself facing Neelima's back

"Turn around girl, it's an order", to which Neelima reluctantly followed, confirming what Anvay told them. "So it's true, you are indeed not a human..."

Anvay's brother and mother then enter the room to confirm the same, "She's a Naagin, she's dangerous, our Son will be dead if we let her be" concluded Anvay's mother. 

"You're right mother, she is dangerous, we better get rid of her right away or she'll never let go of him" agreed Anvay's brother.

Anvay's father agreed as well and directed the group of snake charmers to the bridal chamber, Neelima tried to leave but was immobilized by the sound of the been. The snake charmers then entered the room and wrapped her with bilva leaves, dragging her out into the hall and started to beat her with long bamboo sticks and iron rods. Though she was defenseless and cornered, she desperately gathered every ounce of her strength to transform into a serpent and slither away from them. 

With whatever strength she possessed she managed to reach the temple that was situated nearby the realm of the serpents. Out of exhaustion she reverted back to her human avatar, her head was bleeding profusely, her body throbbed but what hurt her the most was the fact that the person who she loved enough to leave everything behind turned their back on her when she needed them the most. As the heartbroken Naagin laid down, she began to wonder if marrying Anvay was indeed a mistake and everyone who opposed the marriage were right, given the circumstances she wanted to hope that Anvay did indeed love her, and that time if allowed to do so would heal every wound and that he would accept her regardless of her true identity.

Neelima used whatever strength she had left in her to get up and enter the temple, as she stood before the idol of lord Shiva, 

"O lord, why have you forsaken me? What did I do so wrong? I gave up everything, including my only family, how could you allow this to happen to me? Is it my fault that I'm not human then why am I being punished again?" Neelima cried out hoping to receive an answer.

"It isn't your fault that you are a naagin, but you are definitely at fault for trusting a human over your own kind." answered a voice

Neelima turned around to find a familiar face. It was her close friend Seema another Naagin who was distraught at the sight of Neelima, she walked towards her and embraced her, a stream of sorrowful tears ran down her cheeks. 

"Just look at you, is this why you gave up everything, so you could turn up here half dead? Didn't we warn you about those humans, that they aren't trustworthy" asked Seema

"That isn't true, what they did was merely a reaction to what they perceived as a threat, it was my fault for keeping this a secret from Anvay, had I told him the truth much earlier then all of this could have been avoided" answered Neelima

"Really? then why didn't you?" rebuked Seema

"I was waiting for the right opportunity, moreover once I married him I knew that I'd transition into becoming a human eventually so I didn't think of it as necessary" Neelima clarified

"You weren't waiting for the right opportunity, what held you back was your fear about us being right about him not falling for you but your human avatar!" Seema shot back "if he really loved you he wouldn't have let you get hurt like this regardless of who you are, and you know I'm right about this, his family may have been cruel to you but he is even worse, prove me wrong if you think I am" Seema continued

"All I know is that I'm to be blamed for this as well, but what I don't understand is how did those snake charmers get there out of the blue" Neelima replied

"Snake charmers?....." Seema paused for a while, "I think we should hurry back to Naaglok, if what you said is true then it's highly likely that this was a trap, let's not waste any time, hurry"

"A trap? but who could do this?" asked Neelima

"We'll think about that once we get there, let's leave for now, I'll help you out" Seema responded.

As they were on their way to Naaglok, little did they know that they were already being tailed and before they could enter the gateway they were ambushed by none other than Anvay's father, older brother, maternal and paternal uncles along with a group of snake charmers and a tantrik.

"What are you doing here and why did you follow us?" asked Neelima

"Why do you think we'd follow you Naagrani?" asked the tantrik "It's obviously because of the naagmani! It took me a whole decade to track this place along with you, and now you're finally within my grasp"

"You'll never attain the naagmani, i'll ensure that myself!" warned Neelima and then turned towards her in laws "and you all, does Anvay know about your collusion with this evil man?" asked Neelima

"Know about it? He was pretty much a part of this plan, he may have not known about you being a Naagin earlier but it's all fine now, we just needed him to bring you down." answered Anvay's brother

"You're lying!" Neelima countered

"Lying? why will we lie about this now that we have you right where we wanted? The only reason you'll managed to get together was because of the events we orchestrated to bring you'll together, you really thought we'd accept you as family? why else do you think we got you married at a deserted place where hardly anyone knows us?" Anvay's older brother explained

"Exactly as Shashi said, Anvay was more or less a pawn but he's still my son, I'd never let him spend the rest of his life with you, which is why we got you exposed today right away so he could get over it, and if it had to come between choosing us and you, he'd never choose you" added Anvay's father.

Seema was fuming at the insolence displayed by the humans towards her queen, "And you think you'd still attain the naagmani like this? Never and over our dead body, while you were wasting time explaining your lies and conspiracy I had signalled to send reinforcements to fend you off, they'll be here any minute" Seema warned them

To which they all began to laugh as if it were no big deal, "Naagin, even if you call a 100 more serpents they'd be useless on a night like this, moreover you're queen has abdicated the throne now hasn't she, plus she is married to a human and severely injured and weak at the moment, do you really think you'd win against us inspite of that?" asked the tantrik

To which Neelima replies, " It doesn't matter, no matter how strong you are or how weak we are, we'll do whatever it takes to fend you off and protect that sacred gem!"

"So be it, Attack them all" the tantrik ordered his subordinates and snake charmers. 

The snake charmers kept playing the been while the serpents tried to ward them off but were unable to do so as they were protected by an amulet given by the tantrik, rendering their every attack useless, while on the other hand the serpents were easily subdued and getting eliminated. However Neelima on the other hand inspite of being injured was putting up a good fight and was nearly able to turn the tables. Fearing that they might end up losing the naagmani and get killed by Neelima, Shashi calls a distressed Anvay explaining just half the situation and urged him to bring their ancestral enchanted dagger from the family shrine.

As Anvay heads out to collect the dagger he is still unable to accept the reality of his situation, nor accept the fact that his wife isn't a human. While on his way to the shrine, he wonders if everything they felt till date were a lie given the fact that she deceived him till the end. He began to question if his feelings for her mattered anymore given that everything now seemed like a lie or if he could still love her the same as before.  

As soon as he reached the Shrine, and collected the dagger he was filled with dread, he loved his family but at the same time Neelima was still his wife, the woman he loved, irrespective of what she really were, an internal conflict raged within him the entire time before he finally reached the spot his brother mentioned. 

As he got there he was terrified at the sight of what he saw, Neelima had assumed her semi naagin avatar and was ruthlessly attacking and subduing his family members along with the tantrik.  As he approached the scene, he cried out loud and asked her to stop and pull back.

"You want me to stop? Your family attacked me first, attacked my people first and you want me to stop and show them mercy?" asked an infuriated Neelima

"Yes, because you were the one who lied and deceived us first? Therefore you owe us that much" argued Anvay

To which Neelima retorted, "Even if I lied, does that give you'll the right to attack and kill me? When your entire family tried to lynch me a while ago what exactly did you do? where was your reasoning back then? would you have done the same had I been human?"

Seema who was covering for Neelima then yells out, "of course not, its like I said, he never loved you, it was your human avatar, so snap out of it and focus"

With that said Neelima returned her attention to finishing off her in laws and the tantrik.

Anvay's brother who was trying to defend himself from Neelima's flamethrower, asked him to throw the dagger towards them, which he did but Seema managed to deflect it with her tail and tossed it far away.

Unable to do much against Neelima, they were getting exhausted and had nearly accepted defeat giving Neelima and Seema an opportunity to deliver their final attack to in order to finish off their foes all at once, however before they could that Neelima gets mortally wounded by the enchanted dagger which was hurled towards her by Anvay. Watching this Seema gets caught offguard making it easier for the snake charmers and the tantrik to attack and subdue her.

Seeing this, Anvay's family let out a sigh of relief, overjoyed at the fact that no one was left to prevent them from attaining the naagmani and they all head towards Naaglok with the help of the tantrik, where they find the same and extract it right away while destroying everything and eliminating all those who obstructed them.

Outside the gateway, Anvay reaches out to Neelima who is at her final moments before death, he picks up her upper body gently and removes the dagger out of her back before placing her in his arms.

"I'm sorry Neelima, I assured you that you wouldn't have regretted your decision but I couldn't live up to my word, I was only trying to protect my family, I didn't want to hurt you like this" cried Anvay

Neelima's who was trying hard to stay conscious, could not believe the words she was hearing. She then responded while gasping for air with whatever little energy she had "Y-You were protecting your family, so was I protecting mine, but d-did I ever attack you from the back .....? I had given up everything so that we could be together ............    b-but you chose your family over me at the end and finally, when I was indifferent to the fact that you're human inspite of all the warnings I received from my family .......... why couldn't you accept me for who I am? ...... Did you really ever love me?...if so what changed now, arent I still the same person?"

Her words pierced through his heart, for she were right about everything and there was nothing exactly that he could do or say to justify his actions. " You're right, and I'm sorry, I know there's nothing I can do, but let me tell you, I never wanted it to end this way either, I was frightened and i wasn't in my senses" he sobs 

"Were you in your senses when y-you ...... stabbed me in the back a while ago? ....... can you answer that" Neelima questioned him

"Yes.... I was..." Anvay confirmed.

"Do you ....... realize what ..... you've done" Neelima asks while gasping heavily " because of you my loved ones are going to suffer ..... my innocent family paid the price because of ..... your selfish actions..... do you think a sorry is going to fix that? ....... You couldn't keep any of your promises to me..... but let me make you one....." 

She told him as she grabbed on tightly to his arm and fierce yet coldly stared into his eyes, " The way you brought misfortune upon those that I held dear.... I swear the same would follow you and your beloved family till the end.... you may try whatever you can to keep it at bay, but it will follow it's due course, I will return to make you pay eventually, come what may!",  She cursed at him as she let out her final breath.

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Chapter 1

Present Day - 31st December 2021

Lakshya and his younger brother Abhay were celebrating the new year's eve at the local pub owned by their friend. While Abhay was busy partying on the dance floor to mark the end of the year, his older brother was contemplating at the bar regarding the events that took place over the passing year. 

As Lakshya's glass ran out he called for the bartender to get him a refill, the drinks although mildly intoxicating did the job of helping him get over and accept the fact that he was engaged to a woman he barely knew as per the will of his parents, who for some reason kept pushing him to get married early. His match was a woman in her early twenties, the daughter of his father's most recent business associate and partner, beautiful yet intelligent that any passerby would consider and see them both as a perfect match. However, for some reason his heart wasn't convinced nor was he really in a hurry to get married, he regretted that he couldn't withstand the parental and family pressure that pushed him to agree. 

The young man had just set up his business and wanted it to be the sole focus of his attention and energy, deep down he was beginning to wonder if the purpose of the alliance was to help him gain access to connections that would help his establishment grow, a prospect that seemed reasonable but at the same time defeated the purpose of making a name for himself. Thoughts about calling off the wedding crosses his mind however he simply didn't know how exactly could he muster the courage to do so after saying yes once already.

Abhay, once he had enough of the dance floor joined his brother to check on him, taking the seat right next to his, " you don't seem like you're enjoying the night, are the drinks working for you??" Asked Abhay

"I don't know, guess I need something stronger" answered Lakshya 

"SLOW DOWN!! Your would be wife could show up anytime, I doubt she'd feel pleased to find you drunk on her arrival" reasoned Abhay 

"I guess you know her well, given that you'll are classmates, by the way you seem to hold yourself in place pretty well around her now" pointed Lakshya 

"Well initially it did kind of get a bit awkward earlier, but what can I do if it's come to her being a part of the family now, but I've gotta warn you though-" Abhay responded before getting interrupted by Lakshya 

"Warn me about what?" asked an intrigued Lakshya 

" That she is no joke when it comes to arguing, plus once she starts talking she simply doesn't know when to stop till the point arrives where you find yourself getting annoyed" revealed Abhay

"Really? she doesn't seem to be anything you describe her to be though..." pointed Lakshya to which Abhay scoffed and replied back, "Ofcourse she doesn't seem that way, you hardly have her for company so I'm not surprised over why you'd feel that way, but trust me she can be annoying if she wants to" 

Unsure of what to say, Lakshya just agreed, "Right"

"So do you plan on sitting here till the end or will you join me out there?" Asked Abhay to which Lakshya shook his head conveying a no, following which Abhay left him and joined back into the crowd of people having the time of their life on the dance floor.

As it was getting close to mid night, a young woman makes her way into the pub. She was dressed in a red mini dress and ankle strapped high heels, as she is heading towards the bar she takes out a compact mirror from her blue kiss lock clutch to confirm if she looked presentable and visually appealing at the least. She had never worn a dress until today, the Tom boy she had been never made her feel to do so, however on the advice of her close friends she agreed to try something new and different for a change before showing up in front of the man she was hoping to impress for the night. 

(This is what the dress looks like)

As she walked, it was very evident from her gait that she was struggling with the heels, but to give credit where it's due she managed to hold her balance pretty well amidst the discomfort she felt down her feet until she nearly tripped and fell on her face before finding herself get pulled back by a pair of hands.

"Are you okay?, it seems like you're having trouble walking in those shoes" asked a strange yet seemingly familiar voice, once she gained her balance back she turns around to thank the person who prevented her from falling flat on her face and making a fool of herself, to her surprise it was the one person she wasn't hoping to run into so soon. 

"Oh, look at that, it seems like you're going all out to impress him today now aren't you?" Said Abhay who was quite surprised and stunned at the sight of the woman before him.

Taken aback by Abhay's words, the young lady denies it right away, "Why would I need to do that? I'm impressive as I am already, a dress doesn't add much to it, moreover are you alien to the concept of blending in?"

"Then why do you sound very defensive about it?" asked Abhay who was obviously not convinced judging by the flustered look that appeared on her face. 

"Why do you even care? it's not like this affects you in any manner now am I right?... or wait, are you worried that this might undo your badmouthing about me?" asked the young lady

"What?! What are you getting at-" Abhay tries to reply before getting cut off by the young lady. 

"Save it, I'm in no mood to argue at the moment, moreover I don't wanna keep your brother waiting" the young lady asserted herself as Abhay watched her walk away from him and head straight to the bar. 

Unsure of how to react Abhay thought it would be wise to just let her be and returns back to doing what he was earlier until he noticed something on the floor and bends down to pick it up. It appeared to be a car key, unsure of whom it may have belonged to Abhay considers approaching the pub's manager and handing it over to them hoping that owner would come and claim it later.

At the bar where Lakshya was trying to get drunk, he finds his eyes suddenly get blinded by a pair of hands, right when the final count down till the next year began. 

The crowd buzzed with excitement in the background and began in unison " 10....9.....8......7....."

Lakshya held on to the pair of hands while trying to figure out the identity of the person covering his eyes, the hands covering his eyes were soft to touch suggesting they belonged to a woman, "who is it?" asked Lakshya partly surprised and annoyed

"Make your guess" instructed the voice of the person covering his eyes, which was feminine confirming what he believed.

"6....5....4....." the crowd continued in the background

"Srishti, right?" Lakshya answered realising it couldn't have been anyone else

"3.....2.....1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!" the crowd cheered out loud in the background as Lakshya uncovered his eyes and turned around to find his fiancé there as expected.

"Happy New Year Lakshya!!!" Srishti wished Lakshya as she gave him a warm hug

"Wish you the same Srishti, I'm glad you made it"  said Lakshya as he wished her back. 

"I'm sorry I wasn't early as you were expecting, i didn't expect it would have taken me that long to get ready" Srishti told him in an apologetic tone. 

"No, please don't be, it's fine, I'm here with Abhay anyways so you needn't feel sorry about that" Lakshya assured her

"I see..." Srishti trailed recalling her brief encounter with Abhay a while ago but decided not to bring it up while at the same time hoping that Lakshya would compliment her look for the night. "So have you been here at the bar the whole time?" Asked Srishti after noticing the mild stench of alcohol reeking from Lakshya. 

Unsure of what to say, Lakshya remained silent which Srishti took as a cue to change the subject, "how about we join everyone at the—" Srishti was cut off before she could suggest moving to the dance floor. 

"Listen, I'll be back in a while, need to use the restroom" Lakshya excused himself as he left the bar giving the impression he wasn't exactly pleased to have Srishti around at that moment. 

"Sure, I'll wait here till you get back" Srishti murmured to herself slightly disappointed with his demeanor as she watched him leave, "forget a compliment, he doesn't even seem to care" she continued 

Once Lakshya was done using the restroom he moved to the wash basin to clean his hands, it was a multi basin countertop, he lifted the tap lever expecting a stream of aereated water to run down, however it seemed like it wasn't working so he moved towards the next one and lifted its lever which also turned out to be have been dry, annoyed he decided to try out third one which to his relief did work, he extended his hands towards the stream of running water, pressed down the the button on the soap dispenser nearby with one hand right under it to allow his palm to collect the liquid which he then rubbed against the other one to form a lather under the stream of tap water, following which it then abruptly stopped running, "What the hell? Doesn't anything work here?" grumbled Lakshya. Before he could pull back his hands a red snake emerged from within the tap head and slithered right up Lakshya's left arm all the way up to his shoulder.

Afraid and unsure of what to do Lakshya thought it would be wise to remain still as he looked into the mirror observing the creature coiled up on his arm with its head close to his own following which more snakes emerged from within the remaining taps and slithered towards Lakshya, he expected them to climb up his body as well like the red one, but to his surprise they just stayed still on the floor while observing and watching in his direction.  

Almost 15 minutes had passed and he then grew tired of standing still and decided to get rid of the snake coiled on his arm, he gradually turned his head towards the snake following which the snake then bit him on the forehead.

At the Singh's Mansion

"NOoooooo......" Anvay screamed as he woke up from what seemed like a terrifying nightmare. His scream woke up his wife who was asleep a moment ago right next to him. 

As she woke up she noticed Anvay beaded with sweat on his forehead and panting at the same time.

"What's the matter? It seems like you had a nightmare" his wife asked with a concerned look on her face

"I'd be relieved if it were just a nightmare Shipra, but this.... it felt very real..." Anvay answered who was overcome with fret. 

"What do you mean real? it's just a nightmare" his wife Shipra tried to calm him down. 

Anvay got of the bed immediately and headed towards the cupboard on seeing which his wife switched on the bedside lamp.

"What are you doing Anvay?" asked Shipra who was confused for a moment

"I can't explain it at the moment but I need to head out right now" answered Anvay while he pulled out a white kurta and pants 

"What do you mean? Where are you going at this time?" asked a worried Shipra 

"I need to go check on our sons, can't explain much other than I need this for my own solace" answered Anvay

"Our sons?.... wait in that case let me call them up" Shipra told him as she picked up her smartphone and dialed Lakshya's number which was ringing, however the call remained unanswered following which she tried Abhay's number which kept getting directed to the voicemail box. She tried Lakshya's number several times again but to no avail, which made her own anxiety shoot up. 

"Lakshya isn't answering while Abhay's phone seems to be switched off" Shipra muttered 

On learning that Anvay hurried while changing and told Shipra to wait at home till he was able to get any news regarding them. 

He then took his keys, rushed down the stairs and out of the house towards his car which he then drove away in a hurry. While on the way to the inner part of the city he tried to contain the panic that was building up within him every moment as he drove. Since he was still on the main road and it was pretty late there weren't many cars on the path to obstruct him, however for some reason the car stopped mid way all of a sudden. Anvay took that as an opportunity to ring up Lakshya, but failed to receive an answer. 

"Why isn't he answering? I hope he's fine.... right Abhay had mentioned Srishti joining them, guess I could try calling her up, hopefully she could give me an idea of the situation there" Anvay told himself and dialed up Srishti's number from the contact list, and thankfully the call connected

"Hello" answered Srishti from the other end of the call

"Hello Srishti Beta, it's me Lakshya and Abhay's father, are they with you at the moment?" Anvay asked hoping for a affirmative response 

"Hello Uncle, at the moment Abhay is at the dance floor enjoying himself, while Lakshya is supposedly in the restroom..." answered Srishti 

"Oh is it so-" Anvay was interrupted before he could finish speaking

"However it's been quite a while since Lakshya hasn't returned from the restroom" Srishti informed him which then took his anxiety another level up

"Can you check on him, I'm actually on the—" before Anvay could complete the call got disconnected due to poor call reception. To fix that and contact Srishti once again he got out of his car to get  better reception. As he wandered around near the car to get a signal bar a voice called out to him.

"Anvay.......what are you looking for?" asked the whisper like feminine voice startling him momentarily as he looked around to find the source of the voice although it seemed like no one was around. Believing it to be his imagination he then headed towards the front of his car and lifted the bonnet to inspect the engine. As he did so he couldn't find anything wrong as per his knowledge, however he then felt the presence of another person right behind him followed by which the voice called out to him once again, "You do remember me, don't you Anvay?"whispered the voice causing him to jerk away from the car and turn around, to his surprise there was no one there, he then began to look around once again and scanned his surroundings. 

Troubled by the mysterious voice, he moved back into his car attempting to start the engine and drive away to the inner city. 

"What happened?? Did your car stop working?" asked the voice driving Anvay towards the peak of his anxiety "Who is it? What do you want?" asked Anvay in a distressed tone

"Your destruction!" answered the voice from behind his seat. As he looked up the driver's mirror, it was Neelima's reflection with her glowing eyes staring at him with a cold expression on her face.

Anvay turns his head towards the passenger seat only to find no one there, he once again looks up back into the driver's mirror which seemingly had no one's reflection in it anymore making him wonder if his mind was playing tricks on him. In a bid to get away he quickly turns the ignition key hoping the engine would start which to his relief it did and then quickly shifts to first gear before pushing down the accelerator to drive away. 

As his car drove away from the scene a woman who apparently seemed to be Neelima appeared to be standing in the middle of the road where the car had stopped earlier, watching as the vehicle receded from her line of sight with a nefarious smirk on her face.


Srishti who was waiting for Lakshya began to wonder what took him so long to get back. She then approached the dancing crowd to look for Abhay, when she spotted him she tried calling out to him but the noise made it impossible for him to listen to her hence she just walks towards Abhay who was enjoying himself and drags him out by his elbow, "What do you think you're doing?.....HELLO?!" Abhay asked as he got annoyed while being dragged out by Srishti who then pulled away from her as they made it outside the hall. 

"What's your problem? weren't you supposed to be with your fiancé, so why are you bothering me?" asked Abhay

"He hasn't come back yet, he said he was going to use the restroom, it's been more than 30 minutes now" answered a worried Srishti, to which Abhay scoffed, "Well, I'm not surprised, he must have gotten tired of your incessant pestering and left"

"Excuse me?! Are you going to check on him or not? know what forget it, I'll do it myself" she sneered at him as she walked past brushing him aside and headed to the gents restroom followed by Abhay heading in the same direction. As she reached the entrance of the restroom, she paused for a while wondering if anyone else was inside giving Abhay time to catch up to her. 

"You really are a piece of work" remarked Abhay which was returned with a glare from Srishti who then turns the knob and opens the door to enter the restroom to find an unconscious Lakshya lying on the floor before them. They both rush towards him to examine his condition, his hands and forehead seemed to be ice cold for some reason accompanied by shallow faint breathing. "What's wrong with him? He was fine just a while ago" asked Abhay who got worried

"Wait here, while I go and get help" Srishti instructed Abhay as she got up and left to inform the staff who then called for an ambulance. Abhay tried to warm up Lakshya's hands by rubbing his own against them. The ambulance then arrived shortly and Lakshya was taken away on a stretcher with the help of the workers manning the ambulance. Srishti and Abhay join Lakshya in the ambulance and while on the way Srishti call up Anvay to inform him about the situation at hand.


Anvay parked his car and headed straight towards the hospital, upon entering he immediately rushed to the reception to ask about the ward his son was admitted in following which he headed straight to the same where he found Abhay and Srishti waiting outside anxiously and approached them right away, "What happened?" Anvay asked

"We're not sure dad, we just found him lying unconscious and rushed him here immediately, the doctors are examining his condition at the moment" answered Abhay with a consoling tone

Anvay then peeked inside the ward from where he could see the doctor attending to Lakshya as informed earlier look pretty baffled for some reason after which he steps out, Anvay approaches the doctor, " What's wrong doctor, why do you look very tensed?"

The doctor unsure of what to say tried to explain "it's actually very strange, we had conducted some tests however the reports seem to be normal" 

"Then why is he unconscious like this?" asked Anvay

"It seems he had consumed a lot of alcohol before passing out shortly, perhaps that explains his sudden drop in temperature and passing out, we've already administered the antidote to help wear off his intoxication, he should wake up by tomorrow, till then I'd advise you let him rest" the doctor explained before leaving to attend to his other patients.

Anvay was relieved after learning that, he then entered the ward to check on Lakshya. Anvay moved close to the bed Lakshya was laid on and held on to his hand, praying internally for his wellbeing, he then took a moment to observe Lakshya's forehead expecting to find a snakebite puncture which to his relief wasn't there making him dismiss his nightmare as a mere dream arising from his guilty conscience. 

Abhay and Srishti entered the ward a moment later, "I'm sorry dad, had I known this were to happen then I would have stopped Lakshya from over drinking" Abhay told his father apologetically standing beside him, Srishti joined in "please don't worry uncle, Lakshya will be fine" she consoled him. They stayed there for a while before Anvay asked them both to leave, "Abhay drop Srishti home while you're on your way back" 

"No uncle, it's fine, I'll take a cab—" Srishti was cut off by Anvay, "It's very late, in fact it's 2 am in the morning, I doubt you'll get a cab at this hour here, moreover it isn't safe to let you go alone, hence let Abhay drop you" Anvay insisted 

"Dad's right, I'll drop you home instead" Abhay agreed

"Alright then since you'll insist" Srishti conceded followed by them leaving the ward and heading out of the hospital.

Anvay then called his wife to notify her about their son's condition while assuring her that it wasn't anything serious as expected earlier.

Two hours later....

Anvay was asleep right next to Lakshya's bed who appeared to be in a state of tranquility although unconscious. All seemed well until a puncture mark mysteriously appeared on his forehead following which Lakshya began to squirm in pain waking Anvay up. Shocked at the sight before him immediately called for the doctor.

As the doctor arrived, he tried to stabilize Lakshya's condition however it seemed to go in vain as moments later Lakshya seemingly let out his final breath, after checking his pulse the doctor stepped away and turned to Anvay.

"What's wrong Doctor?" Anvay asked overcome by dread

"I'm sorry Mr. Singh, your Son just passed away" answered the doctor

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Chapter 2

"I'm sorry Mr. Singh, your Son just passed away" answered the doctor, devastated by the news Anvay held the doctor by his collar in the most intimidating manner possible "what do you mean he passed away? Didn't you say he was fine earlier and that it wasn't anything serious, then what do you mean by he passed away?" 

"Believe me Mr. Singh, I'm equally shocked and confused by his sudden and unexpected demise, in fact even his reports appeared to be normal, to be honest there isn't any medical explanation that I can offer you at the moment" the doctor regretfully told Anvay who then released him allowing himself a moment to let the reality of his son's apparent death to sink in.

Anvay walks towards his son who laid lifeless on the bed and drops down on his knees next to him holding on to his hand, overcome by grief he begins to weep. The doctor unsure of how to console Anvay instructed everyone to step out. As Anvay wept, he recalled all the memories he had with Lakshya from the day he was born when he got hold him for the first time, his first steps as a toddler till his graduation and the final moments he had with him earlier before he left to celebrate. The flood of memories intensified his grief plunging him into a state of disbelief.

"This can't be true, this cannot happen...... my Lakshya can't die like this" Anvay told himself refusing to accept the reality before him. He gets up and heads straight to the prayer area where he pleads before the idol of the Goddess. 

"Mother, please bring my son back..... I know why this has happened, but even then I beg you to bring him back.... my innocent son doesn't deserve this, I'm the guilty one not him... please don't punish him for my sins... I beg you please..... if you need a life then take mine instead" following which Anvay then walks out of the hospital and heads straight towards the lake situated behind the same. He then steps into the water and keeps moving in further till he get immersed, as he begins to sink a blue serpent enters Lakshya's ward through the window and slithers up to his body while resting on his chest.  The serpent then moves further close to his face and bites him in the same spot where he was bit earlier by the red snake reversing the effects of the venom injected earlier and initiating his pulse before slithering away. 

Lakshya then inhales a short burst of air as he rises up marking his revival while on the other hand Anvay begins sinks to the bottom of the lake, as he is close to drowning a woman begins to swim towards him and rescues him out of the water. Apparently someone had noticed him walk into the lake and raised an alarm when he didn't come out suspecting an attempt to commit suicide. 

Anvay was then resuscitated by the same woman who was apparently a volunteer at the hospital who had administered basic CPR. "Thank goodness, he's back" said the volunteer 

Anvay then rose up, upset at his failed attempt yet unsure of how to react to the turn of events, while staring at the lake

The Volunteer then helps him stand up and takes him back inside to counsel the distraught man. "I know life isn't easy, and circumstances can force people to take extreme measures, but this is still not right, suicide may end your own pain, but what about the ones you leave behind?" the volunteer reasoned 

"Suicide? Dad why would you attempt that?" a familiar voice asked from a distance, and to Anvay's surprise Lakshya was standing right before him unlike earlier when he was presumed to be dead. Anvay quickly gets up and walks towards Lakshya, caressed his face before embracing him, overjoyed yet emotional at the same time which was evident from the way he broke down in tears leaving Lakshya confused who then asks "What's wrong dad?" to which he replies, "You're okay...." 

Lakshya pulls backs to ask, "What could happen to me, I'm okay as you see, but why am I here exactly?" 

"Don't you remember anything?" Anvay asked Lakshya giving him a confused look, to which Lakshya responds with a no. "It doesn't matter anymore as long as you're okay" Anvay replies shortly after which they run into the doctor who was in charge of Lakshya. The doctor was astonished at the sight before him, "It's a miracle, that even a rare one, young man you were declared dead a while ago and look at you now, back on your feet" the doctor exclaimed 

"I died? How and why?" Lakshya asked the doctor

"We don't know the exact reason of your apparent death, however I'd advise you to avoid consuming too much alcohol at a time, perhaps it simply doesn't suit you, other than that I see no further issues" the doctor cautioned Lakshya 

As Anvay and Lakshya left to undertake the discharge procedures, the volunteer who earlier consoled Anvay stood there watching the two leave with an ice cold glare as she thought to herself, "how can I let you die so easily when you deserve to suffer the most, for which you need to live so you can watch all those you cherish suffer and die right before your eyes "

Anvay and Lakshya stepped out of the hospital once they were done completing the discharge procedures and headed straight to Anvay's car with Lakshya taking the passenger's seat and Anvay getting behind the wheel. Just as Anvay started the car and was about drive away, he realized that he left his smartphone behind at the billing counter.

"Son, I left my wallet at the billing office, wait here till I get back" Anvay informed Lakshya as he was about to get out of the car who was then held back by his son, "in that case, I'll get it dad" Lakshya tells his father who then tries to reason with him, "No you need to rest, what if you pass out again?" Anvay expresses his concern while hoping Lakshya would give in and stay back much to his annoyance who then explains "dad I'm okay, trust me I've never felt better, you're behaving as if I'm some sickly person who can't manage on their own, please don't worry" 

"But—" Anvay was cut off by Lakshya, "Dad please, allow me" Lakshya told him as he stepped out immediately and headed back into the hospital to collect his father's phone. As he reached the billing office he saw a commotion between the billing staff and an old lady who was being pressured into paying an enormous amount which she apparently couldn't afford the failure to do which could cost her grandchild's life. "Please allow me some time to deposit the amount, at the moment this is all I have, if the surgery isn't done right away my grandson could die" begged the old woman

"I am sorry ma'am but you have to deposit the entire amount as per the hospital policy" the hospital employee told her 

"Please reconsider, I'll pay you eventually" the old lady assured them however the hospital staff turned down her request, "I'm sorry ma'am but we can't help you with that" causing the old lady to break down in tears. 

Lakshya who sympathized with the old lady was just about to offer her financial relief when someone behind him marched forward straight to the counter. It was a young woman dressed in a yellow Kurti and jeans who seemed to be in her mid 20s, "Don't you'll feel sorry for the poor old lady, does your hospital value money above human life?" asked the young woman infuriated by the hospital staff's apathy towards the old lady. She took out a cheque book from her purse and signed off the required amount before depositing the same at the counter. She then assured the old lady that her grandson's surgery will be conducted as planned and that she needn't worry about it any more to which the old lady thanked her "God bless you my child, I can't thank you enough for what you've done" to which the young woman replied "Granny, I've only done what I felt was needed, please don't worry anymore and if you need any more assistance don't hesitate to reach out to me" she told the old lady as she borrowed her cellphone and saved her contact details in the same before returning it. 

Lakshya was impressed by her generosity and grew curious about her, as she turned back and walked past him he couldn't help but direct his attention towards her almost as if she were the only person around. As soon as she left he snapped out and headed towards the counter to collect his father's smartphone. 

"Do you know anything about that young lady?" Lakshya enquired to which the staff worker responds, "She's Mahima, one of the volunteers helping out here, a very kind and generous person"

"She is indeed a generous one, however can you explain why exactly were you'll adamant at refusing to treat that old lady's grandchild especially when my dad's company is funding your hospital for that very purpose, which is to provide medical care to those who are economically weak?" Lakshya questioned the hospital staff at the billing office

"I'm sorry Sir, but we're just following the management's instructions" the staff member revealed 

"In that case, l'd like to have a word with them over this, also issue a refund to the volunteer who paid on behalf of the old woman" Lakshya told them before leaving the office. As he walked through the hallway he caught a glimpse of Mahima who was helping tend a patient in their ward. Lakshya couldn't help but notice the sincerity and compassion that exuded from her and was pleased to know that selfless people like her existed to make this world a bearable place to live in, he wanted to meet her personally and appreciate her for what she had done but refrained himself not wanting to interrupt the young woman currently devoting herself to nurturing the sick, hence he just leaves and walks out of the hospital and back into the car where his father waited for him, "What took you so long?" Anvay asked Lakshya appearing concerned over the delay for retrieving his smartphone.

"Nothing much dad, just got caught in the middle of a commotion regarding the hospital's apathetic approach to some of its patients" Lakshya narrated to his father the entire incident that took place right before him and how the matter was resolved.

"In that case we'd need to address this issue, but at the same time I'm very grateful to that volunteer, it's good that you asked the hospital to refund the bill she paid" Anvay replied in agreement following which he then started the car and drove back home.


Srishti who had just woken up headed straight to the bathroom to shower and brush her teeth, once she was done she stepped out back into her room, blow dried her hair and changed into her usual denim pants and casual hooded sweatshirt before heading downstairs to join her parents and siblings for breakfast. At the dining table Srishti was preoccupied with the events that took place the previous night and thought of calling Abhay to check on him. 

Srishti's father noticed the worried look on her face prompting him to ask "What's wrong Srishti? You seem bothered, all good?" 

"Actually, Lakshya was driven to the hospital last night" answered Srishti who was evidently disturbed and worried. 

"What happened exactly?" her father asked 

"We're not sure, we just found him lying unconscious in the men's restroom, when he didn't get up we immediately rushed him to the hospital, however the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him" Srishti answered

"I see, why don't you visit him today instead of going to college" her mother suggested

"Yeah you should sis, that way you'll get to spend more time with him" teased her younger sister Shreya

"Shut up Shreya!" Srishti retorted, "Mom, I don't know..... I'm not sure if that would be okay" Srishti told her mother expressing her hesitation 

"Don't worry much about that, just go and pay him a visit, I'll inform Anvay about the same" her father assured.

Once Srishti was done with her breakfast she rose up to leave but then realised that she left her car at the pub last night, she quickly headed upstairs to her room and picked up her clutch which laid on the dresser, as she opened it she found the key missing. 

"Shoot! If leaving the car behind wasn't bad, this is even worse" Srishti thought to herself 

She then heads down again seeming quite hesitant about whether to tell her parents or not about the missing key.

"Dad, actually I left the car behind last night, it was Abhay who dropped me home" Srishti informed him

"Oh... is that so? In that case I can drop you" her father offered

"No that's alright, I'll manage dad" she told him

"Are you sure?" Her mother asked out of concern

"Yes mom, I'll manage" Srishti answered following which she steps out as her parents watch her leave. Her mother turns and walks towards her father, "I can't believe she's all grown up now, I'll miss her once she's married and gone" her mother expressed getting emotional

"I agree" her father replied suppressing his emotions

"Don't worry mom and dad, she isn't one to leave so easy" Shreya joked while trying to console them


At the Singh family's residence Anvay's mother Chandrika was carrying out the ritual of ousting the evil eye that could have possibly afflicted her grandson Lakshya, she circled the the salt and red chillies around him seven times before disposing it away.

"Dadi (paternal grandmother) what is this?" Lakshya asked in an annoyed tone

Chandrika twists his left ear in response, "Ouch! Dadi stop" Lakshya flinched  "shut up, this is for your own good" Chandrika scolds him

She then moves on to Abhay and repeats the same ritual over him who tries his best to resist but in vain

Shipra was at the prayer room offering her prayers of thanks to God.

Once Shipra was done she headed straight to her sons to offer them the Arti flame followed by her husband Anvay and the rest of the family in the living room.

"I can't believe you were declared dead"  Abhay who was right next to Lakshya whispered to him

"Neither do I, It's actually quite strange" Lakshya whispered back

Anvay's older brother Shashi was just heading downstairs from his room while he was seemingly attending an important business call and heads out straight joining his Son Chetan who was waiting out for him in their car. 

"I thought we got lucky for a while knowing we didn't have to do much but I guess we were wrong, it's Lakshya who is luckier... like why couldn't he just remain dead." Chetan grumbled

"Don't worry son, we'll get plenty of opportunities to beat them later, you just need to stay put" Shashi told his son  who then drives away

Back inside, Rani who is Lakshya and Abhay's cousin began to pester the two regarding Srishti whom she had grown close to over the year while they were seated on the couch. "Srishti must be worried, did you call her up Lakshya?" asked Rani

" No I haven't yet...." Lakshya answered feeling a twinge of guilt

"Why not? She was worried sick about you last night, in fact she was the one who kept pushing to look for you" Abhay added 

"You're right, I'll give her a call right away" Lakshya agreed as he pulled out his smartphone to give her a call however she walks in at that very moment.

"Speak of the devil, and the devil appears" Abhay muttered which Rani took note of and pointed, "You meant she's long lived right, bhaiya?"

"Yeah you could say that" Abhay reluctantly agreed while rolling his eyes

Srishti walked towards them before getting greeted by Shipra, while Rani just rushed towards her to give her a hug, "Happy New year!!!!" Rani greeted Srishti 

"Wish you the same" Srishti greeted her back 

"You must have been worried, I'm glad you came by" Rani told Srishti who was overjoyed at that moment

As they break apart, she then walks towards Lakshya and Abhay along with Rani. "How are you feeling now?" Srishti asked Lakshya expressing her concern

"Better, in fact like I've never been sick at all" Lakshya replied

"That's great, I guess you should cut down on your drinks..." Srishti trailed after realizing she shouldn't have brought up his drinks "or perhaps stop completely" Abhay added to clear the awkwardness between them

"I'm sorry, I should have called you up, it just slipped out of my mind" Lakshya apologized to Srishti noticing her awkward yet dejected expression

"Please don't be sorry, I'm just glad you're well" Srishti told him expressing her relief before approaching Abhay, "I hope you'll don't mind but I'll need to borrow him for a while" she told them before dragging Abhay outside

"What is it now?" Abhay asked out of annoyance

"I need your help" Srishti told him

"What happened?" he asked further

"Remember I left my car back yesterday, well actually it's not just the car... I guess I dropped my key as well" Srishti answered

"And you need me because of?" Abhay asked raising his eyebrow

"That place would be closed right now, so they wouldn't entertain any requests nor would they let me enter, I would have waited if I could but the thing is I haven't told my parents about losing the key so I'll need a really good reason for staying out later than usual" Srishti explained

"But what do you need from me regarding this?" Abhay asked once again

"The owner is a friend of yours, perhaps you could call him up regarding this, also can you please drop me there" Srishti requested, Abhay then recalled about a key he had earlier picked up and handed it over to the staff, "You could ask Lakshya to drop you too.." Abhay asked her to which she responds, "I could do that, but I don't think it would be right to trouble someone that just came out of the hospital" 

"So you'll trouble me instead?" Abhay taunts her

"Who else would I then, you're the only other person I know who could speak to the owner, would it kill you to help me this once?" Srishti pleads hoping he'd agree to her request

"Okay fine, so relax" Abhay agrees following which he heads back in to pick his key informing Lakshya about the same. He then heads out followed by Srishti who hops into his jeep with him behind the wheel and drive off.

While they're on their way which lies on a hill, a strange woman observes them from a distance, her eyes begin to glow and face turns scaly transforming her lower body into that of a serpents tail which she uses to dislodge a large boulder from its place causing it to roll down its way to Abhay's vehicle.


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Honestly at this point I don't want a new nagin season at all

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by .KISS-my-ASS.

Honestly at this point I don't want a new nagin season at all

After season 2 and 4 I thought and felt the same but I still ended up watching it 3 and 5. Whether they come up with a new season or not I'm still open to watching Naagin 6 provided I get a show and plot with a good cast. Not like this MS who ruined the character Jay and missing or non existent revenge.

Posted: 2 years ago

It was really cool reading all of that. I just wish people on here would be more appreciative of your effort.

Posted: 2 years ago

Originally posted by myaza

It was really cool reading all of that. I just wish people on here would be more appreciative of your effort.

Thanks dear, I also appreciate the fact you actually made the effort to read it all. Hope you like it and will update it soon

Naagin 5 

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