House of Beta Readers #1 [Proof Reading Stories...Post HERE!]

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Posted: 12 days ago

asmaanixx / gurleen

reel_real / akashi

Sonatia / moumita

Mannmohanaa / mahi

LizzieBennett / supriya

oye_nakhrewaali / shibani

Koeli / Appy [Fan Fiction Editor]

MsChanadlarBong / Sam [Fan Fiction Editor]

Viswasruti / Madz [Fan Fiction Editor]

Please read the rules and guidelines before you start posting in this thread. Note that Beta Readers might not edit your entry if it doesn't matches with the guidelines. Only FFEs ie. Koeli|MsChanadlarBong|Viswasruti are eligible to decide when there are any discrepancies.

If you have any issue with any Beta Reader please contact FFEs i.e Koeli|MsChanadlarBong|Viswasruti.

Edited by Koeli - 4 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago


- PM your passage/chapter to IFBetaReaders and notify in this thread that you have send your entry.

- You may NOT request for a specific beta-reader. Whoever is available at the moment will take on your entry for beta-ing.

- All fictions need to be written in English. A few words/phrases in Hindi, or even a sentence or two is allowed, but if your entire entry is in Hindi/any other language, we won't be editing it.

- You are allowed to make specific requests regarding your entry. For instance, if you want the beta-reader to focus on your plot/flow/style and provide specific feedback, you may leave a note at the beginning of the passage and specify your request.

- Send only one chapter at a time. Beta Readers will be giving their feedback and based on that you can continue writing your story. Beta's will read upto 2000 words per entry not more than that. You are only allowed to post a passage once a week.

- Passages that are extremely poorly written (example provided below in the post underneath this) will NOT be entertained twice. Beta Readers will choose to select in what manner they want to give feedback. They might just choose to give you feedback on the basis of your writing instead of beta reading your passage. We expect the writer to have a certain understanding of basic grammar/plot and literary devices/spellings, and we will not be tolerating abysmally written pieces. If we come to a common consensus that an entry is too poorly written to be edited, we shall inform the writer in question that we won't be able to beta the passage as it is too time consuming. We make that a requirement because the beta readers are provided to you for editing and general feedback (second opinion of sorts), not to re-write your chapter and/or one shot for you.

- Beta readers, like you and me, have a life. Expect a lead time of between 3 to 6 days for your passage to be beta-ed. No urgent requests will be entertained. If you wish to upload a passage by the 13th, and you only send in your work on the 10th, requesting for the beta-ing to be done ASAP, you may have to postpone the uploading date. The beta reader will edit your piece whenever it is convenient for them. Rest assured, it WILL be edited and done as soon as it is possible.

- The beta reader will credit themselves at the end of the edit, and we understand that you will incorporate the changes. It is compulsory to give credit to the beta-reader who beta-ed your entry in that chapter. This can be at the start of the passage, or right at the end, but it needs to be given. If you fail to credit the beta, you can expect strict action against you from the Fan Fictions Development Team (or the DT of the forum the story is posted in) in regards to plagiarism. Example/s of how you can credit the beta reader:

Editing of this chapter/one shot has been done by username.

Credits/Shoutouts to *insert username* for beta-ing this chapter/one shot.

If you are dissatisfied with the beta-ed version for some reason, address your concerns via PM to FFEs, who will help sort out your issues.

Write Up: Angel-Jot. & Koeli

Edited by Koeli - 4 days ago
Posted: 12 days ago


It is several nites since he last called her.... she is worried about him. Last tme she saw him, he was not feeling well. Why!!!! Why do I care about him sooooo muchh....she thought. It was not fair.... tring tring her mobile rings. It is him. 

She : why didn't u call me before...

He : I was in accident 

She : what happened????? R u ok? 

He : I am in hospital

She : I will come to meet with you

He : ok 

She was sad. She doubted him. She was not fair. She wanted to cry.... she loved him soooooo much... Maine tumko aise hi doubt kiya ho sake toh Maaf karna mujhe. Main sirf tumko chahti hu. 

Saying this, she carried her bag to go to hospital.

Why wouldn't it be accepted?

>> Many spelling mistakes (use of abbreviations such as nite, u, r, ok instead of proper words) 

>> Unacceptable vocabulary : soooo muchhhh 

>> Unnecessary dots (....) improper use of punctuation. 

>> Single tense is not maintained. Passage keeps jumping between past and present. (Is, was, has been) 

>> Improper/no use of articles (hospital instead of "the" hospital) 

>> Dialogues aren't well written. Written as a play instead of proper direct/indirect quotes. 

>> Use of hindi.

Drafted by : MsChanadlarBong

Edited by Koeli - 4 days ago

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