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Posted: 3 months ago

Ugh! Couldn't stand it when it came out. But it had the kind of mania and blind following which 'The Game of Thrones' inspires these days. For some reason, everyone wanted to make a convert of me.

Posted: 3 months ago

For me its an instant moodlifter. It can be criticised in many ways but it was never not funny

Posted: 3 months ago

I don't like shows where there is forced laughter in the BG. It just takes away the comedy aspect of a sitcom.

Posted: 3 months ago

No...have watched it more than 10 times...can watch it 10 more times...

Posted: 3 months ago

Absolutely not. I have watched my fair share of sitcoms and it is the best one. 

You dont need to watch the show from Season 1 to enjoy it, the jokes are still very fresh and the actors were great in those roles.

Even the storylines I can understand were probably scandalous in the 90s, the lesbian wedding, Monica dating an older man, Phoebe being the surrogate for her brother, but they are still fact much more mainstream now. 

My other two favourites were The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men till Charlie Sheen was in the show. 

Posted: 3 months ago

Friends is a mood lifter for me. I always watch 2-3 episodes of it during my long flight to India, even though I have the DVD set season 1 to 10 and have watched the full series many times. Same with Seinfeld, never a boring moment and I can relate to it having lived in NYC Metro area :)

These 2 my favorites followed by 60-minutes!

Posted: 3 months ago

Friends is pure gold. I’ll fight anyway who says otherwise lol. #1 favourite sitcom. It’s aged well too and had a brilliant star cast. I mean there were 6 main characters and somehow they did justice to each and every one. So many epic scenes. The one show I’ll never get tired of watching. 

Posted: 3 months ago

It’s a trend to mark anything you don’t like as overrated these days.

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