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~ KHEL ~

Dedicated to all my EDT/AT n CC friends who wanted me to write an OS on RIANSH

and specially Nisha @SilentEyes7 who prompted me to write a KP on this.

 But I have incorporated it in this story.

Here is my take on prospective upcoming track

Hope u all like it





Continuing from morning after Vansh returns home

RIANSH confrontation in their bedroom post Riddhu 'tray attack'

It was meant to be an OS but now converting it to a SS







Bakwaas bandh kar do apni …please


A sudden bout of anger surged through him.

No one talks to Vansh Raisinghania like this …never!! 

Pinning Riddhima to the nearby wall Vansh exactingly worded his statements.

Tumne mujhe meri keemat de di hain …Dollar biwi!”

“Lekin meri self respect ki  koi keemat nahi lagayi jaa sakti!”

“Tumne mujhe bas ek kaam ke liye hire kiya hain…khareed nahi liya hain!”

“Toh aainda izzat se!”

He made his point very clear.


For a moment a feeling of déjà vu grasped Riddhima as she remembered she had uttered same words to Vansh one day when Aryan had tried to attack her dignity and Vansh had questioned her.


His hold... his words and most important his eyes reminded her of Vansh … her Vansh!

Was it that…?

She chose to ignore this thought at the moment cos right now it was more important for her confront this man and to be back in the house at any cost.

She can’t leave her family vulnerable to Kabir, Anupriya and Vihaan… as all of them had ulterior motives and were dangerous!


Pushing him away she spoke.

“Aur meri izzat ka kya ?…  Sahi kahan tumne maine tumhe hire kiya hain …aur tum wohi karoge jo main kahungi! … Meri self respect ke saath khelne ka … Tumhe…koi haq nahi hain!”

“Vansh nahi ho tum ….  door raho mujhse ….Toh aainda khyaal rahe!”

Pointing her finger she warned him.

Vansh always knew she was fierce but today witnessing this side of his wife felt so new … so different!

Gaining his composure and getting back in his character he tried to diffuse the tension between them.

Dekho Ridddhima .. maine tumhe ghar se bahar nikala hain … toh main hi tumhe wapas ghar mein leke aaunga …Trust me!”

“Trust…” She scoffed

“Jo insaan apni Maa ki kasam tod sakta hain .. uss pe trust?”

She hit his raw nerve … again!

He pulled her to him and holding her tight against him he spoke.

“Maine promise kiya tha main waqt pe shaadi main pohuch jaaunga! … main aa gaya na!”

“ …. Agar mujhe tumhe dhoka dena hota na… toh abhi neeche main tumhe Aryan se nahi bachata … ulta sab ke saamne tumhe expose kar sakta tha!”

“Dhoka dena meri fitrat mein nahi hain Riddhima!” He taunted.


“Yehi tumhare liye accha hoga Vihaan …kyunki agar main apne family ke liye tum jaise ek ajnabi ko yahan la sakti hoon… toh zaroorat padne par tumhe nikal bhi sakti hoon … toh kisi galat fehmi mein mat rehna!”

“Family means everything!! … Meri family mere liye sab kuch hain!”

“Family ke liye main apni jaan de bhi sakti hoon … aur kisi ki jaan le bhi sakti hoon!!”

Mincing no words she notified.

Did he hear it correct .. did His Riddhima just threaten him … The Vansh Raisinghania!!

Had it been someone else he would have ripped them apart to shreds right here! … But this was the Woman … His wife …His Riddhima who held immense power on him …. How much he hated this feeling …hated to accept but …It was true!!

She was his Queen … who ruled his being!!

Her eyes held fire … mirroring the same emotions that he holds for his family!!

Her words on the Navratri night echoed in his mind.

“Hum dono ek jaise hi toh hain!”


Truly!! … But was this really true or …it was just a farce?

What is she hiding … what is she fighting for …what is her motive?

So many questions are unanswered.


A knock on the door broke the moment!

“Vansh … “ it was Anupriya at the door.


For a moment both panicked.

“Riddhima tum yahan kahi bhi chup jao”

Vansh suggested.

 Riddhima knew  Anupriya a little too well if Anupriya sees her here with Vihaan …  their game will be ruined!

She can’t take a chance and hide here cos if caught it will be disastrous for them.

Riddhima told him to go open the door but Vansh queried.

“Aur tum?”

“Mere paas aur bhi raaste hain!” 

She announced proudly as she rushed to the window and leaped out leaving a flabbergasted Vansh behind.

“Toh yeh woh raasta hain jo Mrs Vansh Raisinghania ko har baar bacha leta hain! … aise kitne aur raaz hain tumhaare Riddhima jo mujhe jaan ne hain...  Vansh ban ke naa sahi … Vihaan ban ke hi sahi!”

He smirked as he came across a vital secret of his child woman!


He masked his face and opened the door.




Anupriya had come to call Vansh as Dadi wanted to speak to him.

Dadi reminded Vansh of his promise last night about forgiving and getting Riddhima back in the house. He knew this was coming but what caught his attention was  Anupriya who always hated Riddhima too requested him to get her ‘Bahu’ back.

Both informed him about the puja that Dadi had organized for them today so that all the negativity around them is warded off and they can start their journey afresh!

Giving his consent to Dadi that he will get Riddhima back and will also sit for the puja … when his phone ringed. Using this as an excuse he escaped from there.







Angre just finished his call and stepped in their room shutting the balcony door only to witness his wife all dressed up and ready like a woman on a mission. 

Whole night she had been disturbed making him contemplate whether was it a correct move to have divulged to her the details about her Mother’s past and the doppelganger who had entered their home in guise of their beloved Vansh.

But in the current scenario he really didn’t have much choice cos he needed Ishani’s support to safeguard their family from all their enemies.


Ishani finally turned putting her hairbrush on the dresser.

“Kahan ja rahi ho?” Angre asked instantly wasting no time.

Uss ke pass … mujhe ek bahot accha idea aaya hain … main jaa kar use hamari bachpan ki yaadein discuss karungi … he will not know anything …and Boom!”

“I will catch him red handed n throw him out of the house!” She announced mighty pleased with her plan.


“Ishani if he has entered this house … he must be having a full proof plan … he is very smart .. your plan instead of trapping him inturn will alert him!” Angre cautioned her.

“Dekha nahi tumne kitni aasaani se sab ne usse accept kar liya … ek pal ke liye mujhe bhi laga woh Boss hi hain!”

“He is very smart n maybe dangerous!...bahot acchi planning ke saath aaya hain … aur aate hi apne masterstroke khel liya uss ne” He added.

“Masterstroke?” Ishani queried.

“Haan … ek insaan ko uski close family mein sabse acchi tarah se kaun jaan sakta hain?” Angre’s question confused Ishani.

“Uski Patni … yaani ... Riddhima Bhabhi … jo iss waqt ghar ke bahar hain … jise uss nakli aadmi ne aate hi bahar nikal diya…. And I’m sorry to say … jaane anjaane mein tumne hi uski help ki hain!” Angre elaborated.

“Vanshbhai hote toh chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye ... kabhi Bhabhi ko nahi nikalte!”

“Bhabhi agar uske saath rehti toh woh pehchaan jaati … aur…” He let his statement hang.


“U are right Angre … though I hate Riddhima lekin iss waqt she can really help us!”

“Exactly Ishani  … ab tumhe hi Bhabhi ko wapas laana hoga ..uss duplicate ko emotionally blackmail kar ke!” Angre suggested her.

“OK” Ishani agreed.







“Superb Mom!” Kabir exclaimed as their plan to get in Riddhima using Dadi had finally succeeded. For their victory Riddhima had to be in the house.

Anupriya had planned and played her move perfectly. She had not only instigated Dadi that everyone in the house was to be blamed equally as they were all a part of the wedding and punishing Riddhima was not right.

She has already faced so much since Vansh’s death news … she should be given a chance and should accepted back in the house.

“You are right Kabir and my statement ….

Aakhir woh hamare Ghar ki Lakshmi hain ..Maaji! … did the magic!”

Both mother son duo laughed at their victory.


“Bas ab hamaara agla plan bhi successful ho jaaye toh … yeh nakli Vansh ka khel shuru hone se pehle hi khatam ho jaayega… aur woh jaayega iss ghar ke bahar .. aur sab kuch phir se hamaare control mein.!” Kabir asserted.







Riddhima paced the room trying to think of some plan which could enable her entry in the house.

Her head ached and she was feeling sick. Past few days had taken a toll on her health plus she didn’t have a single morsel of food since yesterday and had stayed awake whole night.

Vihaan had trapped her real bad!

She can’t trust Vihaan now .. after what he had done yesterday she will be a fool to believe him again and wait for him to take her back in the house.

‘Wait … did she just think of waiting for Vihaan to help her!’


Riddhima mentally smacked herself for even thinking about it. When did she become dependent on someone .. she has always fought her battles alone and won them too!!

Only after Vansh entered her life …sometimes she did seek him … his support … his presence  .. HIM!!

But her own mindless acts had ruined it all for her … ruined their blissful life … ruined HIM!!


“Riddhima yeh kamzor hone ka waqt nahi hain”

Looking at Vansh’s photo in her phone she rued.


“Vansh maine sirf tumhaari wajah se Kabir ko ghar mein aane diya .. it was your wish to bring Mummyji’s lost son back home as that was the least you felt ..you could for her! … I didn’t know that would be my biggest mistake!”


“First he trapped Aryan and then blackmailed me into marrying him.”


“Sirf hamaare gharwalo ke liye main yeh shaadi ke liye haan kaha tha … main kitni khush hui thi jab Ishani ne mangalsutra chupa diya .. lekin Kabir…”


“Main sirf tumhari hoon Vansh …  aur hamesha tumhari hi rahungi… himmat haar ke pheron ke waqt …. main zeher peenewali thi lekin….”

She really felt sick and rushed to the washroom to throw up.

She felt a hand caressing her back.

Shock would be an understatement!!

The person whom she least expected stood by her side supporting her.

“Ishani… tum yahan?”

“Haan …main woh .. are u ok?” she asked.

Ishani had heard everything when Riddhima was pouring out her heart seeing Vansh's picture.

Now she knew the truth behind Kabir's entry in the house and Riddhima agreeing for the marriage.

Before Riddhima could answer she turned to the basin and puked again.


Once out in the room

Ishani skeptically asked her

“Riddhima ..are you… I mean …?”


That was enough for Riddhima… unknowingly Ishani had given her a superb idea to deal with all the mess around her.

She nodded.

'I’m sorry Vansh … main jaanti hoon yeh galat hain ..lekin ek din tumne hi kahan tha…'

Riddhima remembered Vansh’s words when he had tricked her while injecting the tetanus shot.

“Riddhima kabhi kabhi sahi baat ke liye galat raasta chalta hain!”


'Aaj main bhi sahi ke liye galat raasta chun rahi hoon Vansh… Please tum aur Dadi mujhe maaf kar dena!'

She mentally apologized to him and with determination she prepared herself for the upcoming ordeal … her family needed her!!



Vansh stood outside the outhouse along with a maid who was carrying a thaal … all of Riddhima’s marriage accessories placed on it.


How much ever he tried … however angry he was with her … he just can’t see her in pain!

These 40 days has been the most testing time of his life and yesterday night even though he sent her away to make her feel the same pain ... he had faced all these days away from his family.

He hated himself for it … he had nearly reached the mansion door last night to bring her back but stopped … she has to face it … has to experience the consequences of her impulsive acts and decisions.



He had insulted her by throwing her out of the house so its his duty to get her back with complete dignity as his Wife.. as the Lady of the House .. Mrs Vansh Raisinghania!!


He stepped in and told Riddhima to get ready as Dadi is waiting for them for a puja.

Riddhima was thoroughly displeased with the idea of dressing up as a bride. But presence of Ishani and the maid halted her outburst.


Ishani could sense the tension between them and knew this doppelganger had come here only on Dadi’s insistence and if Riddhima argues with him he will again play his game and this time even Dadi may not be able to help them.

She persuaded Riddhima and volunteered to even help her to dress up. 

Both Vansh and Riddhima were astounded hearing her words. What was happening?


Reluctantly she agreed headed towards the connecting room but not before glancing his way … her eyes accusing him of all the pain ...  she as widow was subjected to …. All becos of YOU!!


Vansh exactly knew what was running in her mind … a part of him so happy that her feelings for him are genuine …. But his heart broke into million pieces seeing her in so much pain!!


She had always maintained distance from Vihaan… reminding him to never to cross his boundary!


His thoughts went up to the day when she had fainted in his arms outside the temple. 

He had only told the goons to scare her but they had snatched her Karwa Chauth bangles, they were eyeing her mangalsutra and if that wasn’t enough one of them was going to stab her.


The beast in him was unleashed and he had beaten the hell out of them!! .. How dare they!!




Thankfully she was unconscious and that gave him a perfect opportunity to drop his guard for sometime … He had hugged her tight … calming his restless heart … basking in her fragrance…. Her presence …Her being into Him!!


Her feet were bleeding he had cleaned up her wounds … he was so angry .. she always does that .. lands up into problems … now he isn’t with her she needs to be careful .... but…


He couldn’t have delayed  his entry anymore and that Kabir enabled his motive to enter VR Mansion due to this wedding plan.  


He was seething in anger when he got to know that he planned to marry his Riddhima .. she was his only!!


But when Riddhima had rushed to him seeking his help … it was confirmed that his feelings were reciprocated!!

She could never give his place to someone else!!


Riddhima was an enigma .. she was still hiding a lot in her … but even though with all proofs against her …. He still believes that she can never betray him!!

There is something much more to the story than it seems and he has to dig it out!


But what Vansh didn’t expect was his Wifey had planned another masterstroke coming Vihaan’s way thwarting all his future attempts to oust her from the Mansion or the Raisinghania family.


Riddhima dressed as his bride (without  her marriage symbols) emerged from the room .... she looked gorgeous!! … but just like last time … her face dipped in pain … grief …helplessness!!

For a moment he felt to end this drama and confess the truth to both Riddhima and Ishani  … he could not see them in pain!


Riddhima walked up to him and announced.


“Vansh …. I’m pregnant!!”


Vansh felt as if someone had punched him hard in his gut!!

For a moment he was sure he lost a breath…. How was it possible … they never … This woman!! ... What is she upto now?




He looked in her eyes and there it gave her away for a brink of a second she looked away ....  just what she does when she is hiding something or lying to him! 

That was enough for him to know she was lying!!

And then her vulnerable eyes were shielded by a defiant look like ‘Try me!’

Clearly challenging Vihaan of trying any new stunts against her!

Vansh knew this was her reply to his last nights attack!

Riddhima clearly caught him off guard.

He can't confront her as Vansh as it would blow off his cover and as Vihaan he has to accept this fact!

'Well played Wifey!!'

He had to applaud her for this super move!






Riddhima and Vansh stood in mansion puja room.

She was dressed as a bride. She had died a million times each moment while dressing up  cos she knew Vansh was no more and ….

Why was God punishing her so much … why didn’t her life end with her Vansh … they would be together … in peace!!



Both sat for the puja. Ishani wanted to protest but Angre stopped her as it would ruin their plan.

The Pandit told Dadi that Riddhima was not wearing any marriage symbols. 

I will chant the mantras and let her husband make her wear them again. It is a auspicious muhurat and will be good for their relation!!


Riddhima was stunned hearing Pandits words….

‘No this can’t happen…NOOOO’


She Was Trapped!!


Tears of helplessness brimmed in her eyes … she was only Vansh’s wife!!

She will not let anyone take her Vansh’s place … No never!!


She was about to get up when Vihaan held her hand .. she looked at him in rage ready to burst out on him ... when he whispered in her ears.

“Riddhima relax .. don’t react its Kabir’s plan to trap and expose us .. I have already bribed the Pandit he will just pretend but won’t carry out any real chants etc. for rituals."


"Your One Move Will Seal Your Families Fate … Think Before You Act!"


She closed her eyes and now the tears of helplessness trickled down.

Vansh forwarded his palm and the tear drop fell in his palm as always!!


He closed his palm and looked towards Bappa promising God and himself that he will make everyone responsible... pay for all the pain inflicted on his family!!


“Main vaada karta hoon Bappa …  jinn logon ne mere parivaar ko itni takleef di hain .. unke har ek aansoon ka badla main lunga … humaara saath dena!!”


Riddhima had her eyes closed tight wanting this nightmare to end!

 So she missed this moment otherwise she would have realized her Vansh was right here … so close … but guess there was still time for her to know!


The puja began and dejected Riddhima sat through the puja …. Vansh felt awful to have tricked her yet again!

He hated to accept it but he was really grateful to Kabir for have organized this puja giving him a perfect opportunity to claim His Riddhima yet again!!




He vowed as he tied her mangalsutra around her neck … filled her partition with sindoor!!


The auspicious muhurat …. Bappa’s blessings will always safeguard their relation!!




“Bappa maine jhoot bola hain lekin Vihaan ke kisi bhi dusre vaar se apne aap ko bachane .... aur Kabir aur Mummiji se apne parivaar ko bachane ka yehi ek raasta tha … mera saath dena Bappa!!”


“Kabir zaroor kuch karega ab … bas mujhe uske agle kadam ka intezaar karna hain … phir usse aur Mummiji ko main hamaare ghar se aur hamaari zindagi se hamesha ke liye nikal dungi!”


“Tumhaare har khel ko main palat dungi Kabir!”


Riddhima seeked Bappa’s blessing  and vowed to expose Kabir - Anupriya at the earliest and safeguard her family for ever!!



The puja room had now become a venting ground for everyone!!

All the members divided in their respective groups. Whispering, planning , complaining, cursing ….. and the list continues… in low voices of course not wanting Vansh to get a whiff of it even!! 


Dadi, Angre and Ishani  were overjoyed hearing about Riddhima’s pregnancy while others were shocked hearing the news.


“Mere Vanshbhai ki jagah lena chahte ho tum … tumhare iss khel ko main kabhi kamyaab nahi hone dungi!” Ishani promised herself.




Kabir and Anupriya’s face lost all its colour seeing non of the two objected to the puja.

 Kabir was sure Riddhima will never be a part of this puja but what he failed to realize that Mrs Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania … just like her husband can go to any extent to ensure that her family is safe!!


His plan had again failed … but the bigger blow was Riddhima’s pregnancy .. they had to act fast before everything is snatched off their hands!

“Ab aakhri khel khelne ka waqt aa gaya hain Mom … aur jeet hamaari hi hogi!!” Kabir affirmed.



Chachi n Aryan were caught off guard and stuck badly between the two warring parties!!


Chachi snubbed Aryan hitting him.

“Agar tu pehle shaadi kar leta toh aaj tera beta Raisinghania parivaar ka waaris banta…. Phuti kismet meri.”


“Mom … get a grip on yourself …paagal hogaye ho kya?” Aryan scowled at his mothers antics.

“Chup kar ab kya karenge? … Bappa yeh kya ho gaya hamaare saath …. Pehle toh sirf Vansh tha ab yeh paagal Kabir bhi aagaya  … ab mera Aryan ka kya hoga?” Chachi rued.


“Mom just relax …. Hindi serial ki vamp ki tarah overacting mat kariye!! …. Ab hume wait n watch approach adopt karna hoga! …. Inn dono ki ladaai mein faayda hamaara hi hoga!!”


"Sahi waqt par sahi khel khelege hum!!" Aryan asserted.


“Haaye mera baccha kitna hoshiyaar ho gaya hain … bilkul apni Maa ape gaya hain!” Chachi beamed happily.







“Boss aap ne bulaya?” Angre asked as he entered the study.


“Haan Angre main dekh raha hoon …. Tum kaafi busy ho gaye ho … kaafi jasoosi ho rahi hain meri … puja ke baad Kabir se baat bhi kar rahe the!”


“Kya ho raha hain? … kahin mujhe dhoka dena ka iraada toh nahi bana liya na? …. Kya planning kar rahe ho? … bolo planning kar rahe ho ya nahi?” Vansh confronted him holding him by his collar


“Haan …haan planning kar raha hoon main…." Angre pushed him a little releasing himself from Vansh’s hold.


“Boss … wohi plan implement kar raha hoon jis ki planning aap ne ki hain!” He proclaimed as they both burst out laughing!


“Sab log apna apna khel khelne ke liye taiyaar hain!” Angre informed.


“Angre khel sabhi khelte hain lekin … asli GrandMaster wohi hota hain jo kadam pe apne khel badal de ….. aur dushman ka khel bigaad ke …. usse galti karne pe majboor kar de!!”


“Khel ne do unhe … aakhri khel aur aakhri chaal humaari hogi  …. Sheh aur Maat!!”



“YES BOSS!!” Angre affirmed.


“Kabir ka khel bigaad ne ki taiyaari hogayi?”


Angre hummed in response they had filed a case through an orphanage against Kabir that he had robbed a bag full of cash meant for the orphanage donation from the orphanage's employees house.

They had the cctv footage as proof ….  Kabir was in deep trouble now!!


“Vansh ki koi cheez koi itni aasaani se chura le .. aisa kaise ho sakta hain!!”

“Yeh toh shuruat hain Kabir aage bahot kuch hona baaki hain!.. Taiyaar ho jao!” Vansh announced.


Angre handed him a bag “Boss yeh Bhabhi ki saari jewellery.”


“Angre yahan ke safe mein rakh do …Riddhima ko abhi iss ke bare mein pata nahi chalna chahiye!” Vansh stated.


Angre put the bag in the safe and locked it handing over the keys to Vansh.


“Angre Ishani pe nazar rakhna …. Woh mujhe Vihaan se Vansh prove karne mein .... meri bahot help karnewali hain … "

"Usse distract karna bahot zaroori tha … warna Riddhima ke baad woh Kabir ke peeche lag jaati.”

“Lekin uska phir bhi bharosa nahi hain … so be careful … woh pregnant hain aur impulsive bhi … dhyaan rakhna!”
Vansh cautioned him.


“Hmm … Boss aap bhi …. Bhabhi bhi kuch kam nahi hain … “


“Aaj ka bomb ... masterstroke tha… sab ke sab shock ho gaye!” Angre added.



Vansh looked his way exasperated.

“Woh aurat mere dimaag pe shots maarti hain …. Bhagwaan ne fursat se banaya hain usse … musibaton ke maamle mein magnet hain woh … samne chalke musibat ko invite karti hain!!”


“Vihaan ko rokne ke liye itna bada kadam uthaya hain … ab uss par khatra aur bhad jaayega!! .. Kya karu main iss ladki ka!”

"Dimaag ulta chalta hain uss ka!"


“Pataako ke beech baith kar … aag jalati hain … aur phir chillati hain …. Blast ho gaya!!” Vansh declared smirking.


Angre couldn’t stop himself from laughing.


He was angry at Riddhima for causing so much damage to his best friend, Boss, his brother!!

 But only she could heal him … bring back his smile ... and get him back to live his life!!


Vansh too smiled as they both headed towards their room’


A peaceful night before the game begins!!


This is my first OS in this forum

Hope u all like it

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