Reported: Happy birthday Appy🥳🥳🥳

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Posted: 17 days ago



21st November 11: 55 PM

Appy : The amount of calls I am going to get today .. phew 

Kash mai itni famous nahi hoti smiley43


22nd November 00:00 

*Appy looks at phone*

22nd November 00:05

*No calls even now*

Appy: where are the wishes?

Are they all sleeping? 

22nd November 00:07

Appy : I am so lonely broken angel 


22nd November 00:10 

*phone rings* 

*Appy jumps and picks the call in first ring *


Customer care executive: Hello Appy, we are calling from citi bank, I am glad to inform you that..

Appy: Aaap jis number pe call kar rahe hai woh abhi vyast hai.. kripya  happy birthday wish kare ya kabhi call na kare .. 

*Appy cuts the call* 

If I shoot all my friends down, it will be good practise for my upcoming competitions.


22nd November 00:10 

Appy: I waited 10 mins.. In this time I could have 5 packets of Maggi smiley22

*Appy sets caller tune as Kyun kisi ko wafah k badle wafah nahi milti and packs bags* 



Meanwhile in Zurich

*Parm and Leena on call*

Parm: so I have my flight at 1 am and I will reach Dubai by 9 in Dubai but the time in Dubai it would be 3 hours ahead so I skipped 3 hours. so I am saving my energy. 



sounds suspicious but let me bring a calculator

Parm: bring the scientific one out smiley16

*after two hours*






*Appy reaches shoot location* 

Director : Today we are going to shoot a sequence from KZK2 serial

Appy: kzk2


Director: So you ie prerna will be thrown off the bridge into flowing Ganga by Anurag to save you and Mr Bajaj will be standing in Ganga to save you.

Koeli : does any of us survive smiley22

Director: All three will survive

Koeli: Very realistic I must say smiley37

*While shooting *

Mr Bajaj : Housefly Basu

Anurag: Buddha Bajaj 


bu ..buddha bajaj


*war flash backs*


Director : CUT! 

Appy: Tanu .. Akash bhai 

Akash bhai .. Parm

Erum..Akash bhai

Director: Appy do you want to take a break

Appy: aKash mai break le paati.. 

lekin report pe report .. report pe report 


isse acha I should have been aKashish from Kahi toh hoga 


Director: Appy its better for you to go home today. 


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*Appy reaches home in a cab*

Driver: Maam, please pay the cash 

Appy: aCASH ..AKASH...



Mani: Appy .. 

Appy: Akash

*Mani pays money and takes Appy inside*

Mani:Appy kya hua... 

Appy: I just remembered the darkest period of my life..


Leena: K behen.. 

Appy: et tu brute, report 

why you no go to resort

I come online 

to see you in a line

Leena: Very poetic smiley37

Parm: I agree.. glad we saved some energy for this smiley37

Appy: Report report everywhere, 

not a single second to breathe 


Nabz: arz kiya hai.. 

Tanu: kya kiya hai

jo b kiya acha Nahi kiya 

Sam: I am having war flashbacks to chamber of secrets



Mani: Lets let Nabila speak.

Nabz: ignoring her for my sanity

ae report tu aata kyu hai 

Sam,Mahi: wah ..wah 

Nabz: Ae report tu aata kyu hai 

Parm, Mani:  wah wah 

Nabz: ae report tu aata kyu hai

aana toh Theek hai par rukta kyu hai 

Nidhi: I did not just resign from my job to hear this. 


Appy: You resigned? Once upon a time when I was in KZK2.. 


Nidhi: did you resign?

Appy: Well.. No.. 

Nidhi: Then listen to my story 



Appy: What party? 

Tanu: Thank god I was not the one who broke the surprise about her birthday party to Appy

Mahi: sadly, it was you again and as always. smiley22 She just said a party ... not which party. 



Mani: I am not even surprised. 

Appy: W..WAIT 


Sam: She realised we are here guys.. 


Parm: Our family is a bit slow but very steady and we win all races.

Appy: You are all here to celebrate my birthday?


Mani,Nidhi,Nabz,Leena, Sam,Mahi, Parm: 




Leena: not this again .. 

Sam: Dont worry guys, she has the attention span of a goldfish. Let us cut the cake until she comes back. 



Appy: I am right here Tanu. smiley22



Nabila: smiley22

Mani: smiley22

Sam: smiley22


Nidhi: smiley22


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Happy birthday Appy 💙💙 dear dearest Akash bhai 💙😂 I hope you get all the happiness in the world. 💙 I’m very happy that we got to work together in KZK2 .. it was so much fun even when we got soo many reports. 💙😂  I hope we get to work saath me again soon 💙 everytime we talk on phone we start from one topic and end up with completely diff topic 😂😂😂😂 I think that is our speciality 😂😂😂 The best part about you is that you always try to be there for everyone 💙 I hope you get all the love and affection you shower on everyone 💙 

Happy birthday once again 💙



Happy birthday appyyyyyyy!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳❤️have a great life, stay healthy, very wealthy and safe. Jeeti raho phoolo phalo, khair chodo 🤣😘



Dearest Appy,I honestly don't know where to start from or what to say. It's hard to be able write a birthday message for someone who you don't know a lot on a personal level yet are always able to connect with them really well and feel a sense of personal touch and warmth. From whatever little I know of you and about you, I have come around to have deep respect and admiration for you. Your courage in the face of the most brutal adversities and tragedies is phenomenal. I have no idea how you hold yourself together when the battles that you had to brave were custom made to unnerve you. I don't know how you still manage to have this zest for life and this heart so full of positivity and love. May be, that's what is a mark of a woman. A true, honest, brave, strong and a gorgeous woman. I hope and pray that you have a life full of everything you have always wanted it to be, worked hard for, hoped and prayed for, whatever that may be. Wishing you a birthday full of love, warmth, goodness and peace. May you be blessed with the best always. 

Happy, happy birthday!

Much love, Husna.



Happy birthday AppyD! 🤗🥰 Have a great day and great year ahead! May you be blessed with goodness and health. You are such a positive, helpful and kind soul! Stay as you are and stay away from butter  

Love you




I hope you have an amazing birthday...always stay happy and wonderful!! Don’t change a thing about you. You are a marvelous woman and person and a very special friend! May smile never part from your lips and happiness welcome you open arms.

I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more.smiley40

Lots of lovesmiley31




Tumhare liye kya hi kahu? Kuchh bhi bolungi to lagega chhote muh badi baat

The way you so easily manage to make a special place for yourself in everyones lives is so amazing and unparalleled

You are such a down to earth person despite being so talented and an awesome multitasker

I wish I could get even 0.1 % of your skills but even thats not possible But thats what makes you even more special and lovable

On your birthday today, I just want to wish all the happiness of the world for you

May all your dreams and wishes come true

Hope you get all the success in whatever you do.... may we get a long waiting time for your appointment very soon

Humesha stay healthy, fit and fine

May you always be surrounded by people who truly love you 

From the bottom of my heart wishing you a very very very Happy Birthday

Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead


Image result for wish u a very happy birthday




You've been quite the rockstar of the virtual life of ours, being a big support system as well as someone we all look up to. You are not only creatively talented but also very heartwarming, encouraging new entrants like me and constantly pushing to make it big smiley36

Your enormous amount of patience and judgment about situations, and people makes you a complete force to reckon with <3

I still remember the pep talk that you gave me, it meant SO MUCH and it STILL REALLY MEANS A LOT. Everything that I'd say will fall short of what you really are so I'd stop it here. We all know how our (or only Ana's?) CTG issmiley37

Have a rollicking birthday, have loads of Mishti doi and sondesh and rosogullasmiley27






To my 



2am Partner

It’s been quite a bittersweet journey with you 😂 but I’ll not have it any other way cuz that’s what makes our bonding so special. 

I wish you all the luck and love for the years to come. 

Here’s wishing you a very Happy and Joyous Birthday 😘🤗

All the Love,

Yours truly




hapoy bday..byesmiley30


K behennnn!smiley27  yaar seriously what is there to say. u r super talented, soft sweet, patient and a rare package from god. U inspire everyone around u be it whatever u do in life. u mean a lot to me and i am rlly blessed n can't thank god enough to have u in my life supporting me thru thick n thin no matter what. 

I hope u have a very happy appy birthday filled with love, peace n joy and wish from the bottom of my heart u get what ur heart desires, may every year be ur best years n autograph chahiye behen before u become a hit actress 


These adjectives perfectly suits u for who u r <33

K- Kind hearted






^ chalo ur gift from me :v 

 hope u like this as it was such a challenge to make n sorry not sorry this is the wrong rifle type but i love usmiley31smiley37 tere liye i downloaded AE n that too found a good version at the right time :p

 enjoy ur day and have a blast every single day

*pull cheeks*

and bro get urself a cable protector -_-




Happy birthday to my fabulous, talented, kind and beautiful friend! May it be filled with love, happiness and blessings! Here's wishing you the bestest year ahead. 

Lots of love,




A very happy birthday Appy! Have a great day and year ahead!



Boss ka budday, mere Boss ka budday ayasmiley41


Once again, that time of the year is here to celebrate. That is your birthday Appy. 

Your special day, A day where everything is up aside and everything is all about you.

Here's wishing you a very very Happy Birthday.

May you be blessed with all the happiness in the world and May your life be as joyous as it can be for forever.

Many Happy Returns Of The Day Appy


Roses are red

Violets are blue

And I am singing

Happy Birthday to you.. 


Love Always,

Tanu (Armu4eva) 



Hi Appy di,You know you have inspired so many writers and graphicers on IF without even knowing it. Your tutorials first got me started on tags and siggies! So yes, you were that to me, a mentor and an inspiration long before we first started talking. You are the cool big sis who is a powerhouse of talent and ever so sweet. It feels so great to call you my friend. Happy birthday Di! Love you loads! 

Wishing you a fabulous year ahead! ❤️



Many Many happy returns of the day Koeli, you are a gem of a person I came across, May all your wishes come true 💕🎁🎂🎉🎊 More fun, excitement and enjoyment to you in the year ahead!! 🍾





Happy Birthday 

May you get all that you wish for and more! You deserve absolutely everything. You’re one of the strongest people I know and I so admire that about you. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend 

I love you loads 

Keep smiling!

Love, Zoah x



Happy Birthday, Koeli!

You have always been a great inspiration for all of us

Your talents, your ever helpful nature, your kindness and also how sweet you are to everyone

Its always been a great time interacting with you

There have been times when you would help us when we are in distress and if we have any doubts

Truly a mentor for so many of us

On this occasion of your birthday, I just wish for you to be blessed with only happiness and joy

You should be always shining and never should you feel even a slightest of sadness

You deserve all the love this world has.

Once again Happy Birthday Mentor!

Be happy be blessed

And let all the prosperity you deserve come to you

- Alexia



Happy Birthday Appy smiley27 Have a blessed, joyous and successful year ahead. Thank you so always being there to clear my doubts!! Also idk if I'll ever talk about this if not here 😂 if you remember, one day I messaged you out of nowhere and suggested you a book!!!! Do read the book, the suggestion was genuine but I was working as a minion for Nidhi! So yea.... happy birthday once again!! Stay happy!


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Happy Birthday Appy<3

You're the one of the most versatile and calm woman I came across,  I don't know why people assume you're strictsmiley17. Enjoy your day and keep up all the good workssmiley10 Wish you all the success in life, health and wealth<3smiley31



Happy wala Birthday Koeli Di 🥳🥳 You are such a amazing person, always there to help *hugs* you are one of my favorite members here and I am so glad that I have got to know you. 

I wish this birthday is full of surprises for you 😘😘 

Gifts smiley9

Lots of Love, 

Shiri ❤️



Janam din mubarak... Let all your wishes come true.... Be happy always smile...



আজকের আকাশে অনেক তারা

দিন ছিল সূর্যে ভরা

আজকের জোছনাটা আরও সুন্দর

সন্ধ্যাটা আগুন লাগা

আজকের পৃথিবী তোমার জন্য

ভরে থাকা ভালো লাগা

মুখরিত হবে দিন গানে-গানে আগামীর সম্ভাবনায়

তুমি এই দিনে পৃথিবীতে এসেছো শুভেচ্ছা তোমায়

তাই অনাগত ক্ষণ হোক আরও সুন্দর উচ্ছল দিন কামনায়

আজ জন্মদিন তোমার  smiley27

শুভ জন্মদিন  দি , সবসময় ভালো থাকো ,সুস্থ থাকো , সুন্দর থাকো এই কামনা রইলো .smiley27 





I have known you through my sis and I always admired you as a talented legend that keep slayin every move ye walk in. I am glad we got a little closer by chatting and SIS you such a friendly cutie to hang with 🥺

I wish you a happy quarantine birthday, hope you enjoy your day and get high on some crackers Take care mswhoistheboss and wish ye ze best 💅🏻





Mαყ ყσυ ɾҽɱαιɳ Hαρρყ ɳ Hҽαʅƚԋყ αʅɯαყʂ 

ԃҽαɾ Kσҽʅι





Love divider

The First Blessings From The Fairies   


Fairytales are not mere stories, they come from real life! 

Many IF members, if you asked, could tell an enchanting story about how they met their  Fairymentor in one of those magical moments!

It just takes a little spinning of the tale in a slightly different direction to see what has happened a few years back.smiley42 It’s about a cute Baby From Bengal.  Just turn history pages back to have a glimpse of it! 


Tanu held a book called "The  Fairy Tale Of A Bengal  Baby". She started reading a few lines ... 

Here it all begins ---

It is a full moon night, the stars twinkle every second, the wind swings softly, and nature is so calm and tranquil as it’s saying something special is going to happen! 🎆✨

Three celestial fairies landed on earth to plant a high ethos of goodness and whispers of love in her heart. They started walking towards that building...🎇🎇🎇

Fairy GIF - Find on GIFER

In that silent hospital room...

A lady was sleeping there and a baby was in the cradle next to her bed.

The angels appeared in the room and assured that the two were asleep in peace. They come to the baby and started bestowing their blessings on her!

Angels' blessings--- 

“Be kind to strangers,  'cause that’s what you gotta do. With small gestures of goodness, with small words of love, you always make everyone happy...

Angel 1: Bless thee with beauty and brain. Everybody will be astonished to see the art and wonder in your cosmic creativity. Bless thee with an array of artistic skills!🌷

Angel 2: I confer you with virtues and courage. You'll be cordial with everyone and will deal with even the demons softly but stern at times with a rifle in hand, with a brave heart to move forward to win in any situation... a few awards and accolades!

Angel 3: I bestow you with wealth and prosperity. You'll enlighten the world with your caring and sharing,  give comfort to everyone who knows you well!  Be one of the guiding forces in the IF with a triggered curiosity, reach there to resolve any issue !

Three angels together - Stay blessed and be a happy baby from Bengal wander in pink gardens throughout your life., this IF world will always call you fondly as a Blessing from Bengal!

Then they disappeared!

The doctor whispered in the ear of the mother ---- 'You have given birth to a beautiful daughter.' Wake up mother... wake up!'

Mother opened her eyes with a smile, take the baby into her lap. Together, her parents named her Appy, the new-born,

with pride said-- you are second to none! You are Aparajita! 

The baby smiled back, her eyes are twinkling as if she understands what is going on there. Her mother was thinking...

“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. ... Giving birth and being born is a miracle of wisdom in this world. She never existed before. As a woman, I was there, but the mother, never. Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy. 

May you touch the sky and the stars baby, dance like a fairy, define the rainbow in many stories,  and talk to the moon, be moonlight in everyone's life you meet. Bless you, baby!" 

Pin auf Recipes to Cook

She is a child prodigy .... a compassionate person with immense imaginative power! 

A few lesser-known facts about her---

In her childhood, she used to watch her relatives trying to shoot birds through an air gun. That was simply for fun. She had sometimes asked her relatives for that air gun but denied. 

'That was the first source of willingness for shooting'  said Koeli once! 

 'I was so excited,  started dreaming of wearing the India jersey. Then again I choose rifle shooting and joined in an Academy.' She revealed after selecting for participating in the national award for the rifle shooting competition.

She has built up a shooting range at her residence so that she can train more. She has also set her mind with such wisdom where she has extended financial support to highly talented but struggling rifle shooters. Mehuli Ghosh is a specific example. Koeli added: “I decided to offer financial support to Mehuli after observing her talent and passion for the game. I feel we should think about those who despite being highly promising, are not getting any financial support."

But at the same time, she was nurturing an invisible dream also. Her dream is to create a self-identity for herself. Koeli, on the issue, said: “I am slowly converting myself as a professional rifle shooter from then on, simultaneously started searching for new avenues to express myself!  I found IF at that time, realized that it's my vast canvas where I can paint my dreams with words of imagination!"smiley10

She used to nurture a dream of having twins for a long! smiley1

As time passes, she grows up with all the blessings that she received from the Angels. She is pure at heart, brainy, and smart. She never hurts people and doesn't know how to be angry with anyone. She is sweet, soft, and gentle, and always ready to help anyone. She knows to smile for other's happiness,  a virtue very less possess! 

It's Party time Girls....smiley41smiley40smiley41

Manisha- What's going on?!

Madz  -  Here is a book about the story of our Bengal Baby!  This book is depicting Appy as an innocent baby with an enchanting smile! 

 Also showing her, as a young lady, with love in her heart, she swayed with her youthful dreams forward,  now she is playing with all of us every morning and night with new talent to define every now and then with her new ventures, but see, still she is so innocent!

 Alexia - Yes I agree. She is so innocent even now! 

Tanu-- You both stop there, I know she is neither an innocent baby nor a  grown-up girl, see, with glee, she always declares, she is a docile missile! 

 Nabila -- Did anyone check the writer of this book?

Chorus  - No, no, not yet! Not yet!

Suta - Someone please check it.

Madz -Let me check. Oh, it's written by our Ancient  Painter Leena herself! With vintage phrases... she has written all the good things about her Pyari Saheli! 

Sam - Madz, I told you, no more discussions.... come on girls, let us celebrate this pretty woman's Birthday!' smiley10

Ankita ( BitterBerry)  - She is such an adorable dreamer, every now and then Appy says to us--... 

'We are all stardust from the beginning of time! Everyone has a little piece of a star in them, we are all carrying a little part of the Universe within us! Realize your worth girls... realize it! ' 

 One can read those feelings from her twinkling eyes, through her pleasant talk, she makes a good impression always! She is the one who is a real friend; an epitome of a great friendship! She knows how to help every aching soul to recover!  Like the seven colors of the rainbow, in every second she changes the color of her glow through her extraordinary creative prowess!   

Party Venue---

" Alex everything is ready? "---asked Tanu

" Yeah, except for the cake and the bouquet of flowers," replied  Alex.   

" Then send someone to bring everything as soon as possible!"

' Who is that, standing idle there?  'shouted Sam,

 ' It's me, Samrajya Lakshmi,' Madz with a feeble voice.

What are you doing there?--

 Reading this book! 

Not now, later you can! Run fast and call  Leena!

Where is she? What for? 

  The next moment, Leena was there, in her victorian attire, busy reading her 579 years' back PMs ! smiley39smiley44

'You and Madz prepare a cocktail for the party!' ordered Sam. 

Leena ..."Cocktail? I don't know in what proportion we have to mix Vodka and  Gin with Scotch!

 Let us try this way, Madz was about to explain.... 

What Madz and Leena? Behave! Do as I said! 

Leena asked  Mads the correct ratio for that lovely elixir!

Madz started -- " first you have to put all the good wishes in a cocktail shaker... and then mix  20% dreams in it, imaginations 30%, friendly thoughts 35%, and Love and Romance [which our birthday girl loves most

15% and then mix all the things well. Here is the cocktail with the froth from a melted heart, which will add an extra dimension to this  Appy Fizz!

Meanwhile  Sanskriti ( FFG )the magician arranged a slide show, the happenings of the previous night!

In the first slide - Her mother came to greet the sleeping baby, she touched the forehead of the birthday girl so delicately with her lips and put her hand on her daughter's head and blessed her! 

In the next scene, the sun and the moon with a few sparkling stars came down to hug her, kissed her on her cheek, and whispered that 'we will be there for you every day and night to greet you forever! ' 

She is still smiling in her sleep! 


Finally, everything is ready for the celebration! Someone invited Akash Babu as a special guest!

 Meanwhile -All started singing the song 


May the good Lord bless you!

May all your dreams come true!

Light a candle on that cake,

For every smile, you put on our face,

A wish from us to greet you now!

Manisha came forward to help Appy cutting the cake! Everyone feeds a tiny piece to the birthday girl saying ' you are on diet' and grabbed a big chunk for themselves.smiley17

The party is going on and on , Madi and Suta are refilling the glasses and  Zoya and Leena are serving food [for thought

All her friends in the chorus... we'll be back next year, to greet you, to meet you and to have fun with you Appy ...Fizz....fizz Hurray! 

Finally, Sam said,--  I am very happy for the arrangements you all did, come in line and take a litho hug from  Appy! Here is a mirror ...Covid time... follow the rules.... hug her through that mirror image!

May this day bring countless happiness and endless joy Appy!Smile 

 The gentleness of your friendship has touched us all! May you get all you desire! With a new year of your journey, there will be challenges, more opportunities, and greater success. You are an amazing friend, with a good heart.smiley27 In this game of life, a smile is a sign of victory!Smile Clap You are seriously a blessing in disguise to this IF! 

Happy Birthday to someone very special. Pink roses and glitter gif. —  Download on Funimada.comTransparent breezy GIF on GIFER - by Adorariel

( C ) Here is a request friends. Please note that no copy/ pasting the creations from this post anywhere, refrain from using the pictures/ siggies from this post, these are now Koeli's property,  no one including me, i.e, the maker has any right to use it without Appy's consent. 


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Time for mouth watering stuffsmiley16







 The scent of old books can perk up any bookwormsmiley43



Edited by Leenaaa - 7 days ago
Posted: 17 days ago


Concept by 18shabbo & Mannmohanaa & 

WildestDreams & MsChanadlerBong & HateSober

Write up by BilliCat.

Graphics by 18shabbo

Wishes complied by Leenaaa & Mannmohanaa & braveheartdoc

Picspam by Leenaaa & MsChanadlerBong & HateSober

Color Coding by WildestDreams

Directed by braveheartdoc


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Happy birthday Appy🥳🥳

Will be back with moresmiley27smiley31

Posted: 7 days ago

Happy Birthday Appy. smiley40

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