Preeti isnt preeti anymore!

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Posted: 2 years ago

Looks like rajshree took away preeti with her while she left. This is some other lady being KT's partner.

Wow makers! They have changed the entire image of Preeti. Preeti is not a kind of woman who would even wear what the actress was wearing today. The track looks abrupt and disconnected from the character what preeti was.. There was a necessity to show the progression of the character.. All of us know how the pallu of preeti would never go below her shoulder. I am not saying she shouldnt wear such outfits but not suddenly lile this. People are calling her hot and sexy and preeti is feeling good about it. I was like "is she even the preeti whom we saw for past 53 episodes?" That preeti is lost.

And that dance which she did at kusum's place was another shock. Preeti would never dance like that. It would have been a little gracious i felt matching preeti's character. 

Episode looks illogical. From where on earth did preeti get that saree with exact fitting blouse instantly?? She got ready within minutes that too with make up and hair styling.. Preeti definitely isnt a person who would spend on grooming herself. 

Where is the progression of the character here? I think viewes should forget whatever the makers showed till now and adapt to the new characters and story which definitely people who followed the serial since beginning wouldnt do.

Posted: 2 years ago

Exactly. I have the same feelings. They are abruptly changing Preeti’s core characteristics. She was suppose to gradually get here, not overnight. There is a disconnect between Preeti portrayed by Rajshree vs Preeti portrayed by Rati. 

I definitely agree with what you said regarding Preeti’s dance. It looked so out of place and the Preeti we know so far, wouldn’t have danced like that on her own. It was very weird and out of character for her

I guess we are supposed to assume that after Goplani’s incident, Preeti gained a little self-confidence, and became progressive... also she suddenly started having interest in fashion smiley36.... . I definitely want Preeti to get here, but this is abrupt with no progression to it. 

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Posted: 2 years ago

This is the only picture I could find.
Anyway I would have understood if Sheena would have made Preeti dress up like this... but Preeti doing it on her own? It’s a little hard to believe smiley24.

Also how weird was it when Rati called Preeti mummyji when Preeti was looking like this. I legit laughed out loud smiley36. I am still not able to fathom Rati is supposed to be playing mommy to two married kids and a MIL. smiley39

Posted: 2 years ago

Rajshree as Preeti was subtle, epitome of grace.. smiley27 Preeti & Kusum are the backbone of this show! 

But, CVS gave drastically changed Preeti.. smiley26 Won’t be watching this show at all.. 

Posted: 2 years ago

so true. Preeti dressing like this was quite shocking. Old preeti used to cover her with saree ka palu around that kind of atmosphere. Now she is wearing a sheer blouse and who did her makeup. Preeti didn't know how to use makeup. smiley29 changes lane hai but itni jaldi. yeh toh zabardasti wala change laga mujhe. smiley23

Posted: 2 years ago

Current preeti is not preeti at all smiley24

Those who are following the show from start won't be able to relate to her smiley18

Posted: 2 years ago

I am trying my level best to relate to new Preeti but..... Yeah its kinda tough to accept her ! 😅

Posted: 2 years ago

Bang On !!!! So true !!!!smiley20

With face , character of Preeti is also changing at fast speed. smiley22 Suddenly her hair is open and that dance at home....too many changes that are not relatable.smiley24smiley24

I like Rati as an actress and she is doing a good job.....but still difficult to accept the changes in Preeti's character.smiley39

Also yet to feel the new chemistry between KT-Preeti .....

Shaadi Mubarak 

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