SidNaaz Unlimited CC69|Sana missing Sid already?!🥺❤️[IO]

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Posted: 9 months ago

Due to jhanjhats at my end smiley36, kindly bear with me as informed earlier. We have a very functional single post new thread up for members to discuss as usual. As the title says, it looks like Sana is already missing Sidharth with all her liking spree around smiley9. Hope to see Sidharth doing all of us proud on BB whatever the nature of his engagement would be. 

Much love. Stay safe, all ❤️


Virtual Engagement Gyaan

Without beating about the bush, let me just take this opportunity of this platform to warn all virtual fans of any fandom, irrespective of gender, to not trust anyone whom you know just virtually, again irrespective of gender. Don't share personal photos, don't share sensitive information and in short, don't share any information you don't want the entire world to know. That is the check for what you can share. Are you alright with the world knowing it? Share. Else, No. Nothing is private. Nobody can be trusted virtually. Period. We live in an inhumane world where secrets don't exist and privacy is not respected. Every single virtual person will  potentially pass on your private details in their moments of weakness, if not now, then later when you are out of touch. Trust your parents and siblings. Beyond that it's a huge risk you take. 

We live in times when even people in person cannot be trusted. False identities, fake lives, uncouth words, manipulation and deceit for their own advantage are symptoms of the dirt of our times. That is the sad truth. People create a veil beyond which your trust is unable to see. Don't fall for anything- neither flirting nor oaths of undying friendship nor sweet talk nor proclamations of understanding. Know to keep your distance. If I sound tragic, it is because the real world is indeed tragic and I say this from second hand experience of having seen several people caught in situations of blackmail and what seem dead end situations and having had to help them from situations.

And finally, if you do find yourself in a compromising situation, no matter what, approach your parents or spouses or the police as best the case may be. Nothing is dead end. There is no shame in accepting your mistake. The shame is in living a life of deceit or blackmail. Bridge your mistake, let the world know where you went wrong if you can, warning them thereby by exposing false identities and move on and learn from the mistake. Live life fullest with your loved ones- real humans, not virtual.

And enjoy  your virtual identities by taking the best they accord. Use them to spread a smile and to share goodness. Beyond that, let the real world and people in need guide you. Make a difference. In the real world. Not from couches with a phone stuck in your hand. 

Finally, please please please wear your masks and maintain safe distance from crowds. Keep yourself, your loved ones and the nation safe.


Bigg Boss is back! 

And Salman does a juloos! smiley36 Wishing Sidharth all the very best for this stint smiley40


The Endorsements continue to rain. Touchwood. Sidharth's resumption on gymming is truly showing on him, isn't it? That's a clear jawline there smiley9

Meanwhile, Mama Earth continues to bring Sana and now Sidharth too to us at their very best. The brand seems to have a unique range of products, and it's an Indian brand. Am going to give this product and brand a real trial out.

Here's a lot of love to Sidhearts from Sidharth. I wish Sidhearts return Sidharth the same soft love in the same texture and extent that he extends smiley27

Sidnaaz until now...

Shehnaaz does look absolutely stunning with zero make up! She doesn't need any pancake our girl! 

And Sidharth is literally raining himself all around since last week! We are so thankful, though our CC competition is now at a fix. How do we judge the winners, if Sidharth abhi se active hai online?smiley27 smiley36

And here was he enjoying some incredible dancing and we know the bond he shares with Sumant and Sonali- what a talented duo!

And then ofcourse, his words of wisdom... so true- just trust oneself. Time will believe you.

And with likes and replies to his fans concerned for his health, this man was so all over the virtual world every single day! Wooooo! 


The write up below titled Ziddy Sidnaaz was my Intro content of this thread, but I have to have this addendum now considering Mr.Reluctant decided not to be so reluctant smiley22 

And he posted all sorts of lovely fan letters smiley40 Do we thank Sana for this? smiley31

So totally cute.. hai hai smiley27smiley27 

Does this also mean our dear fella will post more ofte

And he’s been zapped by paps smiley40smiley27

We love this guy smiley36 Our official Sidnaaz Pap smiley36


Sidharth's papped! smiley36 And he's wearing an ice-cream smiley3. Naughty, I say ðŸ¤§

Sidharth wins the MOST DESIRABLE MAN! smiley40

Did we even have an inkling of doubt he isn't the most desired? smiley41


                                        Past Weeks

We'd like to not speculate at this point on what project's up next for SidNaaz since it's all gossip and rumours now, and though we seriously wish for a proper SidNaaz project besides MVs, we'd always be game for solo ones too and we trust SidNaaz to pick the best of projects in terms of script and production values.

Also, Solo fans,  stop the nonsense you fling at Sidharth and Sana? JUST STOP IT. You guys are coming out as plain rogues and criminals. Want prison terms?

And SidNaaz fans, stop being juvenile about little things. IGNORE.

This week also saw Sidharth requesting fans to donate whatever they could towards a burn victim and victim of spousal abuse and that saw excellent response from fans and the required fund was achieved.

Meanwhile there were some lovely to and fros between Shehnaaz and Tony Kakkar celebrating the success of Kurta Pajama that evidenced much respect and love between the two collaborators

Shehnaaz also displayed much heart as she endorsed the work of a peer and friend, while making us aware of the struggles of a newcomer


Here's us proud of our guy and I won’t lessen its charm and truth by elaborating or waxing eloquently any further coz the gesture itself speaks more than any word can 🙏

And here's Sidharth representing all of us wishing the best outcome for the SSR case and the end of callousness. The process is afoot finally.

Sidnaaz Live 

This Sidnaaz Live is not vanishing from our Intro guys smiley36
Sidharth posted their Live on YouTube smiley40smiley31
And we’re still hungover 🥴 What a strong gesture!


Their First Joint Live. Touchwood. We had been cribbing earlier that we don't seem to get much in return for our love and what bigger gesture could Sidnaaz have done for us. Bravo loves, bravo! smiley27smiley32

Truth be said, it was like watching a newly married couple. There were plenty of in-sync moments, body movement symmetry, gestures, connects, natural mutual flow from thought to thought, anticipated automatic reactions, personal reference points, tone variations, eye and hand gestures, profile angles and so much more that were clear indication of them being totally into each other. Their eyes did such a lot of talking. There was such a lot of beautiful unconscious reactions that so complimented the zone they have been in since months. There was no unfamiliarity, no hesitation, no feeling of personal space invasion, nothing at all and to the experienced eye that most Sidnaazians have smiley36, they are in their happy zone. Touchwood.

Shehnaaz' infectious laughter, Sidharth's blush, his nudges, their much famed leg pulling, their banter, their mischief, their hints, their cover-ups... awwwwww smiley40- such a beautiful couple. Touchwood. Each claimed complete rights on the other and that was beautiful to watch. 

The heart is so full, so unbelievably full that there is nothing to say from every Sidnaazian's heart besides stay happy both of you. 

Sidharth posted the live on Insta and documented it for life! smiley40May this be the beginning of many more Lives LIFELONG! 🤞SidNaaz FTW for life!smiley40 Thankyou for this live, guys! And am so glad Shehnaaz was asking Sidharth to sing by our requests- such a dear smiley36

And Sana posts on Snapchat smiley40

SidNaaz FTW for life smiley40


Chat Club 101:

The rules of the chat club are quite simple. If you criticize either of our stars beyond democratic limits, you shall be shown the virtual doors. Also, as is common knowledge, the chat club is Invites Only and regular positive posters from the BB thread have been added in. Anyone who wishes to contribute by way of commenting (and not just stalking/liking for which you are most welcome) may inform us to the effect by PM and you shall be added in after common consideration. All other Chat Club rules apply.

Chat Club Member names after vetting and consultation with others have been inserted below (in alphabetical order). 

  1. -bleeeh-
  2. Achelvi
  3. Aish_2002
  4. anamnoor
  5. Ankita_t
  6. Archie0405
  7. Ashhima3
  8. asmitasb
  9. bbgang
  10. BornHyper
  11. BorntoRead
  12. BS.KG_Dewani
  13. Camlin
  14. CatcherInTheRye
  15. DeliciousDevil
  16. Divaprincess 
  17. EtherealRati
  18. garg9558
  19. ghsp2fan
  20. hav123
  21. Hellooohybye
  22. hira221
  23. Indibandi20
  24. Intruderfast
  25. iram510
  26. jayasharma25
  27. jazzy27
  28. jyoti06
  29. Kabootakiaankh
  30. Kar_Nan
  31. Luvpari345
  32. lovepooo
  33. MadhuriDixit
  34. mar_21
  35. mayu1982
  36. Meenakshi- rg
  37. Missy_Dizzy
  38. msin
  39. mysriga9
  40. nina_share
  41. One-Of-A-Kind
  42. p246
  43. perkilicious
  44. priya20204sana
  45. rabzonedge
  46. Ritzie
  47. SamathaSidnaaz
  48. Sevenstreaks
  49. sonia_koolkhan
  50. soulstarspirit
  51. srikalaganesh
  52. sunshinegirl.25
  53. TheRowdiest
  54. Uma2010
  55. wendy25
  56. zehreeli.kheer

For non-members:

This is a Chat Club and not the forum. So opinions and discussions on everybody under the sun is allowed so long as all members are on the same page. Bashing alone is not permitted. So, reporting does no good if you get what we mean, unless you have a solid case. Also, stalkers/silent members are welcome to post so long as you remain civil and constructive about it, but shall remain under admin scrutiny.


Chat Club Admin : Uma2010 & Jyoti06 (PM either of us for any queries)

SidNaaz FTW for life smiley40

Stop everyone

Whatever you are doing stop
And put Kaala teeka on our Khushiyan right now


Nimbu mirchi bhi

— Jiya 🥀🦋 (@Ohudeadppl) April 1, 2020smiley9
Edited by Uma2010 - 9 months ago
Posted: 9 months ago

Thanks for the new thread Uma... despite your busy schedule 

#SidNaaz FTW for life smiley40

Edited by BornHyper - 9 months ago
Posted: 9 months ago

Thank you Uma for the new ccsmiley31smiley40smiley41

Posted: 9 months ago

Thanks so much Uma for the new thread even with your weekend working schedule. 

Sidharth looking amazing in the Bb14 look. smiley27

Posted: 9 months ago

Thanks Uma . Salute to you for keeping up !!!

I am not very excited about the way they have planned it !!!!!

I was thinking sid would have a special role !!!!

Posted: 9 months ago

New promo . Yaar ab to sana kaa aana banta hai after 1 week.smiley36 Fav place diya sid ko bedroom smiley37

14 days ke liye ab dekhna padega.  Rangu kameena sid fan hone kaa kitna faayda uthaoge

Sidharth Shukla Shehnaaz Gill

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