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Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by Gurikaur_ginni

Poora room 🌹 se bhar de phir bhi kam hai😆


But socho, riddhima ka birthday ho and pat-ni subah bathroom mei shower lene gayi ho. Yahan boss ne poore room ko roses se Bhar diya ho. Riddhima bathroom se bahar aayegi and then ye khubsurat sa surprise 

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by amritat

Just watched tomorrow's episode. Highlights:

1. Riddhima found Ragini's diary.

2. Vansh plans for family trip. Riddhima says she is not well...Vansh says, agar tumhari tabiyat thik nahi hain...toh main koi risk nahi lena chahta. Tum yehi rahogi aur main tumhare saath...agar main tumhara khayal nahi rakhunga toh kaun rakhega. Ok hubby dear.

3. There was one comic relief moment today finally...when Chachi asked, Par yeh dono ghar mein akele karenge kya? 😆

4. Aryan-Ishani scene where there is foreshadowing of Vansh repeating history.

5. Riddhima reads Ragini's diary...that reads in that other girl's voice. Someone in black sneaks into her room to snatch it but fails...I think it is Angre.

6. Riddhima packs the diary as gift for Sejal, and arranges to send it. Vansh wants to investigate what the package contains but Dadi stops him.

7. Angre informs Vansh, that the diary that Riddhima sent has reached its destination. Vansh says, now we will know, who is the mastermind.

Some points:

1. Riddhima is not allowed to go outside the house as per rules. 😡 Damn you, Vansh.

2. In some episodes, Rrahul's acting is SPOT ON. Perfect expressions, perfect dialogue delivery...zero hamming. Today was that episode. ❤️

3. I have a feeling that this episode was shot earlier bcoz Helly looks chubbier and Rrahul looks tired unlike the previous two episodes where he looks so fresh and handsome.

4. I think the black dress guy is Angre who is working at Vansh's instructions.


Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by merryyura

Chachi ne sachi mei aisa pucha? 🤣

Chalo iska answer mai de deti hun. 

Snowballs banayenge chachi. 😎 🤣 ☺️

Siya said it indirectly...😆

Offo Chachi...nayi nayi shaadi huyi hain...honeymoon bhi jaane ka mauka nahi mila...iss bahane time spend karenge...

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by arryline

Has epi 51 come ???

Today’s episode was a teaser for the actual picture to come .

Chachi was the best today 🤣Ye Dono akele kya karenge ghar mein 😆

So Vansh babu khel gaya ,mazaa aagaya .So did he plant the diary or saw the diary ???


51 episode aa gaya hai but shayad kal dikhega. 😵

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by merryyura

Chacha chachi khud ghar se bahar gaye honge. Vansh ki tarah nahi ki sabko bahar bhej diya 🤣

Vansh ka alag hi style hai..sabke wajah se hall mein romance nahi kar paata, sirf bedroom tak tha

ab sab gone, poore ghar pe flirt karega biwi se😳🤣

Posted: 3 years ago

Also, today Vansh said Patni and not Pat-ni. Thank God! 

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by DeepThought47

I think Sia . Ap ka apna alag hi motive lagta h. Sia must have thought that Vansh might get to ridhima's truth and since Sia was the main reason for Ridhima to be in VR mansion I think ki vo or kabir mile hue h....and Ap has her own different motive even Vansh doesn't believes her....

Sia n Kabir ka love angle dikhayenge🤣

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by merryyura

51 episode aa gaya hai but shayad kal dikhega. 😵

voot pe show kar raha hai subscibe karoge to dekhneko milega 51 nmbr epi🤪

Posted: 3 years ago

3 month anniversary p 300 Rose were gifted 

Posted: 3 years ago

isme koi shak nahi

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