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Aditya Chopra to unveil new logo of YRF to mark the big 50 year celebrations in 22 official languages of India?ByBollywood Hungama News Network

Created: Aug 25, 2020 - 08:35 IST 

Aditya Chopra is planning the big 50 year celebrations of Yash Raj Films and though the company is keeping all cards close to their chest, Bollywood Hungama can reveal that the celebrations will be the grandest that the industry has ever seen.

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Aditya Chopra to unveil new logo of YRF to mark the big 50 year celebrations in 22 official languages of India

On September 27th, the 88th birth anniversary of late Yash Chopra, the hugely successful son of the legendary director will unveil the blueprint of YRF Project 50. It is almost certain that Aditya Chopra will unveil the new logo of YRF to mark this iconic moment in the Hindi film industry. Yash Raj Films is the only integrated studio in India, the country’s answer to the big studios like Universal, Fox and Disney in the US.

“YRF is a legacy company with a lot of history. The number of iconic films that they have in their library is just outstanding. The company has given India so many superstars, many of whom they have found and nurtured. Also, YRF is the first and till date the only studio in India. The 50 year celebrations of this company, thus, becomes a very special moment for the entire Hindi film industry,” says a trade source.

“Adi is definitely unveiling a new, special logo to mark the big 50 year celebrations of the company. It will be unveiled by him on the 88th birth anniversary of the legendary film-maker and his father, Yash Chopra. It is definitely going to be a special moment. The new logo launch will mark the start of the 50 year celebrations from September 27th. We also hear that the logo might be released in all the official languages of India,” adds the source.

The source also explains the reason around this grand logo launch. “YRF has entertained audiences pan India for 50 long years. It is not an ordinary feat. Their movies have cut across languages and entertained the whole of India. So, if they plan to unveil a new logo to mark the 50 year celebrations is definitely a perfect start to Project 50!” says the trade source.

The source further says, “We are hearing murmurs about it being released in all the 22 official languages of India. If this were to be true, it would be a good gesture to thank the audiences, across all the states who have loved YRF films. Their movies, their stars have shaped the pop culture of India and such an acknowledgement will signify a big thank you from YRF.”


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Is the new logo a big ass hole? 

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The current logo was revealed from Veer Zaraa onwards ...Looking forward to this!

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What a useless activity!