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Major highlights of the show until July 24th.

  • There's bitterness between Vyasji and his son, Neelkanth, because Vyasji has always prioritized his religious duties over his familial ones
  • One particular incident that has hardened Neel towards his father revolves around his mother. With her dying breath, she was asking for Vyasji to give her holy water, but because Vyasji was busy in a prayer, he couldn't do it. Neel's mother ultimately died, and it ended up creating a major rift between Vyasji and Neel.
  • In his entire family, Neel is extremely close to his sister, Saraswati, as she's the one who has taken care of him like a mother, once their own had passed away
  • Since Neel's mother used to be highly praised for her cooking skills, Neel chose to honor and remember her by becoming a chef. When we're introduced to him, he's working at a five star restaurant as a chef.
  • He is called back to his hometown, Devprayag, as there is a big religious event taking place. For this, he was asked to make sweets.
  • On the day he was leaving, Chahat accidentally takes his bag of sweets. Neel chases after her, and sees that she has given all the sweets to some kids who were being forced to beg.
  • Chahat and Neel develop a bickering relationship. Neel, who has a motto of doing one good deed a day, ends up helping Chahat whenever he sees her. Chahat also tries to help him out whenever she can because she doesn't want any of his favors to hang over her head.
  • Once Neel comes back home, his father is really unhappy with him and is constantly taunting Neel that he's unworthy of becoming a High Priest. Neel, too constantly rubs in Vyasji's face that he's only back for his sister, and no one else since his father had died the same day as his mother.
  • Chahat, on the other hand, has a very loving relationship with her dad, Mr. Baig. No matter how hard her step-mother, and step-brother try to create rifts, they don't work since her dad trusts Chahat a lot.
  • Saraswati who is eight months pregnant, panics, and Neel takes her to the hospital. Godamvari, who was suspicious of them leaving in a hurry follows them.
  • Saraswati is taken to Dr. Baig's clinic who is her gynecologist. Since he is out tending to another patient, Chahat takes care of her.
  • Godamvari sees the three of them together, and assumes that Chahat is Neel's girlfriend. Neel's actual girlfriend is Meera, who lives back in Delhi.
  • During Saraswati's baby shower, Godamvari tries to humiliate her by saying that her baby is illegitimate because it has been conceived via IVF treatment.
  • After a lot of drama, Vyasji accepts the child by blowing the conch shell.
  • Godamvari once again tries to stir up more drama by bringing up Neel's girlfriend. Saraswati gets riled up as well, and places the ultimatum that if Neel's girlfriend isn't accepted as his daughter-in-law, then he will see her dead face. She also refuses to attend the prayer.
  • On the night of the big prayer, Neel is headed back to Delhi. Chahat is on her way to buy a cake for her dad when it gets spoiled because of him. She insists that he provide her a new one, and to get her off his back, he goes to his friend's bakery to bake her a new one.
  • Saraswati on the other hand, finds out that her husband, Alekh, is having an affair with her sister, Naveli. In public, they used to present themselves as having a heated relationship, and never getting along.
  • Saraswati tells Alekh that she's going to the prayer to expose his truth to everyone.
  • Alekh stops her from doing so by pushing her off a bridge. He tried to choke her as well, but stops when he sees people heading his way. He decides to take her to Dr. Baig's clinic instead so that when she dies, he can place the entire blame on him. Then, using people's religious sentiments, he can manipulate the situation into protecting himself.
  • Neel, who feels anxious, comes back home because he's constantly calling Saraswati but she's not picking up.
  • At the hospital, Chahat helps her dad with the delivery. She notices that there are some abrasions on Saraswati's knees, and Saraswati manages to say "push" to her. Chahat suspects somebody had deliberately pushed her.
  • The baby is delivered, and taken to the NICU, but Saraswati dies. Alekh manipulates the situation and places the entire blame onto Dr. Baig. Religious followers who were there, start beating Dr. Baig up, and trashing the hospital.
  • News reaches to rest of the family, and they are all shocked.
  • Neel is absolutely devastated, and gets further provoked by Alekh who tells him that Dr. Baig is to be blamed. Neel becomes overcome with pure hate, and rage, and rushes out to kill Dr. Baig.
  • Chahat manages to help her dad escape. People had even reached their home, and everyone leaves, except Chahat. She had asked for fives minutes to grab some of her mother's last belongings. An explosion occurred, and her step-mother takes the opportunity to leave.
  • Neel who ends up finding Chahat, holds her hostage, and refuses to let her go until her father is found.
  • Godamvari presents Chahat as Neel's wife, and he goes along with it. Vyasji accepts her as his daughter-in-law because of what Saraswati had said to him.
  • Neel tortures Chahat to tell her where her dad is, but she refuses to tell him at every turn. She instead challenges him that she will prove her father innocent while living amongst his own family members.
  • Neel also prevents Chahat's true identity as being Dr. Baig's daughter from coming out, as they will simply kill her.

Lockdown Series:

  • During the lockdown period, the entire family find themselves quarantined in a hotel. Chahat, and Neel were there because they suspected Dr. Baig was there. Godamvari, her husband, Vyasji, and Alekh all reach there because they were going to conduct a prayer for Saraswati's soul. But because of the quarantine, they were advised to stay inside for at least a week.
  • Chahat's step-mother is also there because she wants to get plastic surgery done so that no one can recognize her as Mrs. Baig.
  • The hotel owner, who is indebted to Dr. Baig because he helped deliver her sister's children, wants to tell Chahat that her mother is in the hotel.
  • She draws out a map to give to her, but Godamvari finds it instead and believes it to be a treasure map.
  • Her husband, who had read up on the hotel being owned by Princess Mohini also believes it to be true.
  • Chahat, who doesn't want anyone to go outside, pretends to be possessed by Mohini's spirit. Neel doesn't believe her and constantly tries to disprove her. Alekh, who's scared of Chahat knowing his secret of killing Saraswati, plans on killing her too.
  • Chahat ends up telling the truth, and she survives.

Post Lockdown:

  • Naveli tells the truth about her affair to her mom Godamvari. She's in full support of her daughter because it will give rise to their power, title, and status.
  • The family was conducting another ritual for Saraswati's soul, wherein the crows had to eat the food provided. When they wouldn't, Chahat goes to fetch Saraswati's daughter, Golu.
  • Neel doesn't believe Chahat when she tells him that's his niece. He instead, uses the baby as a ploy to get Chahat to tell him where her father is.
  • It's only when the baby is floating away on the lake, that Neel goes in to save her. He believes Chahat's words when he sees that the baby has the exact same birthmark as Saraswati did. He's highly ashamed of himself.
  • Chahat takes the child to the family, who rejoice. The crows eat the food, and everyone assume that Saraswati's soul has been liberated.
  • Neel refuses to hold the child until Dr. Baig is captured. He manipulates the situation and tells everyone that Dr. Baig had kidnapped the child, which angers the family even more.
  • Dr. Baig's car is found in the woods and everyone believes that the whole Baig family has died. Chahat is devastated. The family on the other hand, celebrate. Neel taunts Chahat even more, and forces her to celebrate with them.
  • Alekh conspires to harm Vyasji with a defected firecracker. Chahat saves him in time.
  • The family later finds out that no bodies have been found. Neel refuses to believe that anyone's dead, unless he sees the bodies.
  • The Baig family is actually alive, and their deaths had been staged so that people would stop chasing them.
  • Dr. Baig wants to go to Chahat, but is constantly stopped via drugs, or emotional manipulation.
  • Alekh who had been eyeing for the position of the High Priest, plans on using his daughter to get it. He believes that if Vyasji sees the dedication, and love he's pouring in as both a father, and mother, then he'll be moved to giving him the title. In reality, he finds his daughter to be nothing but a burden that Saraswati has left behind on him.
  • Vyasji calls for a meeting in which he announces that Alekh will no longer be considered a candidate for the High Priest position. He knows from first hand how difficult it is to juggle duties between religion and family, and he doesn't want Alekh to go through the same struggles. He wants him to give his undue attention to the new baby. Alekh, Godamvari, and Naveli are heavily disappointed, and upset with this decision.
  • Neel who gets angered seeing Chahat pray for Saraswati's soul, buries her alive in a coffin. He persistently asks her to tell him where her father is, but she refuses to do so.
  • He eventually lets her out, because he gets news that Golu has turned blue all of a sudden. Panicking, he takes Chahat back home where she checks the baby. She finds out that the baby has been poisoned. She treats Golu, and the baby is fine.
  • Despite the family's suspicions, Neel, and Chahat hide the fact that she's a doctor. They've told everyone that she's a chef herself, to create a foundation for why they fell in love. She tells the family, that whatever medical knowledge she has, she got it from her dad who's a doctor himself.
  • When Vyasji asks to speak with him, Neel lies that she isn't speaking with her dad much since he wanted her to become a doctor as well, but she became a chef instead.
  • Godamvari sees Neel holding Chahat's hand forcibly and becomes suspicious.
  • Alekh gives Chahat Saraswati's bangles as a form of shagun but Neel stops him saying that no one can take his sister's place. He also asks him to never compare Saraswati with Chahat.
  • Godamvari, Naveli, and Alekh complain about how their plan of killing Golu failed.
  • Godamvari tells them there's something else going on between Neel and Chahat. It's definitely not love. They all agree that they'll need to keep a closer eye on Chahat.
  • Neel insults Chahat by paying her a thousand bucks for saving Golu's life. They both insult each other while passing the money between each other.
  • Neel who sees that Godamvari is watching them, pretends to lean in close to Chahat for a kiss. Since they were hidden by the clothes hanging to dry, Godamvari believes that they have actually kissed. To further solidify their act, Chahat swipes some of her lipstick and rubs it onto Neel's lips.
  • They both pretend to be lovey dovey in front of Godamvari.
  • Both Neel and Chahat are affected by how close they were moments ago.
  • Chahat finds out that Neel's the one who got Dr. Baig's hospital restored so that all the patients affected by the Corona virus could be treated.
  • Neel, who's talking with his uncle, tells him that he feels guilty for trashing the hospital. Upon hearing Saraswati's death, he had gone mad. He's just trying to lessen the guilt he feels by restoring the hospital, and creating the isolation ward for all the Corona patients.
  • Indirectly, Neel is taking care of Vyasji as a way of pleasing his sister. Vyasji too, is trying in his own little ways of reaching out and mending his broken relationship with his son.
  • Chahat wants to get to the diary that's in her father's old car, but Neel orders for it to be sent to the junkyard.
  • Alekh plans on pleasing Naveli so that he can dump all the responsibilities of Golu onto her.
  • Alekh mistakes Chahat to be Naveli and almost hugs her. Naveli saves, and gets upset with him, thinking that he was trying to hit on Chahat. Alekh tells her to sort out the issue with their clothes because if he really does end up hitting on Chahat by mistake, then he'll be screwed.
  • Godamvari tells Naveli and Alekh about how she saw Neel and Chahat being intimate. She decides to find out what Chahat's caste is. If she's not a Brahmin, then there's no way that Vyasji will accept her as his daughter-in-law.
  • Neel lies that Chahat's maiden surname is Pant. They all accept, and assume that Chahat will be aware of all Brahmin traditions.
  • Naveli brings up the clothing issue, and Vyasji tells Jamuna to take Chahat shopping for new clothes. Chahat is happy as she has gotten an excuse to get out of the house. She can make her way to the junkyard, and get the diary.
  • While doing the accounts, Jamuna finds that one lakh rupees is missing from the temple funds.
  • Chahat remembers Naveli's lover who's poor, and works for the temple. Chahat questions if Naveli's lover is the one who's behind the missing temple funds. Naveli gets angry at Chahat.
  • Godamvari comes to Naveli's rescue, and tells Chahat that she's the one who bought Naveli the phone, and Naveli is lying about her having a boyfriend. She further questions Chahat as to who the hell she is to question her daughter like this.
  • Godamvari tells Naveli that they need to keep a really tight eye on Chahat.
  • Jamuna has to stay back because of some vow that Jamuna made.
  • Chahat is excited to go on her own, but Neel accompanies her, which disappoints her.
  • Neel finds out that Dr. Baig hasn't crossed any toll express route. He finds it weird that Dr. Baig hasn't yet tried to come and find Chahat.
  • Neel forces Chahat to participate in a game so that it can be televised, and Dr. Baig will see it. During the game, they both are once again, affected by their proximity.
  • After he wins the game, Neel sends a message directly to Dr. Baig wherein he tells him that Chahat is his hostage (of love), and that very soon they will be getting married. He requests Dr. Baig to come and see his daughter, because Chahat misses him a lot. Neel requests everyone watching to make the video viral, so that it reaches Dr. Baig.
  • Chahat still wants to reach the junkyard so that she can get to the diary, and send her dad a message to not come find her.
  • Chahat plans on bothering Neel a lot while shopping so that he gets fed up and leaves her alone.
  • The shopkeeper takes Neel away for a moment to show him some undergarments that Chahat may need. When he comes back, he finds out that Chahat has left behind her phone wherein she left a recording of herself. Neel is pissed off.
  • Chahat is at the junkyard, and she gets the diary. Neel reaches the junkyard too. He wants to know what Chahat is hiding from him. Chahat gets uncomfortable with his proximity, and he tells her that he knows how to make her even more uncomfortable.
  • She pushes him, and runs away.

I tried to capture all the major points. If there's anything missing, then feel free to add!

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Wow, you summarized it so well. I hope trp increases with the shadi tracksmiley22smiley9 

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Thanks dear. Waiting eagerly for the upcoming sequence. Hope they fall in love soon. 

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July 27th Update:

  • To hide from Neel, Chahat hides in between a pile of woods that she stumbles upon
  • That pile of wood was actually intended for a ritual wherein it was to be lit on fire
  • Neel's entire family gathers together and start lighting it up
  • Neel sees Chahat in the bonfire, freaks out, and saves her
  • When Vyasji asks how the hell Chahat got there, Neel places the blame onto Dr. Baig. He may not be in the town himself, but he ordered some of his men to target Chahat to further antagonize the family.
  • The family is angered even more
  • Neel tells his aunt that he'll take care of Chahat. When really, he didn't want his aunt to see the diary.
  • From the diary he gets Chahat's step-mom's (Gazala's) number. However, because the last few pages were burnt, he couldn't get the exact number. He chooses to stay up all night to come up with various combinations for what the number could be.
  • Chahat, who is super disturbed about being set on fire, gets agitated from her nightmares. In her sleep, she's asking her mother for help. Seeing that Chahat calms down upon hearing the sounds of the wind chimes, continues to blow on it until she falls asleep again.
  • When he catches himself staring fondly at her, he reminds himself of using Gazala to get to Dr. Baig.
  • Alekh and Godamvari plan on contacting Chahat's parents so that they can find some reason to cancel the wedding.

July 28th Update:

  • Chahat takes the diary from Neel but he tells her that he already written everything down on a separate piece of paper
  • When Chahat tries to take it from him, he shoves it down his pants, and challenges her to try to take it from him
  • Outside, there is an assortment of powdered colors for another event. Jamuna tells Neel to apply some onto Chahat. Chahat worries because she's not allowed to touch the colors. She sees someone walking by with a bowl of paste (?) and applies that onto Neel instead. He scolds her, and to rectify her "mistake", she takes a hose and showers him. Thus, ruining the piece of paper wherein he had written all the numbers as well.
  • Godamvari asks Chahat to make the swastika as she's fed up of Chahat doing nothing around the house. Chahat worries briefly, but upon seeing Vyasji making the same behind her, she copies him and makes her own.
  • Godamvari, who had seen Neel's paper that had all of Gazala's numbers, had taken a photo of it. She's calling all the numbers that are listed. Gazala, who was waiting for the insurance company to call, picks up. Because the connection between their calls was weak, Gazala thinks that the insurance has gone through and is heading back to Devprayag.
  • Alekh had spiked Neel's drink with bhang, and is awaiting the drama that Neel will create because of it. Both Alekh and Godamvari are awaiting the drama, because Neel had done something similar in the last Holi.
  • Neel is up on the roof, beating the dhol. He tells the whole family that he wants to tell them a truth about Chahat. He leaps off the roof, throws colors around, and goes over to Chahat. She's trying to shut him up, but he comments about how applying colors is not allowed in Islam. He wants to tell the same to the whole family.
  • He's about to tell them all that Chahat is Muslim when his foot slips and he falls into a pool. He forgets what he was about to say, and goes off on another tangent.
  • Vyasji asks Chahat to take Neel inside.
  • Godamvari and Alekh comment on how Chahat's parents themselves will not want Chahat to marry Neel when they see his antics.
  • In the bathroom, Neel continues to splash water around. Chahat grabs him by his face, which ends in them coming close in the water. They share an intense eyelock.
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July 29th Update:

  • Still under the influence of bhang, Neel mistakes Chahat to be his girlfriend, Meera. He requests her not to leave him as he's not a bad guy. Don't hate him because of how he's behaving with Chahat. He knows that she's innocent, but every time he looks at her, he sees Dr. Baig, and he gets overwhelmed with rage, all over again. He breaks down thinking of Saraswati, and requests Meera to not leave him as well.
  • Chahat tries putting him to rest, but Neel pulls her down onto the bed with him. He continues to mistaken her for Meera, and leans into kiss her.
  • Chahat pushes him away, and heads to the kitchen to get him some lemonade.
  • Godamvari gets a call from Ghazala, and calls her over to a meeting spot.
  • Chahat who hears her step-mother's voice is shocked. She questions Godamvari about the same, and she confirms. She goes on to tell her that she finds it strange that Chahat has been staying at their house for so long, and they have never even heard from her parents.
  • Chahat has already left to meet Ghazala.
  • Godamvari informs Neel that about Chahat's departure. He leaves in a hurry as well.
  • Alekh tells Godamvari they should all go there as well, as he feels the truth about Chahat and Neel's relationship will be revealed there.
  • At the meeting spot, Ghazala spots Chahat, and is shocked. She figures that if Vyasji's family get their hands on Chahat, then they can use her to track the Baigs down. She's not down for that, and believes Chahat has to die.
  • She was about to hit her on the head with a stick, but Neel comes in the way at the last moment and gets hurt instead.
  • Woozy, he's wobbling all over the place, and has to lean on Chahat for support.
  • To get balance, Chahat props them both up against a wall.
  • The family comes and sees the two together. They think Neel and Chahat have been making out with each other in public.
  • Vyasji is unable to look at them. Godamvari uses their situation to taunt them, and wonders aloud as to what punishment Vyasji will give them.
  • Vyasji shouts at Godamvari asking if this what she wanted them to see. He also announces that in two days, Neel and Chahat will get married according to all the rituals, and traditions.
  • Chahat is not happy about this.
  • The next morning, Neel wakes up remembering Chahat, and being hit on the head. Wondering if Chahat has left with her mother, he runs out but is stopped by his friend who informs him about his engagement. Neel's uncle, Jamuna, confirms the same. Neel isn't happy about it either, thinking what he will tell Meera.
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July 30th Update:

  • Neel questions why there needs to be an engagement since he and Chahat already got married in the temple.
  • Jamuna, and Vyasji tell him that if his mother, and Saraswati were alive, then they would have wanted his wedding to take place in a grand manner.
  • Chahat comes downstairs, all decked up. Jamuna comments on how she looks like Saraswati's shadow.
  • Chahat hopes that somehow the engagement doesn't take place.
  • When Chahat extends her hand, they all notice that there's a band-aid on her finger. She says that she had cut herself
  • Godamvari insists that she can put the bandage back on after the ring ceremony. She goes on to take it off of Chahat's finger, but it hurts her, and Chahat accidentally says, "Ammi".
  • Neel covers up by saying, she was actually saying "Mummy".
  • Vyasji tells Neel to put the ring on the other finger
  • Neel and Chahat exchange rings while remembering the vows they had made to each other. Neel of killing Dr. Baig, and Chahat of proving her father innocent.
  • Chahat eats a samosa using the ketchup she had used as blood. Neel and Chahat continue to bicker with each other.
  • Godamvari calls them over to touch Vyasji's feet for blessings. Neel forcibly takes Chahat to do so, since touching people's feet is considered haram in her culture.
  • Vyasji stops her from doing so saying that in his family, girls don't touch people's feet. Instead, Neel does so.
  • Vyasji gives Chahat bangles that Saraswati had made for Neel's wife. He explains he had once asked Saraswati how did she know what size to make them in, and she had said the person who can bring control over Neel is either Saraswati, or her shadow. In other words, someone like her. Chahat remembers when Saraswati had told her that she hoped whomever Neel has liked, has the ability of bringing control just like Chahat did with Neel. So Vyasji made the bangles of his own size.
  • Jamuna adds on that Saraswati was trying to say that whomever the bangles fit, has been destined to be Neel's life partner. He encourages Chahat to put them on.
  • Chahat tries but they don't fit. Godamvari helps her, but they don't.
  • Neel is telling himself that there's no chance that they will fit, but they do. Jamuna is happy about this, while Neel is angry.
  • Neel's friend picks up Neel's phone, and comments on how desperate the Kaaliya Plumber is for constantly calling Neel. (Kaaliya Plumber is actually Meera. Neel had saved her number under that name.)
  • Neel is freaking out about what Meera will think when she finds out about the marriage.
  • Chahat comes around to taunt Neel with the bangles. Neel asks for the bangles back and tries to forcibly take them off of her hands. Chahat tells him that if he wants them back, then tell everyone that she's Dr. Baig's daughter, and that her father is innocent. Neel tells her to shut up as he's annoyed by her constant repetition. He's adamant about Dr. Baig being a murderer.
  • Jamuna calls Neel and Chahat over to dance, but they feel shy to do so in front of Vyasji. When he goes away, Jamuna encourages them to do so since he's gone now.
  • Neel and Chahat both playfully tease, and hit each other while dancing.
  • Neel gets angry at Chahat, and takes her to a dark storage room. He tells her that he'll reveal her true identity when he gets to her murderous father. And as for marrying her, that'll never happen. That's why until that happens, she'll be kept in that room.
  • She questions him as to what he'll tell his family. He says, that he'll say that she ran away with strange man, do a little bit of Devdas type acting, and in a few days they'll forget her, but the search for her father will continue.
  • Chahat calls Neel out as a coward because he doesn't have the guts to speak the truth. Neel reminds her that she's in his jail, as her prisoner. Chahat brandishes the bangles, and says, "Then these must be my handcuffs."
  • Neel asks for the bangles back. Chahat refuses. Neel tries to take them off of her forcibly. She pushes him away, saying he's hurting her. Neel tells her that they don't belong to her. He was about to mention Meera's name but stops himself.
  • Chahat tells him that she knows that the bangles belong to Meera. Neel questions as to how she knows about her. He asks if he's spying on her. Chahat tells him that while under the influence of bhang, he kept talking about her. She further tells him she pities the girl who will have to spend the rest of her life with him.
  • Neel tells her to shut up. She doesn't know anything about them, or the deep love, or the dreams they shared with each other. But because of her father, all of that is gone.
  • Chahat agrees that he's going through a lot, but that doesn't mean that she'll accept the dirty allegations that are made on her dad. She tries to take off the bangles, but they don't come off. She asks Neel if he told Meera everything that has been happening in his life.
  • Neel agrees and tells her that he should tell Meera that he'll only return once he has exacted revenge against Chahat's murderous father. He leaves Chahat locked in the storage room.
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July 31st Update:

  • Chahat is thinking of ways to get out of the storage room
  • Vyasji asks Jamuna to find out where Neel is
  • Meera calls Neel, but his friend, Bhopu, picks up since he had Neel's phone
  • Meera, thinking it's Neel on the other end, tells him that her father is planning on getting her married to a friend's son. She wants him to come and speak to her dad since they've been together for 3 years, and he had promised to get married to her.
  • Vyasji asks Bhopu to put the phone on speaker. He thinks that it's Chahat on the other end. Meera tells Vyasji that she wants to talk to him about herself and Neel.
  • Neel comes and ends the call before things can get any further. He makes the excuse that he's expecting an urgent call from Delhi.
  • Vyasji asks where Chahat is and Neel lies that she went to the parlor. Godamvari questions Neel as to why he didn't stop her since there is a Corona pandemic going on. Vyasji silences Godamvari saying if Saraswati was alive, then she would also want to deck Chahat up.
  • Bhopu wonders who Chahat is if Neel's girlfriend's name is saved as Kaaliya Plumber.
  • Godamvari tells Alekh that if Neel and Chahat get married, and stays behind then he'll get the title of High Priest. Alekh gets furious and plans on ensuring that they never get married.
  • Bhopu asks Neel who his Delhi wali girlfriend is, but Neel doesn't want to talk about it.
  • Jamuna shows Neel a photo of him and Chahat, and suggests placing it in his room. Neel makes up an excuse and refuses. He suggest Jamuna keeps one in his own room instead. Jamuna agrees.
  • Bhopu who recognizes Chahat, asks Neel, if he left Meera for her. Neel gets irritated.
  • Dr. Baig wakes up, dreaming of Chahat. Thinking she's dead, he misses her a lot. He tries to commit suicide so that he could be with Chahat and his mother. But he hallucinates Chahat giving him the will to live by proving his innocence. He plans on going back to Devprayag and talking to Vyasji.
  • Neel gets a call informing him that Dr. Baig was spotted.
  • Ghazala slaps Akram because Dr. Baig has now gone missing. Akram thinks that they have gotten the insurance money but Ghazala tells them they didn't. Moreover, she found out that Chahat is alive too. She suspects Dr. Baig has gone to Devprayag.
  • Chahat is banging on the doors, asking for help. Dr. Baig hears someone banging on doors, and tries to help them out.
  • Neel is shocked to see Chahat has escaped the storage room.
  • Bhopu and Neel hear Chahat outside playing, and singing a Muslim song to a baby goat. Neel yells at her. Chahat tells him that she wasn't trying to escape. She saw the baby goat and started to sing to it because she believed it was separated from her parents, and no one knows the pain of separation better than her.
  • Neel gets another call, and he tells the person to only call him when he has confirmation that the man spotted is Dr. Baig.
  • Bhopu questions why Neel is marrying a murderer's daughter. Chahat yells at him that her dad is not a murderer, and he will prove it. Neel tells Bhopu that she'll obviously say that, but he'll get to Dr. Baig sooner or later. Till then Chahat is his prisoner.
  • Bhopu asks why they're getting married again, and Neel says that Vyasji wants them to according to tradition. But they need to figure out a way to avoid the marriage. Neel tries to drag Chahat back to the storage room, but she resists him pulling her. Bhopu reminds Neel that everyone is waiting for Chahat, and that Neel had told them all that she had just gone to the parlor. So for how long will she be kept prisoner?
  • Chahat questions why she would go to the parlor to get decked up when there isn't going to be a wedding. Isn't it enough that he tortures that she'll want to get married to him too? All she wants to do is prove her dad's innocence.
  • Bhopu tells them to think of what they want to tell their family since they want to get them married within two days.
  • Vyasji calls Alekh over pointing out that Golu isn't picking the toy up on her own. Alekh informs him that he didn't tell anyone, but he had noticed that Golu was losing power in her right hand.
  • Godamvari says that something or another has been going wrong ever since Chahat came into the house. Alekh furthers this theory by bringing up how Neel and Chahat's horoscopes didn't match. When Neel and Chahat had gotten married in the temple, Saraswati died. When Chahat came to the house, Golu went blue and nearly died.
  • Neel and Chahat come to the house and see Alekh requesting the marriage to not take place. Neel thinks that Godamvari and Alekh have made things easier for him.
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Really appreciated 

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