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My name has been erased from history and because of that our future generations have no idea of my story. Who am I, you ask. I am Vasundhara, the princess of Hastinapur and the eldest sister to the five Pandavas. My father was King Pandu and my mother was Queen Kunti. I was born to them when my parents were newly married. History doesn’t know about me because daughters left their families when they married whereas sons became warriors, princes, or kings. I married a man for love who believed in Dharma and so he decided to not fight in the war. My husband was the Yuva Raj of Gandhar but he was not like it’s king. Another way that my husband was unique was that I was his only wife. I wish we could go back to the time when all 107 of my baby brothers were innocent and when they all loved each other but sadly the war had to happen for many reasons. I was one of the lucky woman because I didn’t lose my husband or our sons but no instead I lost 100 of my brothers, countless nephews, a father-in-law who just wanted revenge for the fact that his sister had to blindfold her eyes to marry a blind prince and because of that marriage he had lost all his brothers and his father; and my best friend: my oldest brother Angaraj Karna!

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Once upon a time in a kingdom of AryaVarta called Hastinapur, there was a baby girl born to a royal couple who were getting ready to celebrate their first anniversary. Their names were Pandu and Pritha (Kunti). They happened to be the King and Queen of this wonderful Kuru Vansh! Rani Kunti and Pandu Raj cared about their people but sadly they did not have an heir yet. Then nine months ago, word was sent out that Rani Kunti was pregnant and the people rejoiced. Now, they were patiently waiting for their prince to be born.

Pandu Raj was standing at the window viewing the beautiful sunset on the Ganga River.

“Badhai Ho, Pandu Raj! Badhai Ho!” One dasi named Priyamveda said as she came running into the room.

“Kya Hua, dasi?” King Pandu asked.

“Eka beti ka janam hu’a, Pandu Raj!” Priyamveda exclaimed. “Hastinapur ki rajkumari ka janam hu’a!”

Pandu Raj smiles tearfully then hands the dasi Priyamveda a necklace before she leaves.

Pandu Raj decides to go to the Vishnu mandir and offers prayers and thanks to Lord Vishnu on the birth of his daughter. He then decides to go to see his wife and daughter to make a decision on what name the newest member of their royal family should have.

In the Queen’s Bedchamber the beautiful baby princess was being bathed by her dasis while her grandmother Rajmata Ambalika, great-aunt Rajmata Ambika, and great-grandmother Rajmata Satyavati looked on. The dasi Priyamveda arrived and told Maharani Kunti that Pandu Raj was happy about the princess being born.

A few minutes later, Pandu Raj arrived to see his daughter. He tells his maharani that he is proud of her for making him a father. “Kunti, what should we name our daughter?” Pandu asked. “Maharaj Pandu, our daughter will be named Vasundhara!” Pritha replied. The three older Queens, Rajmata Satyavati, Rajmata Ambika, and Rajamata Ambalika announce that as she is the daughter of Pritha she will also be known as Preethi!

A dasi came inside to announce that Rajkumar Dhritarashtra, Rajkumari Gandhari, Gandhar Raj Shakuni, Gandhar Rani Arshi, Gandhar Yuvaraj Arush, Pitamah Bhishma, Mahamantri Vidura and Parshavi Devi have come to bless the newborn princess. Everyone then comes inside and congratulates the new parents except for the ten year old Yuvaraj Arush. Everyone has a turn holding the beautiful baby doll princess but the princess starts crying so everyone starts making plans for the naamkaran and cradle ceremony. Prince Arush watches as the princess cries and feels like she will be something special to him.

“Kunti Bua, may I hold Rajkumari Vasundhara?” He asks. “Arush beta, just remember to be careful.” Maharani Kunti tells him. A second later, Prince Arush walks up to the cradle where I was lying and gently picks me up. Something very interesting happens and that is I suddenly stopped crying the second Arush picked me up. Everyone starts laughing and says maybe there will be a wedding between us both in the future. Little did we know how true that was!

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Priyamveda was the dasi that was in charge of taking care of me and she was like a mother to me. Priyamveda would take me with her to meet the charioteer families. One day, Priyamveda learned through her best friend Vidya that her cousin Adiratha and his family had moved to Hastinapur. She took me with her so that I could meet her cousin’s son who was two years older than me. The second that I met Vasusena I knew that he was special. From the first moment on, he treated me like I was his younger sister and he was my older brother. We had amazing five years together where we played games. One incident of our childhood was my third birthday when the Gandhar princes came to the party. I received a doll from Shakuni Mama and Arshi Mami. I was totally in love with that beautiful doll and one day the two youngest princes snuck into my room when I was at the Mandir with all the ladies. They ended up breaking that doll. I went to my room before dinner that night and saw my beautiful doll on the floor broken. I started sobbing my eyes off. One minute later, Yuvaraj Arush and Vasu Bhaiya come in the room. Arush sees the destruction and instantly knows it was the terrible twosome that are his younger brothers. Arush picks me up and takes me to my parents. Then he goes to find his brothers and takes them to their parents for their punishment. He leaves to find how he can fix my doll as a surprise for me. Arush and Vasu Bhaiya spend the whole week fixing my doll. They give me the new doll with plenty of rose bouquets while telling me that they will always be my best friends. Even then, I could see the differences between the three Gandhar princes. One was an absolute gentleman but the other two were little hellions. Vasu Bhaiya was an amazing friend and gentleman.

It wasn’t until I was six, that I understood why Priyamveda would cry when she saw us playing together. She would always tell me to promise her that I would never tell my mother about Vasusena. I had already realized the truth because of the huge amount of time that Vasu Bhaiya and I had spent together. I started noticing things like the fact that Bhaiya did not look a thing like Radhe Ma, Adiratha, Gauri Masi or his younger brother Shona. In fact, he looked like my mom and I. We had the same facial structure, the same bone structure, and our feet looked the same.

One day, my mother told me to go and spend some time with Priyamveda because my Parashavi Kaki was in labor. And that was the day when I accidentally learned the truth of Karna’s birth.

I walked through the palace looking for Priyamveda only to run into Gauri and I found out that Priyamveda was praying in the Mandir. So I walked to the Rama and Sita part of the Mandir, and found Priyamveda crying:

“Sita Maiya, please forgive me for making Rajkumari Kunti give up her son, Suryaputra Karna who is also known as Vasusena!” I was so shocked that I cried out. Priyamveda was shocked to see me there but I told her that my mother had told me to find Priyamveda. For the next one hour, I sat speechless listening to the story of the biggest secret and regret that my mother had.

One day about eight years ago, my step grandfather’s kingdom had an memorable visitor. It was Sage Durvasa and he wanted to stay for some time at Raja Kuntibhoja’s palace. Kuntibhoja told my mother to take care of Sage Durvasa and so my mother did. She took such good care of him that he ended up giving her a mantra that would give her children from the Gods. My mother was young and one day she grew curious enough that she decided to test the mantra. She ended up calling Suryadev with the mantra and he came. Sadly, she realized the truth and apologized for calling for him. He apologized to her and said that since she called him she would have to let the mantra take it’s course. You see Suryadev could come when called but he could not leave until he had given what needed to be given. Karna was then born and my mother loved him. Unfortunately, Priyamveda realized that as much as Kunti loved Karna, she could not keep him. People were already wondering where their beautiful princess was since she had been away from the public for quite sometime. She only had one month with her beloved firstborn before Priyamveda took Kunti to the Ganga river to put Karna in the basket that would later float down the river on it’s way to the childless couple Adiratha and Radha. Priyamveda finished the story and told me not to talk about this subject again. A few minutes later, word came that Parashavi Kaki had given birth to twins.

A month later, my father went to war with Shalya Raj and ended up coming home married to Rajkumari Madri. Maharani Madri became my Chotima and she was just as loving to me as my mother was. To this day, I miss my Chotima. She was absolutely a treasure to know. I am blessed to have been treated as her daughter. A few months later, tragedy struck our parivar when my father accidentally shot and killed what he thought were two deers. You see, the two deers were actually Rishi Kindama and his wife having intercourse. Before his death, Rishi Kindama cursed my father that if he had intercourse with his wives again he would be killed instantly. So my parents decided that we would give up the kingdom and go live in the forest. I didn’t want to leave Hastinapur because I had started taking dance lessons and I wanted more time with my only Bhaiya. We left Hastinapur to go the forest. My heart broke into a thousand pieces seeing my beloved Karna Bhaiya waving goodbye and crying his heart out.

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Thanks it’s the first one that I have written on Mahabharat. Hope you and your family are doing well during this pandemic.

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My heart was broken when I left the only home that I ever knew to go live in the forest with my father Pandu and two mothers Kunti and Madri. I couldn’t believe that I had to leave my adorable twin cousins Pallavi and Vijay. Since they were born, I loved to help my Kaki take care of them. Before I knew it they were following me around the palace. But the ones that it truly broke my heart to leave were my Vasu Bhaiya and my pseudo cousin Arush. Ever since I could remember I have always had a feeling that Arush and I were destined to be together. Little did I know how true that certain one intuitive feeling was.

We walked through the forest and we visited many Ashrams on our way before we built a place where our small family of four could live. Pitashri regretted not having sons yet. Due to his curse he believed that he wouldn’t have any sons. Then Matashri told Pitashri about her boon from Durvasa Maharishi.

In my girlhood, O lord, I was in my father's house engaged in attending upon all guests. I used to wait respectfully upon all the Brahmanas of rigid vows and great ascetic merit. One day I gratified with my attentions that Brahmana whom people call Durvasa, of mind under full control and possessing knowledge of all the mysteries of Dharma. Pleased with my services, that Brahmana gave me a boon in the form of a mantra (formula of invocation) for calling into my presence any one of the celestials I liked. The Rishi, addressing me, said, “Anyone among the celestials whom you call by this shall, O girl, approach you and be obedient to your will, whether he likes it or not. And you shall also have offspring through his grace.” That Brahmana told me this when I lived in my father's house. The words uttered by the Brahmana can never be false. The time also has come when they may yield fruit. Commanded by you, I can by that mantra summon any of the celestials, so that we may have good sons. Tell me which of the celestials I shall summon. Know that, as regards this matter, I await your commands.”

As history says Mata Kunti called upon Yama Dharma Raj, Vayu Deva, and Indra Deva. Matashri give birth to the oldest three of my five younger brothers Yudhishthir, Bhima, and Arjuna. But Mata Madri felt bad because she wanted kids too. So Mata Kunti taught Mata Madri the mantra and in due course, Mata Madri called upon the Ashwini Kumaras. With their blessings, Mata Madri gave birth to the twins Nakul and Sahadeva. What history doesn’t say is that it was actually triplets that Mata Madri gave birth too. My sister Princess Mohini was also born.

When I was six years old Yudhishthir, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva, and Mohini were born.

History also erased the story of Princess Mohini, the youngest daughter of King Pandu. Mohini was a blessing for all of us but especially for me because now that she was here I was not the only girl anymore. As both Mata Kunti and Mata Madri were busy with all the household chores and taking care of the five baby boys, I was usually the main one that took care of my sweet baby sister Mohini. I had a baby sister that I could dress up, feed, change, and take care of. I also helped my mothers take care of my five younger brothers. I loved being the oldest sibling to six wonderful babies who in time became wonderful kids. 

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Is anyone interested to help me write this story? I would love some help. I’m a little stuck in how to write about Vasundhara and Mohini attending Kanyaashram. I would love any and all suggestions that you have.

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Before my siblings joined us I was old enough to study and so I joined the nearest Kanyaashram. I enjoyed learning all the information that Kanyas are supposed to learn in Dwapara Yuga. Since the Kanyaashram was not that far away from where my family and I lived I didn’t have to board with the rest of the students. I was lucky that I was able to live with my family and still attend classes.  When Mohini was four years old  she followed me to the Kanyaashram as my shadow. We had visitors from Hastinapur a few times. Pitahmah Bhishma, Kakashri Vidur, Kakishri Parashavi, Badi Ma, Tathshree, Shakuni Mama and Arshi Mami were some of the ones that visited. After my 100 cousins had been born sometimes they came to visit with their parents. In the innocence of their childhood all 105 brothers were close to each other. Some of my favorite memories that helped me survive the horrific loss of countless family members at Kurukshetra was remembering how close all 105 of my brothers were to each other when they were innocent and adorable babies. Babies who loved to listen to their Vasundhara Didi. Babies and kids who always unconditionally loved their Vasundhara Didi. Mohini, Dushala, and I were the closest of best friends. It broke my heart when I heard that Arjuna killed Jayadratha and widowed my Dushala flower. It broke my heart when I heard that my innocent and handsome nephew Abhimanyu was so unjustly butchered by the Kauravas that Karna Bhaiya decided to give our poor nephew Mukti and killed him to save him from anymore suffering.  It broke my heart when the Guru Bhai of all my 105 brothers Ashwathama unjustly butchered my innocent nephews the Upapandavas. My hundred younger brothers the Kauravas were so cute and innocent before Shakuni Mama got his hands on them and slowly brain washed them to hate my five Pandava brothers. I personally loved the times that I got to see my Vasu Bhaiya and my beloved soulmate Arush. We had ten happy years in the forest. None of us knew that everything would change in a matter of days after Pithashree forgot about his curse and because of his lust he wanted to get closer to Chotima when she was bathing. He died instantly a few seconds later. So suddenly we seven were left fatherless and the youngest three were left orphans after Mata Madri commited Sati during our father’s funeral. Mata Kunti made a promise to Mata Madri that she would love the triplets just as much as she loved her four oldest. The day that our beloved father died was the day that we were visited by our Vasudev Mama, Deviki Mami, cousins Dau and Lord Krishna for the first time since Lord Krishna saved the whole world from the evil atrocities of his Kansa Mama.

I was sixteen years old when we lost our father. Yudhi, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva, and Mohini were ten years old when our world came crashing down and for the first time in their innocent lives they felt grief. Poor innocent Yudhi tried to be strong for the other five children but later in my arms he broke down and cried. I of course had already felt grief when my parents and I were forced to leave our beloved Hastinapur and family behind to go to the forest. Now I felt grief because I had to leave my peaceful life in the forest and go back to the palace. I didn’t know that the worst was still to come many years in the future. I never thought that my family would be destroyed by each other. That one brother would demean and try to have his Babhima undressed by one of his brothers. That a brother would unknowingly kill another brother. That one brother would switch sides in a war and end up being the only surviving son of my Tathshree. Poor Badima would lose all her hundred sons. I didn’t know what fate was in store for our Kuruvansh. But life in the palace of Hastinapur for the Kuruvansh wasn’t only the sadness and atrocities. We did have some happiness like for instance the three different Swayamvaras for the three gorgeous princesses of Hastinapur. The first Swayamvara was mine and it was the day that a beautiful and blessed love story began. A love story lost to the ends of time.

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After Pitashree and Mata Madri’s funeral, all seven of us children with Mata Kunta left the forest with Pitahmah and Kakashri Vidur to return to our city of Hastinapur. The reunion was wonderful at first but then I started seeing how Mama Shakuni was acting and how his words seemed sweet but actually weren’t sweet at all. In the beginning all the brothers lived happily together but a couple of years after my Swayamvara the brainwashing of the Kauravas commenced.

When I studied at the Kanyaashram I met a beautiful girl who became a friend of mine. Little did either of us know that the future heir of my father’s dynasty would be born from the womb of her future daughter. My friend’s name was Sudheshna. While I was very close to her I absolutely abhorred her older brother Keechak who was the reason that I was almost raped. Yes, the Keechak that I am talking about is the same one that my younger brother Bhima will kill in the future to protect his wife Draupadi’s honor and respect. My attempted rape happened at the gardens of Hastinapur one month before my Swayamvara. Sudheshna’s mother and Kaki Parashavi were childhood friends and her whole family  came to visit us in Hastinapur for my Kaki and Kaka’s anniversary party. Keechak was the type of man that wanted what he wanted even if the girl wasn’t interested. He wouldn’t take no. I feared for my honor and my life. By the time I was sixteen years old my heart had already fallen to my beloved Arush. I had already promised myself, my heart, my soul, and my body to Arush. I knew that my Swayamvara was only a month away and I had already decided to garland only my love Arush during the upcoming Swayamvara.

Luckily, I was rescued by my soulmate Arush and my Vasu Bhaiya. You see, we had planned to meet earlier that day and they had been looking for me all over the palace for almost an hour. Finally, a daasi friend of mine named Vrushali told them that she had seen me in the gardens earlier. They walked to the gardens only to find me on the ground and my sari almost ripped off. I tried my hardest to bite and kick Keechak off of me. Unfortunately because Keechak was stronger than I my attempts to get him off of me weren’t working. In fact, Keechak had already twisted one of my ankles to keep me from moving away from him. He had also had tried to touch parts of my body that I only wanted Arush to touch. When Vasu Bhaiya saw me looking so helpless and my lip bleeding he went crazy and started beating Keechak up. After Keechak was unconscious Arush and I dragged Bhaiya off of him. I knew that if anyone had found out that Vasu Bhaiya had attacked and injured a Kshatriya he would have been imprisoned or worse killed by the elders. I didn’t want Karna to be hurt and I definitely didn’t want to lose my older brother. I loved him as my Bhaiya since I was a baby and we grew even more closer since I had learned the truth that he was my older brother. So I kept quiet about Keechak trying to rape me. I made Vasu Bhaiya and Arush promise to keep quiet as well. Many years later, all three of us were so happy and proud of Bhima for killing the unjust and dishonorable Keechak. Poor Bhima looked so funny speechless when he didn’t know what to do at the double wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara & Lakshmanaa and Samba, when Angaraj Karna hugged him and the rest of the Pandavas. The shock that everyone felt that day was funny. At least these six brothers had memories of this cute hug and countless other hugs during their childhood.

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