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Subhadra was Draupadi’s devoted companion. 

During 13 years of exile she even raised 

Draupadi’s sons with her own son.

  • The below words were spoken by Krisna’s wife Satyabhama to Draupadi during Forest exile -

Thy brave sons, Prativindhya by Yudhishthira and Sutasoma by Bhima, and Srutakarman by Arjuna, and Satanika by Nakula, and Srutasena begot by Sahadeva, are well and have become skilled in weapons. Like Abhimanyu they are all staying at Dwaravati, delighted with the place. And Subhadra also, cheerfully and with her whole soul, looketh after them like thee, and like thee joyeth in them and deriveth much happiness from them. Indeed, she grieveth in their griefs and joyeth in their joys.” [Ref - http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/...]

  • According to Duryodhana’s words Drauapdi used to sleep in bare ground for destruction of Duryodhana and the success of the objects cherished by her husbands -

"Then again, Krishna, the daughter of Drupada, is in sorrow, undergoing the austerest of penances for my destruction and the success of the objects cherished by her husbands, and sleepeth every day on the bare ground, intending to do so till the end of the hostilities is attained. Abandoning honour and pride, the uterine sister of Vasudeva (Subhadra) is always serving Draupadi as veritable waiting woman. ” [Ref - Shalya Parva: Section 5]

  • Text also makes clear that Subhadra discarded her honor and pride and served Draupadi like veritable waiting woman.
    • No other wives of Pandavas had served Draupadi the way Subhadra had served her.
    • Draupadi had 5 sons on her own but her favorite son was Abhimanyu

The following words were spoken by Draupadi when Yudisthira was bent on peace process with Kurus-

“If Bhima and Arjuna, O Krishna, have become so low as to long for peace, my aged father then with his war like sons will avenge for me in battle. My five sons also that are endued with great energy, with Abhimanyu, O slayer of Madhu, at their head, will fight with the Kauravas. [Ref - Udyoga Parva: Bhagwat Yana Parva: Section LXXXII]

When Abhimanyu died Arjuna lamented and spoke many thing. I would love to highlight few lines here -

What warrior, deprived on his senses by Death ventured to slay that dear son of Subhadrathat favourite of Draupadi and Kesava, that child ever loved by Kunti? ” [Ref - Drona Parva: Abhimanyu-badha Parva: Section LXXII]

I grieve for Subhadra, who, hearing of the death in battle of her unretreating son, will, afflicted with sorrow, cast away her life.What will Subhadra missing Abhimanyu, say unto me? What also will Draupadi say unto me? Afflicted with grief as they are, what also shall I say unto them? ” [Ref - Drona Parva: Abhimanyu-badha Parva: Section LXXII]

I would give example of one more event -

Partha and Govinda went to bank of Yamuna to play summer sport and to give company Draupadi, Subhadra and other women were also present. They are in fact mentioned here as friends!!!

"Vaisampayana continued, 'Then, O Bharata, having consulted thus with each other, Partha and Govinda, with Yudhishthira's leave, set out, surrounded by friends. Reaching a fine spot (on the banks of the Yamuna) suitable for purposes of pleasure, overgrown with numerous tall trees and covered with several high mansions that made the place look like the celestial city and within which had been collected for Krishna and Partha numerous costly and well-flavoured viands and drinks and other articles of enjoyment and floral wreaths and various perfumes, the party entered without delay the inner apartments adorned with many precious gems of pure rays. Entering those apartments, everybody, O Bharata, began to sport, according to his pleasure. The women of the party, all of full rotund hips and deep bosoms and handsome eyes, and gait unsteady with wine began to sport there at the command of Krishna and Partha. Some amongst the women sported as they liked in the woods, some in the waters, and some within the mansions, as directed by Partha and Govinda. Draupadi and Subhadra, exhilarated with wine, began to give away unto the women so sporting, their costly robes and ornaments. And some amongst those women began to dance in joy, and some began to sing; and some amongst them began to laugh and jest, and some to drink excellent wines. Some began to obstruct one another's progress and some to fight with one another, and to discourse with one another in private. Those mansions and the woods, filled with the charming music of flutes and guitars and kettledrums, became the scene of Prosperity personified.”

They sang, danced, laughed and enjoyed.

In authors own words - it became the scene of Prosperity personified. It was such because the women were happy and enjoying the freedom and that was referred as Prosperity personified.

This is very normal scenario on current times but if you look at 3000 - 3500 years back - it was very rare and path breaking scenario as where women were confined generally in to inner apartments!!!

If you look both were spending their time happily in company of Arjuna and Subhadra.

I think they were best of friends. Draupadi was lucky to get such a devoted companion like Subhadra. 

### all credit goes to arnab ghosh for this post as it is taken by his post.

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