|| Shubha Hanuman Jayanthi ||

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Posted: 3 years ago


Hanuman, otherwise known as the mighty Pavan-putra, is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama: a powerful, yet innocent character. He is much loved by the Indian masses and is said to be as dear to Rama as his own brother.

This mighty monkey ranges in temperament to the huffing and puffing Bajrangbali, destroying Ravana's precious garden, to the sweet and docile Anjaneya who puts his Lord up on his shoulders and prances over a divine bridge! Who can forget the innocent langur that flew into the setting sun itself, mistaking it for a delicious fruit?!

Ramayana remembers this loyal comrade of Rama, as his greatest devotee, Rama-dootha, who was a constant source of joy and mirth to Ram and Seeta, a staunch supporter in their darker times and a dear friend to Lakshmana!

Sometimes people around him did get a little annoyed with his actions. Remember the time when he chose to bring an entire mountain's worth of medicine in place of one? Or that time when he covered himself with vermilion just because his mother Seeta put that on her forehead in the name of his Lord?

However in each of such leelas that he committed, he brought forth tremendous happiness to the ones around him and the world today worships him as the symbol of this very kind of pure happiness.

On the auspicious moment of Chaitra Purnima today, let us all come together and wish him a very, very happy birthday!

It's said he's still around today, and comes when he is remembered, lets hope that he's already reading this, show some love guys! 🤗

Posted: 3 years ago


In Ramanand Sagar's Sampoorna Ramayan, Hanuman was played by the legendary actor and wrestler Shri Dara Singh.

He had already made a name for himself in the world of sports when he agreed to play the character of this loyal warrior in the show in 1986, which made him a household name in India. Unfortunately we lost him to a heart attack late in 2012. His memories and his unparalleled legacy still remains with us.


Although he is no longer with us today, but we still remember him as the strongest and the sweetest Hanuman ever seen on TV. His innocence oozed out of his spectacular performances and was very infectious.

His contributions will always be remembered with him being credited as the first Hanuman on TV, and his portrayal remains to be one of the most popular depictions of Hanuman on the silver screen till date!

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Posted: 3 years ago

Beautiful thread, Pro! As always.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti!🥳

Bajrang bail ki jai ho!😳

Posted: 3 years ago

Happy Hanuman Jayanti to All. 

Posted: 3 years ago

Happy hanuman jayanti  . I see monkey today at my terrace

Posted: 3 years ago

Originally posted by surabhi01

Happy hanuman jayanti  . I see monkey today at my terrace

Ooh maybe it was Hanuman only, he came to see if you were watching Ramayan properly or not! 😆

Posted: 3 years ago

It was good to c monkey  today that too in hanuman jayanti. Though monkey rarely come here 


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