FF : Love Story Of Demi-Djinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE

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This ff series is a romantic series of Aman who is a demi-djinn and Roshni an ayaana. Aman is monstrous with his dark powers, while Roshni sweet and fragile with her angelic powers. The two even though have opposing powers are destined to become one, but the Victory of their LOVE is not EASY. This ff is a series of the victory of Aman and Roshni's LOVE, which makes them one as ROSHAN.

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Character Sketches Of The Main Characters

This chapter is created and added before episode 1 to avoid any confusions regarding my characters and their cast. A detailled description of each and every main character and the cast who are the same as the original series with respect to my plot is given in this chapter.

Aditi Sharma as Roshni Aman Junaid Khan née Ahmed

She is Rehaan and Fatima Ahmed's biological daughter, who unbeknownst to her have been killed by Aman's Abbu, Junaid        

She is Rehaan and Fatima Ahmed's biological daughter, who unbeknownst to her have been killed by Aman's Abbu, Junaid. After their murder, Junaid left baby Roshni heartlessly in a basket into a fast flowing river to die. However, Roshni is an Ayaana, a girl born with angelic heart thus possessing angelic powers. The power to control the radiance of light, the power to fly using wings, the power to connect her heart with her beloved, the power to communicate with all the fauna be it a buttefly or a dragon, the powers to use shirukens and god's arrows as her weapons. The source of all these powers of Roshni were like an angel's in her WINGS, hidden in her spinal cord, unknown to Roshni herself. Being an ayaana, she gets saved by few birds and was adopted by a "TAWAIF" (courtesan) Salma, thus, becoming Roshni Ahmed, through which she also got befallen in the society as a courtesan. Later, She was forced to marry Aman and came to be known as Roshni Aman Junaid Khan.

Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aman Junaid Khan

Aman is the NAWAAB OF LUCKNOW and the second son of Junaid a descendant of Nawaabs and Parveen who is the last descendant of Sifrati Djinn, the reason for which he and his brother are targeted by Sifrati Djinn        

Aman is the NAWAAB OF LUCKNOW and the second son of Junaid a descendant of Nawaabs and Parveen who is the last descendant of Sifrati Djinn, the reason for which he and his brother are targeted by Sifrati Djinn.  Aman was given to Sifrati Djinn, due to a deal between the Djinn and the Junaid. But as Aman was not the real FIRST-BORN, Djinn could not accomplish his goal through Aman. The powers to possess Aman repulsed back onto Sifrati Djinn which left a part of DJINN inside Aman, making him a DEMI-DJINN. Thus, he possesses all the powers of a djinn which he controls through his companion, a CHANGING HAWK, Baazigar. However, he loses control over himself and becomes monstrous when his demi-djinn form comes out of his human body, turning his eyes glow blue, his nails grow longer, his body covered with hair and two horns portrude out of his skull.  

Arhaan Behll as Kabir Junaid Khan

Aman's elder twin and Junaid's first born, with whom he had a made a deal with the Sifrati Djinn        

Aman's elder twin and Junaid's first born, with whom he had a made a deal with the Sifrati Djinn.  Before Junaid could hand over Kabir to Sifrati Djinn, the family hides him into a safe place. However, Djinn finds him, and at that moment Kabir makes a deal that he will hand over his body to Sifrati Djinn in return for his life. So, Kabir is completely possessed by Sifrati Djinn, thus becoming the strongest of all the Djinns in Jinaad's Palace. While, deep inside the body, Kabir's soul is hidden which tends the humanly body, constanly in fight between the two (Sifrati Djinn & Kabir), to stop accomplishing Sifrati Djinn's evil motives.

Smita Bansal as Parveen Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan's first wife and mother of Aman, Kabir, Saima and Sara

Junaid Khan's first wife and mother of Aman, Kabir, Saima and Sara. She is the last descendant of Sifrati Jinn's family and hence A MALLIKA (Queen of Djinns) who had scarificed her family lineage to save her children from the CURSE ON THE DJINNS. However, due to presence of her powers, Sifrati Djinn finds her family and targets her first born twins.  As, she had sacrificed her lineage, her powers were not inherited by any of her children. But unfortunately, as Sifrati Djinn's targets her twin sons and possess them. One turns into a DEMI-DJINN while the other A COMPLETE DJINN.

Saloni Chauhan as Rakh Djinn

Being a human earlier and having selfish motives, she had become a djinn due to a deal made with Sifrati Djinn        

Being a human earlier and having selfish motives, she had become a djinn due to a deal made with Sifrati Djinn. Later, she wished to return to her human form, for which she goes to any extent and take any risks to fulfill Sifrati Djinn's evil demands. She is the greatest personal aid of Sifrati Djinn, who accomplishes all his evil motives. 

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Episode 1

The episode starts with Roshni preparing soup for Aman, as he has been unwell after being shot by the arrows of the three jinn soldiers, she murmurs, "This Khan Baba is the weirdest Waiyad Praani, of all, sometimes he is so sweet and caring", she reminisces how he had saved her from the chal kooa and from the jinn soldiers, and continues, "but sometimes he is so hard like a ROCK", her eyes fill with tears when she remembers how Aman had behaved rudely with her when she asked him to accompany her to give away the return gifts. Just them, Sarah and Saima come there, they ask her, "What happened BHABHIJAN??? Why are you crying???" Roshni quickly wipes off her tears and says, "nothing just that the garlic from the soup is burning my eyes", Sarah and Saira then try to cheer her mood, "Bhabhijan, you should feed Aman bhaiya with your hands, then he would be really happy!!!" They giggle, while Roshni blushes.

Roshni takes the soup to Aman's room where Dadi and Baby had already been attending on him, they see Roshni and smile, Dadi says, "Look your biwi who is so concerned about your health has brought soup for you!!!", Baby asks "But when did Aman get sick and we did not get to know about it???", Dadi hits her head and says, "Baby, Aman got hurt yesterday, while trying to save Roshni, in the KAALA JUNGLE", Baby says, "Oh yeah, I forgot!!!" Sarah and Saima come there and tell them, "Dadi, Phupi, come nah, Bhabhi Jan wants to feed Bhaiya with her own hands. Aman and Roshni get embarrassed, while Roshni tries to stop Sarah and Saima saying, "No, it will be better if Dadi feeds him, because I don't know anything about the eating styles of Khan Baba." Sarah continues, "So what, Bhabhi Jan, you made that delicious soup with your pretty hands, so you should feed him with your own pretty hands and slowly you will get to learn everything about Aman baisaab"

Dadi says "Anyways me and Baby too have to go to tabeezi for some work!!!" Baby asks her, "But what work do we have???" Dadi stares at her, Baby smiles and continues, "Oh yeah, I forgot, we have work nah, chalo, let's go!!"

The four of them go outside and slowly peep from outside, towards Aman and Roshni, Aman sees them and says, "If you all want to see something then all of you can come inside and sit along with us." The four of them feel embarrassed and disappear from there. Aman sees Roshni still standing with the soup, "What happened, you are not going to feed me the soup??", Roshni says, "Actually Khan Baba, whenever I put my hands on cooking something, I burn it, I've got scolded so many times for burning Nankattai, but this time I was extra careful while making this soup, I was careful about how many garlic cloves, how many tomatoes, how much of pepper and salt.....", she goes on and on about the soup and then stops suddenly and says, "Oh Khan baba, how talkative you are, you are engaging me in your chats and the soup is getting cold!!!" Aman stares at her, Roshni continues "Come have it!!!" She keeps the soup bowl near him and asks him to have it saying, "Last time, you got angry because I did not leave the last piece of paneer for you and because of you all these things happened, this time don't throw the soup on my face if you get angry." Aman laughs, "Oh I would love to see, how this soup looks on you!!!" Roshni stares at him and asks him to shut up and have the soup. Aman asks her, "Won't YOU FEED ME WITH YOUR HANDS!!!" Roshni is surprised, they share an eye lock. She takes a spoonful of soup blows lightly over it, and takes it slowly towards Aman's mouth, as he is about to have it, Parveen comes and catches Roshni's hand, she throws the spoon from her hand and says, "Stay away from my Aman and stop causing him more trouble as you are not AYAANA who can save him form the clutches of JINN. Both Aman and Roshni look on shocked.


To be continued

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Episode 2

The episode starts with Parveen shouting and informing Roshni and Aman, that Roshni is not Ayaana. Both Aman and Roshni are shocked to hear the same from Parveen. Aman asks her, "What are saying Ammi???" Parveen replies, "The truth, that Roshni is NOT AYAANA", she continues with Roshni "You need to leave the JUNAID MAHAL, right now!!!", Roshni is shocked and asks, "But Ammi???" Parveen catches Roshni's hand tightly and tries to pull her towards the exit, when she feels a pull backwards, she looks back to see Aman holding her hand and stopping her, she is surprised and asks Aman, "Aman, what are you doing, she needs to leave this house right now!!!" Aman continues, "SHE IS MY WIFE, AMMI and also THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this house, she is MRS. ROSHNI AMAN KHAN, so she has as much rights to stay in the house as we all do" Both Roshni and Parveen are in for a shock, Roshni keeps looking into Aman's eyes. Parveen asks him, "Aman have you lost your mind??? Is this woman more important for you than your AMMI'S WORDS" Aman is saddened at those words from Parveen, he holds down his breath, closes his eyes, looks down and finally looking straight into Parveen's eyes and says, "I'm only doing my DUTY as a HUSBAND." Parveen eyes widen up big and tears roll down from them staring at Aman, while a slight smile brightens up Roshni's face as she hears those words from Aman. Parveen continues, "Okay, fine, if you are doing your DUTIES as a HUSBAND, then I too as a MOTHER have to save my SON'S LIFE, and I know that she is not AYAANA." Aman questions her back, "How can you say that Ammi???" Parveen shouts back, "AMAN DO YOU REMEMBER, SHE WAS THE SAME WOMAN WHO TRIED TO SEPARATE A MAN FROM HIS FAMILY FOR THE SAKE OF MONEY????" Roshni is shocked and confused, she is not able to understand the meaning behind Parveen's words. Aman continues "Ammi, now why are you bringing in all that???" Parveen continues frustratedly, "Because at that time she was fooling that man and now she is fooling you and our family for MONEY, because after all she is a COURTESAN'S DAUGHTER" Roshni interrupts, "But Ammi, I never tried to fool anyone!!!" Parveen asks her angrily, "Then why were you marrying an already married man????" Roshni eyes widen in shock, she reminisces her marriage rituals with Sameer and how she felt uncomfortable with him every time, she realises that she was used as a PAWN by her mother for MONEY. Roshni is about to defend herself in front Parveen, when the latter signs her not to open her mouth. Parveen continues with Aman, "In the same way she is fooling all of us Aman because it was not her but Adaa who saved your life!!!!" Aman frowns in shock because he remembers well, how Roshni had saved him from the jinn soldiers. Parveen says, "When Adaa called, I unknowingly told her about your condition, and also blurted out that only if Ayaana risks her life, YOU WILL BE SAVED, so ADAA risked her own life and saved YOU, AMAN!!!!" Both Aman and Roshni look on in SHOCK.

Parveen says to Aman, "And I have decided that this COURTESAN will no be in your LIFE neither as your WIFE, nor as THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this family, you shall give her TALAQ!!!" A chill pass through Aman's spine and even unknown to him, two drops of tears roll down from his eyes. While Roshni falls down in shock. Parveen says "So she shall leave right now from this house." Parveen pulls Roshni up and starts dragging her to the exit. Roshni catches Aman's hand, while he stands motionless still in shock over Parveen's words." Slowly Parveen overpowers Roshni and pulls her strongly, such that Roshni's hand detaches from Aman's. As soon Roshni leaves Aman's hands, he realises the situation around and tries to run behind Parveen and Roshni, but then he starts feeling weak, and stumbles down. Baazigar flies towards him and rubs his face on Aman's, Aman gets reminded of his FIRST MEETING with Roshni, and in his heart something tells him that he does not want Roshni to go AWAY FROM HIM. He slowly strengthens himself and runs behind Roshni and Parveen.

Downstairs, Parveen is about to throw Roshni out of the house saying, "A COURTESAN like you is a SHAME to be called the DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of this house", when Aman, shouts, "Ammi, STOP!!!!" Dadi, Baby, Sarah, Saima and Chotu too come there. Dadi interferes and tells Aman, "Aman, let ROSHNI GO!!!" All are shocked to listen to Dadi's decision. Aman comes near her and asks her, "Dadi, what are you saying???" Dadi continues, "Whatever you have heard Aman, Saima will be married off soon, and I don't want anyone in this society accuse ROSHNI for being a COURTESAN in this house." Aman and Roshni stare at her agape, Dadi continues, "So before Saima's nikah, there will be AMAN AND ROSHNI NIKAH with full rituals and pomp all over LUCKNOW, first there will IMAM ZAMIN, then MANGNI, MANJHA, MEHENDI, SANCHAQ AND THEN NIKAAH, such that the whole Lucknow comes to know, Roshni is not a COURTESAN anymore, but AMAN'S WIFE, ROSHNI AMAN KHAN" All are shocked to hear that.


To be continued

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Episode 3

The episode starts with all shocked to hear Dadi's decision, Parveen asks her, "Ammi, what are you saying???" Dadi continues, "Roshni is Aman's wife and our family's daughter-in-law, and her respect is also this family's respect, I understand that the circumstances in which Aman's and Roshni's marriage happened were such that everyone believes Roshni manipulated Aman for the marriage, while only our family knows the true reason behind Roshni and Aman's marriage, so I've decided that their NIKAH shall be held with all the rituals such that Roshni will no more be called a COURTESAN, but THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of the KHAN FAMILY. So, let her go for now Aman, we will bring her officially after your NIKAH" Aman looks at Roshni and remembers how she had been attacked by jinn soldiers twice where at both times baazigar and himself had to risk their own lives to save her. He gets worried, he is about to say something, when Parveen speaks out, "Then you listen to my decision too Ammi, I'm going to bring Adaa to our family today, such that she takes over this COURTESAN'S place in my SON'S LIFE and FAMILY." Aman and Roshni look on shocked, while everyone else widen their eyes in surprise towards Parveen. Roshni reminisces her moments with Aman, she feels a sudden pain in her heart and thinks, "Allah knows BEST!!! Why am I feeling sad??? I should be happy that this WAIYAD PRAANI, Khan baba is going away from my LIFE!!! But why is that I feel that I'm losing my OWN LIFE ITSELF!!!" Tears roll down her face, and as she is unable to control them, she breaks down completely, closing her eyes, unnoticed by anyone other than Aman. Aman catches his fists tightly, catches his breath, turns himself towards Dadi and says, "Dadi, Roshni isn't going ANYWHERE!!!" Dadi looks at him surprisingly and says, "But Aman......" Aman interrupts and says, "I know that you want to conduct mine and Roshni's Nikah once again!!! And it shall be done but with Roshni staying in our house and with me," the he stares at Parveen and continues, "No matter WHOMSOEVER ELSE comes here!!!!" Parveen looks on at him shocked. Dadi, Baby, Sara, Saima and chotu smile in happiness. Chotu shouts, "Yay, Chachu and Chachi are getting married, Chachu and chachi are getting married!!!"

Aman goes forward catches Roshni's hands and starts taking her upstairs to his room, as they are going upstairs, he stops, looks back at his family and says, "Tomorrow we shall go to Roshni's house in broad daylight, no matter whomsoever in the streets tease us for entering a COURTESAN'S HOUSE and officially conduct the IMAM ZAMIN there, so that it will be declared that Roshni is Khan's family's Daughter-in-law. Roshni is amazed at Aman's words. She feels that her heart is fluttering really fast, she touches her chest and asks herself, "Allah knows best!!! Why have my heart beats increased, why is this arrogant Khan Baba becoming more and more cute in front of my eyes!!!" As Aman turns to leave, Parveen tells, "The Imam Zamin ritual is done by the groom's Ammi, Aman and I will never tie the silver scarf with GOLD COIN, into this COURTESAN'S WRISTS, who will not value the coin to be this family's respect, but rather use it for her personal gain." Aman turns backs and looks frowningly at Parveen. Dadi interrupts, "If you don't want to do it, then Baby will do it, after all she is Aman's phupi, and holds the same place in this family as his AMMI." Baby continues, "Yeah, Aman's phupi will tie the silk scarf with gold coin on Roshni's wrists......" then Baby looks confused and asks Dadi, "But Ammi, who is Aman's phupi???" Sara, Saima and Chotu bang their hands on their foreheads, while Dadi bangs on Baby's head, Baby continues, "Oh yeah, I forgot, I'm Aman's phuphi, of course, I will do the Imam Zamin rasam in the place of his AMMI." Parveen looks on angrily and continues, "Then I too will bring Adaa to our house NOW ITSELF!!!" All are disgusted with Parveen's decision while Aman retires to his room with Roshni.

In the morning

Rakh Jinn and Adaa are standing outside the Junaid Mahal, Adaa asks her, "Till now, whatever plans we have made to separate Roshni and Aman have all failed. I have been called to stay here by Aman's Ammi, but how will I create a rift between Aman and Roshni." Rakh Jinn tells her, "A Jinn knows all the evil things and negative emotions which exists in this world, till now, we were targeting Aman's hatred against Roshni, but his Hatred has changed into SYMPATHY, AND BEFORE HIS SYMPATHY TURNS INTO LOVE, we will have to target Roshni." Adaa asks her surprised, "But how can that happen??? Roshni is an AYAANA with an ANGEL'S HEART, her HEART IS FILLED WITH GOODNESS, so then what NEGATIVE EMOTION can we provoke inside her???" Rakh Jinn grins evilly and says, "DOUBT!!!" Adaa is amazed. Rakh Jinn continues, "We will have to instil doubt in Roshni's heart regarding you and Aman, so that she herself distances from Aman." Adaa smirks.


To be continued.

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Episode 4

The episode starts with Aman and Roshni's bedroom, a ray of sunlight falls on Roshni's face, and birds from outside come and sit on the windowpane and chirp sweetly, trying to wake Roshni up, Roshni opens her eyes slowly, looks at them with a smile and says, "GOOD MORNING!!!" Then she looks towards the sofa for Aman and thinks where he went early in the morning. Then all the flashes of the previous day's events passes through her mind, she feels saddened by the fact of Parveen's hatred towards her, and tells "Allah knows best, let me get ready fast and go and help Ammi in the kitchen, otherwise, I will never be able to win her heart." She goes inside the bathroom and tries to shut the door, but finds the doorknob broken. Roshni frowns, "Allah knows best, this KHAN BABA, keeps chanting KIYA MEEFA, KIYA MEEFA, all the time to just show off his powers, couldn't he just repair this doorknob, but just saying...." She imitates Aman and continues, "KIYA MEEFA" but the doorknob remains the same, "Allah knows best, even the doorknobs in Khan baba's house have his attitude, anyways why should I waste my time??" She goes inside, fills the bathtub with water and soap, such that it bubbles up, then slowly undresses herself and puts on a bathroom towel, and then slowly lies down in the bathtub. Then, unknowingly she falls asleep inside the bathtub, and goes down inside the water.

Aman enters the bathroom, and sees no one inside, he thinks, "where did this crazy woman go??? She must be downstairs!!!" He tries to close the doorknob but notices it broken, he calls baazigar, but baazigar doesn't turn up.

Outside Rakh Jinn tells her plan to Adaa, I have broken the doorknob of Aman's bathroom and also used a shield in there such that Aman's voice does not reach baazigar. Aman will not be able to use his magic inside the bathroom. So once, he enters, he will have to choose to have a bath with the door open. And once, he starts having a bath, the water in the bathroom will also be controlled by me and soon stop, he will try to use magic for help, but he will not be able to use it. And at that time before the family enters, I want you to enter and try to help Aman, saying that you came to hear him by chance and want to help him. Then, soon, hearing his voice, the other family members including Roshni will also reach there, and seeing you and Aman in such a position will surely plant the first seed of DOUBT in Roshni's mind, which will be our first step to separate Roshni and Aman. Rakh Jinn smirks.

Inside Aman's bathroom.

Great, this baazigar, joining with that crazy Roshni has become a dramebaaz just like her, he has stopped to listen to my orders too!!! Then he notices the bathtub filled with bubbled water but does not notice Roshni inside. He thinks, "This woman is really crazy, after taking bath, she has left the bathtub still filled." Aman shakes his head in disappointed and goes to undress himself. He undresses himself completely and goes inside the bath cubicle completely naked. He starts bathing by putting the shower on, then as he slowly starts scrubbing the soap, the water stops.

Outside the Jinn is doing her magic, she signs Adaa to go inside.

Aman wonders, "Why did the shower stop????" He shouts baazigar, but unfortunately baazigar doesn't turn up again. He shouts again loudly, which makes Roshni wake up from her sleep in the bathtub, "Allah knows best, thank goodness I did not drown to death in my sleep, for that WAIYAD PRAANI Khan Baba doesn't allow me stay peacefully even in my sleep, she get out from the bathtub, while on the other side, Aman being frustrated with baazigar comes out of the bath cubicle, completely naked. As soon as Roshni comes out of the bathtub, she sees Aman completely naked, she screams "AHHHHHH", which makes Aman realise the presence of Roshni inside the bathroom and lets on a scream, while taking a bucket and covering himself. Roshni shouts, "What kind of WAIYAD PRAANI you are KHAN BABA, that you are walking her and there naked, Aman shouts back, "Then should I take bath putting on a shirt, blazer, pants and tie!!! And what are you doing here inside my BATHROOM!!!" Roshni replies, "Allah knows best Khan baba, This, is my bathroom too and I came in the bathroom first, only thing is that I slept off for a few minutes inside the bathtub". Aman realises that he had missed seeing Roshni inside the bathtub. He scolds her, "Which DUMB sleeps inside a bathtub that too with water inside???" Roshni gets angry and tells, "Oh I do," she turns towards Aman to say, "and why shouldn't I???" but then again gets embarrassed, "Uff, Khan Baba, will you at least wrap a towel around you!!!!" Aman says, "My eyes are burning because of soap, and I'm not able see anything here, so where will I find a towel???" Roshni getting irritated, takes a towel, then closing her eyes, goes towards him and says, "Here Towel, take it!!!" but Aman being not able to see, is not able to get it from her. Roshni finally gives up and wraps the towel around Aman herself. Aman feels strange.... (Kahani humari plays).

And as she is about to leave, she stamps over the soap, left down by Aman, and slips. Aman pulls her, while Roshni catches his hand and then hugs him tightly in fear (Kahani humari plays). Aman tells her, "Roshni, what are you doing, leave!!!!!" Roshni realises that they both are in towel and leaves him immediately just when Adaa calls out, "Aman!!!!" Both get agitated on hearing her voice and fall into the bathtub together. Adaa comes inside and becomes shocked to see them together in the bathtub. Soon, the whole family enters and are agape to see the same. Saima slowly shuts Chotu's eyes.


To be continued.

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Episode 5

The episode starts with the whole family shocked seeing Aman and Roshni in towel, together in the bathtub. Saima closes the eyes of Chotu to stop him from seeing. Then, quickly they turn their back towards them. Parveen angrily asks Aman, "What is happening here, Aman???" Aman nervously says, "Actually, Ammi the water in the shower stopped all of a sudden!!!" Sarah interrupts and says, "So you thought to take your bath together with Bhabhijan in the bathtub??? HOW ROMANTIC!!!" All giggle, while Aman and Roshni feel embarrassed. Parveen tells her to shut up and continues to inform Aman to get himself out of this mess and come downstairs for breakfast. The family slowly leaves outside. Aman and Roshni still feel embarrassed. Roshni starts feeling uncomfortable and closes her chest with her arms. Aman sensing her discomfort, quickly turns his face on the opposite side. Then, he gets up takes a towel and drapes it around her neck saying, "You take bath here comfortably, while I will go to the guest room and have my shower." (Kahani hamari plays) Roshni looks smilingly at him, "Allah knows best!!! Even though Khan shows too much of attitude to me most of the time, he is also very caring and sweet at the same time."

Roshni and Aman take their bath and come to their bedroom in bathrobe, both are embarrassed. Aman quickly goes to open the cupboard and tries to take out his shirt and blazer, he is unable to find the ones which he wants to wear, he calls Baazigar. This time, Baazigar comes there, but flies past Aman and sits on the window. Aman calls out once again, but Baazigaar ignores him by turning away his head, Aman gets angry and says, "Baazigar, nowadays you have started showing too much of ATTITUDE to me." Roshni murmurs, "After all who is his owner." Aman asks her, "Did you say something???" Roshni continues, "Let me just help you!!!!" She goes near the cupboard in front of Aman, he starts feeling weird once again and moves away. Roshni takes the exact clothes which Aman wanted to wear and places them into his hands. Aman is amazed and asks her, "How did you know that I wanted to wear these???" Roshni replies, "Allah knows best!!! Why wouldn't I??? After all you are my Shohar !!!!" Aman eyes widen, while Roshni corrects herself and says nervously, "I meant to say you always wear these BORING CLOTHES and BORING COLOURS." Aman quietens her saying, "Total Rubbish!!! You think my choice of clothes and colours are BORING, do you know I'm one of the most handsome MEN in LUCKNOW!!!" Roshni laughs, "Allah know best! Khan Baba!!! HANDSOME???", up Baazigaar too seems to be amused. Aman gets irritated, shakes his head and goes.

Outside Rakh Jin and Adaa are watching closely Roshni and Aman, Adaa is totally frustrated seeing Roshni's laughter, she asks Rakh Jinn this time you told that your plan will work, but your plan just seems to bring them closer rather than bringing a rift between them. Rakh Jinn tells her, "Can't you see every time we plan something; it is always ROSHNI who always foils our plans!!! This time I will set such a trap for Roshni she herself walks falls into our trap, without being a hindrance to it!!!!"

Downstairs Sara, Saima and chotu are looking impatiently for Aman and Roshni. Soon, Aman comes downstairs and sits on the dining table, Roshni follows while Adaa hurries before. Parveen tells Adaa, "Have a seat, Adaa." Adaa pulls the chair beside Aman to have a seat. Aman is shocked and Roshni is saddened on seeing that. While Baby, Sara, Saima and chotu are disgusted. Dadi stops calling out Adaa and says, "Aman's Nikah happened with Roshni and not with you, while yours and Aman's Nikah was fixed but never happened, INSHALLAH, I believe, whatever happened was Allah's grace and Allah's will!!! So, LET Aman's biwi sit with him!!!!" Adaa is annoyed but however leaves her place to Roshni. Roshni comes and sits near Aman, both of them feel relieved and share looks at each other. (bgm plays)

Sara signs at chotu, Chotu asks dadi, "Dadi in our school, girls and boys have different toilets, so can a girl and boy TAKE BATH TOGETHER???" Aman chokes on hearing that question, Parveen is about to help, when Roshni taps on his head and gives him juice. Parveen becomes exasperated. Dadi and Baby giggle at Chotu's question, and Dadi continues, "Not all BOYS and GIRLS can!!! BUT...." She looks at Aman and Roshni and says, "A MIA and BIWI CAN!!!!" Baby gets confused, "But we are going to do Imam Zamin of Roshni and Aman, so who are the Mia, Biwi here???" Dadi taps on her head, Baby continues, "Oh yeah I forgot!!! Aman and Roshni's Nikah already happened once!!! So, shall we go to Roshni's house for the Rasam, Ammi" Adaa interrupts saying, "Excuse me all of you, but I need to go back to my house!!!" Parveen is shocked and says, "But Adaa..." Adaa stops her and tells, "No Ammi, it's better I don't try to come in between Aman and Roshni now!!!" She then turns and leaves the Junaid Mahal smirking.

Parveen is completely infuriated, she tells Dadi, "All of go to this courtesan's house and celebrate her Imam Zamin, but I'm not going to step in such a woman's household, nor ever accept such a woman as my DAUGHTER-IN-LAW ever!!!"

Parveen leaves angrily from there, while Roshni is in tears. Aman looks on disappointedly towards Roshni.


To be continued.

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Episode 6

The episodes starts with Aman's family coming to Salma's house, the neighbours mock them saying, "Till now only men came to this house asking for courtesans to dance in their parties, but now a whole family of a NAWAAB has come, courtesans are becoming more and more valuable these days!!!" Roshni is disheartened to hear that, while Aman fumes seeing her state.

He goes forward frowning at them, and says, "Till now whoever came here would have come for demanding courtesans, but today, MY FAMILY has come here to ASK FOR ROSHNI'S HAND, and we will officially declare her the daughter-in-law of our KHAN FAMILY, with IMAM ZAMIN rasam now, so I cordially invite all of you to come and give her your blessings." The neighbours are left agape. Aman leaves saying "Khuda hafiz".

Dadi and Baby feel proud of him, Dadi says, "Now you have slowly started to act like Roshni's Mia jan too, fighting for wife's respect should be one of the priorities of a husband, and today I'm so happy that my grandson has fought for his BIWI"S respect!!!!" Roshni and Aman look into each other's eyes (bgm plays) Sara, Saima and Chotu cough. Dadi continues smilingly, "Let's go and do Roshni's Imam Zamin" Salma is amazed to see the Khan family enter her house with double the number of gifts which Sameer's family had brought. She becomes delighted.

Dadi comes smilingly saying, "As-salamu alaykum!!!" Salma replies "Wa alaykumu as-salam", Dadi continues, "We have come her to conduct Roshni and Aman's Imam Zamin, the circumstances in which Aman and Roshni's nikah happened were such that our family never got to celebrate properly their marriage, but now we wish to conduct all the Rituals properly for their marriage, so that the whole Lucknow knows of their marriage, we had already informed our Imam to conduct Salatul Istikhara, this morning, so let us proceed with Imam Zamin"

However, Salma is bewildered to hear that; she remembers her promise to Rakh Jinn to separate Aman and Roshni. She thinks "Here the whole family has started to accept Roshni, now how will I go forward in separating Aman and Roshni, then she remembers how Rakh Jinn had sent her message asking to instil doubt in Roshni's mind." Salma smiles maliciously, "Of course, now I know what I should do!!!" She says "That is really great, I'm so happy that all of you have started accepting my daughter as a part of your family!!!! But where is Parveen Sahib???" All look dejected. Saima says, "Ammi is having high fever, so she is taking rest at home!!!" Salma thinks, "Or is she against this Nikaah, I will have to find out!!!", she continues, "So shall we start the rasam???"

Roshni sits in the middle with Dadi and Salma sitting besides her on both sides, Aman standing aside with Sara, Saima and chotu, keeps leaving glances secretly at her. Chotu asks him, "Instead of standing here and struggling to look at Chachi, you can go and sit near Chachi and keep looking at her." Aman blushes in embarrassment. Soon, Baby comes near Roshi with two neatly stitched silver bands containing gold coins and ties them around Roshni's hands. Baby asks her, "Do you know the meaning of this ritual, Roshni???" Roshni shakes her head denying, Baby continues saying, "Well..." Then says, "I too forgot!!!" Dadi bangs her forehead and then explains, "This rasam means that Roshi has officially become our daughter-in-law and now onwards she BELONGS TO AMAN." Roshni and Aman look into each other eyes. They share an eyelock. (bgm plays)

Dadi informs, "Now since Imam Zamin is done, we have to conduct Mangni, all the other rasam preparations have already been made in our house, and Roshni will be staying in our house, so Salma bhaiajan, we wish that you too accompany us to our Junaid Mahl, till Roshni and Aman's Nikaah." Salma is enthusiastic; however, she acts of denying talking about the ill things which would follow after staying in daughter's in-laws house. But Baby and Dadi continue to persuade her, for which Salma finally gives in. Dadi and the whole family leave towards the exit. Salma continues to think "Now that I'm entering Junaid Mahal, I will try all the means to poison Roshni's mind against Aman, such that she will be convinced not to pronounce "qubool hai" thrice during her Nikah." she smirks.


To be continued.

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka ! 

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