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the episode begins with Maya cutting an apple n watching the cook chop carrots in kitchen .. She watches the disgusting ring on her finger ..MJ comes near her n whispers that if she decided to chop one finger he would put a ring on the other .. if she cut the other it would be out on another .. all her fingers will get chopped .. she could. It escape MJ ..this was his victory ., it would make her feel MJ was touching her .. but Rudra’s love will not let her take it off . She will never be able to forget her past this way 

maya clearly says if she had to forget the past she would never have come to this house to face him .. feeling disgusted by MJ’s closeness she tries tk take the ring off with the knife in furious mood ..she splashes blood on MJ’s face .. he states only she could hurt herself for the sake of love . But she will never be able to take it off . Maya screams for Rudra ..

He comes running .. he is shocked n concerned maya says she was cutting fruits for dad but cut her finger prude take sher tk their room n does bandaging .

They have cute moments of close bonding 

Adi comes. Interrupts them ..Rajiv tries to dissuade Adi but he interrupts .He asks Rudy to come with him for outing ..but is surprised to see Maya hurt 

Adi asks if Maya was OK .. ?? He feels she looked disturbed ..

Maya retorts back assuring she was concerned for her love Rudra .it was limitless ..

Rudra assures Adi that maya loved him .. Adi remarks sRishi should have found a girl like Maya .. one who would love him madly ..limitless 

maya is shocked .. Aditya explains how Rishi had described  that he had once touched Abhi’s Gf’s hand but she was so disgusted that she had poured steaming hot coffee on her hand to wash off his touch 

Maya is shocked to learn Rishi had spoken to Aditya about Maya .

Maya smiles n looks away ..

After Aditya leaves Maya expresses her concern with Rajiv that rishi had discussed maya with Aditya .. she calls him up later n asks for all details about Aditya .

in her room Antara is about to consume sleeping pills .. MJ snatches always the bottle .. he stuffs the entire contents of the bottle into her mouth .. he wants her story to end in one go .. why die in instalments .. he forces her to swallow but she struggles . 

right then Nandini’s arrival disturbs them .. Antara manages to free herself .. spits out many tablets ... Nandini is shocked .. MJ fakes it n tells Antara what is this !! What was she doing this ?? Nandini too showers her concern .. she states their house was so full of happy celebrations why did antara try such a thing .. offers her water ..

Later Maya confronts MJ n warns one of his “mohras “ was knocked off by her .. asks him tk guess who would be next .. she assures she will leave him for the last .

MJ retorts he will wait for her to strike again .He holds her ha d n says he was checking how her hand was doing 

He touches her cheek n says if something was unwanted they must throw it out .. just like he threw her .. maya agrees .. she too wanted to throw unwanted persons . As Rudra arrives MJ says he was checking her hand as she got hurt while chopping g fruits for him . Rudra smiles .. Maya seeks blessings from MJ for her next venture .. MJ gives her blessings .. she is about to touch his feet but then remembers he disliked that so she chooses to shake hands with MJ ....confidently ..

MJ is skeptical n remembers how she had injured him by digging her nails into his flesh .... but Maya just shakes hands nicely , smiling sweetly .. she goes out with Rudra beaming happily .

at Ruan office  

Nandini later sneaks into Antara’s room n changes the sleeping pills ..for the sake of Maya’s happiness she states .

As they reach office .. Ananya begins presentation of the book written by Maya .. it had gone for printing . Maya stops the printing .. Anu is shocked ... maya repeats stop the printing .. Ananya says the book cover had already gone for Printing .. Anu complains to Rudra .. he asks her to stop the printing as without the writers consent the cover could not be printed 

Maya states her life was no more colourless , she was no more faceless 

She wanted the book cover changed ., she starts painting a face on a canvas .. 

Ananya shows her resentment .. Rudra tries to calm her .


Aditya discusses with Rudra about trying an experiment to check if Maya was close to Rishi... if she could identify her voice ... 

Rudra blindfolds a surprised maya  he escorts her to a darkened hall n they play Rishi’s voice .. 
maya immediately recognises Rishi’s voice , calls out his name n removes her blindfold ..

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What's that staring moment passed between Adi and Rajeev yaar 🤣🤣🤣

Posted: 4 years ago

Rajeev is hilarious🤣🤣

Posted: 4 years ago

From Maya Jaisingh to Maya Rudra Roy 😳

Posted: 4 years ago

Rudra knows about Rishi???

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Originally posted by MyDriYa

Finally Maya in white 

Yes she looked beautiful yaar

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