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Posted: 3 months ago

So finally MC SE06 has it's four finalists. Today they clubbed two episodes and showed them as one so here's what happened.

1) Round 1- Riddles

The contestants would have to guess 15 ingredients based on the riddles the chefs give. The more they guess, the more ingredients they have. The one who can't guess will have to only work with the support pantry. No Amul parlour available for all.

Natasha guesses most ingredients through the riddles followed by Abinas while Oindrilla isn't able to guess any. So she doesn't get any ingredient and have to make dish with only the support pantry.

Twist in tale- Both Oindrilla and Mahendra decide to make Mille Fuille so they again bring in the Oindrilla-Mahendra angle. Prince and Mahendra gets eliminated and are sent home while judges praise Oindrilla for not playing safe and making a savoury in so much pressure with only support pantry. Judges call Mahendra and Oindrilla soulmates smiley36

2) Emotional drama segment- As usual with all reality shows, rona dhona ke bina reality show incomplete hai so Oindrilla shares how her dad didn't support her MC decision earlier and asks fathers to support their daughters dream so that they don't have to fulfill that in their middle age. (Oindrilla is 36). Then the family members of all contestants have sent gifts and letters for them so ALL THE MORE RONA DHONA 🙈 All the contestants cry their heart out. Full daily soap.

3) Final round of semi finals- V3. A dish conceptualized by Vikas consisting of dhokla, dabeli and tokri chaat all combined into one plate that will be cooked by Ranveer and Vineet Bhatia. Round is like a tag team where both the chefs take turn to make the dish and the contestants have to cook along with them exactly the way they are doing and complete it.

Final results: 

Abinas gets the first apron and his dish is adjudged the best dish. Then Smritishree gets her golden apron and finally Oindrilla. Natasha is out of the show.

So final 4 contestants- Abinas, Oindrilla, Akanksha and Smritishree.

Grand Finale is on 1st March, Sunday at 8 PM. The contestants have to prepare a three course meal for a large group of people. All winners of previous Masterchef, the family of all contestants and some celebrities are part of the celebration.

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Posted: 3 months ago

Oindrialla made me cry smiley18

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Posted: 3 months ago

oindrilla didn't really make a "savory" dish, tbh..she herself said she made "whipped cream" out of it...its just spiced-infused type of sweet dish that just has some spices infused ...prince's elimination was unfair in comparison to oindrilla :/

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MasterChef India 6 

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