||Jasmin Bhasin/Nayantara #AT 1|| Human or Naagin?

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   Welcome to the      

          Jasmin Bhasin #AT  1


                      About Jasmin 

Jasmin Bhasin is an Indian actress and model known for portraying Twinkle Taneja in Zee TV's Tashan-e-Ishq and Teni in Colors TV's Dil Se Dil Tak 

She has also played the role of Happy/Khushi in the star plus’s  Dil Toh Happy Hai ji and was seen as a participant in the ninth season of Colors TV Reality Show Khatron Ke Khiladi where she ended up as a semi finalist.

Currently she is portraying the Role of Nayantara in the serial Naagin Bhagya ka Zehreela Khel

Apart from television shows, Bhasin has also acted several few South Indian films. She made her film debut through the Tamil film Vaanam in 2011.

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             Appreciation Thread Rules


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                          ||Members List||


To join the AT either hit like on the main post or comment.

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                         About Nayantara 


Nayantara is Manyata’s adopted daughter who was raised with the sole purpose of avenging her mother’s deceased family. 

Her world revolves around Manyata and would go through any extent to ensure that her mother’s revenge is fulfilled.

She would come across as a dark grey character that doesn’t really differentiate between right and wrong as long as it serves her purpose, this is quite evident when her possessive nature over her mother’s affection was revealed.

She is currently shown to be a human, however it is expected that she will assume her Naagin Avatar in the future episodes.

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                 ||Social Media Links||


Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasminbhasin

Instagram: https://instagram.com/jasminbhasin2806?igshid=1uxcukii15ig5

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                       Career history 

2011- Vaanam as Priya (Tamil Film)

2014 - Beware of Dogs as Meghna (Malayalam film)

2014 - Dillunodu as Chaitra (Telegu Film)

2014 - Veta as Sonal (Telegu Film)

2015 - Ladies and Gentlemen as Anjali (Telegu Film)

2016 - Jil Jung Jook as Soni Sawant ( Tamil Movie)

2015 - 2016  Tashn-e-Ishq as Twinkle Taneja (Zee TV)

2017 - 2018  Dil Se Dil Tak (Colors TV)

2019 Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi season 9 (Colors TV)

2019 - Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji (Star Plus)

2019 - Present Naagin 4 (Colors TV)


Best Mom-Daughter Duo for Tashn-e-Ishq..

Best Jodi with Sidhant Gupta for Tashn-e-Ishq..Her chemistry and nok jhok with Sidhant was the most Loved..

Best Actress Zee Gold Award for Her Role as Twinkle..

The Power pack Performer Golden Petal Award for Her role Teni in Dil se Dil Tak.

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AT Permission: -RD- 

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Wow Nayantara AT finally smiley42lovely 

Jasmin Bhasin Naagin 4 

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