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Welcome to the Appreciation Thread for Aman Junaid Khan, potrayed by the talented and versatile actor;  Vikram Singh Chauhan.

Vikram has worked in projects like Qubool hai, Ek Hasina thi. Then worked as main lead in Million Dollar Girl, Jaana Na Dil Se Door and antagonist in Ek Deewana Tha.He worked in Alt Balaji's web series, Baarish and is there in upcoming movie Mardaani 2.

Now he plays the role of Aman Junaid Khan, the Male Lead in Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka.

Aman is half jinn and half human, as his dad had a deal with Jinn, but since Jinn could not fully take Aman, he is half human. When possessed by Jinn, Aman loses his control and becomes violent. Aman is quite close to his family, which comprises of his mother, daadi, bua, 2 sisters and Chotu. He is a no nonsense guy, intelligent and practical.

Aman has a pet eagle/Baaz, named Baazigar, with whom he has a great bonding and is his savior. Baazigar transforms in wand, when Aman calls him and the later performs magic with his help.

Since Aman's life is in danger cause of Jinn, it's mentioned only Ayanah/Roshni can save him, so their encounters start.

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Guys, have kept this post to add other things.

You can start posting now.

Please drop in suggestions, as it's been ages am opening an AT, not my cup of tea but no one was taking responsibility..(Mahi, Sanchita, Allthatcritique) . Hope I did some justice.

Will appreciate help in write-ups.

Hoping you liked write-ups, and layouts. Feedback is always welcome, so we can improve.

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Oh finally! smiley36 Let me take first comment! 


Here's a list of things I love about him the most :

1. His sensitivity and vulnerability. As the man was brought up by women and surrounded by women,he has grown up more sensitive and vulnerable than most men. That's why it's a delight( and pain) to see a ML cry without any shame that is associated with the tag 'Boys don't cry'. He is intuned with his feelings and he expresses everything through the dept of his eyes.

2. The way he was adamant about his sisters' being financially independent before anything else. An ITV talking of importance of financial independence of women?! Rare. Very Rare. But that's Aman for you.

3. The ease with which he was willing to go to jail for what he did to Roshni. Guilt ridden but with a steely conscience. He related it to someone hurting his sisters so double points for that context. He's a good man. Inside and out.

Now three things I love about Vikram. 

1. Eyes. Eyes. Eyes. Eyes x infinity. His eyes are perhaps the most expressive ones I have seen in a long long time in an actor. He does not need words. He can enact a whole episode on eyes alone.

2. An actor that deserves a lot more than he gets. He is one of the finest on ITV EVER. He is so nuanced that you can see a scene of his for 10 times and you will find something new to rave about every single time. 

3.His uncanny resemblance to Fawad Khan sometimes really shocks me. He is handsome but in a very everyday-cutie kinda way. He's your next door neighbour wala handsome which I love. His smile is so cute. Lights up the frame every time! 

Well that's it for me for now! Here's to having a great Aman/Vikram AT and lots to drool over our Nawab! 💛 

P.S : Madhura am sure you will be an able admin! And the write-ups are absolutely fine. Hope you have a good time doing this. Thank you :) 

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I am so happy for this thread. Thank you Madhura for giving us the opportunity to pour our hearts for our hero. So here I go...

Aman Junaid Khan

First of all the name itself is so impressive! 

Aman is the most admirable character I have ever seen on screen. And I mean any screen. IMHO he is undeniably the most handsome Male lead in an ITV show till date! He is a man who is well read, well-educated and is very practical. He has many responsibilities to shoulder and he executes all of them in the best way possible. He loves his family very much and is very close to his mother.  He speaks less but he has an unstoppable spiral of pain inside him. He has a troubled past and his life is in constant danger but he still tries to cheer his family all the time and is in content pursuit of a happy life for them. He is a beautiful soul. Looking into his eyes always fills me with comfort and resolves my stress. Talking about his eyes, they are the most precious thing in this world. I just love them. 

 Some of the special moments from YJHJK where he literally left me speechless. I was awestruck by his performance.

1. When he saved Roshni from the car thrown by Jinn. He didn’t even knew her and moments ago this very girl irritated him like hell but he still saved her! Why? Because that’s our Aman. A kind Man.

2. When he was getting married to Ada, his family forced him to not reveal his dark secrets to her but he went ahead and told her everything because he didn’t want anyone to become part of his troubled life without fully knowing what they are getting themselves into. That’s him. An honest Man.

3. Every time there is an imminent danger in front of his loved ones, he will push them behind him and step ahead to face the problem. I love that gesture of him. He is a man who doesn’t run away from troubles. He did this many times for his family including Roshni. He has  the courage to fight and die for the causes he believes in. 

4. The day when he unknowingly hurt Roshni under the influence of his jinn-part, his remorse and repentance was unfathomable. Even when he was in trance-situation-jinn-mode he was trying his level best to save Roshni. He repeatedly warned her to go away from him. Eventually when he was fully under the influence of his jinn-part, he grabbed her but still let her go one time. Only when she didn’t leave even after repeated warnings, he was forced to act under the influence of his jinn nature and he ended up hurting her. The next morning when he realized what blunder he committed he was devastated. Even though it was none of his fault still he was torn to pieces just at the thought of the pain he inflicted on her. The guilt and pain on his face and in his eyes was unfathomable. He hurts enough just being himself. I too cried with him that day!

There is so much more to write about Mr. Khan but I will stop here as now I want to talk about the real guy behind the almighty Mr. Aman Junaid Khan.

So let me start with saying this,

After I knew him, my favorite 3 words in English language are: Vikram Singh Chauhan. 

And I mean it.

He is an excellent combination of talent, looks and intelligence.

I first saw Vikram in YJHJK. Before that I didn’t even know he exists. And now only he exists on my radar of on screen heroes. I watched the first episode of YJHJK 3 times back to back and later on 20 times on and off in next 2 days.

He is such a fine actor that sometimes he makes me forget that I am watching a performance. He gets so real with his character.

There is something in everything about him! His smile is so charming. Looks wise he is a Greek God. I watched many of his interviews and found out that he is a great human being as well. His good looks are actually his second best asset.

I haven’t watched his previous shows and they are on my top to-watch list. He is very charismatic. He is so popular yet he is so down to earth. Not flashy at all. That’s touches heart. He deserves a lot better than what he has achieved so far. His performance in the scene where he turned into Jinn and next morning regrets for his doings was an Oscar worthy performance. He totally deserves a little golden statue for that performance. His eyes speaks volumes.They have a vocabulary of their own and he speaks through his eyes! Sometime I feel he can actually see through people with those sparkly eyes. I haven’t seen an actor who can express so much with just his eyes. He is just brilliant in whatever he does. 

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Thank you Madz!🤗

Wonderful writeup and graphics :)

I'm sure you'll be the best AT admin ever.❤️

Posted: 4 years ago

Madz u have done a fabulous job. Writing isn't my cup of tea so I can't make ATs. I just love to read other people's opinions. Coz after all I am Aman's fan and like him. Less talking.😉

Posted: 4 years ago

Thanks for the AT.

The edits are beautiful so is the writing.

About Vikram, I first saw him in QH. I didn't watch JNDSD. Then watched him in EDT. I don't know if anyone also thought that, although he was antagonist in EDT, I wanted his character to redeem !! So that I could watch him the good one!! And I was at first interested in YJHJK for him cause I love to check my previous favorite shows actors new show.

Posted: 4 years ago

AT for Aman....thanks for this Madhura....🤗

He is a jaan... Aman junaid khan.... Love his character a lot.... 

A small request Madhura ...can u please make an AT for Roshan.... 

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