Salman should fire BB too

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Posted: 10 days ago

As per judge Salman it has been proved that Mahira was at fault by going near Sid during the task. That means BB has done a grave mistake by nominating Sid for two weeks and not warning Mahira. I hope Salman ji will take the class of BB for demotivating and tarnishing the image of great Shuklaji by nominating him for two weeks. 

Posted: 10 days ago


Yeah BB pls nominate Mahira .smiley36

Posted: 10 days ago

This girl flew and banged her head, "blacked out" momentarily, and Salman's response was "So? BB punished him by nominating him for 2 weeks, na?" 

DA FUQ? Where is the logic here? Lady basically sustained a concussion and "nomination" is the appropriate response/punishment? Throw the madman out of the house. How many times are HM's safety going to be endangered with this man who can't control his aggression? And how many times is Shukla going to get a free pass for his aggression?

Posted: 10 days ago

Eggjhactly...if everyone got aggressive in d task n not just Shukla...if every one got hurt n not just Maheera...if it was Maheera's fault dat she refused to leave d sack when she knew she's no match for a hulk like Shukla...if wat she did post her fall was nautanki toh bhai why was Shukla even punished n why all dat josh aur ati josh pe big big pravachan by Big Boss smiley12 it wasn't like she threw her mic, refused to wear it back again until n unless she gets called inside d confession room or was standing @ d door pleading to leave...u do all d drama of punishing dis bully for TRPs n den on WKV thru another bully try to bring all dose down who dared to go against him...saying dey r targeting him just for 30 seconds of wtf...u guys didn't even spare Khesari only becoz he dared to form an opinion about ur laadla which went against ur narrative smiley11

Posted: 10 days ago

Till the time someone like Arti is not a victim.

We should wait for the time because that will be the only time channel and host will speak up.

Rehab k time b log isse jada suljhe hue hote hai jaise ye banda ghr me h.

I was never a mahira Fan but genuinely will support her now.

Ab bole usko koe undeserving. Mtlb jo doormat nhi h chaache ka wo undeserving hai.

Have I been in place of Mahira would've spit on that Psycho's face and proudly would've gone outside the house.

Salman is no god. Usne keh dia to shukla shi hai usne keh dia to Paras galat. Usne keh dia bahar kya dikhra.

Itne season dekh ke smj me aagya hai hume.

Posted: 10 days ago

Exactly! smiley37smiley37

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