Sting operations..

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SPM ~My Musings~2.11.19 Sting operations..

Both sides, Rupali with her drugged robots Indu, Sneha and Jugal, and her opposing four musketeers Saltanat, Zaroon,Madhav and Neelam are now engaged in a complicated game plan. Both sides execute their operations undercover!  top secret from each other!

It’s clear both warring sides are after a specific gain, beneficial, crucial for them. Rupali wants Krish for his perfect match DNA , a guarantee of her life!  Madhav wants to set his drugged  family free from the control of Rupali. While Madhav wants to restore life’s normality back to his mother and sister. For Rupali, it’s about protecting and sustaining her life! so much so, she even wants protection of her life from Madhav’s family  through  their allegiance, to lay down their very lives in their line of duty for their devi maa Rupali!!

She sprinkles and riddles the place with her drug, to controlher captives and Madhav and Krish should they return up.. she expects  Madhav to eventually  bring Krish back to her.

So the undercover operation from Madhav’s side begins to storm Sharma house in pairs. Two posted outside , while two infiltrate the house! it’s interesting to see that Madhav pairs up with Neelam and leaves Zaroon in charge of Krish outside the house. Looks like Saltanat floats as a spare! Only as expected  Rupali too is well prepared for  Madhav’s sting operation! For Rupali only demands for Krish, but it’s Zaroon she dangles as a bait to black mail Madhav into compelling him into forfeiting Krish’s custody to her! In fact Zaroon suspects foul play and decides to  do his own thing. Only he ends up with more then he bargained for!! Will Sufiyana love pull him through this one? One more time Saltanat and Zaroon ‘s love  faces a new fiend, called Rupali! by now I think both are pros!

The undercover game is on, Neelam and  Madhav do storm the house demanding an audience with Rupali. Only she hoodwinks them, and  ensures that  Madhav engages into a full on  combat with his own family. Little does Rupali know that  Madhav ,Neelam and Sultanat do manage to free Indu. Jugal , and Sneha  from her clutches and head for Shah  Manzil!  Only Rupali beats them at this one too!   

In return, Rupali too strikes back. She figures out that  Madhav would leave Zaroon in charge of Krish to avoid her!  again she uses her mind and only stuns Zaroon with a shot rather than kill him in front of Krish and frighten the life out of her child! She needed him!  so she lures her son Krish! Heads back to Shah Manzil , gags both Rubina  and Krish  at Shah Manzil. Where Rupali knew  Saltanat and  Madhav  would bring back Madhav’s freed family!  

 Rupali flaunts, her mental agility,  against  Madhav’s muscle power.Where  Madhav’s team think she  was either after Krish or Madhav ,Rupali thinks outside the box and to every one’s surprise kidnaps Zaroon instead! To coerce Madhav into handing over Krish’s custody to her!  Rupali strikes  a deal with Madhav! give her Krish and take Zaroon in exchange! Saltanat yet again proves her loyalty for Madhav and fond affection for Krish! She opposes Rupali’sidea!

The final scene is significant in terms of Saltanat principles of standing up for  what is right. Not giving into evil, protecting one’s family and showing her friendship for Madhav’s . On the other Rupali also flaunts and mocks her captive Zaroon ‘s Sufiyana love for Saltanat! where  clearly his wife choses to sacrifice his life, to save the life of a strangers son! Rupali succeeds in making Zaroon feel like a scapegoat.. will Zaroon  lose his clout at the hands of this evil woman?? or has faith Saltanat will find him?? will the trust between Zaroon and Saltanat  stand strong?  Rupali tries hard to pitch Zaroon against Madhav  yet again, when she suggests to Madhav, if he wants she can easily do away with Zaroon too! so he can have Saltanat all to himself! Rupali's unwholesome thoughts have no end.. Madhav could never start life again with this low life woman!

She ensures Zaroon hears loud and clear on the phone that it’s Saltanat who emphatically deters  Madhav from signing Krish’s custody over to Rupali via her lawyer!  Thank heavens! Indu’s drug wears off! and she too in her senses forbids  Madhav to sign the custody documents. Reveals that Rupali needs Krish’s blood platelets .. the custody papers are needed as consent for her procedure.. but the custody papers also meant signing Krish’s death certificate! Rupali’s true motive is exposed before all. Now that Madhav knows the truth.. what measures will Madhav take? will he abandon her? she is Krish's mother and in a vulnerable situation as it stands...

Apart from this, Madhav  faces  a dilemma.. both Zaroon and Krish‘s lives are at stake.. he does genuinely want to save Zaroon’s life too.. he is the man Saltanat’s loves. But then  Madhav loves his son too! Saltanat stands beside Madhav, assures him, they will get Zaroon eventually, only he must not sign the custody papers!

Rupali thinks she has got to all three Saltanat,Zaroon and  Madhav in one go!  But precious time is being lost! She  sends a  threatening  message to  Madhav, sign custody paper’s! or else be ready to receive Zaroon’s body at Shah Manzil!.The onus now  lies on Saltanat.. will she  let Zaroon sign the custody papers??.Or hear out, the compassionate side of Madhav Sharma.. a man who helps those women, who have been abandoned by their own families?? my mind boggles… 3.11.19 hamlet53

Lovely to hear from your Irshita, thanks forstill supporting the musings. love hammie

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